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Lakers 3-0 Week NSS Report!! 4 Straight Wins, Playoff Clinched!!

Lakers 3-0 Week NSS Report!! 4 Straight Wins, Playoff Clinched!!

                Lakers beat 76ers, Bucks and Clippers in the same week, all for the 1st time this season.  Lakers’ this week also were the 1st team to clinch in the West.  What a week full of nonsense for the Lakers’ who put a silence to all the haters and doubters and fully stepped up to the challenge.  The Laker’s are now 49-13 with 20 games left to their season, let’s review some Laker’s Nonsense.

Lakers Win 120-107 Vs 76ers, Anthony Davis 37 Pts, 13 Reb

                The Lakers’ spoiled a big night by Glenn Robinson III, who put up 25 pts from the bench.  Even short handed they 76ers put up a fight but couldn’t get over a Laker’s team that was on a mission to split the season series.  Unfortunately for the 76ers was a downhill trip while in LA losing to both Clippers and Lakers.  76ers are fighting a hard battle trying to get back into the top 4 in the East, but missing Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons is hard to overcome.

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Lakers Win 113-103 Vs Bucks, Top of the East not enough for LeBron’s 37 Pts, 8 Reb, 8 Ast

                If it seems like every night LeBron is flirting with a triple double is because he is.  For a game that had very high expectations from both sides it did not disappoint.  The difference in this game was the big 3rd quarter by the Lakers.  Davis had a consecutive game with 30 pts, got himself 9 Reb and 2 blocks.  The Lakers split the season series vs the Bucks, who are the favorite to win the East.

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                Maybe to soon or maybe just nonsense but some concern (or whispers) could be forming on the side of the Bucks who had a tough loss vs the Miami Heat.  The Bucks will also be without Giannis Antetokounmpo for the next 2 games at the Suns (Sunday) and Nuggets (Monday March 9t ) due to minor joint capsule sprain his left knee.

Lakers Win vs Clippers 112-103, Davis 3rd game consecutive game with at least 30 Pts

                Lakers’ win 4th straight game by beating the Clippers who were leading the series 2-0 and were undefeated when all their starters play.  This was the most watched game out of all 3 games due to that the Clippers are the Lakers’ biggest threat in the West.  The Clippers stars were hot with Leonard 27 Pts, Paul George 31 Pts and Montrezl Harrell, off the bench, with 20 Pts, but it was the Lakers defense that came up big when they needed the most.

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Lakers Winning Factors

  • Consistency of Stars: Lebron James & Anthony Davis
  • Bench Production: Kyle Kuzma, Dwight Howard, Alex Caruso and The Lakers’ bench mob are consistently contributing to the game


  • LeBron’s Minutes.  LeBron led in minutes played vs Bucks with 37 Mins and Clippers with 35 mins, adding 34 Mins against the Sixers.  The Concern is LeBron already in playoff mode and just getting comfortable with playing that many minutes or could he hit a wall at some point in the playoffs and may burn himself out at the most inconvenient of times.

Week Grade – A+

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Let’s talk some Lakers’ Nonsense

Which Win was the biggest for the Lakers??

Lakers vs Sixers, Bucks & Clippers!! Lakers Nonsense Preview!!

Lakers vs Sixers, Bucks & Clippers!! Lakers Nonsense Preview!!

                Lakers will play Sixers, Bucks and Clippers this week and before anybody asks the answer is “No” the Lakers have not beaten any of this teams.  Playing any of this teams on a typical week will be a challenge in it itself, playing all 3 in the same week will be a real challenge for the Lakers.  LeBron James and Anthony Davis both missed games last week which cannot be the case this week.  The Lakers’ will have to be at the top of their game.  Let’s talk some Lakers Nonsense.

Vs Sixers

                This game will probably the easiest game for the Lakers due to the Sixers lack of personnel in Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Josh Richardson.  The Lakers’ will benefit from home advantage with their record 21-7 at home while the Sixers are 9-22 away.  The Sixers will need Shake Milton to have another career night to give them a chance.  Realistically that might be too much to ask for a guy who has been averaging 8.8 Ppg this season, but hey if there is time to step up, the time is now.

                The Sixers are 37-24 coming off a loss against the Clippers.  The Sixers are in the middle of a rocky season that began with chemistry issues assumptions and now just injury filled.  Still the Sixers were looked as a contender in the East and with a playoff spot secured, the Sixers could be willing to just tread water till their stars return.  Tobias Harris and Al Horford are the go-to guy for the Sixers but they’ll need perfect games.

                The Lakers’ missed out on sweeping the Grizzlies to put a 2nd beat down in less than a week on the Pelicans.  The Lakers should have both Anthony Davis and LeBron James on the floor for all 3 games and fired up to get some revenge.

                Aside from the Lakers’ main personnel, this would also be a very important week for Markieff Morris playing his 5th game for the Lakers.  Morris has been averaging 6.8 Ppg on 38.5 3P% shooting and offering some well needed toughness for the Lakers.  Personally, I am still hopeful for Kyle Kuzma and Morris to find success when they are both on the floor without the starters.

Predictions: Lakers win and split the season series against the Sixers.  The Lakers will keep on soaring while the Sixers will keep rolling down.

It should be a fun week for the Lakers.

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NSS NBA Daily!! Celtics play on back-to-back nights against Embiid-less 76ers!!

NSS NBA Daily!! Celtics play on back-to-back nights against Embiid-less 76ers!!

Celtics (25-10) @ 76ers (24-14)

                The Celtics have the better record and are 2.5 games ahead of the 76ers in the East but the 76ers lead the season series.  This is the 3rd game of the 4 game series and the 76ers have beaten the Celtics away and at home.  Celtics come in to the game on a 2 game losing streak and playing on back to back nights.  76ers will benefit from being at home (17-2) for the 2nd game of a home stand before heading back out on the road.

                It is always fun when the Celtics and 76ers play each other is kind of rivalry but most importantly a potential intense playoff series.  Both of this teams have expectations to go far in the playoffs this year and both are going through some struggles.  76ers are 4-6 in their last 10 and the Celtics are 7-3 in their last 10, both need to get going.  A possible factor could be the approach of the trade deadline and with all the rumors going on sometimes is just hard to stay focus.

                The crazy things is that teams know each other so well and always bring their A games.  Joel Embiid will miss the game, but if the 76ers can pull of a win it would definitely put some confident into the team.  76ers are 3-4 when missing Embiid.

                Celtics coming off in loss in which Kemba Walker only scored 6 points before getting tossed for the 1st time in his career.  The Tacko Fall hype is real and the big men got his 1st minutes of the year.  Fall played 10 minutes scored 4 points, 3 rebounds and 1 steal.  The Celtics project of the year is Fall and he comes as a low cost, high reward player.

Pick: Celtics. 

Kemba Walker will bounce back this game and take advantage of the Embiid not being there for the 76ers.

Pacers (12-6) @ 76ers (13-6) – All Eyes on Pacers, All Bets on 76ers. NSS Preview

Pacers (12-6) @ 76ers (13-6) 5:00 PM MST – All Eyes on Pacers, All Bets on 76ers

Both teams are coming off wins of their 1st of back to back games. This is the 1st meeting of 4 between this 2 teams and on paper both teams are looking evenly matched. The 76ers have a slight lead on the standing record but the Pacers 5 game winning streak gives them momentum and confidence. 76ers also on a winning streak behind the Embiid bounce back games.

The Pacers 5 game winning streak are highlighted by wins over the Jazz and the Nets. Domanta Sabonis has been the Pacers go to guy for scoring but the team is strength relied of the lineup balance and unexpected break out performances (ie Aaron Holiday). Malcom Brogdon could be arguably the key player in this matchup vs 76ers, his defense on Richardson and Simmons will come in handy.


The 76ers playing at home are the clear favorites, but this team hasn’t been playing the greatest of basketball. Yea Ben Simmons is now shooting 3s (1 for 2), Richardson can breakout for scoring but the 76ers are finding more flaws in their game. The 76ers from having big names on their roster but just like the Pacers they are relying on unexpected performances.

The margin between the Pacers and 76ers on paper may seem larger on paper than at an actual game scale and the Pacers should be looking tip the scale. The Pacers need to give Embiid trouble just like the Raptors did and hope for a good 3 point shooting night.

Pick: Pacers. The Pacers are balance and well coach.

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Comment winner? X-Factor? Game Predictions

Are this 2 teams evenly matched teams or who has the real edge?

Who should win Defensive Player of the Year?


Who should win defensive player of the Year?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock I am sure you’re aware Sixers All Star center Joel Embiid, Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz, and Superstar Anthony Davis of the Pelicans are the 3 finalists of this award. Who deserves it the most? After reading this the answer will be clear.

   Isolation Defense

Rudy Gobert: 16/48 (33%)

Joel Embiid: 27/72 (37.5%)

Anthony Davis: 29/91 (31.9%)

Comments: The Brow no shocker has played the best iso d of the 3 with his athletic gift.

Contested shots

Rudy Gobert: 15.0 (12.7 2s) (2.3 3s)

Joel Embiid: 11.5 ( 9.6 2s) (1.9 3s)

Anthony Davis: 14.2 (9.8 2s) (4.4 3s)

Comments: I wasn’t shocked Rudy averaged the most contested shots per game but I didn’t think he contested more 3pt attempts per game than Embiid.

Defensive Field Goals

Rudy Gobert: 360/762 on 2s (47%) 50/141 on 3s (35.5%)

Joel Embiid: 315/725 on 2s(43.4%) 45/156 on 3s (28.8%)

Anthony Davis: 366/848 on 2s (43.2%) 120/371 on 3s (32.3%)

Comments: Not surprisingly it’s very close between Joel and the Brow considering those two can shoot the 3 ball.

Defensive Rating

Rudy Gobert: 97.7

Joel Embiid: 99.7

Anthony Davis: 103.4

On and off court defensive rating

NO WITH AD on court: 103.4

NO with AD on bench: 110.2

Utah with Rudy on court: 97.7

Utah with Rudy on bench: 99.9

PHI with Joel on court: 99.7

PHI with Joel on bench: 104.0

Comments: As you can see from the provided unbiased information, Davis and Embiid have a bigger impact defensively when they’re not playing which makes sense since Utah is that good defensively. Still I gotta give AD the edge barely over Embiid.

Defending the rim

Rudy Gobert: 197/357= 55.2%

Anthony Davis: 232/428 54.3%

Joel Embiid: 187/357= 52.4%

Comments: I was a bit shocked on Gobert but clearly Joel gets wins this category.

Defending the pick and roll

Rudy Gobert: 42/88 = 47.7%

Anthony Davis: 33/94 = 35.1%

Joel Embiid: 18/52 = 34.6%

Comments: It’s close between Joel and AD but because Davis contested more, I got to give him the edge.


Although Anthony Davis won’t win MVP, he will surely win Defensive Player of the Year.