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NSS. Trail Blazers: 11-16 Record, 9th in West.  Vs Warriors Preview!!

NSS. Trail Blazers: 11-16 Record, 9th in West.  Vs Warriors Preview!!

                Some nights (vs under 500 team) the Trail Blazers look like the real deal with a well balance attack from the starters.  I’m talking if it’s not Damian Lillard putting up 30 points, it will be CJ McCollum doing it.  Hassan Whiteside has been the definition of a true center rebounding and blocking everything.  While the NBA’s this year comeback story Carmelo Anthony has been completely efficient in his new role and also giving back #StayMelo flashbacks has been great.  Other nights (vs over 500 teams) nothing looks good at all and the Blazers just look overwhelm.

                This will be the Blazers 2nd game of a 4 game series vs the Warriors.  The Warriors lead the series 1-0 but come in to the game with a 3-13 away record and a 4 game losing streak.  The Blazers will look to even out their home record of 5-6 in this 1st game of a 4 game home stay.  The Blazers have only gotten consecutive wins twice this season and have reached 3 straight wins only once.  The Blazers need this win!!!

                Lillard leads the offense with 26.3 Ppg and is coming off a 27 points performance in the win vs the Suns, he needs to carry into this game.  Melo will be facing the Warriors for the 1st time this season, Melo has been a positive factor and could be a different maker facing a young Warriors team.

                The matchup Whiteside vs Cauley-Stein will be the one to watch as both of this guy’s earn their paycheck on the glass and challenging shots. 

                The 1st game against the Warriors Eric Paschall broke out for 34 points in the win.  Pascall has been averaging 16.1 Ppg and will be making his return after missing the last couple games for the Warriors.  A big story for the Warriors is the how they forced 29 turnovers but still loss by 21 points.  Draymond Green went out and said that his team “sucked.  In every way, shape and form”.  Green may have said some harsh words but those usually light up a fire with the Warriors.

PS Carmelo Anthony (25,769 Pts) only needs 302 points to catch up to Kevin Garnett (26,071) in the NBA all-time scoring list.  #StayMelo

Pick: Blazers win.  CJ McCollum 30+ Points

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Golden State Warriors Champs: The Morning After, So Where is LeBron Going?

Golden State Warriors Champs: The Morning After, So Where is LeBron Going?

                Klay Thompson celebrated winning a championship by googling himself.  “Swaggy P” became a national treasure.  Kevin Durant won finals MVP, Steph Curry won his 3rd NBA Championship.  Is a great day to be a Warriors fans.  So much champagne in Cleveland.  The brooms came out, everybody took pictures, everybody laughed, there was rejoice and is over.  Where is LeBron going?

I couldn’t have been the only person to receive more alerts/notifications regarding LeBron James and the Cleveland situation than the Warriors celebration.  The Warriors won the championship followed by LeBron James played with a broken hand after pushing (not JR nor Hill) a blackboard after game 1.  KD wins 2nd straight finals MVP – Tyron Lue intends to play for the Cavaliers next year (because honestly he didn’t do very much coaching).

It was a f*cking sweep, it was sloppy and dirty but still a sweep.  It had nothing to do with super teams it was just sloppy basketball, at least for the first 3 games.  I was one of many who did not watch game 4 and I don’t regret it (I binge watched “The Flash” #SorryNotSorry).  The (rigged) NBA did so much to build story lines that the big finale of the “Warriors Sweeping Away the Championship” just kind of fell short.  Blame it on all who had a descent amount of basketball knowledge and common sense to see that the Warriors were the clear champs.  Really, throughout the season, we just all hoped to see something different.

Warriors win championship gets crickets and maybe a high five.  So now let’s look at the odds of winning it next year Houston at number 2, to me, probably because they also factor in as the favorite for LeBron’s summer destination.  Boston at the four is the best line, which will hopefully no disappoint, of all them.  And for Atlanta Hawks fans you still got a chance, but the tanking role is more likely.

So where is LeBron going, after his broken hands heals? Because it seems like unless we are residents of the Bay Area and are attending the parade, that question is our number 1 concern.  Personally, I like New York, San Antonio and the Cleveland.  I don’t think that when it comes to LeBron “cap space” or money is a factor for a team, because most teams are willing to get rid of their kitchen sinks for him.

Note: I don’t think anybody would have blamed LeBron if he punched JR. Could even go down as self-defense.  He was defending his title chances as JR was trying to steal it from him.  Also, NBA 2K learned from their last years mistake and only put LeBron’ face on the cover, super smooth.

Lastly, is it weird thinking of Swaggy P as NBA championship and realized that Chris Paul may never get one?? Nonsense Right??