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NBA Report (Some) Training Facilities Are Opening Up!!

NBA Report (Some) Training Facilities Are Opening Up!!

                Training facilities are starting to open up to have workouts for their players.  The positive here is that is a step forward towards resuming the NBA season.  The opening up of the facilities while approve by the NBA also has to satisfy the rules by each city/state.  But is progress.

Teams and (tentative) time frames for reopening:

**Friday – May 8th being the target day that the NBA wants to open**

  • Hawks, Bucks – Planning for week starting on May 11th (or next week)
  • Suns – May 16th at the earliest
  • Lakers & Clippers – Through May 15th
  • Celtics, Rockets – May 18th at the earliest
  • Cavaliers – Opening up Friday as long as approve by NBA and State

Nets, Hornets, Bulls, Mavericks, Pistons, Pacers, Grizzlies, Heat, Knicks, Thunder, Sixers, Raptors, Jazz, Spurs, Wizards – Not opening/ not time frame/ later than NBA Target date

Some guidelines:

  • No more than four players would be permitted at a facility at once
  • No head or assistant coaches could participate
  • No group activities, practices or scrimmages
  • No public health clubs, fitness centers or gyms

While this is progress be aware that are still many teams that are not on board with opening up nor have a plan for a comeback.  Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr had already mentioned that the team is in off season mode already.

Mark Cuban, Mavericks’ owner, said “if we can’t test anyone, I don’t see how it happens” in an email to USA Today. 

Personally, the safety of the players, staff and fans should be the number 1 priority.  As much as I (or we) miss sports, I wouldn’t rush to start it all back up and then deal with a worse situation.  I am in support of all baby steps to get us closer to normality taking all the possible safety precautions.

Thank you for reading, what do you think about NBA making attempts to resume?

More Nonsense question:

  • Is it too soon?
  • When is the conversation on players with (monetary) incentives in their contracts going to start?
  • Will players will be force to play, if they don’t feel like they or their love ones are in unsafe environment?

NBA “What If’s & Nonsense

NBA “What If’s & Nonsense

By Francis S Estepan

Today is the last day of the NBA Season.  Without a doubt the only important game tonight will be Minnesota Timberwolves Vs Denver Nuggets fighting for a spot in the playoffs.  Once that game finishes the playoff matchups will be determined and nonsense predictions will be made.  Till then here are some “What if” and some extra Nonsense:

  • LeBron James did not want to face the Miami Heat in the playoffs – “You can’t script/fix NBA Games” but you can play like trash and get blown out by a Miami team led by a collection of role players and D-Wade. As great as D-Wade is, he has more value to Miami in terms of legacy than anything else.
  • Donovan Mitchell is a true rookie. If Ben Simmons wins Rookie of The Year, the NBA will more than likely think about changing out the whole “Rookie Rule”.  Thinking about it, a guy sits out a whole a year but still gets access to everything else team wise?
  • New Celtics Same Old Kyrie. I hate injuries as much as any other player, fan or just spectator but is just hard not to notice that Kyrie, as valuable and talented as he is, hasn’t played 82 games in his career.
  • I wonder how mad the Memphis Grizzlies GMs and back office became once the Phoenix Suns accomplished their mission of getting the worse record in the NBA.
  • The Warriors can’t win without Curry. KD has been great but according to the numbers without Curry this team could struggle to come out the 1st  If the Warriors don’t make out the 1st round, do they get rid of KD? Or just kickback and wait for their real leader? The REAL question is if the Warriors had to choose between Curry and KD who do they keep?
  • Who are the real Dark Horses in each conference?
    • West:
      • OKC – But not really. How did Billy Donovan performed so bad with this roster or should we blame it on Westbrook hero ball
      • Spurs – No Kawhi, no problem. Other not winning 50 games, it can be said it was successful season.  Remember the beat Houston last year
      • Jazz – Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell only have one job each. Gobert – Defense.  Mitchell – Offense.
    • East
      • Heat – If every game came down to a last second shot and D-Wade was shooting the ball, that was the game plan.
      • Philly – Let’s be honest by now, we all “Trust the Process”, but championships? Wait? Hold Up? Would that complete the process?
      • Cavaliers – Lebron James is the fiery Dark Horse in the East.
    • When did we all decided to ignore the Blazers & Pelicans as possible contenders??
    • What if somebody other than the Warriors, Rockets, Raptors or Cleveland wins the CHAMPIOSHIP? Would that be a good twist??

(To Or Not To) Blame Russell Westbrook

(To Or Not To) Blame Russell Westbrook

By Kevin Bertalotto.  March 9th, 2018.

Don’t just blame Russell Westbrook.

During the Houston Rockets Vs the Oklahoma City Thunder game a few days ago on TNT, they showed us this stat that OKC is 14-2 when Westbrook takes less than 17 shots and 26-27 when he shoots more than 17 shots. This has caused fans to make the claim that losing record is his fault. We’re going to take a look at the 27 losses OKC has had when Russ takes 17+ shots and see if he really is to blame.

Loses to Stats
Milwaukee Bucks by 1( Giannis outta bounds prior to GW) Melo- 5/12 (42%) Russ 40 pts 16/34 (47%)

No Paul George

Sacramento Kings by 8 Melo- 16pts 4/17 (23%) PG13 12pts 4/16 (25%) Russ 20pts 7/21 (33%)
Denver Nuggets by 3 Melo- 10pts 5/11 (45%) PG13 43pts 19/26 (73%) Russ 20 pts 7/18 (38%) 21 asts though
Boston Celtics by 7 Melo- 10pts 3/17 (18%) PG13 25 pts 9/20 (45%) Russ 19pts 7/20(35%)
New Orleans Pelicans by 14 Melo- 13pts 6/17 (35%) PG13 15pts 4/16 (25%) Russ 16pts 7/21 (33%)
San Antonio Spurs by 3 Melo- 20pts 9/17 (53%) PG13 18pts 5/16 (31%) Russ 15pts 5/22 (23%)
Washington Wizards by 6 Melo- 19pts 7/21 (33%) PG13 28pts 8/14 (57%) Russ 13 pts 5/18 (28%)
Denver Nuggets by 8 Melo- 28pts 10/20 (50%) PG13 13pts 6/14 (43%) Russ 13pts 6/22 (27%)
Cleveland Cavaliers by 8 Melo- 24pts 10/22 (45%) PG13 25pts 8/19 (42%) Russ 21pts 7/19 (37%)
Portland Trailblazers by 11 Melo- 19pts 8/17 (47%) PG13 22pts 8/18 (44%) Russ 22 pts 7/20 (30%)
New Orleans Pelicans by 7 Melo- 19pts 7/19 (37%) PG13 26pts 9/17 (53%) Russ 22 (32%) 16 rebs and 12 asts
New York Knicks by 15 Melo- 12pts 5/18 (29%) PG13 18pts 6/14 (43%) Russ 25pts 9/18 (50%)
Portland Trailblazers by 4 (B.S/Questionable Melo ejection in 3rd Q) Melo- 15pts 5/10 (50%) PG13 27pts 10/21 (48%)
Dallas Mavericks by 2 Melo 7/15 (47%) Pg13 6/12 (50%) Russ 38 pts 17/28 (61%)
Minnesota Timberwolves by 16 Melo- 5/19(36%) pg13 5/19 (26%) Russ 38pts 15/23 (65%)
Los Angeles Lakers by 4 Melo- 3/13 10pts (23%) Pg13 10/19 26pts (53%) Russ 36pts 15/25 (60%)
Orlando Magic by 13 Melo- 5/16 (31%) Pg13 7/17 (41%) Russ 37pts 11/23 (48%)
Phoenix Suns by 14 Melo- 14pts 6/14 (43%) PG13 19pts 5/14 (36%) 26pts 11/21 (52%)
Detroit Pistons by 1 Melo- 20pts 9/24 (37%) PG13 16pts 7/17 (41%)27 pts 10/29 (34%)
Houston Rockets by 10 Melo- 8/18 23pts (44%) PG13 7/16 17pts (44%) 32 pts 15/27 (56%)
MIN by 2 (KAT set an illegal screen prior to the Game Winning Shot) Melo- 9/19 23pts (47%) PG13 6/20 14pts (30%) Russ 31 pts 12/24 (50%)
Brooklyn Nets by 5 Melo- 11pts 5/20 (20%) Russ 31pts 10/27 (37%) no Paul George
Portland Trailblazers by 8 PG13- 21pts 8/19 (42%) Russ 31 pts 12/31 (39%) no Melo
Charlotte Hornets by 13 Melo 11pts 5/12 (41%) PG13 20pts 7/14 (50%) Russ 30 pts 10/22 (45%)


Dallas Mavericks by 16 Melo- 16pts 6/12 (50%) PG13 2pts 1/12 (8%)

Russ 28 pts 9/19 (47%)

Minnesota Timberwolves by 3 Melo- 23pts 8/15 (53%) PG13 23pts 8/16 (50%) Russ 27 pts 10/18 (56%)

In the 27 losses Russell Westbrook averages 26, 8.2, 9 asts on 42% shooting.

Melo shot 38%

Paul George shot 36%

So Who Is To Blame?? Russ?? Melo??PG?? Coach?? Leave A Comment…


Utah Jazz: Cinderella Story in the Making??

Utah Jazz: Cinderella Story in the Making??

By Francis S Estepan. March 7, 2018

The Utah Jazz will be battling the Indiana Pacers to keep their playoffs hope alive.  The Jazz are 1 game out of the playoff picture with a record 34-30.  With 18 games left to the season and sitting out looking in no game is an easy one.  Both teams have a lot on the line coming up to this game.  After finally dropping one after going on an 11 game winning streak, the Jazz look to pick up and get on another winning streak, already winners of 3.

The Pacers are in a Cinderella story of their own currently holding the 4th spot in the East only half a game behind the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Indy is also on a 3 game winning streak.  Oladipo and Company have surprised the NBA and have proven that they can compete with anybody in their conference and outside off it.  The Pacers have a great game flow and they are very unselfish.  Oladipo can be considered their scoring leader but they have 6 other guys that average scoring in double digits.

If the Pacers lose this game they will drop to 37-28 and puts them in that 3 way mix with the Wizards and the 76ers.

Pacers’ Biggest Question: Last time they played Rudy Gobert nor Myles turner were there.  How would that change the game today?

Just like the Pacers the Jazz are also very well balance and there is not a one man show.  The Jazz also have 6 guys that average scoring double digits.  Lead by Rookie of the Year Nominee Donovan Mitchell.  One of the biggest stumbles that the Jazz have face this season have been injuries to their premier Frenchman Rudy Gobert, but with every game he is making strides.

A win here for the Jazz will put them on the toes of the Clippers and the Denver Nuggets.  Both Clippers and Nuggets play the Cavaliers this week who are looking to hold their number 3 seed ahead of the Pacers.

Jazz’ Biggest Question: The Jazz held their opponents to under 100 points in 4 of the last 5 games.  In those games they are 4-1.  Indy averages 106, can the Jazz stand their defense to an offense that shot over 50% against them last game?

Predictions/ Key Matchups

                Utah Jazz win: Is a big revenge week for the Houston Rockets.  This is also a revenge game for the Jazz playing a team only twice a year makes the 2nd game that much exciting.  There is nothing more rewarding that beating a team in their home that once beat you at your home.  Neither Tuner nor Gobert played last game. That will the matchup to watch.

Rudy Gobert: 13 Ppg, 104 Rpg, 1.4 Apg, 2.3 Blpg (89 blocks)

Myles Turner: 13.2 Ppg, 6.9 Rpg, 1.5 Apg, 2 Blpg (94 blocks)

Watch The NSS Video!!

#Tbt Best Performances On Opening Night since 1984

Best Performances On Opening Night Since 1984!!

by Kevin Bertalotto, published February 22, 2018

Note: I’m not ranking the performances rather just reminding y’all  of these forgotten yet amazing games by these stars. Enjoy!

  • Vs the Cavaliers in 1989 Michael Jordan scored 54 pts, grabbed 14 rebs , dished out 6 asts and stole the ball 3x. W
  • Anthony Davis vs DEN in 2016 had 50 pts, gobbled 15 rebs, assisted on 5 shots, stole the ball 5x and blocked 5 shots. L
  • At home vs the Clippers in 92, Charles Barkley had 37 pts, 21 rebs, 8 asts shooting 11/16. W
  • On the road against the Kansas City Kings, Kiki Vandeweghe scored 47 pts on 19/23 shooting. W
  • Against the championship team, Miami Heat, rookie Michael Carter Williams had 22 pts, 7 rebs, 12 asts and 9 stls on 60% shooting! W
  • In his first game as a Houston Rocket, James Harden scored 37 points, grabbed 6 rebs and dished out 12 asts along with 4 stls. W
  • In 1989 vs Denver, Karl Malone finished the game with 40 pts, 16 rebs and dished out 5 asts all on 18/25 shooting. W
  • Michael Jordan at Madison Square Garden had 50 pts, 6 rebs and 4 stls. W
  • In 1990 Charles Barkley at Chicago scored 37 pts, collected 10 rebs and dished out 5 asts while shooting 15/21. W
  • At home vs the Orlando Magic Anthony Davis finished the game with 26 pts, 17 rebs, AND blocked 9 shots. W
  • In a loss to the freakin Lakers, James Harden had 34, 7 and 17. L
  • At Denver the man himself Tim Hardaway had 32 5 and 18 asts. W
  • Klay Thompson vs the Lakers in 2013 scored 38 pts shooting 15/19. W
  • Against the Houston Rockets Monta Ellis finished the game with 46 pts on 18/24 shooting. W