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10 Best LeBron James Performances as a Cavalier

10 Best LeBron James Performances as a Cavalier

Note: Although LeBron has Cleveland……again we can’t deny he’s had a lot of amazing performances that

  1. On November 8th, 2017  against the Washington Wizards, LeBron James was extra special scoring 57 points on 68% shooting, grabbed 11 rebounds, dished out 7 assists and had 17 4th quarter points to make sure no comeback was made by the Wizards. Wuntitled
  2. Late in March against the 2018 Toronto Raptors, King James finished the game with 35 points (14 in the 4th Q), 7 rebs and 17 assists while shooting 58%. This amazing all around performance was enough to win by 3. Wmerlin_137658237_947a5e5b-8924-4a5f-9b15-8dfa527da1b6-articleLarge
  3. Back in 2010 against Carmelo Anthony’s Nuggets, LeBron scored 45 points including 23 in the 4th Q and OT, gobbled 13 rebounds and dished out 15 assists. Despite all that Camelo hit the game winner on LeBron and gave DEN the win. L lebron-look.jpg
  4. At Madison Square Garden in 2009, Mr. James delivered the Cavs the win scoring 52 (13 in the 4th Q), collected 9 rebs, assisted on 11 shots and made several clutch buckets. WCleveland+Cavaliers+v+New+York+Knicks+ZIJqSQLt-uMx
  5. Against the defending champions Golden State Warriors at Oakland, LeBron James against all odds kept it close prior to the Jr Smith incident by dropping  a Finals career high of 51 points (15 in the 4th Q and OT), gobbled 8 rebounds and dished out 8 asts. GS took over in overtime and won Game one. L 01nbalive-charge-superJumbo
  6. After winning Game 1 at Toronto, King James upped his Game 1 performance by dropping 43 points on 19/28 shooting, grabbed 8 rebounds and assisted on 14 shots.  W i
  7. Facing off against future teammate Dwyane Wade and the 06 Heat, James was extraordinary at home scoring 47 points (18 in the 4th Q) on 64% shooting, grabbed 12 rebounds and 9 assists. untitled.png
  8. At Memphis in 2008, LBJ took over the 4th Q and OT scoring 25 points then, 51 total, gobbled 8 rebounds and dished out 9 assists while shooting 64%. W Cleveland Cavaliers v Memphis Grizzlies
  9. During an overtime win against the Minnesota Timberwolves, LeBron James had a triple dub of 37 points, 10 rebs and  15 asts. Not only did he hit several clutch shots, but also hit the game winner on Jimmy Butler. wolves-lose-to-cavaliers001.jpg
  10. At Oracle Arena against the 73-9 Warriors without Draymond Green a very important player, the Cavs were down 3-1 so LeBron James needed to play exceptional. Not only did he drop 41 points, he also  grabbed 16 rebs and assisted on 7 shots. This helped the Cavs majorly in their 15 point victory. W Cleveland Cavaliers v Golden State Warriors

Sonics/Thunders: Greatest Point Guard?

Sonics/Thunders: Greatest Point Guard?

By Kevin Bertalotto, Published February 26th, 2018

At age 29 Westbrook can already make a great case as the Sonics/Thunder’s best point guard in franchise history.  First let’s compare each stats, both, basic and advanced stats, then conclude.


Gary Payton at age 29 averaged 7 less Ppg at 15.9 to Russ’s 22.9, although Gary averaged 5 less shots attempts per game and shot better 48% to Westbrook’s 44%. Overall in his Sonics career Gary averaged 18.2 Ppg on .469% shooting. Payton’s career high was 24 on 45%. Russ who has 2 scoring titles had a career high of 31.6ppg on 42%. When he was 29 The Glove had an offensive rating of 112 to Russ’s 109. For offensive win shares at age 29, Russ leads 55.1 to Gary’s 43.

Rebounds and Assists

When it comes to rebounds average at 29, Russ leads that too 6.5 to Gary’s 3.5 but in his Sonics career The Glove grabbed 4.2rpg. His career high was 6.5 to Russ’s 10.7. Gary Payton through his first 10 seasons averaged 6.7 assists per game vs Russ’s 8.1. Career wise The Glove did averaged 7.4 assists per game. Their career highs in apg are 9 and 10.4 which Russ is averaging for the third time and not to mention Russ is likely to lead the league in asts. Mr. Payton averaged more steals with 2.3 and less tovs at 2.4 compared to Westbrook’s 1.7 stls per game and 4 tovs a game.

Advanced Stats

At age 29 Gary and Westbrook both had a defensive rating of 105. Same age, Russ has a higher Value over Replacement Player of 54.1 to Gary’s 32.4. Gary’s highest of that stat was 7.6 vs Russ’s 12.6 last year. For win shares through age 29 Westbrook leads 87.3 to Gary’s 73.1. However, in his Sonics career Gary has a 126.7 win shares. By age 29 Russ for his career has a 23.9 PER vs Gary’s 18.5. Even for his career as a Sonic Gary has a lower PER than Russ at 20.1.


During his Sonics career Gary Payton won Defensive Player of the Year, was a 9x All Star, All NBA 9x, All NBA Defensive team 9x, and steals leader once. So far Russell has 2 scoring titles, 1x Most Valuable Player, 7x All NBA, No shocker Russ by 44 points has already passed Gary in total playoff pts in 67 less games.


So who do you think is the Sonics/Thunders best point guard? Russell Westbrook or Gary Payton? In the regular season and crunch time in the playoffs I’ll take Russell Westbrook.


#Tbt Best Performances On Opening Night since 1984

Best Performances On Opening Night Since 1984!!

by Kevin Bertalotto, published February 22, 2018

Note: I’m not ranking the performances rather just reminding y’all  of these forgotten yet amazing games by these stars. Enjoy!

  • Vs the Cavaliers in 1989 Michael Jordan scored 54 pts, grabbed 14 rebs , dished out 6 asts and stole the ball 3x. W
  • Anthony Davis vs DEN in 2016 had 50 pts, gobbled 15 rebs, assisted on 5 shots, stole the ball 5x and blocked 5 shots. L
  • At home vs the Clippers in 92, Charles Barkley had 37 pts, 21 rebs, 8 asts shooting 11/16. W
  • On the road against the Kansas City Kings, Kiki Vandeweghe scored 47 pts on 19/23 shooting. W
  • Against the championship team, Miami Heat, rookie Michael Carter Williams had 22 pts, 7 rebs, 12 asts and 9 stls on 60% shooting! W
  • In his first game as a Houston Rocket, James Harden scored 37 points, grabbed 6 rebs and dished out 12 asts along with 4 stls. W
  • In 1989 vs Denver, Karl Malone finished the game with 40 pts, 16 rebs and dished out 5 asts all on 18/25 shooting. W
  • Michael Jordan at Madison Square Garden had 50 pts, 6 rebs and 4 stls. W
  • In 1990 Charles Barkley at Chicago scored 37 pts, collected 10 rebs and dished out 5 asts while shooting 15/21. W
  • At home vs the Orlando Magic Anthony Davis finished the game with 26 pts, 17 rebs, AND blocked 9 shots. W
  • In a loss to the freakin Lakers, James Harden had 34, 7 and 17. L
  • At Denver the man himself Tim Hardaway had 32 5 and 18 asts. W
  • Klay Thompson vs the Lakers in 2013 scored 38 pts shooting 15/19. W
  • Against the Houston Rockets Monta Ellis finished the game with 46 pts on 18/24 shooting. W