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NSS NFL Mark Your Calendar!! The Playoffs Are Here!! FB Polls

NSS NFL Mark Your Calendar!! The Playoffs Are Here!! 1st Impressions

                The NFL playoffs are officially here!!! The stage and teams are set for the AFC and NFC wild card games.  Here are some 1st impressions of the upcoming games.  It is way too early to make a clear pick for most of this games.  In my opinion the only sure game is  the Saints beating the Vikings #MinnessotaMiracleNotAgain.

AFC 1st Bye Week: Ravens & Chiefs

NFC 1st Bye Week: 49ers & Packers

AFC Wild Card – Saturday January 4th, 2019

Bills (10-6) @ Texans (10-6) – This will go really good or really bad!!

            The Texans lose to the Broncos stands out to me on a 1st impression base.  Also the Bills 2 losses to the Patriots really stands out, it just doesn’t put much confidence in them.  This should be an exciting game due to the fact that both of this teams can either play top football but also stink it up the whole stadium.

Pick:  Not yet.

Nonsense Sports Facebook Poll

Titans (9-7) @ Patriots (12-4) – The Titans can go wild vs the Patriots

            The easy pick here is picking the Patriots.  But Ryan Tannerhill and Derrick Henry are extreme wild cards.  Lastly I have a theory about Tom Brady and the Patriots, maybe the Titans could really help me out with some Nonsense.

New England Patriots center Ted Karras (75) prepares to snap the ball against the Tennessee Titans in the second half of a preseason NFL football game Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/James Kenney)

Pick: Can the Titans Pull It Off or Is That Nonsense??

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NFC Wild Card – Sunday January 5th, 2019

Vikings (10-6) @ Saints (13-3) – Minnesota Miracle Rematch

            Automatically the “Minnesota Miracle” comes to mind regarding this matchup.  Case Keenum is no longer a Viking and it can be argued that the offense was running better under him rather than Kirk Cousins.

 Pick: Saints 100%

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Seahawks (11-5) @ Eagles (9-7) – Seahawks Vs Eagles

            At this time, all I can think about is the Seahawks losing to the 49ers, Lynch not going for it and just how everything about went down really fast for the Seahawks.  The Eagles just picked up a brand new class of wide receivers still yet to be known, but who cares, the Cowboys didn’t make the playoffs.

Pick: not yet. but probably Seahawks.

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Thank you for reading!! Comment Some Nonsense!! You Got Your Picks?? Who is your biggest wild card surprise??

Carson Wentz Vs Dak Prescott

Carson Wentz Vs Dak Prescott

                The NFC East will be represent by either Dallas Cowboys or Philadelphia, both teams depending on their quarterbacks: Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz.  Both drafted in 2016 and became the center or their respective franchises.  Dak became part of a 1-2 punch with Ezekiel Elliot and Wentz was giving top wide receivers.  Both players are great and just beginning what seem to long and successful NFL careers.  Now when it comes to week 17, only one will advance.  Who is it going to be Wentz or Dak?

Wentz vs Dak Career Stats

Games Played & Record55, 31-2463, 39-24
Passing Touchdowns9693
Rushing Touchdowns321
Passing Yards13,90215,475
Rushing Yards7701.186
Completion %63.9 %65.8
Playoff Games RecordN/A3, 1-2

Wentz vs Dak 2019 Stats

Games Played & Record15, 8-715, 7-8
Passing Touchdowns2626
Rushing Touchdowns13
Passing Yards3,7504,599
Rushing Yards228242
Completion %64.4%64.8%

Nonsense Observation:

Wentz may have a Super Bowl ring but he hasn’t actually play in a playoff games.

Dak vs Wentz stats, and just stats, tell a different story of the head to head matchup.

The career interceptions are a bit wide opening since Wentz has played 8 games less than Dak but only has 1 less than Dak.  And at the same argument is used for the touchdown numbers with Wentz at 96 being playing less games that Dak.

One big factor that could tip the scale is how Dallas uses Zeke with Dak.

Closing Statement:

The stats may favored Dak

but the people’s champ is Wentz

Thank you for reading! Comment Some Nonsense!! Dak Or Wentz ?

Cowboys @ Bears! Thursday Night Football Matters!! Kind off!! NSS Preview!!

Cowboys @ Bears! Thursday Night Football Matters!! Kind off!! NSS Preview!!

               THE POSSIBIILITY FOR THE COWBOYS TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS WITH A LOSING RECORD IS REAL!! The Cowboys, in theory, only have to make sure to beat the Eagles and the Redskins or just need for those team to lost.  And on the other side the Bears, on a 2 game winning streak who need a miracle to make the playoffs but really it could be the last chance Mitchell Trubsiky to prove something??

So… Why again does the Cowboys @ Bears on TNF matters again?

Check it, it could maybe, maybe be a fun game.


  • Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper are trying to get paid and neither have a good enough argument to validate their paycheck.  It doesn’t help that Jerry Jones seems to be cheap AF when it comes to paying players.
  • Jason Garrett days with the Cowboys may be numbered.  Yes “may be” because there could “maybe” win a Super Bowl.  Till then let’s start building theories about who will be the next coach: Ron Rivera?? Jim Harbaugh?? Tony Romo?? Jerry Jones himself??
  • Zeke has been meh, has play like meh but the 6 year, $90 million contract that he signed and nobody is talking about, looks it will be the chip that will be used against the Cowboys to point out the failure of a season and how they don’t deserve to be “America’s Team”
  • Speaking of America’s Team (the Cowboys lol) are they going to make the playoffs with a losing record?


  • The Bears will have to win every game to make the playoffs, that includes a win vs the Packers, the Chiefs and the Vikings.  So there is a chance
  • Bears 2018 / “Trubisky 2018” won the last 4 games of the season; Rams, Packers, 49ers, Vikings
  • So, like, there is a chance for the wild card!! Maybe
  • Trubisky 2018 vs 2019: 2020?
    • 2018: 24 TD, 12 Int, 3,223 Passing Yards, 3 Rushed TD
    • 2019: 13 TD, 7 Int, 2,196 Passing Yards, 1 Rushed TD
    • 4 year, $134 Million deal ($110 Million guaranteed).  Salary $7.9 Million this year, $9.2 Million in 2020
  • What’s Khalil Mack Season Grade (So Far) vs 2018:
    • 2019: 39 Tackles, 6.5 Sacks, 4 Pass Deflections, 5 Forced Fumbles
    • 2018: 47 Tackles, 12.5 Sacks, 4 Pass Deflections, 6 Force Fumbles, 1 Touchdown
  • Is Matt Naggy on the hot seat? How much of it has to do with Trubisky?


The Cowboys and Bears had higher expectations coming into the season and is getting to the finals weeks of the season to make their final statements.

Thank you for reading.  Join the Conversation:

Cowboys @ Bears: Who has more on the line?

Eagles: So… New Plan? Pull The Plug?

So… New Plan? Pull The Plug?

                Week 13 Eagles losing to the Dolphins 37-31 is almost the worst thing that could have happen to the Eagles this season.  It has to be up there with losing to the Cowboys by 27 points.  In theory, the Eagles are still alive in the “playoff race”, their record is only 5-7 with 4 games left, possibility for a best-case scenario of 9-7.  Those 4 games include 2 vs the Giants, 1 vs the Redskins and the most important game vs the Cowboys.  Regardless of the loss the Eagles are still 2nd in their division, because the NFC East, well… that division sucks.

                The loss vs the Dolphins, shouldn’t just be considered bad because it was the Dolphins, but because the Cowboys loss on thanksgiving.  From an Eagle’s fan perspective watching the Bills handle the Cowboys should have plenty to be thankful for, sports wise.  A win vs the Dolphins would have put the Eagles at 6-6 and tie with the Cowboys for the division lead.  Even though the Cowboys own the tie breaker, the scale could have been tipped.

Imagine the next couple week if Eagles got the W vs Dolphins & Fitzmagic Hadn’t Been Too Much For The Eagles:

  • Week 14 vs Giants – A Giants team on a 8 game losing streak and with plenty of internal issues could have been a game to build on momentum and also a well needed divisional win.
  • Week 15 @ Redskins – Add to the Divisional Win Column
  • Week 16 vs Cowboys – 50/50 Game, decisive game on who goes to the playoffs
  • Week 17 @ Giants – Another Win on the Divisional win Column.

Now the Eagles on a 3-game losing streak have to come up with a new plan? Win the next 4 (is that even realistic though?) or pull the plug? In the words of a huge Eagle’s fan (and NSS Contributor) its “time to clean the house and coaches, get of the entire secondary, fire offensive and defensive coordinators and the entire Eagles fan base”.  Harsh Words? Maybe, but also may not be wrong.

PS the Cowboys have to play the Bears, Rams and Redskins.  Both Bears and Rams are teams that are making a last-minute playoff push or at least will play like it.  The Cowboys chances of winning both games is a bit of a head scratcher: Bears are 6-6 and Rams at 6-5 (currently beating the Cardinals) have a winning record.  Think about it… (insert of meme of Cowboys unable to beat a team with a winning record here)

Is not over for the Eagles, but they haven’t been opening any doors as of lately.  While injuries have been a huge factor in the Eagles’ strength, Carson Wentz has been a positive for the season.  The Eagles have a lot to think plan and decide.  If Wentz is not at 100% maybe taking a step back for him could help for next season and also is never too early to start scouting and negotiating deals for next year.

Thank you for reading, join the conversation:

What’s next for the Eagles? New Plan? Pull the Plug?