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Top 5 Mid Range Shooters In The Last NBA Season

Top 5 Mid Range Shooters In The Last NBA Season


Note: Minimum of at least 100 attempts

  1. No shocker the best midrange shooters was the best shooter in NBA history, Stephen Curry who shot 78/130 (60%). Haters claim he only shoots 3s but clearly he takes his fair share of midrange Js as well. steph
  2. Chris Paul going 97/180 (53.9%) on midrange was not a surprise as overall he’s a good shooter from all over the court, has high basketball IQ so his shot selection is on point. usa_today_10852197.0
  3. This dude actually came off the bench but wounded up top 3 in this list, having said that Trey Burke of the New York Knicks was 89/166(53.6%) from midrange. NBA: New York Knicks at Denver Nuggets
  4. At number four we have the last one to shoot at least 50% from midrange, minimum of 100 attempts. TJ McConnell of the Philadelphia 76ers shot 51/102(50%), some may assume he’s a bum since he is a white player off the bench but this man is underrated and will always hustle. 3075597_1280x720
  5. Kyrie Irving aka Uncle Drew was 112/225 (49.8%) from midrange which again wasn’t a shocker. GettyImages-930632234

Honorable mention: Barely behind Kyrie was sharpshooter JJ Redick another 76er who will likely be top 10 next season as well in this category. Anyways, as of last season he went 146/296(49.3%) from midrange. Memphis Grizzlies v Philadelphia 76ers


Golden State Warriors Champs: The Morning After, So Where is LeBron Going?

Golden State Warriors Champs: The Morning After, So Where is LeBron Going?

                Klay Thompson celebrated winning a championship by googling himself.  “Swaggy P” became a national treasure.  Kevin Durant won finals MVP, Steph Curry won his 3rd NBA Championship.  Is a great day to be a Warriors fans.  So much champagne in Cleveland.  The brooms came out, everybody took pictures, everybody laughed, there was rejoice and is over.  Where is LeBron going?

I couldn’t have been the only person to receive more alerts/notifications regarding LeBron James and the Cleveland situation than the Warriors celebration.  The Warriors won the championship followed by LeBron James played with a broken hand after pushing (not JR nor Hill) a blackboard after game 1.  KD wins 2nd straight finals MVP – Tyron Lue intends to play for the Cavaliers next year (because honestly he didn’t do very much coaching).

It was a f*cking sweep, it was sloppy and dirty but still a sweep.  It had nothing to do with super teams it was just sloppy basketball, at least for the first 3 games.  I was one of many who did not watch game 4 and I don’t regret it (I binge watched “The Flash” #SorryNotSorry).  The (rigged) NBA did so much to build story lines that the big finale of the “Warriors Sweeping Away the Championship” just kind of fell short.  Blame it on all who had a descent amount of basketball knowledge and common sense to see that the Warriors were the clear champs.  Really, throughout the season, we just all hoped to see something different.

Warriors win championship gets crickets and maybe a high five.  So now let’s look at the odds of winning it next year Houston at number 2, to me, probably because they also factor in as the favorite for LeBron’s summer destination.  Boston at the four is the best line, which will hopefully no disappoint, of all them.  And for Atlanta Hawks fans you still got a chance, but the tanking role is more likely.

So where is LeBron going, after his broken hands heals? Because it seems like unless we are residents of the Bay Area and are attending the parade, that question is our number 1 concern.  Personally, I like New York, San Antonio and the Cleveland.  I don’t think that when it comes to LeBron “cap space” or money is a factor for a team, because most teams are willing to get rid of their kitchen sinks for him.

Note: I don’t think anybody would have blamed LeBron if he punched JR. Could even go down as self-defense.  He was defending his title chances as JR was trying to steal it from him.  Also, NBA 2K learned from their last years mistake and only put LeBron’ face on the cover, super smooth.

Lastly, is it weird thinking of Swaggy P as NBA championship and realized that Chris Paul may never get one?? Nonsense Right??


NBA Finals: Winning doesn’t make the Warriors fun to watch, they suck! Why is LeBron James so relax?

NBA Finals: Winning doesn’t make the Warriors fun to watch, they suck! Why is LeBron James so relax?

The Warriors have not played to their full capability and yea they are winning, but it suck to watch them.  Wins are wins but they haven’t really being fun to watch.  For the Cavalier game 1 it was tough loss due to miss free throw and a “shaqtin-a-fool” play; Game 2, Steph Curry was on fire and just couldn’t be stopped; Game 3, the Cavaliers didn’t take advantage of a struggling Curry and let Kevin Durant do whatever he want it. The Cavaliers are 0-3 in the NBA finals and LEBRON JAMES IS WAY TOO RELAX.

Cavaliers Vs Warriors really displays how too much of a good thing is bad for all of us.  If the NBA is rigged, am please begging them to make it look more exciting, cause it seem like they ran out of story lines.  The Warriors are really hard to watch, this is not the team that use to move the ball so well that even the opposing team lost count of the number of passes per possession.

durant-warriorsThe Warriors have 2 plays that they run 1) Kevin Durant ISO 2) Curry drives – Passes to the forward on the corner – runs towards that same corner, forward screens for Curry for a corner 3. Bonus: Draymond Green Alley hoops to Insert Centers Name/Role players here. LEBRON JAMES IS WAY TOO RELAX.

Every shot that JR Smiths takes should subtract one minute from him and be giving to a bench player.  Cavaliers (or James) destroy Rodney Hood’s year especially when you notice how better Jae Crowder look after leaving Cleveland.  Honestly, nobody cares about Kevin Love that’s it #SorryNotSorry. LEBRON JAMES IS WAY TOO RELAX.

Is becoming obvious, that the Warriors are not fun to watch play basketball.  While the Cavaliers are doing everything they can to make sure they don’t win.  If you watch game 3, can you tell me how many opportunities did you see the Cavaliers blow while been down by 3 or tied? Did you notice how sloppy the Warriors play? And even as KD couldn’t be stopped the only thing that came to mind how he can’t finish a game.

KD so called dagger from 35 feet seem to be more hyped up by the announcers, interviewers or even his after shot reaction.  Seriously, is not like KD was going against a top defender, the whole game he had been doing whatever he want it.  KD was feeling it all of game 3, 35 feet why not, makes it “great shot” if he had missed just another “heat check”.  Curry 1-10 shooting night with his only shot coming in 4th that was the real dagger.


The NBA playoffs haven’t been that much fun to watch, maybe that’s why the (rigged) NBA is giving the fans a sweep but really is just to end it all. LEBRON JAMES IS WAY TOO RELAX.  Where was this Cavaliers team against the Boston Celtics?

Lebron James is way too relax for a guy who is down 3 games in the NBA finals.  Is like he is on auto pilot and doesn’t care.  He knows his legacy won’t be affected, because individually he is putting up career numbers.  10 years away from now, analyst will look at those numbers and say “wow James was a monster” without thinking how Rodney Hood went from averaging 17 points to not playing.  The point is James does not care at all in this series nor for this team.  At the end of the day, he might or might not be the goat but is still on excuse to make it to the NBA finals and just be completely relax and fine with whatever is happening.



Game 1: Warriors win in overtime! Welcome To The NBA Finals!!

Game 1: Warriors win in overtime! Welcome To The NBA Finals!!

The realization that LeBron James doesn’t just have the worse coach in the NBA history but also has to deal with some of the worse plays from his teammates.  JR Smith’ reasoning for running out the clock was because there were up by 1 point, which later he contradicted himself.  Cavaliers GMs must have felt that the 13,760,000-salary paid (according to ESPN) was money well spend it on a guy with minimal situation awareness on the biggest stage.  Unfortunately, for LeBron James it seems that he must take on the Warriors while also dealing with the inability to trust his teammates when it counts.

The Warriors score 17 points in overtime to destroy Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 1 of the NBA finals.  Steph Curry showed how calmed and deadly he can be in the biggest stage showing how he really is the leader of the team.  Steph Curry dominance of the game completely made me forgot that Kevin Durant even played for the Warriors.  Even though KD score 26 points, Curry was the go to guy when the pressure kicked in.a16e2d5ff425774fcc346514123bcb92

For JR Smith and the Cavaliers, the only memory will be him running the clock out.  Instead of remembering JR Smith making a great effort to get the offensive rebound, Hill missing a free throw or how Jordan Clarkson went 2-9.  Overall the Cavaliers played a great game and at the end of the day it was just one game in a very long series.  Without a doubt JR Smith and the rest of the team will come out harder next game because honestly nobody wants to be nor pull a JR Smith.

Lastly, that was the most interesting game of the NBA playoffs this season.  Both teams went toe to toe proving that they were the best teams, and both deserve to be in the finals.  It was impressive how both team showed their unselfishness with every player that played score, either by design or chance.  Cavaliers vs Warriors volume 4 seems to be just getting started, it was destined to happen, and it will only get better from now on.

Next game will be on Sunday June 3rd, we will be watching.



Cavaliers Vs Warriors: Are you ready now?

Cavaliers Vs Warriors: Are you ready now?

2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018 the Cavaliers will face the Warriors in the NBA finals.  The King of the East vs the strongest the West have to offer.  Are we tired? We say we are tired, but we are not tired.  The NBA finals have been taking a page out of Batman’s script and given us not what we want, but what we deserve.  The Celtics only home game loss came when it counted the most.  James Harden, Chris Paul and Mike D’Antoni all got exposed when it counted the most.  So here we are again.

The Celtics and the Rockets were the teams that were built to stop this dynasty by LeBron James and the Warriors (Yes, they are a dynasty).  Both failed or did they?  Let’s be honest, this what the NBA really wants it to be.  Maybe the scales would have tilted if Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward and Chris Paul would have been at 100% but the result would have been the same.


LeBron James will face his biggest test yet in his chase of “the number 23”.  The world of basketball and sports in this period in time is about LeBron James.  For example baseball game Astros vs Yankees; Aaron Judge steps up to the plate; announcer introduces Judge to the plate 6’7, 280 pounds; 2nd announcer says oh wow thought you were talking about LeBron James, who just led the Cavaliers over Boston last night (not exactly quoted, it went something like that).  King James is not just basketball, his legacy and dominance in sports is undeniable.

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings

For the Warriors it is about creating and winning with a new brand of basketball. The Houston Rockets are a product of the Warriors.  The Nuggets are the best example of trying to mimic the Warriors.  Just as with many copies or replicas they are not as good as the original formula.  The Warriors 3-game is perfection, they succeed in the 3rd with their 3 Point shooting, chasing their 3rd championship, 3 of the best 3 point shooters in the league.  The Warriors really live and die by the 3.

Are you ready now? On May 2nd I asked if we should be preparing for another Cavs Vs Warriors series.  Ready or not is here.  The game plans are simple, for the Cavs give the ball LeBron and for the Warriors is unleashed Curry in the 3rd quarter.

Who do you think wins?