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Best Conference Finals performances since 1984

Best Conference Finals performances since 1984

Note: As of May 12th

  1.    With the series split at 2 apiece against the 93 Sonics, Charles Barkley had a monster triple double of 43 15 and 10 on 16/22 shooting in 47 minutes. W
  2. Down 3-2 with Game 6 at Boston, the Miami Heat needed LeBron to have a perfect game, and he did just that. Scoring 45 points very efficiently, out rebounding KG and Pierce 15-12 and dished out 5 asts, the Heat were able to survive and force a Game 7. W
  3. With 1 win away from reaching the NBA Finals back to back, Hakeem Olajuwon not only locked up David Robinson, but had a great all around game of 39 points, collected 17 rebs, 3 asts and 5 blocks while shooting 64%. W
  4. Looking to steal Game 3 on the road, the 2003 NBA MVP Tim Duncan not only had 34 points, 24 rebounds, and 6 asts, but he also had 6 blocks as well. W
  5. With limited help offensively, LeBron James in Game 5 against the 07 Pistons took over and at one point scored 25 of the team’s last 29 points. He was super clutch and finished with 48 points, 9 rebs and 7 asts. W
  6. In Game 7 of the 93 Western Conference Finals against the Sonics, Charles Barkley was on another level of greatness, scoring 44 points, gobbled 24 rebs and shot 60% was enough to get the win. W
  7. With Game 1 at Cleveland against Dwight’s Orlando Magic, LeBron James carried the team by dropping 49 points, grabbed rebounds, dished out 8 asts but still took the 1 point loss. L
  8. Although he’s not known for scoring, Rajon Rondo in Game 2 of the 2012 ECF dropped a playoff career high in pts, grabbed 8 rebs and still assisted on 10 shots, not to mention he shot 16/24 shooting. L
  9. Looking to tie the series at two apiece, Russell Westbrook erupted against the Spurs in 2014. Scoring 40 points on 50% shooting, grabbed 5 rebounds, dished out 10 asts AND stole the ball 5x. W
  10. With Game 2 at Oracle Arena, the 2015 NBA MVP runner up James Harden was fantastic all around scoring 38 points, collected 10 rebs and still assisted on 9 shots. L

Honorable mention; Dirk’s 48 points on 12/15 shooting 2011 WCF.

Who did we leave out??

Throwback Thursday: The Ten Best NBA Game 1 performances since 1984

Throwback Thursday: The ten Best Game 1 performances since  1984

Written By Kevin Bertalotto

   It doesn’t seem often enough that we see a star player have an amazing game at the very start of a series. Well, these players have certainly made their statement in their first game of that playoff series. Now obviously this list was made as unbiased as possible. Enjoy!

    1. At number one we have Shaquille O’Neal who had 44 points on 17/32 shooting, 21 rebs and 7 blocked shots in the 01 playoffs vs the Kings. W
    2. Next up is Tim Duncan in the 03 Finals vs the Nets who finished with 32 pts, 20 rebs, 6 asts, altered 7 shots and shot 11/17. W
    3. Hakeem Olajuwon made a statement vs the 86 Nuggets when he scored 38 points, grabbed 16 rebs, dished out 4 asts, blocked 6 shots and stole the ball 5x all while shooting 18/27. W
    4. Once again Shaq made his way to the top 5 but this time his great game was against the 00 Pacers. He had 43 pts, gobbled 19 rebs, blocked 3 shots, had 4 asts and shot 21/31 getting the W.
    5. In a close loss to the Magic, LeBron James was on another level of greatness, he had 49 points on 20/30 shooting, grabbed 6 rebounds and dished out 8 asts, stole the ball 2x and rejected 3 shots. L
    6. Vs the Sacramento Kings Shaquille O’Neal once again displayed what individual dominance looks like. The Big Diesel scored 46 points, collected 17 rebs, altered 5 shots and led his team to the win. W
    7. Brad Daugherty nearly had a triple double with 40, 16 and 9 vs the New Jersey Nets. He got the win and shot good 12/22.
    8. Karl Malone in this specific game vs the Sonics was spectacular. With 50 points he became 1 of 3 players in history to score 50+ in a Game 1. Along with his 50 pts Karl grabbed 12 rebs, stole the ball 3x and shot 18/32. W
    9. Going against the heavily favored 01 Lakers on the road the Sixers would need Allen Iverson to have a great game to have a shot. A.I. did not disappoint as he finished the game with 48 points including clutch shots in OT, grabbed 5 rebs, assisted on 6 shots, stole the ball 5x all while shooting 18/41. W
    10. Barely cracking top 10 is Round Mound the Rebound, Charles Barkley. Versus the Golden State Warriors Charles had a great all around game of 36 points, 19 rebounds, 7 asts, 4 stls on 14/24 shooting. W

Honorable mentions:

Allen Iverson’s 55, 4 and 8 vs 03 NOH. W

Dirk’s 48 pts on 15 shots vs ‘11 OKC.  W

Lamarcus A. 46 and 18 vs 2014 HOU. W

Tim D. 40 15 and 7 blks 14/20 vs 03 DAL. L

Pat. Ewing: 36, 16, 8 asts, 6 blks vs 92 CHI. W