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NSS AFC Wild Card: Bills @ Texans, The Nonsense is Wild!!

NSS AFC Wild Card: Bills @ Texans, The Nonsense is Wild!!

                The NFL playoffs are officially here , and since Jason Garrett got fired so there are officially no distractors.  The AFC Wild Card will kick off with the Bills @ Texans and the Titans @ Patriots on Saturday. 

Bills (10-6) vs Texans (10-6)

                It must be weird for the Texans to be in the playoffs with a better offense than their defense.  And the same thing can be said about the Bills, must be weird being in the playoffs.  Here we are, Josh Allen vs Deshaun Watson.

                The Texans came into the season with the goal of protecting Watson and they have done just that.  Watson was only sacked 44 times this season, that’s 18 less sacks for the analytics and the number guys.  Watson got the Texans back to the Wild Card just like last year hoping for a different result.  Watson matched his last year total of 26 touchdowns in 15 games, so a fresh Watson should be showing up for the Texans.

                The Texans X factor are the health and performance from JJ Watt and Will Fuller V who are both set to return.  DeAndre Hopkins will still be Watson’s number 1 option, but the Texans will need all their options available against the Bills number 3 defense in the regular season.  If Watt shows up without having lose a step after missing 8 games, the Texans’ defense will fully overwhelmed Allen in his 1st playoff appearance.

                The Bills turned it around from 6-10 to 10-6 this season leaning heavily on a grade A defense and a solid running game.  Josh Allen year 2 has drawn out success but also just as many questions with his 20 Touchdowns 9 interceptions under the center.  Against the right matchup and game plan Allen will be at his best, any diversion could put the Bills in a tough spot.

                Allen and a successful run game from Frank Gore and Devin Singletary will be key for the Bills.  Allen, Gore and Singletary combined for 1,884 rushing yards out of the Bills total 2,054.  The Bills balance offense must starts with the run game and then spread out, especially knowing that JJ Watt will be on the other side.  The Bills defense will show up, Allen will have to show he can do the rest.

Pick – Texans.

At the end of the day, Allen is on year 2 and this is 1st playoff game.  While Allen may not deserve some of the shade by the fans some of his performance due raised a number of questions.

Watson is playing on his 2nd playoff game, on a season where he took less hits and also took an extra week of rest to prep for this game. On top of all that, Watson and the Texans are playing at home.

NSS NFL Mark Your Calendar!! The Playoffs Are Here!! FB Polls

NSS NFL Mark Your Calendar!! The Playoffs Are Here!! 1st Impressions

                The NFL playoffs are officially here!!! The stage and teams are set for the AFC and NFC wild card games.  Here are some 1st impressions of the upcoming games.  It is way too early to make a clear pick for most of this games.  In my opinion the only sure game is  the Saints beating the Vikings #MinnessotaMiracleNotAgain.

AFC 1st Bye Week: Ravens & Chiefs

NFC 1st Bye Week: 49ers & Packers

AFC Wild Card – Saturday January 4th, 2019

Bills (10-6) @ Texans (10-6) – This will go really good or really bad!!

            The Texans lose to the Broncos stands out to me on a 1st impression base.  Also the Bills 2 losses to the Patriots really stands out, it just doesn’t put much confidence in them.  This should be an exciting game due to the fact that both of this teams can either play top football but also stink it up the whole stadium.

Pick:  Not yet.

Nonsense Sports Facebook Poll

Titans (9-7) @ Patriots (12-4) – The Titans can go wild vs the Patriots

            The easy pick here is picking the Patriots.  But Ryan Tannerhill and Derrick Henry are extreme wild cards.  Lastly I have a theory about Tom Brady and the Patriots, maybe the Titans could really help me out with some Nonsense.

New England Patriots center Ted Karras (75) prepares to snap the ball against the Tennessee Titans in the second half of a preseason NFL football game Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/James Kenney)

Pick: Can the Titans Pull It Off or Is That Nonsense??

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NFC Wild Card – Sunday January 5th, 2019

Vikings (10-6) @ Saints (13-3) – Minnesota Miracle Rematch

            Automatically the “Minnesota Miracle” comes to mind regarding this matchup.  Case Keenum is no longer a Viking and it can be argued that the offense was running better under him rather than Kirk Cousins.

 Pick: Saints 100%

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Seahawks (11-5) @ Eagles (9-7) – Seahawks Vs Eagles

            At this time, all I can think about is the Seahawks losing to the 49ers, Lynch not going for it and just how everything about went down really fast for the Seahawks.  The Eagles just picked up a brand new class of wide receivers still yet to be known, but who cares, the Cowboys didn’t make the playoffs.

Pick: not yet. but probably Seahawks.

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Thank you for reading!! Comment Some Nonsense!! You Got Your Picks?? Who is your biggest wild card surprise??