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Russ returns to OKC and I don’t care

Russ returns to OKC and I don’t care

Maybe it needs a better title

Russ returns to OKC and I don’t care, this game should be about the Thunder not even losing a step after trading away Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

Russell Westbrook will make his official return to the Oklahoma City Thunder with his brand new team the Houston Rockets. Cool Story Bro!! The Thunder are 21-16 and sitting in the 7th seed led by veteran Chris Paul and sophomore Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Rockets are only ahead of the Thunder by 4.5 games and the excitement of these 2 teams meeting in the playoffs would be amazing.

This the 2nd meeting between this 2 teams, the Rockets lead the series thanks to a 40 point game by James Harden. Still the big highlight is Russ making his return and I don’t care for it. Credit to Russ for his great career with the Thunder that included 3 consecutive seasons of averaging a triple double. And now both Russ and the Thunder have moved on to bigger and better things.

Russ is now is 2nd in charge (**Cough Cough when Eric Gordon is not around) in a Rockets team that he can win with. Russ is shooting 23.5% on 3 pointers but still averaging 24.1 Ppg, Russ is doing well, I think. After leaving the Thunder he was called a cancer and so far with the Rockets that hasn’t come up. At the end of the day, Russ ain’t thinking about the good old’ Thunder days, he is thinking about getting past the 2nd round of the playoffs.

In my opinion, the Thunder won the trade they got plenty of draft picks and a young player with no ceiling in SGA. Seriously, SGA has no ceiling and Chris Paul role as a veteran deserves more credit that he is been given.

At the end of the day, people will come to the game to watch Russ make his return. But the people will stay to see SGA give the Rockets a challenge.

Pick: Thunder.

Well I really want the Thunder to win. They could do it, they’ll let Russ jack all the 3s that he wants and have Chris Paul unleashed some anger basketball at James Harden.

Steven Adams vs Clint Capela

Steven Adams vs Clint Capela

Head to head:

Steven: 10.8pts, 7.1rpg, 1.1apg, 1.1stls, 1.1blks, 1.4 fouls, .646 FG%, 29 mins, 5-5 record vs Clint.

Clint: 10.6ppg, 6.1 rpg, .2apg, .8stls, 1.6blks, 3.1 fouls, .657 FG%, 21 mins.

Rebounding Steven Adams Clint Capela
2017-2018 9.0 rebs

5.1 off rebs

3.9 def rebs

4.7 contested rebs

avg reb distance is 5.4 ft

reb % : 15

10.7 rebs

3.2 off rebs

7.5 def rebs

4.3 contested rebs

avg reb distance is 5 ft

reb % : 22

2016-2017 7.5 rebs

3.4 off rebs

4.1 def rebs

3.9 contested rebs

avg reb distance: 5.4 ft

reb % : 14

8.0 rebs

2.7 off rebs

5.3 def rebs

3.9 contested rebs

avg reb distance is 5.2 ft

reb % : 18.8

2015-2016 6.5  rebs

2.9 off rebs

3.6 def rebs

3.1 contested rebs

avg reb distance is 4.6 ft

reb % : 14.2

6.4 rebs

2.5 off rebs

3.9 def rebs

3.6 rebs

avg reb distance is 4.7 ft

reb % : 18.2

Thoughts: Considering Adams plays with a top 2 rebounding point guard named Russell Westbrook, I am not surprised Clint has the edge in rpg, having said that, it is clear Steven is better at crashing the glass on the offensive end. Close but I’d give the edge to Capela who played less minutes.


Scoring Steven Adams Clint Capela
  • 13.9 ppg
  • 5.9/9.4 FGAs = 62.9%
  • 359/530 (67 7%) R.A.
  • 84/168 (50%) in the paint non RA
  • 69.2% of FGM were assisted
  • 125 ORTG
  • 13.9 ppg
  • 6/9.1 FGAs = 65%
  • 406/586 (69.3%) RA
  • 32/76 (42%) in the paint non R.A
  • 81.9% of FGM were assisted
  • 126 ORTG
  • 11.3 ppg
  • 4.7 / 8.2 = 57%
  • 263/410 (64%) R.A.
  • 108/218 (49.5%) in the paint non R.A.
  • 66.8% of FGM were assisted
  • 114 ORTG
  • 12.6 ppg
  • 5.6/ 8.7 FGAs
  • 322/477 (69.6%) RA
  • 28/80 (35%) in the paint non R.A
  • 82.6% of FGM were assisted
  • 122 ORTG
  • 8.0 ppg
  • 3.3 / 5.3 = 61%
  • 207/329 (62.9%) RA
  • 43/83 (57.8%) in the paint non R.A
  • 76.2% of FGM were assisted
  • 123 ORTG
  • 7.0 ppg
  • 3.0/ 5.2 FGAs = 58%
  • 212/338 (62.7%) RA
  • 18/54 (33%) in the paint non R.A
  • 66.7% of FGM were  assisted
  • 114 ORTG

Comments: Man it’s  really close again, based off what has been provided, I would give the edge to Adams only because Steven plays well BOTH in the restricted area as well as in the paint non R.A. unlike Clint, but both do mainly get their points because of their main playmaker  (Russ and Harden). If you watch both players you would know Steve takes more contested shots than Clint as well.


DEFENSE Steven Adams Clint Capela
  • overall 505/1131 (44.7%)
  • on 2s: 387/814 (47.5%)
  • on 3s: 118/317 (37.2%)
  • on Iso D: 44/114 (38%)
  • When defending the rim: 200/341 (58%)
  • 107 DRTG
  • contested 1021


  • overall: 568/1206 (47%)
  • on 2s: 477/968 (49%)
  • on 3s: 91/238 (38%)
  • on Iso D: 67/159 (42%)
  • When defending the rim: 303/503 (60%)
  • 101 DRTG
  • contested 958 shots
  • overall: 520/1098 (47.4%)
  • on 3s: 77/217 (35.5%)
  • on 2s: 443/881 (50%)
  • on Iso D: 45/114 (39%)
  • When defending the rim: 227/368 (61.7%)
  • 107 DRT
  • contested 1004 shots
  • overall: 397/511 (49%)
  • on 3s: 44/130 (33.8%)
  • on 2s: 353/681 (51.8%)
  • on Iso D:27/60 (45%)
  • When defending the rim: 226/374 (60.4%)
  • 106 DRTG
  • contested 663 shots
  • overall: 436/1043 (41.8%)
  • on 3s: 53/163 (32.5%)
  • on 2s: 383/880 (43.5%)
  • on Iso D: 28/88 (32%)
  • When defending the rim: 213/366 (58%)
  • 105 DRTG
  • overall:339/766 (44%)
  • on 3s: 40/127 (31.5%)
  • on 2s: 299/639 (46.8%)
  • on Iso D: 18/50 (36%)
  • When defending the rim: 185/331 (55.9%)
  • 104 DRTG

Thoughts: Clint is the superior rim protector and has had a lower defensive rating (that’s a good thing) each year, but on Iso D, Steve held bis man to a lower percentage than Clint did. Also, overall Steven held his man to a lower field goal percentage than Capela did. The contested shot stat goes as far as 2017, another stat Adam had more than Clint. Clint did defend the 3 better, but Steve defended the 2s more well so, overall I give Adams the edge.


Crunch time Steven Adams Clint Capela
  • 38 pts
  • 15/21 shooting (71%)
  • 42 rebs
  • 3 blks
  • 137 mins
  • 20 pts
  • 8/12 shooting
  • 20 rebs
  • 1 blk
  • 62 mins
  • 22 pts
  • 8/20 shooting (40%)
  • 27 rebs
  • 6 blks
  • 112 mins
  • 2 pts
  • 1/1 shooting (100%)
  • 3 rebs
  • 0 blks
  • 23 mins i
  • 18 pts
  • 7/13 shooting (53.8%)
  • 32 rebs
  • 4 blks
  • 89 mins
  • 9 pts
  • 3/ 4 shooting (75%)
  • 4 rebs
  • 4 blks
  • 29 mins

Comments: No doubt in crunch time Steven Adams was the better rebounder, scorer and factor than Clint. Once again Adams win a category.


Head to head:

Steven: 10.8pts, 7.1rpg, 1.1apg, 1.1stls, 1.1blks, 1.4 fouls, .646 FG%, 29 mins, 5-5 record vs Clint.

Clint: 10.6ppg, 6.1 rpg, .2apg, .8stls, 1.6blks, 3.1 fouls, .657 FG%, 21 mins.



In the end of day both do their roles well but I’m gonna take Adams over Clint since he has the edge in more categories.

Reaction to the “Westbrook effect”

Do you have any idea how misleading that is? First of all, Harden was traded away from Kevin Durant as well. Dion, Ibaka, Reggie Jackson went away from KD as well, let’s not ignore that. Also, OBVIOUSLY 90% of them will have better stats on their new team since their usage rate, minutes played, and role changed. Let’s not forget Durant won MVP with Russ, was a top 2 player in the world and won  SCORING TITLES in OKC, so for anyone to think Westbrook held Durant back is misinformed or just a plain hater.  Oladipo went from a 2nd option to a future legend into a 1st option so his Ppg average should increase as well as his field goal attempts.

If we want to use the logic of this so called “effect” then the Chris Paul effect is a thing then. Eric Bledsoe nearly doubled his Ppg average his first season away from the Clippers, also JJ Redick is having a career year offensively on the first year away from Clippers (and Chris Paul). Darren Collison went from 11.1 Ppg to 16.4 Ppg once he left the Clippers. Reggie Evans as a Clipper averaged about 2 Ppg and 5 Rebs a game, on his first year away from the Clippers he averaged 4.5 Ppg and 11 Rebs per game. See how easy it is to make the “Point god” look bad when showing cherry picked info? Heck we can even point out Harrison Barnes went from 11.7 Ppg to 19.2 Ppg in his first season leaving Stephen Curry. Does that mean Curry makes role players like Barnes worse? No.

I’m not saying Westbrook can turn role players to elite players but to blame Russ for those players like Reggie Jackson not putting up the same stats they did elsewhere is what Stephen A Smith would as blasphemous.



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Is Terry Rozier the next James Harden??

Is Terry Rozier the next James Harden??

Written by Francis S Estepan.  April 20th, 2018.

As humans we are always looking for the next big thing.  In the NBA Who will be the next MJ? Kobe? Shaq? LeBron James is still playing the game and already we are looking for who is going to one-up him? Ben Simmons? Giannis?  So here is a nonsense theory for case for Terry Rozier v James Harden.

Rozier currently holding the starting position for the Boston Celtics as they faced Milwaukee Bucks.  Rozier is a 6-2 lengthy sophomore guard that seems to shine whenever Brad Stevens calls his name (or Kyrie Irving is missing more time).  When looking at his numbers the first thing that comes to mind is how his numbers for the season are so low.  Now look at his post season numbers and you can see a different monster giving the minutes and the shots.

f                Be mindful that last year he was a ball dominant guard Isaiah Thomas and this year another one in Kyrie Irving.  17-18 Playoff comes his number has officially been called and he is producing at an unbelievable rate 23 Ppg, 5.5 Ast, 3.5 Rebounds while taking care of the ball.  His minutes have double from the years before and he doesn’t seem to be letting fatigue slow him down.

James Harden was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder and didn’t get his first start tilt his sophomore year.  Fast forward some years he is the face of the Houston Rockets, making the Thunder look like they gave up gold for beach sand.  Looking at the playoff numbers Harden 3rd season was where he came alive in the playoffs.  (Rozier is on his 3rd year, look back at his numbers).


Rozier had a triple double in his first NBA start, that may have been a sign, some may have seen as a fluke. Brad Stevens didn’t seem too worry with Kyrie latest injury, he seem to have been prepare with an insurance policy that came with the Terry Rozier premium.  The postseason is where players are made or broken? Where players earn their statuses for years to come? Vintage Rondo, Father time/Wade, Manu Ginobili.

Harden and Rozier ability to score when the stage is big could be what draws them closer in comparison.  Put the numbers aside and you can find the similarity in their situations.  Could it have been guaranteed that Harden would have become as dominant alongside Westbrook and Durant? Have we seen what Rozier is fully capable off?

Right now Terry Rozier is no James Harden. Should teams start throwing money bags at him, that’s above my pay grade.  No team is going to sit a Kyrie Irving for a Terry Rozier.  But not all teams have a Kyrie or a Harden.  If Rozier talent is truly there, he shouldn’t let it go to waste being a backup.  Teams in the NBA are always looking to build a solid foundation.  It worked out well for Houston.

Do you think Terry Rozier the next James Harden??

(Side note: Bledsoe comments regarding not knowing who Rozier is.  Any player that hits a clutch shot, has a great game against you or is between you and the next round? You know who he is. If Jrue Holiday remembers how hard Rajon Rondo plays in the playoffs from a series years ago, am sure Bledsoe remembers put him on wheels than a week ago) #BledsoeSalty