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Is J Rich (Josh Richardson) NBA 1st Defensive Team?

Is J Rich (Josh Richardson) NBA 1st Defensive Team?

Written by Kevin Bertalotto.  April 26, 2018.

In case you’ve been sleeping on Miami as has everyone and is unaware of who Josh Richardson is, he’s the Heat’s starting shooting guard who played 81 games and believe me when I tell you it is a lot closer than majority thinks.

Guarding their man:

Victor Oladipo on defense held his man to 45.1% shooting, 373/834. Josh Richardson on defense held his man to 41.6% shooting, 370/890 total.

imagesGeneral defensive stats

J Rich allowed 7.6 fast break ppg and 8.1 2nd chance ppg. Mr. Oladipo allowed 8.5 fast break ppg and 9.3 2nd chance ppg. Although Dipo was a better Iso defender, J.rich has shut down more notable players.

Big names Dipo locked up (min. 10 fga)

  1. Klay 3/11 27%
  2. Booker 4/15 27%
  3. CJ 6/18 33%
  4. Lou Will 4/12 33%

Big names J Rich locked up (min 10 fga)

  1. Demar 9/24 37%
  2. Dipo 7/22 32%
  3. Wiggins 5/20 25%
  4. Pg13 3/15 20%
  5. Wall 4/12 33%
  6. Lou Will 4/12 33%
  7. Kemba 6/15 40%
  8. Klay 6/15 40%

As you can see Richardson has put the clamps on more notable players which certainly means something.  As said before it is close but Josh has a slight advantage with his height and uses that to his full advantage, Oladipo most certainly can make a legit case, but I gotta ride with J Rich on this one.

Bam Adebayo, Josh Richardson, Wayne Ellington

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Can Miami knock out the Sixers?

Can Miami knock out the Sixers?

By Kevin Bertalotto.  April 11th 2018.

Although the Philadelphia 76ers led by Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons and all star Joel Embiid have a better record and has home court advantage against the Heat, there are reasons to believe that is not enough to eliminate the Miami Heat. In the 4 meetings both teams have won their home games so it’s tied 2-2, but in those 4 games here are their stats vs each other: Sixers 101.8ppg on 43% shooting vs Heat’s 102.3ppg on 44% shooting. BOTH average 11 made 3s vs one another, Philly does avg more rebounds and assists but more turnovers.


ae86c4da340e462eb34e33fa188b3d4fThe Heat may not have the biggest names on the bench but surely they step up when needed. The Heat’s bench averages 44ppg vs the Sixers, 40.1ppg overall. Meanwhile the Sixers’s bench averaged 29.8ppg vs Miami, 30 overall.  With Wayne Ellington it is no surprise the Heat’s bench averages more 3s. ANOTHER advantage Miami’s bench has is rebounding, they average about 5 more vs the Sixers bench.


Having playoff experience is a plus and so is being young and hungry.  Miami has both, they missed the playoffs last yr by 1 game due to them not owning the tiebreaker so you know they want to play extra hard. Based off preseason predictions NOBODY had the Sixers being top 5, many had them winning 40 games so there was no real pressure, something the “FEDS” have yet to experience in this league. Miami may not have a lot more playoff experience but certainly more. Spoelstra was there for 3 rings, Brett Brown never made the  playoffs as the head coach. And let’s not forget Embiid is still hurt and even best case scenario Embiid still misses Game 1 which would allow the Heat to steal a game on the road.


Facing the Heat in 3 games, Joel has averaged about 19 and on 41% shooting which is a 7% dip. Not only do have Troell Embiid and Whiteside on court but also on social media, so both are extra hyped. When guarded by Hassan in 94 possessions Joel shot 13/28 including 6/11 on 3s. While Embiid is guarding Hassan, Whiteside shot 11/18 in 93 possessions. Sure nobody on Miami can stop Ben Simmons, however due to depth we can tire him out by having 4 different defenders on him throughout the game and if needed to we can do hack-a- Ben Simmons since his FT% is 56%.


Crunch time

   Considering these two also keep it close and are evenly matched it is important to see how well these two do in crunch time.  In the last 5 mins game within 5 Miami holds their opponent to 38% shooting, 22% on 3s and forced 49 turnovers. The Sixers in that time frame held their opponent to 37% shooting, 33% on 3s and forced 39 turnovers.  Both average 7.7ppg in crunch time with an exact 1.0 +/-. Miami is 28-24 vs Sixers 25-19 in close games.

Who will win?

   Based off all this information and considering every factor I feel confident in taking the 6th seeded Miami Heat in 6 or 7, but if the Sixers are as good as they are hyped, Philly SHOULD win this series but will they? Hopefully we’ll find out.

_20180309041255-kvpC--980x554@MundoDeportivo-WebMilwaukee Bucks v Miami HeatJoel-Embiid-1-e1515044874792simmons-ben-020318-getty-ftrjpg_r4hmw9nh628l1orkenl0dwovy

NBA Nonsense Expectations!! The East

NBA Nonsense Expectations!! The East

The NBA All Star break is just about over and the real race for the playoff will begin (for some teams).  With only about 25 games left for most teams the debate “To Tank or Not to Tank” begins.  So here are some nonsense predictions and expectations for each of the NBA Teams for the final half of the season.

Let’s Begin with the East:


  1. Toronto Raptors v Detroit PistonsToronto 41-16 (Currently 1) – Toronto will continue dominate their opponents. Derozan will continue his strong season averaging 23.7 points per game. The bench with surge with more time given to VanVleet and Poetl. For a team that still has 25 games left in the season and only 10 wins away to match their total from last year. Coach of the year nominee could lead his team to a 60 wins season. Looking at the scheduled they play Orlando and Detroit 3 times each. Ending record 56-26.
  2. LeBron-James-George-Hill-Rodney-Hood-Jordan-Clarkson-Larry-Nance-JrCleveland Cavaliers 34-22 (Currently 3) – LeBron James and the new looking Cavaliers will reach the number 2 seed. Even being behind the Celtics 6 games, they still have 26 games left. If anything we have learn about any team that LeBron plays for is that they rally in the 2nd half of the season.  Also keep in mind that this team already looks scary and Kevin Love is still out of the line up. Ending record 54-28.
  3. hi-res-96bdc9f15fa5024c64b0e954c528736c_crop_northBoston Celtics 40-19 (Currently 2) – Brad Stevens is a great coach. Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, Jaylen Brown and Tatum have all had great seasons. The rise of Terry Rozier has also proven to be very valuable. Unfortunately for the Celtics they haven’t been winning the 50-50 games and teams are preparing more and more for them. Also a big factor are injuries Kyrie and Horford have both missed games this year, therefore rest will play a big factor for the Celtics for the rest of the season. Ending record 53-59.
  4. vongIndiana Pacers 33-25 (Currently 5) – Victor Oladipo is averaging 24.4 points per game, which is the highest of his career. If he can keeps on torching teams on the offensive the Pacers will be in a great playoff position.  At the beginning of the season it would have impossible to predict that the Pacers would be doing this good.  The only question left is what else can this Cinderella/ redemption team can do. Ending record 49-33.
  5. hi-res-de20fea29527a7521d50268316bac474_crop_northWashington Wizards 33-24 (Currently 4) – Bradley Beal have been great, since John Wall went down, proving that he can be the leader to this Wizards team. The question lies on how Wall will adjust to the new team play and if he is willing to (maybe) take a backseat to Beal. Expect locker room drama and lack of leadership to cost this team a couple games. Who is or who should be the leader of this Wizards team? Wall or Beal??Ending record 48-34.
  6. simmons_ncxfkvnqm0b91pmi8tei5zlx7Philadelphia 76ers 30-25 (Currently 7) – Embiid and Simmons are going to be playing with fire in their eyes. Do you #TrustTheProcess?? Going into the All Star break with a 5 game winning streak and starting out the final stretch with a matchup against the Bulls. The 76ers are done tanking and now making an entrance back in to the playoffs. Ending Record 46-36.
  7. DwadeMiami Heat 30-28 (Currently 8) – D-Wade will lead his team to the promise land (the playoffs, not championships) before he signs another deal for a paycheck or retires.   The Heat are nowhere close to any kind of championship form that they have been in the past.  But that doesn’t mean that Pat is going to take the “tanking route.  Plus why tank when you can make the playoffs and build history (by history, I mean endless profit) with every minute that Dwayne Wade Plays.  Ending record 44-38.
  8. GFMilwaukee Bucks 32-25 (Currently 6) – The Bucks will miss Jason Kidd playoff experience. The Greek Freak will continue to make highlights for the rest of the season. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a lot of help and it will take time to re-integrate Jabari Parker in to the team full rotation.   Khris Middleton is a diamond in disguise that the Bucks aren’t fully taking advantage off.  If they fully commit to Parker (which they shouldn’t do) they will see Middleton succeed somewhere else. Ending record 43-39.                    

    Not Tanking but Not Making Strides Forward (in no particular order)

  9. 27580517_418419595237409_356549153913831424_n (002)Detroit Pistons – Acquiring Blake Griffin was treated as when Monty Python found the Holy Grail. Both seem great at the time and will prove worthless overtime. Detroit will find more future success than it would have keeping Harris and Bradley (so that’s a step forward). Sitting 2 Sports out of the playoffs, the Pistons will find their success with Blake Griffin mostly putting people in the stands so they can see amazing dunks (and ignored the team missing the playoffs).  SVG is not going to have an easy summer.  His job is on the line.  The Pistons will have a better year next year, which is something am sure Pistons fans have been telling each other for a while now.
  10. kembaCharlotte Hornets – have more than likely ruined whatever future they had with Kemba Walker. Are already shopping for back office roles. Their biggest attribute is Dwight Howard great bounce back season. Developing young players should be the number 1 priority. With 25 games the Hornets don’t have many options other than to just keep on their average play.  MKG, Malik Monk and so many more fail experiments for the Hornets.  The RESET BUTTON needs to be push.  Most importantly for Kemba give him a chance to be great somewhere else (With the Knicks).
  11. 2015_01_06_3a_KnicksThumb_c0e16New York Knicks – Going in to the 2nd half losing 8 straight. First game is against fellow tanking team the Orlando Magic, so that’s going to be a battle and only the best loser will win. Porzinguis is out (again). Michael Beasley is not the answer. Tim Hardaway Jr was, literally, jumped over by the Greak Freak (and not it wasn’t at the dunk competition). Knicks fan are jumping ship. Why did they sign Mudiay?
  12. chicago_bulls2Chicago Bulls – This team is actually trending up. They knew what was in store for them after trading away Jimmy Butler and getting back an injured Zach Lavine. But the future is brighter than it looks and this season may have been “Meh” for the most part. The Bulls are taking to the fast lane to rebuilding and for the most part with Lauri, Dunn and Lavine the future is couldn’t be any brighter. The Bulls they are not tanking, they are just losing games. That happens.

    Pretending to Tank, Trying Not To Tank, and obviously (sucking at) tanking

  13. SDBrooklyn Nets – Finally have a semi healthy roster. Russell is back. Okafor is finally playing. Spencer Dinwiddie is bringing back the old school mustache and afro. The Nets are pretending to tank. They team they have is a lot better than advertised (when healthy). Somewhere in the Brooklyn Nets main building cheers can be heard because they may suck, but not sucking as much as the Knicks are.
  14. vpn99tgm2kr6kmlmyffgOrlando Magic – The Magic are really trying not to tank. They just don’t have any players that affect the winning column. I think they have realized this and started getting rid of some projects (Elfrid Payton). The Magic roster shows so much potential we all want to see this team win. They should really stop trying not to tank and just start tanking. Go lobby for Trae Young.
  15. 21Atlanta Hawks – there is not a team that sucks so badly at tanking than the Hawks. They need to accept their tanking role. Every night play Collins for 30+ minutes and just throw lobs at him all day long. Keep focusing on bringing in rappers for halftime events, Hot Sauce playing 1-1 with fans and everything else that you’re doing. Just accept it and keep walking like there is nothing happening. The Atlanta Hawks are going to be at the bottom of the East for a very long time. So give the people more Collins and have a better bio for Andrew White III.  Maybe is a genius idea to have a great half time show.

NSS Weekly Topic – NBA Coach Of The Year!!

untitledGreg Popovich

Watson Rowe (LTNBA) – When we’re talking about Coach of the Year candidates one of the first names that pops up is always Gregg Popovich. Popovich is the longest tenured coach in the NBA having been with the San Antonio Spurs since 1996. His list of accomplishments include 3 Coach of the Year Awards, 5 NBA championships, and 20 consecutive winning seasons consistently working with one of the oldest roster in the league his success is undervalued.

But enough about the past we’re looking right now at the 2017-2018 NBA season. Many believe that the Spurs would not produce much when Kawhi Leonard went down early. But his record says otherwise.

Despite criticism and skepticism Popovich has the Spurs currently in third place in the western conference with a record 34 and 19 going into All Star break. He has key wins against OKC and the Cleveland Cavaliers this season without star player, Kawhi Leonard in the lineup.

Due to this success with a seriously aging roster, combined with his current record of 34-19 in a heavily stacked western conference, he has my vote as coach of the year.



Erik Spoelstra

Kevin Bertalotto (LTNBA) – The Miami Heat being a top 5 seed has certainly shocked many, especially when you consider  that this squad missed the playoffs last year. Countless people thought their 30-11 run in the second half of last season was “luck” or “a fluke” but this season is proving otherwise.

Despite losing shooting guard Dion Waiters for the rest of the season, the Heat have managed to maintain a top 4 seeding in the Eastern Conference, sitting just a few wins behind the Cleveland Cavaliers in standings.

This is due to the genius of head coach Erik Spoelstra, (affectionately known as Spo to many Heat fans) and his ability to draw productive play from young players such as center Hassan Whiteside and small forward James Johnson, to make up for the production lost when Waiters fell to injury.

Now there is no question that there are other viable candidates for COY that can make a case for the award such as Boston’s Brad Stevens, Minnesota’s Tom Thibodeau (Thibs), San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich (Pop), and Toronto’s Dwane Casey.

However, there are several key differences between these coaches that make Spoelstra (Spo) a more worthy candidate.

Stevens may be a better coach and did lose Gordon Hayward but he does have two all-stars, one of which is an MVP Candidate (Kyrie Irving) while Spo has zero TRUE all stars.

It’s been 25 years since a team with a top 4 seeding has headed into the All Star Break without a single All Star.

By default Heat point guard Goran Dragic made the All Star Game (ASG) due to an injury suffered by Cavaliers forward Kevin Love, but in general Dragic is not an all-star.

Sure, Minnesota made a huge improvement from last year, and coach Thibs deserves credit, however he did add perennial All Star shooting guard Jimmy Butler from the Bulls and then free agent shooting guard Jamal Crawford, a perennial Sixth Man of the Year candidate, during the off-season.

Coach Pop is always in the conversation for COY including this season, however his Spurs finished with the 2nd seed in the Western Conference last year, and are currently in position to finish third or lower in conference standings this year.

Coach Casey is leading his team to a great season however he does have two all-stars including a top 3 shooting guard and top 7 point guard.

All in all, with so many clutch plays assigned by Spo and the improvement from last season despite multiple injured players; transforming the Heat from a non-playoff team to the 4th seed in the conference in such a short time span, Erik Spoelstra deserves to be more recognized and this award is a start.