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George Gervin Vs Dominique Wilkins!!

George Gervin Vs Dominique Wilkins

By Kevin Bertalotto

Scoring/shooting George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
1973-1986 Gervin
1983-1999 Nique
  • 25.1ppg
  • 9.8/19.4 FGAs = .504
  • 5.4/6.4 FTs = 84%
  • .564 True shooting %
  • 3 official 30pt seasons
  • Shot 50% in 6 different seasons
  • 24.8ppg
  • 9.3/20.1 FGAs = .461
  • 5.6/6.9 FTs = 81%
  • .536 True shooting %
  • 2 official 30pt seasons
  • Never shot 50% for 1 season.

Comments: The difference isn’t very far apart, but considering Gervin was more efficient, not to mention played 2 less minutes per game, had a  slightly lower FGA avg, I would give the edge to The Iceman.

Rebounding George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
1973-1986 Gervin
1983-1999 Wilkins
  • 5.3 rpg
  • 1.7 off rebs
  • 3.6 def rebs
  • 8.2 reb %
  • 6.7 rpg
  • 2.8 off rebs
  • 3.9 def rebs
  • 10.4 reb %

Thoughts: Both have played with some good rebounding big men but it is clear the more athletic Nique was the better rebounder.

Passer George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
1973-1986 Gervin
1983-1999 Wilkins
  • 2.6 apg
  • 3 tovs
  • 29.6 usage rate
  • 12.2 ast %
  • 2.5 apg
  • 2.5 tovs
  • 30.3 usage rate
  • 12.1 ast %

Comments: Neither’s role were to be a playmaker, having said that I would call it a tie.

Advanced stats George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
1973-1986 Gervin
1983-1999 Wilkins
  • 21.4 PER
  • 32.2 VORP
  • 116.3 win shares
  • 87.7 OWS
  • 28.6 DWS
  • 111 ORTG
  • 106 DRTG
  • 21.6 PER
  • 41.8 VORP
  • 117.5 win shares
  • 82.3 OWS
  • 35.2 DWS
  • 112 ORTG
  • 108 DRTG

Thoughts: As close as it is, Nique had a slight lead in 5 categories to Gervin’s 2 giving The Human Highlight Film the edge.

Playoffs George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
84 games by Gervin
56 games by Wilkins
  • 26.5ppg
  • 10.2/20.4 = 50%
  • 6.9rpg
  • 2.9apg
  • 3.1 tovs
  • 3.5 PF
  • 25.4ppg
  • 9.2/21.4 = 43%
  • 6.7rpg
  • 2.6apg
  • 2.7 tovs
  • 2.2 PF

Comments: Not by a large margin but still George Gervin bested Wilkins in several major categories, but what really got me was the 8% difference in field goal percentage.


NBA rings: Both none

ASG: Both 9x all stars

All NBA team: Both 7x

Scoring leader: Gervin 4x, DW 1x


Both have a good case on why one was better than the other, but personally I would only have The Iceman over The Human Highlight Film since he was the superior scorer in his time than Nique was in his, not to mention George  was more efficient. What are your thoughts? Who would you take?

Sonics/Thunders: Greatest Point Guard?

Sonics/Thunders: Greatest Point Guard?

By Kevin Bertalotto, Published February 26th, 2018

At age 29 Westbrook can already make a great case as the Sonics/Thunder’s best point guard in franchise history.  First let’s compare each stats, both, basic and advanced stats, then conclude.


Gary Payton at age 29 averaged 7 less Ppg at 15.9 to Russ’s 22.9, although Gary averaged 5 less shots attempts per game and shot better 48% to Westbrook’s 44%. Overall in his Sonics career Gary averaged 18.2 Ppg on .469% shooting. Payton’s career high was 24 on 45%. Russ who has 2 scoring titles had a career high of 31.6ppg on 42%. When he was 29 The Glove had an offensive rating of 112 to Russ’s 109. For offensive win shares at age 29, Russ leads 55.1 to Gary’s 43.

Rebounds and Assists

When it comes to rebounds average at 29, Russ leads that too 6.5 to Gary’s 3.5 but in his Sonics career The Glove grabbed 4.2rpg. His career high was 6.5 to Russ’s 10.7. Gary Payton through his first 10 seasons averaged 6.7 assists per game vs Russ’s 8.1. Career wise The Glove did averaged 7.4 assists per game. Their career highs in apg are 9 and 10.4 which Russ is averaging for the third time and not to mention Russ is likely to lead the league in asts. Mr. Payton averaged more steals with 2.3 and less tovs at 2.4 compared to Westbrook’s 1.7 stls per game and 4 tovs a game.

Advanced Stats

At age 29 Gary and Westbrook both had a defensive rating of 105. Same age, Russ has a higher Value over Replacement Player of 54.1 to Gary’s 32.4. Gary’s highest of that stat was 7.6 vs Russ’s 12.6 last year. For win shares through age 29 Westbrook leads 87.3 to Gary’s 73.1. However, in his Sonics career Gary has a 126.7 win shares. By age 29 Russ for his career has a 23.9 PER vs Gary’s 18.5. Even for his career as a Sonic Gary has a lower PER than Russ at 20.1.


During his Sonics career Gary Payton won Defensive Player of the Year, was a 9x All Star, All NBA 9x, All NBA Defensive team 9x, and steals leader once. So far Russell has 2 scoring titles, 1x Most Valuable Player, 7x All NBA, No shocker Russ by 44 points has already passed Gary in total playoff pts in 67 less games.


So who do you think is the Sonics/Thunders best point guard? Russell Westbrook or Gary Payton? In the regular season and crunch time in the playoffs I’ll take Russell Westbrook.


The Shumpert Track


The Shumpert Track:

by Francis S Estepan,
Published February 16th, 2018

With the 2011 1st round pick, the New York Knicks Draft Iman Shumpert. Fast forward Dec. 25th scores his first buckets in the NBA, finishes the game Vs Boston with 11 Points on 3-13 shooting.  The 6’5 shooting guard was known to be value on the defensive of the lineup.  He could be compare to the likes of Tony Allen.  With career highs 27 Points, 16 rebounds, 9 assist (on different occasions) on the offensive side he really found his strength and pride defensively.  I guess it can be said that he is above average defensively and below average offensively in comparison to other shooting guards in the NBA.

Back in 2015, he saw himself as “the first NBA player to have a legitimate music career”. Most recently tracks here and there and one album called “Full Court Press, Vol 1” can be found but it doesn’t seem that much have stuck or made it to the mainstream.  Music and basketball usually go hand in hand with many NBA players and rappers wanting to crossover to the different lifestyle.

Recently traded to the Sacramento Kings in a three team deal that mostly benefitted the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sacramento currently stands with a record of 18-38 are far from championship contention.  The Kings haven’t made the playoffs since the 05-06 season.  Fortunately, Vlade Divac risky actions off trading who could have been a team center piece could be paying off with proper developments of their most recent rookie acquisitions.

Shumpert will be going from a competing team to rebuilding (or tanking) team. An argument can be made that he was the biggest loser in this transaction especially after reports that teams (clippers) did not want his services.  Both Joe Johnson and Derrick Rose will go through waiver procedures and more than likely find a team before the playoffs starts.  Crowder 3 and D capabilities will fit right in Utah.  The newly acquire Cavaliers’ seem to be adjusting really well playing alongside LeBron James.  So the questions ¿What value does Shumpert have, if any?


Coming into this 3rd team in his career, Shumpert could be on his way to becoming a journeyman in the NBA getting signed by teams needing to fill small roles and for salary caps purposes.  Defensive minded players losing their valued in the NBA could be associated with the quicker and amount of shots that teams are taking.  Having a defensive stopper is almost irrelevant when in transition or when guys like Harden and Curry are popping off 40 footers.  Entering this year Memphis officially ended the Grit and Grind era trading away Randolph and Tony Allen.  Players like Shumpert are losing value.

Shumpert NBA career does not seem to have taken a turn for the better. Sacramento can be seen a great place for veterans like Randolph and Carter who number 1 job is to help the younger guys develop.  Looking at Shumpert style of play, even at 27, he may have already peak or his room for improvement would not be worth developing.  It is still yet to be determined how he would break into the lineup where he is 1 of 5 shooting guards.

What’s the next track for Iman Shumpert? After making a recovery from his latest injury, we are hoping that he improves his jumper and is still able bring toughness defensively. Shumpert should make his debut as King after the All Star Break!!  Would hate to see people remember Shumpert for his afro hair and being the other shirtless guy next to Kyrie and Henny JR.