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Nonsense Report: James to the Lakers, Free Agency and the fight for the East

Nonsense Report: James to the Lakers, Free Agency and the fight for the East

LeBron James is officially a Laker, now the battle between true Laker fans and bandwagon fans begins.  James’ will be joined by Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee and Lance Stephenson, to fill the roles of comic reliefs and unnecessary hype.  The Laker’s now have real winning expectations with a 7-2 Vegas odds.  Surprisingly, no word for Lavar Ball have been heard yet, which could mean they a “silence agreement” was reach as part of James’ contract.

Seriously, the Lakers are not a championship team just yet.  So let’s recall Magic self-expectation to bringing more than one start to LA, therefore Lakers are not done.  So the Lakers will reach out to DeMarcus Cousins and Kawhi Leonard and hope that it doesn’t turn out like the time Karl Malone and Gary Payton also met up at the Lakers.

Let’s talk some NonSense, James’ may not be in LA to replace Kobe Bryant, but the Lakers are bringing in James to replace Kobe.  James goal in LA is to completely maximize himself as more than a basketball player, such as movie star, entrepreneur, LBJ as a Brand Name.  But let’s not forget the main goal is still to reach Jordan and the Lakers can provide him a boost while fully benefitting (if James can produce rings).

The boost that the Lakers can be known as the “Kobe Treatment”.  Bring in players like Stephenson that have history with James and also toughness like they did with Ron Artest (MWP).  Breakdown your biggest competitors (Golden State) by stealing one of their rotational guys (McGee).  Most importantly, let teams forget Caldwell-Pope and Brook Lopez on the roster while keeping plenty young guys fighting for minutes.  Lastly, the Lakers are home to one of the biggest stages (markets) in sports, exposure for James, does not get any better.

Free Agency should be retitled to Money over Rings. Speaking of reaching a pay day, Chris Paul agreed to 4 year for 160 Million, that’s more than LeBron James, if you were wondering.  Carmelo Anthony opted in to his contract, because seriously nobody was going to pay him that money.  There has been a lot of moves in free agency with money being the major factor, to remind you that the NBA is still a business.

The campaign of “Unfinished Business” by Chris Paul and Paul George.  With both of this topics all we have is questions like — What “Unfinished Business” making people forget about the choking and disappointing season? As soon as James’ signed with the Lakers people are assuming that the Lakers will be bounce out by either Houston or OKC.  Have we forgotten how both of those teams suffer from the choking syndrome?

Lastly, can we talk about “The Curious Case of Enes Kanter”; did anybody notice how sad the news of Kanter, decision came and went.  Sad in this situation is define on how hard Kanter tried to get attention and how little he got.  Enes Kanter you have failed Free Agency.

The fight for the East will be the best and worst thing for the NBA next year.


Is Terry Rozier the next James Harden??

Is Terry Rozier the next James Harden??

Written by Francis S Estepan.  April 20th, 2018.

As humans we are always looking for the next big thing.  In the NBA Who will be the next MJ? Kobe? Shaq? LeBron James is still playing the game and already we are looking for who is going to one-up him? Ben Simmons? Giannis?  So here is a nonsense theory for case for Terry Rozier v James Harden.

Rozier currently holding the starting position for the Boston Celtics as they faced Milwaukee Bucks.  Rozier is a 6-2 lengthy sophomore guard that seems to shine whenever Brad Stevens calls his name (or Kyrie Irving is missing more time).  When looking at his numbers the first thing that comes to mind is how his numbers for the season are so low.  Now look at his post season numbers and you can see a different monster giving the minutes and the shots.

f                Be mindful that last year he was a ball dominant guard Isaiah Thomas and this year another one in Kyrie Irving.  17-18 Playoff comes his number has officially been called and he is producing at an unbelievable rate 23 Ppg, 5.5 Ast, 3.5 Rebounds while taking care of the ball.  His minutes have double from the years before and he doesn’t seem to be letting fatigue slow him down.

James Harden was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder and didn’t get his first start tilt his sophomore year.  Fast forward some years he is the face of the Houston Rockets, making the Thunder look like they gave up gold for beach sand.  Looking at the playoff numbers Harden 3rd season was where he came alive in the playoffs.  (Rozier is on his 3rd year, look back at his numbers).


Rozier had a triple double in his first NBA start, that may have been a sign, some may have seen as a fluke. Brad Stevens didn’t seem too worry with Kyrie latest injury, he seem to have been prepare with an insurance policy that came with the Terry Rozier premium.  The postseason is where players are made or broken? Where players earn their statuses for years to come? Vintage Rondo, Father time/Wade, Manu Ginobili.

Harden and Rozier ability to score when the stage is big could be what draws them closer in comparison.  Put the numbers aside and you can find the similarity in their situations.  Could it have been guaranteed that Harden would have become as dominant alongside Westbrook and Durant? Have we seen what Rozier is fully capable off?

Right now Terry Rozier is no James Harden. Should teams start throwing money bags at him, that’s above my pay grade.  No team is going to sit a Kyrie Irving for a Terry Rozier.  But not all teams have a Kyrie or a Harden.  If Rozier talent is truly there, he shouldn’t let it go to waste being a backup.  Teams in the NBA are always looking to build a solid foundation.  It worked out well for Houston.

Do you think Terry Rozier the next James Harden??

(Side note: Bledsoe comments regarding not knowing who Rozier is.  Any player that hits a clutch shot, has a great game against you or is between you and the next round? You know who he is. If Jrue Holiday remembers how hard Rajon Rondo plays in the playoffs from a series years ago, am sure Bledsoe remembers put him on wheels than a week ago) #BledsoeSalty


Olympic Melo


Olympic Carmelo Anthony

By Watson Rowe,
Publish February 16th, 2018

Carmelo Anthony is the Olympic G.O.A.T and his career accomplishments are discredited and underrated. Now before I go into this, let’s just remind you of Carmelo Anthony’s pre NBA background and achievements.

After spending his first 3 years of high school at Towson Catholic High School just outside of Baltimore, Anthony decided to transfer to the notorious Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, a prep school that boasts some of the biggest names in NBA history ( Kevin Durant, Stephen Jackson, Rajon Rondo and Michael Beasley to name a few).

In his sole season at Oak Hill, Anthony gained widespread national exposure during his time there, especially after a hard fought nationally televised battle between top ranked Oak Hill and Akron’s Saint Vincent’s Saint Mary led by then high school phenom LeBron James. Anthony led Oak Hill to a 72-66 victory, scoring 34 points and grabbing 11 rebounds as James scored 34 for SVSM. 

Oak Hill went on to finish the season 32-1 with their only loss being to Mater Dei, who ended the team’s 67 game winning streak. Anthony was named Parade magazine All American and a McDonald’s All American.

With these honors, Carmelo received invitations to the prestigious Jordan Brand Classic and McDonald’s All American game. In the Jordan Brand Classic, Anthony posted a game high 27 points. He followed up that performance with 19 points in the McDonald’s All American game and also won the dunk contest. For his achievements in the All American game, Melo was named one of the 35 greatest McDonald’s All Americans in 2012. 

This catapulted the young Carmelo to become the top ranked prospect of the class of 2002. Though he pondered declaring for the NBA draft, Carmelo eventually decided to attend Syracuse University, where he led the Orange to a national title defeating Kansas in the championship. 

Despite originally intending to play 3 seasons at Syracuse, Anthony decided to instead declare for the 2003 NBA draft. In his sole season with the Orange, he averaged 22.2 ppg, 10.0rpg and 2.2 apg along with 1.6 steals per game. 

Anthony was selected by the Denver Nuggets with the 3rd overall pick of the 2003 NBA draft, behind LeBron James (#1 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers) and Darko Miličić ( #2 overall to the Detroit Pistons). 

meloNow as I stated previously, Carmelo Anthony is the Olympic G.O.A.T and his career accomplishments are discredited and grossly underrated. If he would have been drafted by Detroit, this wouldn’t even be a conversation. He would have won a title as a rookie. But because he wasn’t and many fans tend to throw him under the bus let’s recap shall we? 

Let’s remember that Carmelo Anthony has: 6 All NBA selections, Scoring Title, a NCAA title, NCAA MIP. He also has a record 4 Olympic Basketball medals (a record 3 Gold along with a Bronze from the 2004 in Athens), the most points and rebounds in US Olympic history; the most points in one game in US Olympic history (37). 

Anthony has also scored over 25,000 career points. his 25,115 points ranks 21st all time, and puts him in a relatively exclusive club with just 20 other players and achieved this feat with one of the highest FG% in the clutch of All Time (40% assisted; 60% unassisted). 

Anthony is also part of an exclusive club of players  that have scored 10,000 points for 2 different franchises. Melo’s 13,970 career points with the Denver Nuggets is 3rd in franchise history, while his 10,186 career points with the New York Knicks places him 7th on the Knick’s all time scoring list.

So why do people hate on this man? With all that he has accomplished in 15 seasons he STILL gets an abundance of hate I mean, I can’t see where he’s done anything wrong. 


He didn’t join forces with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh in Miami to form a “super team”. Instead he opted to stay in New York, which I believe the league and it’s fans should be very grateful for.  

If he HAD pulled a, Kevin Durant “Snake move,” and joined Miami his prime, (as was the plan but, Melo wanted to win in Denver), he wouldn’t be hated on nearly as much, although his legacy may have possibly been tarnished with a ring he “didn’t earn”. Yet fans rag on him about not having gotten a title yet.

And before you hit me with, “He plays no defense,” advanced metrics show Melo has been an Elite defender of 3pt shots most of his career. Kobe even said Melo defended him the best. No defense? He averaged just shy of 2 steals a game at Syracuse!

Before you hit me with Olympics don’t matter, 20 years ago 2% of the league was international players. Today that number is nearly 30%.

Most countries all around the World, value a Gold Medal over an NBA title. Remember, the NBA has become a global game. The level of international competition has risen immensely in the last decade to the point where, as much as I hate to say it, fairly soon the United States may no longer be the top producer of professional basketball talent. This is why players like 4 time medalist Carmelo Anthony are important to USA Basketball and the development of international talent everywhere; they make the rest of the competition strive to be better. 

That is why Carmelo Anthony is the Olympic GOAT. Even if people here in the States always hate on him, fans from around the world will always recognize him as an All-Time Great.149483132