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Jazz vs Thunder!! Game Preview!!Cut The Quit!! Jason Jerell!!

Jazz vs Thunder!! Game Preview!!Cut The Quit!! Jason Jerell!!

In this video Francis sits down with Jason Jerell and talks about the NBA Matchup Jazz Vs Thunder, NBA games and Lebron James.  Jason Jerell is a former football player for Idaho State University and also founder of the “Cut The Quit/ Cheat Death Not Sets” Movement.  Watch the video and leave a Comment.

Utah Jazz: Don’t Stop The Jazz Now!!

Utah Jazz: Don’t Stop The Jazz Now!!

By Francis S Estepan.  March 9th, 2018.

The Utah Jazz with a record of 35-30 and only 1 game out of the playoffs.  The LA Clippers are the current holders of the 8th spot after the Denver Nuggets seem to have run out of steam.  P.S. This is about the Utah Jazz making the playoffs.

The Ranking and upcoming 5 games for the bottom of the West are as such

  1. Thunder (W1) – Spurs (3/10), Kings (3/12), Hawks (3/13), Clippers (3/16), Toronto (3/18)
  2. Clippers (L1) – Cavaliers (3/9), Magic (3/10), Bulls (3/13), Rockets (3/15), Thunder (3/16)
  3. Nuggets (L2) – Lakers (3/9), Sacramento (3/11), Lakers (3/13), Detroit (3/15), Memphis (3/17)
  4. Jazz (W4) – Grizzlies (3/9), Pelicans (3/11), Pistons (3/13), Suns (3/15), Kings (3/17)

The Thunder with their big 3, Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, are a team that because of their potential that disregarding the current standings they already have a playoff ticket.  Sitting in 7th spot with 3 former NBA All Stars, this team is scary.  They are not just scary because of the way they matchup with teams like the Warriors, Rockets and the Cavaliers but also how they have struggle to close out weaker team.  The next 5 games 2 teams under 500 and 3 playoff teams.  The Toronto matchup will be an exciting game to watch.

The LA Clipper have somehow some way sneaked into the playoff rankings.  While many are crediting the work that Doc Rivers is doing with his new cast, a lot of could also be due to recent struggles by the Denver Nuggets.  The Nuggets were a team that was on fire a couple weeks ago that edge out the Cavaliers, Spurs and Bucks.  The Clippers don’t have it easy for the upcoming games against the Cavaliers, Rockets and Thunder.  For the Utah Jazz it gets better because the Clippers played Portland and Minnesota.

The Denver Nuggets currently also out of the playoffs.  They seem to have loss some momentum since getting back Paul Millsap back on the line up.  Millsap a former Jazz, was supposed to be the veteran that will lead a young nuggets team.  The Nuggets are a fun team to watch and for how young that team is they are really building something great.  Playoff inexperience will probably will be the death of them anyways if they are able to get back to where they were a couple weeks ago.  Because of how easy the next couple games, the Nuggets could be the biggest threat to the Jazz for a playoff spot.

Finally to the main event.  The Utah Jazz are still alive in the playoff race.  If you enjoy watching teams fight every night like their season is almost over, then watch the Jazz.  Even in the East the Bucks have a comfortable lead over the Pistons that they are not worry if they drop a couple.  The Jazz won 11 games straight before losing to Portland.  Donovan Mitchell is making a case that he should be consider a top rookie.  Ricky Rubio is shooting exceptionally well for a pass first point guard.  Jae Crowder has fit into the scheme very well next to Rudy Gobert.  The only question that surrounds Rudy this season is “what if he hadn’t gone down, how far could this team be?” The Jazz could easily go 4-1 in the next 5 games.  Starting out at the Memphis Tankers who have lost 15 games in a row.  The Jazz just have to keep their intensity and keep letting Joe Ingles go full savage on the lead.

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