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MLB Baseball Twitter Rumors Reaction!! NSS Report !!

MLB NSS Report!!! Baseball Twitter Rumors Reaction!!

Baseball is on the way back (Maybe)!!! Probably without fans!! Probably Maybe but is a step forward!! (Disclosure: rumors nothing official).  But hey with everything that Dana White is doing to bring back MMA, baseball also needs to show that they are also trying to make a comeback.  So, whether is fake news or not, is nice to see that they are Baseball related news of a return plan.  So, let’s talk some baseball Twitter rumor mill nonsense.

The rumor on Twitter is that on June 10th spring training is going to start or pick up where it left off.  Then on July 1st will be Opening Day 2.0 for baseball!! Teams playing on their home field, located in Arizona or Florida more than likely. 

Here is the tweet that started it all:

                Personally, I will be okay with if this rumor became a fact.  Baseball gets me hype what can I say.  And off course, the good news or just a favorable rumor was “shut down” less than 2 hour later.

Here is the rebuttal tweet:

                The question of who is right, we don’t really know, because this are rumors from the best source of rumors Twitter.  Maybe the more important question is who do YOU (or we) want to be right? I want Trevor to be right but I have to acknowledge what Keithlaw said.  Neither side stated the source of their information, but we’ll see who was right with time.

At the end of the day, MLB or Baseball hasn’t spoken out.  But this is still great fun and we are talking about baseball and that is a win for baseball.

So, whether whoever Twitter fingers is right or not? let us keep talking baseball and enjoy when it comes back.

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NSS MLB Report: What’s Going On With The MLB? Did we forget about baseball?

What’s Going On With The MLB? Did we forget about baseball?

                What’s going on with the MLB & When is baseball coming back? Also where are the baseball fans? The NBA is officially making steps towards return by trying to open up training facilities and looking into possible venues.  The NFL recently had their virtual draft and is still planning to begin their season on its regular schedule.  Other sports like golf and MMA are planning so when the green light is given it all starts up.  So, what about the MLB?  Opening day was delayed by 2 weeks but that was back on March 26.  Let us talk some baseball and some nonsense.

The Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) has already started their season and have been playing games.  Noted the CPBL have been playing without fans but made up by setting up piped-in crowd noise, mannequin fans and some extremely hyped up broadcasters.  The CPBL has been around since the 1990s and is composed of only 5 teams.  The CPBL does have multiple Dominicans, Americans and Cubans players on their roster.  Even at a small scale its still win for baseball.

Check out some highlights from the CPBL from their twitter account @CPBL:

So, for Major League Baseball the time frame as there will be Baseball in 2020 according to many reports.  Now whether starting out in June, July or later is still uncertain.  Also, the numbers of games that will be play is also uncertain, plans are being made for a 100 game season, but trust MLB will do everything they can to get their 162 games.

I went digging deep into baseball news reports from actionrush.com, usatoday.com and espn.com there seem to be a plan.  One possibility that showing how MLB is getting creative with their season and not dwelling on making up missed games is only playing 100 games.   Note this just may be just premature rumors, discussions or just idea, but the positive is that baseball could be returning.

Here is the (or a tentative) plan: 3 division made up of 10 teams that will only play within their division.  Saying goodbye to the American and National Leagues and realigning the divisions based on geography.  The games will still be play without fans but there will be testing for the players to get them out of isolation, allowing them to play the game simultaneously reducing travel.

Here are the 3 Divisions with their Teams:

Along with the new division and team concept change, some of the rules may change to deal with COVID-19.

Some of the new rules are:

  • No mound visits.
  • On-field microphones for TV viewers.
  • Sitting in the stands 6 feet apart, instead of in the player’s dugout.
  • Two seven-inning games in a doubleheader, which would allow closer to a 162-game season.
  • Electronic strike zone, which allow for better social distancing measures.
    • Electronic Strike Zone = Robot Umpires.

Final Thoughts/ Nonsense Thoughts

So, the MLB is trying to make a comeback and while there is no time frame there is a little bit of hope.  The idea of the new divisions and games played mostly based on their geographical location is actual a smart idea, either way is not like teams play every team in the league. 

The “on-field microphones” make me think about the volume of the microphones and the regulations/restrictions and the access to this? I highly doubt that it will be free, but how you determine what to charge to “let people talk” on field (who would pay for this?)  Or it going to be just a big zoom video conference room reacting to the games and the players will be able to see it on the jumbotron.

 Can you imagine if they just put a Ipad on every seat and let the fans just by the seat and the view from that Ipad.  Ps the Ipad will have a great A camera great for zoom in and other great features to add for the greatest of virtual baseball experience.  The NBA already started doing working with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus and Good Daydream.

Lastly, the Electronic Strike Zone, in my opinion, could help MLB avoid some controversy.  There is still too much unknown factors to make a clear a argument or make a clear decision but drastic call for drastic decisions.

At the end of the day, I am just happy that sports are ( or could be) coming back to create more a sense normality.  To everybody, be safe and best wishes.

Thank you for reading? What do to you think about MLB attempts to make a return?

If you got more info on reports MLB return rumors post them in the comment, want to make sure we all stay updated.




Yankees Season!! Injuries & 10 Games into Spring Training Nonsense Report!!

Yankees Season!! Injuries & 10 Games into Spring Training Nonsense Report!!

               (03/02/2020) – 10 games in the Yankees are 6-3-1, after the tie against Pittsburg the Yankees won 6 straight games.  But regardless of the Yankees spring training, all the injuries that the Yankees are dealing with are what’s being put out in the news.  The 1st half of the season will be here in no time so let’s talk some Yankees Nonsense:


Luis Severino – Out for the season

James Paxton – Back injury – Expectations between later April – Early May, timetable is unknown.

Aaron Judge – Shoulder injury – being evaluated, hopeful for the start of the season

Giancarlo Stanton – Calf injury – timetable is unknown due to the lack of information of the injury.  Hopeful for the start of the season.

Aaron Hicks – Recent Tommy John Surgery – rehabbing and should be returning some time this season.

Hurt/ not 100%:

Masahiro Tanaka – is still dealing with some issues, while he is pitching, he still very limited therefore expectations and usage for Tanaka will have to adjusted/ manage well to avoid further injuries.

Spring Training:

Miguel Andujar – Has been a bat 13 times and has 1 Home Run for his only RBI so far in spring training.  Andujar progress have been notice in his willing to adapt and be able to play wherever the Yankees are plugging him into whether in the infield or in the outfield.  The Yankees may be looking to use Andujar as rotational player to play put in wherever needed.

Gleyber Torres – Is picking up right where he left in last year offensively.  Expectations for Torres will be high this year and he may have to carry more of the load if or when Stanton and Judge may not be in the lineup. 

Estevan Florial – With 11 chances at bat has being efficient with 1 home run and 3 RBIs coming up when the Yankees need him the most.  Should be a guy the Yankees should look to keep close eye on.

Gerritt Cole – is the Yankees clear Ace and the main job here is to make sure that the Yankees don’t burn him out and have him run out of gas for the playoffs.

J.A. Happ – Has pitched the most innings for the Yankees with 5, in which he has 5 strikeouts and a 1.8 ERA.  Happ’s is looking as fresh as ever, the Yankees will need a great, almost unreal, 1st half of the season from Happ.

Jordan Montgomery – Leads in strikeouts with 7.  Montgomery has been a small light of good news for the Yankees being that he is coming back from injury and showing that he can be a reliable starter for the Yankees.

Adonis Rosa – Got some playing time last season, pitching 2 innings and getting 2 strikeouts.  Rosa should be getting more chances on the plate for the Yankees.

Deivi Garcia – like Rosa, has been a guy with little regular season experience but in a limited sample has shown that he can hold his own on the plate

Notable players that have stood out, that need more playing time.

RP Domingo Acevedo, SP Michael King, SP Luis Medina

Thank you for reading!! Let’s talk some Yankees Nonsense

Who/ what are some Yankees notables??