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NSS Blazers: Win Some, Lose More SMH???????????

NSS Blazers: Win Some, Lose More SMH???????????

                It almost looked like the Portland Trail Blazers had it figure it out, they were winning.  They improve their home record to a winning one, they were getting closer to an overall 500 record.  They moved up in the rankings and then they follow with that a 5 game losing streak.  At this point in time, do the Blazers know what’s going on with the Blazers??

                My frustrations with the Blazers has almost been getting greater than the Jazz.  The Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum is blazing up in uncontainable flames.  The balance that used to be between them, is no longer there and on some nights, we all wondered if Carmelo Anthony should actually be the number 1 options.

                I never minded when Hassan Whiteside was taking the blame for their losing early in the season.  Mostly because, in theory or by now, they should have figure it out and Whiteside was only serving as a temporary escape goat to hide all the deeper issues.  But no resolution has come and everybody is being force to acknowledge that Dame, CJ and the organization are not working out.

                On top of everything else, the rumors of a trade between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Blazers seem to be gaining traction.  And honestly, I am all for it and they should make it happen ASAP.  Is not working and it makes it even worse when the Blazers go on a winning streak and then follow that by a longer losing streak.

                In regards of the trade rumors listen to all calls for every player on the team.  Personally, keeping Dame will be ideal, mostly for his closing out OKC and the hope that he could do it again.  If the hype (and potential) behind Anfernee Simons is real, than he should have no problems taking over CJ’s minutes.  While at it find any deals for Kent Bazemore and Mario Hezonja, just saying while making trades and changes.

If anybody being keeping up with my NBA emotional state of mind; the happiness that was brought to me by the Jazz acquiring Jordan Clarkson and improving in all areas; it was all destroyed by the Blazers up and down weeks.

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What do you guys think about the Blazers? Can they be fixed? Who Do You Keep?? CJ Or Dame??

NSS Jazz @ Blazers – 1st of a 4 game series!! Mitchell vs Lillard

NSS Jazz @ Blazers – 1st of a 4 game series!! Mitchell vs Lillard

                The Jazz made some moves to their roster and took a tough loss vs the Miami Heat.  The Blazers shouldn’t have loss to the Pelicans.  Both of this team, at the moment, make up the 6th and 8th spot in the West.  Yes, we should be talking about playoff seeding because the goals are is the playoffs.  The Jazz seem to realize that their summer moves are not working out so they making changes hoping to get better.  The Blazers are trying to redefine themselves to make something out of the season.

                This is the 1st of a 4-game series and both of this team have a long way to go to start thinking further than the 1st round.  The Jazz at 18-12 should consider themselves lucky that some of their recent performances only count as 1 loss.  Whatever plan the Jazz had at the beginning of the season has gone out the window and they have officially started switching gears towards a new plan, that may not be fully known just yet.

                And the best example is the trade for Jordan Clarkson to make the attempt to help out the Jazz’s bench.  In theory, if Clarkson plays, he should lead the bench mob, but the bigger Jazz concern may be Where is Conley and when is he coming back? And when he comes back, if he ever going to recover from his strugglers?

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NSS Jazz: Lack of Assist, Bench Production & Trade Targets

                The Blazers losing to the Pelicans makes me think that they are allergic to getting to 500 and I mean that.  It seems like every time they get to a couple games to even out the record, they just blow it themselves.  Lillard missed 10 3s, McCollum when 2-10 from 3 leaving it up to Carmelo Anthony to carry the scoring, he had 23 pts, 9-17 fg, 1-4 from 3.  The Blazers shot themselves out of this game, they should take note from the Jazz and start making moves.  And when I say start making moves, I am looking at Kent Bazemore.

                This wont be an easy game for either team and also it may not be a pretty game for either.  The Blazers are at home, with their improve record of 8-7, while the Jazz away record is 7-9.  The big matchup is the Mitchell vs Lillard preview due to that either one could go off for 30 points on a given night.  If you ask me the Blazers have the scoring advantage of CJ McCollum, but the Jazz are balanced and have more options.

I can make a pick for this game, being that this are 2 of my favorite teams in the NBA to watch.  The Jazz are the team that I go see the most.  While the Blazers haver Carmelo Anthony who has been my favorite player growing up.  Lets just say that I’ll be watching and pretty happy even if the game ended in a tie.

Lastly, welcome to the Jazz Jordan Clarkson, it seems like most of the Jazz fans go some mix feelings about you, but I hope you do great.

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NSS. Trail Blazers: 11-16 Record, 9th in West.  Vs Warriors Preview!!

NSS. Trail Blazers: 11-16 Record, 9th in West.  Vs Warriors Preview!!

                Some nights (vs under 500 team) the Trail Blazers look like the real deal with a well balance attack from the starters.  I’m talking if it’s not Damian Lillard putting up 30 points, it will be CJ McCollum doing it.  Hassan Whiteside has been the definition of a true center rebounding and blocking everything.  While the NBA’s this year comeback story Carmelo Anthony has been completely efficient in his new role and also giving back #StayMelo flashbacks has been great.  Other nights (vs over 500 teams) nothing looks good at all and the Blazers just look overwhelm.

                This will be the Blazers 2nd game of a 4 game series vs the Warriors.  The Warriors lead the series 1-0 but come in to the game with a 3-13 away record and a 4 game losing streak.  The Blazers will look to even out their home record of 5-6 in this 1st game of a 4 game home stay.  The Blazers have only gotten consecutive wins twice this season and have reached 3 straight wins only once.  The Blazers need this win!!!

                Lillard leads the offense with 26.3 Ppg and is coming off a 27 points performance in the win vs the Suns, he needs to carry into this game.  Melo will be facing the Warriors for the 1st time this season, Melo has been a positive factor and could be a different maker facing a young Warriors team.

                The matchup Whiteside vs Cauley-Stein will be the one to watch as both of this guy’s earn their paycheck on the glass and challenging shots. 

                The 1st game against the Warriors Eric Paschall broke out for 34 points in the win.  Pascall has been averaging 16.1 Ppg and will be making his return after missing the last couple games for the Warriors.  A big story for the Warriors is the how they forced 29 turnovers but still loss by 21 points.  Draymond Green went out and said that his team “sucked.  In every way, shape and form”.  Green may have said some harsh words but those usually light up a fire with the Warriors.

PS Carmelo Anthony (25,769 Pts) only needs 302 points to catch up to Kevin Garnett (26,071) in the NBA all-time scoring list.  #StayMelo

Pick: Blazers win.  CJ McCollum 30+ Points

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NSS Blazers:3 win streak & Melo Player of the week!! Losing to the Clippers

  • Blazers 3 Game Winning Streak
  • Hassan Whiteside Breaks Block Record
  • Damian Lillard Is Back
  • Melo Wins Western Conference Player Of The Week

Blazers Had Momentum Facing the Clippers

Melo Had, Probably, one of the best Thanksgiving a NBA player could ask for!! Makes a comeback in the NBA and wins Western Conference Player of The Week helping his new team bounce back from a rocky start. And as much everybody should be enjoying all the celebrations, flashing lights and the good feeling, the Blazers still have a lot more to do. So enjoy what was the month of November because things about to get tougher and its just starting after the clippers.

The game before the facing the Blazers, the Clippers scored 150 points. The fact that they only scored 117 is a positive by itself, kind of, Blazers still loss by 20 points.  But what else was truly expected facing the Clippers.  When is not Kawhi Leonard going off is Paul George and as a team they still have one of the best bench mobs in the league, if not the best bench mob.  Montrezl Harrell scored 26 points and Patrick Patterson scored 19 points.  If anything for the Blazers, it was just a reality check of how far they still have to go.

This game when as expected and that’s okay.  This week for the Blazers is not an easy one and the faster its all over the better.  The Sacramento Kings are next and then it’s the Lakers on Friday night on ESPN, in which all eyes will be on the Melo Vs LBJ matchup.  The Blazers will benefit from being at home for the next 4 games and 3 of those t

Blazers sit at 8-13 and the next 4 home games are as follow:

Vs Kings (Series of 4 tied 1-1) – Bounce back game by Lillard 30+ Points

Vs Lakers (1st of 3 Games) – Melo Vs LBJ, will bring the crowd.  Hassan Whiteside will be the X-factor on how he handles AD and the Lakers’ center rotation.

Vs Thunder (Series of 4, Blazers lead 2-0) – if Blazers are able to beat both Kings and Thunder they’ll move ahead of them and closer to 500 and a playoff spot.

Vs Knicks (1st of 2 Games) – The Blazers hosting the Knicks not as exciting as it will be when they play the 2nd game on 1st of the day new year (January 1st, 2020) Carmelo Anthony will make his return to the Garden.  Does Melo deserve a tribute video??

               The Blazers have a lot to work to do in a limited and very little room for error.  The “Melo Hype” will burn out and he’ll settle into a glorify shooter for the team.  The goal for the Blazers is the tread water till Lillard is 100% and starts to pick up where left off before injury last year.

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What are your predictions for the 4 home games for the Blazers??

Personally hoping for 3-1.

Whiteside Throws A Block Party As Blazers Win 3rd Straight!!

 Block Party!! Blazers Win 3rd Straight!!

Whiteside 10 blocks for Portland was a team record that added to the Blazers fire as they go on a 3 game winning streak. Remember Whiteside broke the single game for blocks for the Heat with 12 against Chicago back in 2015. Whiteside now has 5 games of at least 10 blocks in his career. Whiteside made it to 783 blocks in his time with the Heat, it looks like he packed that and brought it over to Portland.

While Whiteside handle the defense, the rest of the starting line-up Carmelo Anthony (23 Pts), Rodney Hood (19 Pts), CJ McCollum (20 Pts) and Damian Lillard (28 Pts) combined for 90 of the 107 scored. Something is either working very well for the Blazers or they just seem to play better against the Bulls. Wins are wins and the Blazers can use all the momentum they can get.

The Bulls dropped their 3rd straight game and fall to 8 games under 500. Zach LeVine has been a scoring machine but doesn’t seem to be enough. Bulls are still young and Coby White is showing that scoring and playmaking flashes of how special he is.

Portland Trail Blazers v Chicago Bulls

The Blazers have a tough coming up @ Clippers and then back home to face Kings and Lakers. The Clippers and Lakers will be a huge test for the Blazers facing, arguably, the best 2 teams in the West in the same week. But hey, with a healthy Lillard leading the scoring, Melo contributing wherever he can (MORE DOUBLE-DOUBLEs) and Whiteside and McCollum filling in everywhere they can, the Blazers are looking better. And that’s why counts, for now.