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George Gervin Vs Dominique Wilkins!!

George Gervin Vs Dominique Wilkins

By Kevin Bertalotto

Scoring/shooting George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
1973-1986 Gervin
1983-1999 Nique
  • 25.1ppg
  • 9.8/19.4 FGAs = .504
  • 5.4/6.4 FTs = 84%
  • .564 True shooting %
  • 3 official 30pt seasons
  • Shot 50% in 6 different seasons
  • 24.8ppg
  • 9.3/20.1 FGAs = .461
  • 5.6/6.9 FTs = 81%
  • .536 True shooting %
  • 2 official 30pt seasons
  • Never shot 50% for 1 season.

Comments: The difference isn’t very far apart, but considering Gervin was more efficient, not to mention played 2 less minutes per game, had a  slightly lower FGA avg, I would give the edge to The Iceman.

Rebounding George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
1973-1986 Gervin
1983-1999 Wilkins
  • 5.3 rpg
  • 1.7 off rebs
  • 3.6 def rebs
  • 8.2 reb %
  • 6.7 rpg
  • 2.8 off rebs
  • 3.9 def rebs
  • 10.4 reb %

Thoughts: Both have played with some good rebounding big men but it is clear the more athletic Nique was the better rebounder.

Passer George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
1973-1986 Gervin
1983-1999 Wilkins
  • 2.6 apg
  • 3 tovs
  • 29.6 usage rate
  • 12.2 ast %
  • 2.5 apg
  • 2.5 tovs
  • 30.3 usage rate
  • 12.1 ast %

Comments: Neither’s role were to be a playmaker, having said that I would call it a tie.

Advanced stats George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
1973-1986 Gervin
1983-1999 Wilkins
  • 21.4 PER
  • 32.2 VORP
  • 116.3 win shares
  • 87.7 OWS
  • 28.6 DWS
  • 111 ORTG
  • 106 DRTG
  • 21.6 PER
  • 41.8 VORP
  • 117.5 win shares
  • 82.3 OWS
  • 35.2 DWS
  • 112 ORTG
  • 108 DRTG

Thoughts: As close as it is, Nique had a slight lead in 5 categories to Gervin’s 2 giving The Human Highlight Film the edge.

Playoffs George Gervin Dominique Wilkins
84 games by Gervin
56 games by Wilkins
  • 26.5ppg
  • 10.2/20.4 = 50%
  • 6.9rpg
  • 2.9apg
  • 3.1 tovs
  • 3.5 PF
  • 25.4ppg
  • 9.2/21.4 = 43%
  • 6.7rpg
  • 2.6apg
  • 2.7 tovs
  • 2.2 PF

Comments: Not by a large margin but still George Gervin bested Wilkins in several major categories, but what really got me was the 8% difference in field goal percentage.


NBA rings: Both none

ASG: Both 9x all stars

All NBA team: Both 7x

Scoring leader: Gervin 4x, DW 1x


Both have a good case on why one was better than the other, but personally I would only have The Iceman over The Human Highlight Film since he was the superior scorer in his time than Nique was in his, not to mention George  was more efficient. What are your thoughts? Who would you take?

2-0 is not end game for LeBron & The Cavaliers. Is far from over.

Another win by the Boston Celtics over the Cavaliers making it a 2-0 series in a best of 7.  Honestly aside from LeBron James and Kevin Love the Cavs are really hard to watch, especially Tristan Thompson-Kardashian and JR Smith.  Boston looks so good and somehow the talks are more about next year “trading Tatum-Brown for Kwahi” or “Kyrie-Hayward for Kwahi” then how good this team is right now.  How interesting is it that Brad Stevens didn’t get any votes despite the team success.

2 games down and the celebrations, the memes, the conclusions and all the nonsense of the NBA playoffs are coming to live.  The “LeBron haters” bandwagon has to either be at full capacity or at least looking into upgrading to a greyhound bus.  The NBA playoffs are fun to watch and they are even more appealing when one of the greats (LeBron James) is losing.  People are more surprised, intrigued and involved in the Celtics-Cavaliers than the Rockets-Warriors.

The Celtics are playing great right now, but truly won’t know that until they win the fourth game. At no point in time can they let their guard down.  Game 1 a 25 point victory, game 2 a 13 point victory, both victories at home.  The Celtics have not lost at home this post-season, also they have only won 1 game outside of their home.  They have been deadly at home, taking full advantage and adding to the argument on how important it is to have home court.

Game 1 the Cavaliers looked lost, like they didn’t want to be there at all.  Game 2 looked a little better like they started to get it going (for about 2 quarters) and then went back to just kicking back.  The 2 performances from the Cavaliers is exactly what they have been doing all season.  LeBron putting up great or even amazing numbers and the team is still ending with a loss is nothing new, it has been happening all season.

Should the Cavaliers be worried? Yes, you are down 2-0. Is true that the Celtics are 37-0 all time in series when they lead the series 2-0.  So should the Celtics still be worried? Yes.  They are going to Cleveland to play a pair of games, which could even the series up (just like it happen with the Bucks series).  The Celtics have struggled winning on the road this post season.  Have we forgotten about the Bucks series that went to 7 games, last game played in Boston, hopefully not?  The series vs the Bucks showed the Celtics true colors and how dependent they are on home court.

While the Celtics have only won 1 game away from home, the Cavaliers have won 3, now why does this even matter? Because if we follow the pattern and Celtics don’t win at home then is 2-2 series going back to the Celtics (like with the Bucks).  Game 5, will be decisive, if the Celtics can’t get the win then we look at a game 6 on the road down 3-2.  Best case scenario for the Celtics is for them to close it out the next 2 games because if they don’t win on the road they could be looking at game 7 Vs LeBron James.

Would you bet against LeBron James on a Game 7?

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