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Rockets Trade Reaction & Nonsense

Rockets Trade Reaction & Nonsense

The Houston Rockets have officially traded away Clint Capela and if you are also confused about the trade you are not alone.  Does it make sense that PJ Tucker or Danuel House Jr is the starting center, not it doesn’t.  The Rockets’ wasted no time and started making deals in the trade deadline, so here we are.

The trade went down like this, 12 players & 4 teams:


  • Robert Covington
  • Jordan Bell


  • Clint Capela
  • Nene (Be honest, did you know he was still in the league?)


  • Malik Beasley
  • Juancho Hernangomez
  • Jarred Vanderbilt
  • Evan Turner
  • Hawks 1st round pick (via Nets)


  • Shabazz Napier
  • Keita Bates-Diop
  • Gerald Green (injured, will be waived)
  • Noah Vonleh
  • Rockets 1st round draft pick

Rockets’ Reaction – the Rockets got better in the sense of a perimeter wing that can shoot 3s and can switch 1-5.  Gave up a solid rebounder and rim protector.  The Rockets’ getting better with a small line up does not make up for the defense that they just gave away.  With how quick the Rockets gave away Capela, it must mean that they are not done making moves.  The Rockets traded Capela away, with a backup plan already in mind.

Hawks’ Reaction – the Hawks definitely by picking up an experience defender/ rim protector to plug in and make up for all the defensive liabilities that come with Trae Young on the floor.  In my opinion, this move show a commitment to Young offensive schemes.  Hawks are winner in the trade.

Wolves’ Reaction: the real and only question here what is going to happen with Karl Anthony Towns.  Till then, the Wolves are in limbo.

Nuggets Reaction: the Nuggets are winner here because they didn’t really give up anything and they got a draft pick.  Giving up Malik Beasley is not so bad when you think about the all the progress that Michael Porter Jr. has been making.

What do you guys think about the trade?

For more nonsense check out the Rockets trade video reaction!!!

NSS Lakers @ Rockets!! Game 1 of 3!!

NSS Lakers @ Rockets!! Game 1 of 3!!

               The Lakers will play the Rockets for the 1st time this season.  The Lakers’ 33 wins lead the West ahead 4.5 game of the best team.  The Rockets’ 26-14 are in the 6th seed and coming off consecutive losses.  James Harden leads the NBA in scoring with 37.2 Pts but is coming off a slow performance of 13 Point in the loss vs the Blazers.  Both teams will be looking to bounce back.

LeBron James have been the clear leader for the Lakers as they continue to play without Anthony Davis.  Kyle Kuzma should be starting in his spot. The Lakers’ will also be without Rajon Rondo. it’s going to be a tough game for a shorthanded Lakers team.

Russell Westbrook has scored 30+ in 3 consecutive games but he still shooting 23.6% on the season, which is not great. Capela will have that tough job of dealing with Javale and a new and improve Dwight Howard.

Thank you for reading!! Comment A Winner

Russ returns to OKC and I don’t care

Russ returns to OKC and I don’t care

Maybe it needs a better title

Russ returns to OKC and I don’t care, this game should be about the Thunder not even losing a step after trading away Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

Russell Westbrook will make his official return to the Oklahoma City Thunder with his brand new team the Houston Rockets. Cool Story Bro!! The Thunder are 21-16 and sitting in the 7th seed led by veteran Chris Paul and sophomore Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Rockets are only ahead of the Thunder by 4.5 games and the excitement of these 2 teams meeting in the playoffs would be amazing.

This the 2nd meeting between this 2 teams, the Rockets lead the series thanks to a 40 point game by James Harden. Still the big highlight is Russ making his return and I don’t care for it. Credit to Russ for his great career with the Thunder that included 3 consecutive seasons of averaging a triple double. And now both Russ and the Thunder have moved on to bigger and better things.

Russ is now is 2nd in charge (**Cough Cough when Eric Gordon is not around) in a Rockets team that he can win with. Russ is shooting 23.5% on 3 pointers but still averaging 24.1 Ppg, Russ is doing well, I think. After leaving the Thunder he was called a cancer and so far with the Rockets that hasn’t come up. At the end of the day, Russ ain’t thinking about the good old’ Thunder days, he is thinking about getting past the 2nd round of the playoffs.

In my opinion, the Thunder won the trade they got plenty of draft picks and a young player with no ceiling in SGA. Seriously, SGA has no ceiling and Chris Paul role as a veteran deserves more credit that he is been given.

At the end of the day, people will come to the game to watch Russ make his return. But the people will stay to see SGA give the Rockets a challenge.

Pick: Thunder.

Well I really want the Thunder to win. They could do it, they’ll let Russ jack all the 3s that he wants and have Chris Paul unleashed some anger basketball at James Harden.

12/05/2019: NSS NBA Daily – Rockets Vs Raptors Looks Fun??

12/05/2019: NSS NBA Daily – Rockets Vs Raptors Looks Fun??

Rockets (13-7) @ Raptors (15-5): Don’t Mess With The Refs!! Reaction, Rant Preview & Nonsense!!

                James Harden is averaging 39.5 Ppg and coming off a 50 (or 52?) point game that ended in a loss because of a combination of the following

–          The refs give 0 f*cks,

–          The NBA only has 13 camera guys per square foot but no replay available,

–          EVERYBODY saw the dunk and saw the ball rolled back, except for the 1 guy, that had 1 job, and THAT IS HIS JOB,

–          The refs give 0 f*cks, it’s just a job and they get pay hourly/ salary but the actual result the game doesn’t matter to them, unless “somebody (who couldn’t possibly be “a” or “related” the ref)” took the Spurs for the win.  Think about it or do the research, what were the odds for the game??

–          The refs give 0 f*cks, they let LeBron walk a mile and didn’t even bother to flinch.

–          The refs job is to monitored, regulate, manage and/or control the game? But nobody regulates them.

–          Ref 101: If it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it swims like a duck, and it flies like a duck is probably an alligator or a dinosaur.

–          There is no telling on the actual outcome of the game with the dunk counted, Spurs could have pulled it off.  They beat the Clippers. Advice To The Refs Let The Players Miss/ Make Their Own Shots!!

Here is Harden dunk that didn’t count.

Even if the Rockets fight it and win, does it take the win away from the Spurs, do they both get like a tie game or something? Yea harden dunk didn’t count but the real issue here is the refs and maybe, instead of waiting till the off season to plan, fix, train or whatever pump the breaks and fix it or at least start heading direction.  If the refs have so much power on a game that they can affect the outcome, why not just play hood rules and call your own fouls. 

Watch it play out that the Rockets win their whole case, they still have to take the L and James Harden gets 2 points added to his season total. ahhaahahha

Oh yea, and the Rockets play the Raptors.

Pick: Raptors.  Underrated team full of a bunch of underappreciated players that are getting absolutely no shine whatsoever. 

Has Drake even been at one of the games??

Prime Dwight Howard vs prime Patrick Ewing

Prime Dwight Howard vs prime Patrick Ewing

Written by Kevin Bertalotto.

Note: In this unbiased article we’ll get to see Dwight Howard’s 5 best seasons vs Ewing’s.

Scoring Dwight Howard Patrick Ewing
08-12 Dwight

89-94 Ewing

  • 20.6ppg
  • 7.2/12.2 FGAs= 59%
  • 6.2/10.8 FTAs = 57.9%
  • 28.7 offensive win shares
  • 25.6ppg
  • 10.1/18.5 FGAs = 51.8%
  • 5.4/7.2 FTAs = 74.9%

Comments: Although there is no stats on Ewing’s shooting, we do know he was able to shoot jumpers, unlike Dwight, definitely had more offensive moves again, unlike Dwight. No doubt based off the stats and footages of the two it is quite obvious Patrick Ewing was the better scorer.

Rebounding Dwight Howard Patrick Ewing
08-12 Dwight

90-94 Ewing

  • 13.9 rpg
  • 3.8 offensive rebs
  • 10.1 defensive rebs
  • grabbed 31% of team’s total rebs
  • 11.3rpg
  • 2.6 offensive rebs
  • 8.7 defensive rebs
  • grabbed 21% of team’s total rebs

Thoughts: Although Dwight averaged more rebounds than Ewing, we must factor in several things like Pat played with Charles Oakley during those 5 yrs who avg 10.5 rebs, D12 never had a teammate during those 5 yrs that rebounds like Oakley, for multiple seasons Rashard Lewis was Dwight’s best rebounding teammate. The average pace from 08-12 was 92.04, from 90-94 was 96.02, we all know in the 00s teams shot more 3s than in the Ewing’s time making it harder for centers like Dwight to get rebounds. This category is so close when you factor in everything, so let’s call it a tie.

Defense Dwight Howard Patrick Ewing
08-12 Dwight

90-94 Ewing

  • 2.5 blocks
  • 1.1 steals
  • 33.3 defensive win shares
  • 96 DRTG
  • 3.0 blocks
  • 1 steal
  • 33.8 defensive win shares
  • 98 DRTG

Comments: In Dwight’s defense, Patrick Ewing did benefit from hand checking, allowed to be a bit more physical, but Pat definitely made more players shook than D12 who many consider “soft”. Although Ewing was more tough on defense, I do think Dwight was the better rim protector if you were to have Ewing play by the rules Howard played with. Sure Pat played against more elite centers than Dwight did in those 5 yrs, but we can’t deny D12 was the slightly better defender, come on og the 5 years not once was Ewing top 3 in DPOY, meanwhile Howard won it 3x in a row!

Playoffs Dwight Howard Patrick Ewing
08-11 Dwight (53 games)

90-94 Ewing (65 games)

  • 20.7ppg
  • 7/11.6 FGAs = 60%
  • 14.3rpg
  • 1.5 asts
  • 2.9blks
  • 4.7 defensive win shares
  • 24.3 PER
  • 98 DRTG
  • 23.8ppg
  • 9.5/20.1 FGAs = 47%
  • 11.2rpg
  • 2.5 asts
  • 2.5 blks
  • 5 defensive win shares
  • 21 PER
  • 101 DRTG

Comments: Almost the same in the regular season, Ewing was the better offensive player but Dwight had a slight edge on D, as far as rebounding Dwight does lead that along with efficiency.

Advanced stats Dwight Howard
08-12 Dwight

90-94 Ewing

Player Efficiency Rating- 24.5

Value Over Replacement- 21.3

  • Player Efficiency Rating- 23.2
  • Value Over Replacement- 22.7

In those 5 years:

Dwight: 5x All Star, won DPOY for 3 consecutive years, made all defensive team 1st and 2nd all 5 yrs, all NBA 1st Team 5x, led the NBA in rebounds 4x, led the league in blocks 2x,  was top 3 in MVP voting, led Orlando to the Finals (09)

Ewing: 5x All star, made all NBA 1st Team 1x, all NBA 2nd team 3x, led New York to the Finals (94).


Yes both are great players and did what they were asked to do very well, having said when asked who in their prime was the better individual, I would take Ewing, but not in a heartbeat.

Comment Who Would You Take?? Why?