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NBA Report (Some) Training Facilities Are Opening Up!!

NBA Report (Some) Training Facilities Are Opening Up!!

                Training facilities are starting to open up to have workouts for their players.  The positive here is that is a step forward towards resuming the NBA season.  The opening up of the facilities while approve by the NBA also has to satisfy the rules by each city/state.  But is progress.

Teams and (tentative) time frames for reopening:

**Friday – May 8th being the target day that the NBA wants to open**

  • Hawks, Bucks – Planning for week starting on May 11th (or next week)
  • Suns – May 16th at the earliest
  • Lakers & Clippers – Through May 15th
  • Celtics, Rockets – May 18th at the earliest
  • Cavaliers – Opening up Friday as long as approve by NBA and State

Nets, Hornets, Bulls, Mavericks, Pistons, Pacers, Grizzlies, Heat, Knicks, Thunder, Sixers, Raptors, Jazz, Spurs, Wizards – Not opening/ not time frame/ later than NBA Target date

Some guidelines:

  • No more than four players would be permitted at a facility at once
  • No head or assistant coaches could participate
  • No group activities, practices or scrimmages
  • No public health clubs, fitness centers or gyms

While this is progress be aware that are still many teams that are not on board with opening up nor have a plan for a comeback.  Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr had already mentioned that the team is in off season mode already.

Mark Cuban, Mavericks’ owner, said “if we can’t test anyone, I don’t see how it happens” in an email to USA Today. 

Personally, the safety of the players, staff and fans should be the number 1 priority.  As much as I (or we) miss sports, I wouldn’t rush to start it all back up and then deal with a worse situation.  I am in support of all baby steps to get us closer to normality taking all the possible safety precautions.

Thank you for reading, what do you think about NBA making attempts to resume?

More Nonsense question:

  • Is it too soon?
  • When is the conversation on players with (monetary) incentives in their contracts going to start?
  • Will players will be force to play, if they don’t feel like they or their love ones are in unsafe environment?

NBA on the Way Back? Maybe? Baby Steps? Questions and Reactions?

NBA on the Way Back? Maybe? Baby Steps? Questions and Reactions?

                When and where will the 1st game will be play? With approximately 17 (more or less) games for some teams will the fans be there? Will some games be scrapped as unnecessary (Cavaliers and Hawks have 2 games left on the scheduled)? How does it affect players that were depending on game incentives for their bonuses?  The NBA is trying to make a comeback by stepping forward and re-opening training facilities.  With hope comes plenty of questions, so let’s talk some nonsense.

                Bringing sports back, not just the NBA, is a step towards normality.  Remember that the Rudy Gobert situation was a big wake up on the whole COVID-19 situation.  With a bringing sports is not just about the athletes but also about the rest of the employees that may have not been considered “essentials” will also rejoin the workforce.  Recently, the NBA and the players have been pillars throughout of the US both as a sport but also at standing outside of the sports world and into other fields. 

                Personally, I am extremely happy with the NBA attempting to return.  Also applaud the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) for being one of the 1st to take the step forward.  Even though they may not get a lot of recognition, they are still baby steps before the sports world is back up and running. 

So back to some NBA and more questions.

                May 1st is when Adam Silver have given himself a timeline on the future of the NBA season.  Chris Paul, President of the National Basketball Players Association, already said that the players will need 2-3 weeks before they even step on a court.  Which it makes sense and even then, as fans/public, actual quality basketball may take even longer to translate to the court.  And speaking of time to get ready, usually the NBA starts October 22 (mid-October) could this season be expanding in to the next? Or what will the ripple effect be for next season?  Maybe the answer lies in that the Championship winner and/or the teams that had deep playoff runs will just rest or have more a load management early into the season?

                So, when the NBA decides to set an official day, where do they start the season? Do they just pick it back up where it was at or do they make some adjustments shorting out the rest of the regular season?  Not so much in the Eastern Conference, but in the Western teams like Blazers, Pelicans, Kings and Spurs could argue that they are still in the playoff hunt.  Steve Kerr already admitted that he and his team are already acting as if the season was over, is he wrong for having that mentality? (Has he had the same mentality all season?)

                I like the idea of scrapping away some games and some teams.  For example, the Cavaliers have 17 games left, which include 2 games vs the Suns and the 2 vs Hawks, all 3 teams are scrapped of the playoff race, are those games necessary? Which leads to a revenue related question, if games are indeed deemed unnecessary, what about the revenue? The teams will play (regardless of fans) will create revenue, because even if there is no fans it doesn’t mean that ESPN or the NBA won’t look to make a profit either through ESPN+ memberships or individual teams subscriptions so they can view the games from their homes.

                My last questions are once that I am still trying to find my own understanding or reaction to them:

Bringing back sports is about the sport or is it about the entertainment factor revenue?

As sports do return, how many fans are expected to be at the events and how will they deal with the negative media?

If sports comeback and COVID-19 does not go away (or evolves), how much is at risk? And what if after it all gets started it all gets shut down again?

Thank you for reading!! What do you think about my questions and reactions? And what are some questions and reactions that you may have regarding the return of the NBA (and sports)??

LeBron Passed Kobe

LeBron passes Kobe, Becomes 3 All Time in Scoring

Last night, the Lakers were taking on the Philadelphia 76ers where normally, the focus would be on a LeBron & AD vs Simmons & Embiid showdown. However last night everybody was watching LeBron And his attempt at making even more history by passing Kobe Bryant for 3rd place in the All-Time Points Ranking.

It took LBJ some time but he eventually scored the 18 points he needed to pass the Black Mamba. The Philly crowd recognized the feat and gave James a Standing ovation when the game stopped.

As for the actual game though, it would be a big loss for the Lakers as early on you could notice that LeBron was a bit nervous and anxious as he knew the task at hand. This isn’t to discredit the Sixers however as we saw smothering defense from them all night long specially from Matthise Thybule who was described by Mark Jackson as one of the best rookie defenders he’s ever seen.

Key factors were ,of course, Ben Simmons who had 28 Pts, 10 Reb, 8 Ast and Tobias Harris who had 29 Pts and 8 Rebounds.

For the Lakers, the story was the early turnover, as they dug a big hole and it was tough to climb out from it. LeBron had his usual 29 Pts, 7 and 7 but had 8 TO and that’s too much. AD had 31 Pts, 7 and 7 on a night he came to play but nobody else did as no other Laker had Double figure scoring. Danny Green was God awful, shooting 1-7, Kuzma went 2-6 in a game where he couldve shot the ball more, but when he did shoot it he took bad shots. McGee’s absence was felt as he could’ve brought that spark he’s known for and energized the team.

Final score was 108 – 91 Phila.

For the Sixers this win is huge, as without Embiid and Richardson they were able to take down the best from the west. For LA, a lot of players need to show up and help. Danny Green, KCP and Especially Kuzma if rumors for a Bradley Beal swap are true. There’s no doubt Beal is a better fit for LA so he’s gonna have to play at a high level more often to save his spot in the Lakers

5 NBA teams that need to blow it up


The NBA is the best basketball league in the world. So, naturally, the high level of competition allows only the best built teams to truly find success and win the ultimate price.

With that being said, we often see many good, solid or even great teams that cant quite figure out what it takes to go over the hump. And for these 5 teams, it’s time to go on a new direction.

#5 The New York Knicks

There is literally so much wrong with this team, i don’t even know what they can blow up, as they are a huge dumpster fire {sorry knicks fans}. This year they are playing with what to me is an improvised roster since last year was supposed to be their offseason when they were expected to win the lottery get either Zion or Trade for AD, and pair them with Kyrie and KD and they ended up with Julius Randle, Bobby Portis and Taj Gibson. That’s not all that is wrong with this team. A much bigger situation is happening on the roster as they have too many options on every position and they don’t have just one main option.

There are bright spots on this team tho, like the aforementioned Randle, Mitchell Robinson, who was a steal of the 2018 draft, Marcus Morris who is having the best season of his career( 19.1 PPG and 5.5) and of course RJ Barrett who has shown a lot of desire to be a part of the teams future as its face. Apart from those 4 tho, the rest is just too much clutter. The solution, IMO, is to take this season as a trial period, see what sticks, and remove the rest out of the way. to draw a clearer path going forward.

#4 The Portland Trail Blazers

Now, I know that Portland is always contending and they, for the most part, are great, but do they really have the right team to win? We’ve seen them for years as a contender but they’ve always fallen just short of a Finals trip. And if Lillard isn’t sending OKC on a rebuild with long dagger buzzer beaters, and CJ isn’t doing big game sealing chase down blocks to seal the game, then they end up losing. Long story short, they depend to much on the Lillard and Mccollum backcourt to win playoff games. Another problem for Portland is that they aren’t exactly the best defensive team, they rank 22nd in opponent points per game. They also lost Meyers Leonard last year and he had a really good showing against Golden State,

Luckily for Portland we have found many solutions for their problems both short and long term with a very extreme and drastic one.

  • Short term: Since they are just one good option away they could use some veterans to try and make a push for the finals. Players that are solid on both ends like Marc Gasol or Serge Ibaka could be the final piece they need to win now.
  • Long term: It would be more ideal for them to just look for another young piece to compliment the team, Players such as Brandon Ingram, or Aaron Gordon Could be that Final piece for the long run.
  • Trade CJ Mccollum: If there is NO OTHER OPTION then you pull the trigger on moving CJ., but he is a big part of the team and trading him would take a lot to replace his energy and his two way abilities.

#3 The Minnesota TWolves

To me, this team is the pure embodiment of trial and error. To their credit they have been trying different things along the years, It’s just that nothing has worked. The question is, are they looking in the right place? There was a lot of promise around Minnesota a couple of years ago back when Wiggins And KAT brought home back to back rookie of the year awards and Zach Lavine was fresh off his first slam dunk contest win. They looked good, but a bad selection in the 2017 draft, and then that Jimmy Butler trade that we know didn’t work out as expected sent the Wolves way back.

What’s even worse is the kind of paused development of ”2014’s biggest hype train” Andrew Wiggins. I mean he hasn’t had a bad statistical season, but its not at all what people expected. Maybe the expectations were and still are too big, but when you pay a man an avg. salary of $29 million per year you naturally hope for more.

Now the solution isnt as simple as it might seem cause Wiggins carries a huge contract so they are gonna need to throw in something else along, however they could keep him and move Jeff Teague and Gorgui Dieng, Players that are aging and dont fit the current plans for the future. Players that could work could be Shai Gilgeous Alexander or Dennis Schroeder. There is the option of trading Towns and realistically this might be the best move as it allows a complete reset.

  • KAT To Hawks for, Cam Reddish, Kevin Huerter and John Collins + picks
  • KAT to Celtics for Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward and Robert Williams III
  • KAT to Brooklyn for Jarrett Allen, Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie and Joe Harris + Picks

#2. The Washington Wizards

For this team, fate and luck were never on their side. The injury bug plagued them really hard cause whenever John Wall or Bradley Beal was healthy, one was injured. Heck, at times , both of them got hurt at the same time. They did come really close to a conference finals appearance on multiple seasons but they got bounced in 3 straight finals appearances in the second round by Indiana, Atlanta and Boston, and in 2018 they lost to Detroit in the first round. Last season, many people thought they could’ve surprised a lot of teams but John Wall tore achilles and Dwight Howard played just 12 games with a very, lets say, very delicate and personal. And unless a miracle happens, they aren’t making it too far this year.

The answer is really simple, it is time to move on from both players. The reason for this is they have peaked and i dont think the Wizards can really get past the second round especially now that John Wall is returning from an achilles that had to be re-operated. The best option is to trade for a high lottery pick, I mean there is one Ball brother that might be declaring for next years draft that could be the piece for them going forward. If not the stock for Beal is very high. Beal to Celtics for Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Romeo Langford + pick could be a nice trade.

There is some good news and that is that the Wizards have sucked bad last 2 seasons, that means that they will probably get a top 5 pick in time for a full John Wall recovery, so hey, maybe being bad pays off?

#1 The Orlando Magic

I’m convinced that the Orlando Magic’s front office doesn’t know how to put a team together and the ones that drafted Dwight got really lucky. Where do you start with them? They Haven’t drafted a guard since 2015, I’M DEAD SERIOUS. The Magic have had 11 straight draft picks without picking anything less than a SF. They could’ve had a really good team but they’ve made a lot of terrible trades and signings that would take a whole other story.

Their main problem is how they have failed to develop a lot of young talent, players like Victor Oladipo, Tobias Harris, Elfrid Payton and Mario Hezonja. And if they dont trade Nikola Vucevic they might just end up ruining Aaron Gordon and Mo Bamba. Don’t get me wrong, Vucevic is really good and consistent, but he is really slow and needs the ball a lot to be effective on offense. they need to give Mo Bamba minutes and find a player that can throw lobs to Gordon and Bamba and implement a Lob City Type of game. Players they should get could be Lonzo Ball, Ricky Rubio and CP3,

So what do you think? Any other teams that might need to blow it up? Lets us know in the coments! Thanks For Reading. That was Nonsense!

NSS NBA 2K20 My Player Journey, 1st 10 games (more or less). 1st impressions and nonsense.

NSS NBA 2K20 My Player Journey, 1st 10 games (more or less). 1st impressions and nonsense.

                 I made a shooting guard name Lucas who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  I was trying to build a “James Harden”-like player, so I did some research and found out the “Archetype” for the build.  So to start stat padding and playing with my player I needed the Shot Creating/ 3Pt Shooting and off course 2k wouldn’t let me do that so I ended with a Shot creator / Playmaker (I think)  So I was like f*ck it, its NBA 2k I am going to stat pad and dominate either.  Worst case scenario, I’ll just lower the difficulty so I can still drop 30 and dominate even if my players has the same build Sasha Vujacic with the badges and skills of Good Hair and Missing all layups and shots.

Real quick, has anybody ever play NBA 2K and never updated their player or even try to play just kind of turn the ball over/ took bad shots, overall played bad every game? Would the player get waive? The end point of NBA 2k is for your player to eventually succeed and become the best through upgrades (earning and purchasing VC), but what if he doesn’t? What would happen?? Would the game still go through the motions or would it cause the game to crash or just force you to retirement.

                About 10 games in to the season and me and 2k are kind of jelling, so I just want it to talk you guys about it and maybe record a video, don’t know yet.  I kind of like this whole blogging concept.  So here are some impressions, likes/ dislikes and some nonsense playing NBA 2K20.

1st Impressions

(Ps my wife bought me a new Xbox console and NBA 2k20 and followed it up by telling (yelling, so everybody heard” her mom something like: he buys the game every year and is always the same game and nothing ever changes, just know it looks better and has new players, he likes playing basketball in high definition.)

                So that really fired me up with excitement and enthusiasm, so after waiting almost 36 hours for the game to download, I got to play.  Imagine my levels of excitement also this happen at Christmas, so it’s been like 2 almost 3 days and I finally get to open up (play NBA 2k20) my present. 

It was midnight and the volume is on 3, so I barely hear Idris Elba talk something and make the story line intense.  But I couldn’t just get into it, I get that “Che” was pulling for his buddy and standing up for him and even got him a trainer, who I think they end up hooking up, to help him.  Che was a warm hearted guy and who stands and does the right thing.  Till this point, I don’t understand why he was so angry and at the end it was like they high-5 and everything was fixed.

I get it that 2k focus on their story line, to keep the players involved and making it relevant to the world is also very important.  But at least to me, I just wasn’t involved, then again I like NBA 2k16 Living Da Dream.  NBA 2k is trying to do more than basketball and tell a story of struggles and success and I am sure that one day they’ll get it right.

The French (Zion Williamson??) character: French is Zion right? I thought he was still think he is and it gets super weird when playing the last game against both French and Zion.  That was trippy.  I couldn’t tell who had the ball, both were 2K cheat codes both never missed and dunked everything.  Maybe they created French instead of using Zion, because how bad it turned out for Dante Exum, probably didn’t want to jynx Zion, so hey there is French.  Lastly, how come we don’t talk about NBA 2k ruining careers through covers and MyPlayer story involvements?

Side note: I may have just uncovered the root of my dislike for Dante Exum.  He ruined 2K for me and then he try to ruin the Jazz.

The LeBron Scene? : Here is where I lost my shiiiit and not in a good way.  Check it, I get it Che (you/me/ the player) is the star of the game but at the same time 2k is trying to tell a realistic story that ends with LeBron talking to Che about the future.  I mean is great, but does LeBron treats every rookie like this (Ps let’s ask Patrick Beverly).  No no no, to me it just doesn’t make any sense, bring back Jackson Ellis, maybe he is in it and I just haven’t seen him.  Give LeBron a more important scene or roll that embraces and rewards the grind of “MyPlayer”. 

                So far in my story line, I barely getting shoe deals and deal with Gatorade which is cool because I need the VC for updates but nothing interesting has happen.  Except that some marketing girl said my clothes don’t look good enough when she seem like she shopped at Ross just like I did.

The VC theory

                The whole virtual currency concept, the goal of NBA 2k (and all games out there) is to make the player spend all their money on their game.  So you either pay for cool features and grind it out, either way 2k has your money and you (myself included) going to be lining up the next year to buy the new “updated” version.

                Overall as a customer but also having some experience in the business world, is all about making money.  Advertisement, marketing, selling products all is just part of making money.  I would love to see the revenue comparison between strict game sell and the crazy amount of VC sells.

Want Back

                What happen to pre-game interactions? The shoot around trash talk between the players? That was actually pretty funny.  Especially with the whole concept with Anthony Davis talking and then going and making Gumbo.  That was worth it.

Don’t Want Back

                Archetypes/Built limits.  Don’t get me wrong having a strict built creates for a realistic game but at the end of the day, is also a video game so there should be the option to create and all-around player.  Even if it makes it harder on the grind.  In theory the NBA itself is getting rid of archetypes especially with more players like Luka Doncic, Steph Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Giannis and so many more that are breaking and pushing the boundaries of what an NBA player can do.


                Maybe because I been playing for a while, but it NBA 2k20 just seems too easy at times, at least in terms of “MyPlayer”.  I don’t play very much else, I am all about the grind.


                MyPlayer Lucas, the Shooting Guard, can only have 1 defensive badge.  So in many ways he is like Harden.  I went with the Intimidator badge, it makes the shooter more likely to miss.