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Cavaliers & Celtics Meet Again!! NBA Playoffs!!

Cavaliers & Celtics Meet Again!! NBA Playoffs!!

Is official!! The NBA eastern conference finals have officially begun, the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers clash again. Game 1 is already on the books, a dominant win by the Celtics but LeBron James and the Cavaliers should not be written off.

The Celtics wasted no time blasting the Cavaliers with everything they had, completely blindsiding the Cavaliers. Celtics had 4 players score in double digits, led by Jaylen Brown 23 points. Horford score 20, Jayson Tatum score 16 and the self-titled “Best LeBron Defender” score 21 points (while holding LeBron at 15) to add to his case. Credit Brad Stevens and the Celtics players because they are looking like the real deal.

The Cavaliers look terrible, no other ways to describe it, are they worried? No. Did it seem like they gave it all they had? No. Should they be desperate? Maybe. The answer to all the questions would change if they didn’t have LeBron James. If LeBron is not worried about them, they team is not worried about them. Game 1 was a bad loss against a team that started hot and kept it through the game.

Even though it was a 25 point victory, the game in many areas was a lot closer. The 3 point battle was clearly won by the Celtics with 11, the Cavs when 4-26, they average 11.5 Vs Toronto. For the game the Cavaliers shot 36%, James led the way shooting 5-16. The turnover battle was won by Cleveland 11-10. Lastly the Cavaliers shot and made more free throws.

Can you count on the Celtics shooting that well. But really it was descent, it was about their average game but you can’t really see that due to how bad Cleveland played. The Celtics are a great home team and wins like this are what are expected at home. The Cavaliers are an up and down team with one of the best players in the roster.

The Celtics should look to replicate Game 1 jump start, while Cleveland will just regroup and build upon the last game because is almost impossible to have a worse game than that. At the end of the day, it was just one game and while it matters is not a series determining game (Cavs Vs Pacers went to 7).

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Oh Damn! You Got Me Again! NBA! Good One!

Oh Damn! You Got Me Again! NBA! Good One!

So here we are 1st round of the NBA playoffs.  So may surprises Anthony Davis and the Disappearance of Damian Lillard; The Kyrie-less Boston Celtics; Raptors of Drake Shouts of Doubt; The Jazz Feeling the Music; Washington’s Big Decision; Trust The Process; The Westbrook Conspiracy – Numbers Don’t Translate to Wins; The All Or Nothing Team – The Rockets: LeBron The Ageless King and his minions.  How Did We Not See What The Warriors were building?

Anthony Davis and the Disappearance of Damian Lillard – Perhaps last year Lillard didn’t disappear but the result for the Blazers was the same one.  Such a promising team but still out in the 1st round.

The Kyrie-less Boston Celtics – Remember last year it was the IT-Less Boston Celtics barely getting by the Chicago Bulls.  If the Celtics can get pass the

The Re-Rise of Derrick Rose – Derrick Rose makes another comeback and shows that he can compete in the playoffs.  Congrats Rose.  But really is a metaphor for players who are pass their prime but make enough noise in the playoffs so they can make a case for playing another year.  Reference Vintage Rondo, Father Time (Dwayne Wade).

Raptors of Drake Shouts of Doubt – Every year in the 1st round the Raptors make us doubt that they can beat Lebron in the playoffs.  Yes King James is the King of East and Lance Stephenson is court jester.  This years they are letting John Wall go toe-toe with them, that shouldn’t be happening.

Jazz Feeling the Music: The Jazz are a fun team to watch.  Donovan Mitchell should send thank you letters to Gordon Hayward.  Not just for leaving but also for being a lesson learned by the Utah Jazz to not be afraid to be embrace their future stars.  Mitchell was giving the key to the city like Hayward had it last year.  Snyder and the Jazz are learning from their mistakes and now here they are again knocking at the 2nd round doors.

Washington’s Big Decision: If the Wizards couldn’t attract home towner Kevin Durant they should stop trying to bring anybody else.  Do players really want to play with Bradley Beal and John Wall? Or should we be asking if they want to play with Beal OR Wall?

Trust the Process: the 76ers are probably the hottest team in the league right now.  How much can we trust the process? Embiid is what every coach dreams in a center.  Trusting the Process is Westbrook 1st time ever triple double averaging players, that’s this year’s new story.

The Westbrook Conspiracy – Numbers Don’t Translate to Wins: Russell Westbrook accomplishes another Triple Double season.  What seem impossible Westbrook has made it into another chapter in his books of fun facts.  But they haven’t translate into real wins, championships that is.  At this point in time his ceiling could be LeBron James’ stats without the rings.

The All or Nothing Team: The Rockets have all their chips on the table.  This team knows that the only real goal is winning a championship and nothing else matters.  Mike D’Antoni’s offense, Chris Paul new role, James Harden Dominance, Eric Gordon highlight dunks, The Rise of Capela will all go worthless without a championship to show it.

LeBron the Ageless King and his minions: LeBron James has played enough basketball to be the hero that is becoming the villain.  The Ageless King has nice ring to it.  As much hope as Indy has put into people’s mind, Cleveland is winning the series.  LeBron has proven to own the Toronto Raptors.  Lastly, the 76ers or better yet the home of Ben Simmons aka The Next Of Kin, won’t make it past LeBron.

How Did We Not See What the Warriors were building? Its 3 Am in the morning you are playing “MyCareer” on NBA 2K as you are down by 20 by the Golden State Warriors.  Kevin Durant has just hit back to back to back 3 pointers.  Carry keeps pulling up from anywhere.  Somehow Draymond Green is 4/4 on corner 3 not including a bank shot.  And even in the game you see rare drives by Klay Thompson.  How did we not see this coming? And how did we let it happen?

Each 2018 NBA All Star defender

Each 2018 NBA All Star defender

Written by Kevin Bartolotto.  April 27th, 2018.

Ever wondered who was the best Embiid defender or LeBron defender? Or maybe you even wondered who defended Russell Westbrook the best. Well, now you will know. (Note: minimum of 15 shots defended).


  • Guards
    • Demar- Ingles 5/23, 0/2 on 3s
    • Beal – Crabbe 4/26, 1/5 on 3s
    • Dipo – Avery 6/21, 3/9 on 3s
    • Kyrie – Avery 4/18, 2/8 on 3s
    • Walker – Covington 4/17, 2/10 on 3s
    • GOATran – Bledsoe 6/22, 3/10 on 3s
    • Lowry- Schroeder 6/24, 3/18 on 3s
    • Klay- KCP 4/18, 3/13 on 3s
    • Russ- Danny 5/20, 0/5 on 3s
    • Curry- Rondo 4/15, 1/7 on 3s
    • Dame- Thornwell (who?) 4/15, 2/8 on 3s
    • Harden- Smart 2/17, 1/11 on 3s

Oklahoma City Thunder v Portland Trail Blazers

  • Forwards
    • PG13- J.rich 3/15
    • KD – James Johnson 5/16  3/10 on 3s
    • Giannis – James Johnson 6/18 2/3 on 3s
    • Lance – Thomas 5/15  0/0 on 3s
    • Anthony – Tolliver 5/15  0/1 on 3s
    • Bron – Pascal Siakam 4/16 1/5 on 3s
    • Jimmy – Demarre Carrol 5/16  0/3 on 3s
    • AD – Marvin Williams 6/16  1/3 on 3s
    • Love – Horford 4/16  1/5 on 3s
    • Porzingis – Horford 5/22  0/3 on 3s
    • Dray – Davis  5/13 1/6 on 3s
    • Aldridge – T.Young 8/23  0/2 on 3s

San Antonio Spurs v Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Centers
    • KAT – Randle 7/18  2/4 on 3s
    • Horford – Ollynk 2/12  0/2 on 3s
    • Embiid – Jahil 3/16 0/5 on 3s
    • Drummond – Dwight  8/22
    • Boogie – M. Gasol 6/20  3/8 on 3s

What are your thoughts on the Stats?

Is Terry Rozier the next James Harden??

Is Terry Rozier the next James Harden??

Written by Francis S Estepan.  April 20th, 2018.

As humans we are always looking for the next big thing.  In the NBA Who will be the next MJ? Kobe? Shaq? LeBron James is still playing the game and already we are looking for who is going to one-up him? Ben Simmons? Giannis?  So here is a nonsense theory for case for Terry Rozier v James Harden.

Rozier currently holding the starting position for the Boston Celtics as they faced Milwaukee Bucks.  Rozier is a 6-2 lengthy sophomore guard that seems to shine whenever Brad Stevens calls his name (or Kyrie Irving is missing more time).  When looking at his numbers the first thing that comes to mind is how his numbers for the season are so low.  Now look at his post season numbers and you can see a different monster giving the minutes and the shots.

f                Be mindful that last year he was a ball dominant guard Isaiah Thomas and this year another one in Kyrie Irving.  17-18 Playoff comes his number has officially been called and he is producing at an unbelievable rate 23 Ppg, 5.5 Ast, 3.5 Rebounds while taking care of the ball.  His minutes have double from the years before and he doesn’t seem to be letting fatigue slow him down.

James Harden was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder and didn’t get his first start tilt his sophomore year.  Fast forward some years he is the face of the Houston Rockets, making the Thunder look like they gave up gold for beach sand.  Looking at the playoff numbers Harden 3rd season was where he came alive in the playoffs.  (Rozier is on his 3rd year, look back at his numbers).


Rozier had a triple double in his first NBA start, that may have been a sign, some may have seen as a fluke. Brad Stevens didn’t seem too worry with Kyrie latest injury, he seem to have been prepare with an insurance policy that came with the Terry Rozier premium.  The postseason is where players are made or broken? Where players earn their statuses for years to come? Vintage Rondo, Father time/Wade, Manu Ginobili.

Harden and Rozier ability to score when the stage is big could be what draws them closer in comparison.  Put the numbers aside and you can find the similarity in their situations.  Could it have been guaranteed that Harden would have become as dominant alongside Westbrook and Durant? Have we seen what Rozier is fully capable off?

Right now Terry Rozier is no James Harden. Should teams start throwing money bags at him, that’s above my pay grade.  No team is going to sit a Kyrie Irving for a Terry Rozier.  But not all teams have a Kyrie or a Harden.  If Rozier talent is truly there, he shouldn’t let it go to waste being a backup.  Teams in the NBA are always looking to build a solid foundation.  It worked out well for Houston.

Do you think Terry Rozier the next James Harden??

(Side note: Bledsoe comments regarding not knowing who Rozier is.  Any player that hits a clutch shot, has a great game against you or is between you and the next round? You know who he is. If Jrue Holiday remembers how hard Rajon Rondo plays in the playoffs from a series years ago, am sure Bledsoe remembers put him on wheels than a week ago) #BledsoeSalty