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Yankees Vs Mets: Hello Jacob DeGrom!

                Jacob DeGrom is 4-0 while the Mets are 27-32 on a 6 game losing streak.  DeGrom, 29 year old, 98 strikeouts on the season, plain and simple should not let his season go to waste.  A move to the Yankees should not be hard at all for either side, is like a block away for DeGrom.  The Yankees are in need of quality pitchers.  Luis Severino has been great leading the team in wins (9) and strikeouts (102) but he can’t do it alone.  DeGrom to the Yankees should be a higher priority than Bryce Harper.  Read More.


Weather Vs Baseball: Yankees Vs Tigers

The Weather in Detroit, MI 68 Fahrenheit Degrees as the 1st game of the Yankees – Tigers double header is about to kick off.  Luis Severino and Drew VerHagen will be the starting pitchers for each team.  According to the weather it should be sunny enough for baseball today, which at least for the Yankees it hasn’t been that way.  Read More.

imageYankees vs Orioles is revenge time with a dose of Manny Machado recruitment!

35 wins and 17 losses have the Yankees sitting comfortably in the 2nd spot of the American League.  Even through ups and downs they ended it up having a pretty good month that included winning series against the Red Sox and the Astros.  The last game of the month is against the Orioles, who beat out the Yankees earlier in the season.  This is a chance of revenge for the Yankees, they have the momentum, batting power and a semi descent pitching line up for the next 4 games.  Read More.

usa_today_10753453.0Austin, Andujar & Romine homer Vs Royals to win the Series 2-1!!

Tyler Austin got 2 out of 4 Homers in Sunday’s game vs the Royals to finish out the series 2-1.  The New York Yankees get their 30th win and get on another 2 win streak track while keeping the best record in the American league, percentage wise.  Still a tight race against the Red Sox who are the other juggernaut team in the American League

Jake+Junis+ntYcEaF7PoNmWishful thinking Sunny Days Yankees vs Royals

If you play fantasy baseball and you happen to have Stanton & Judge your team, like me, it was a rough couple of days.  Suspended and postpone was the conclusion of the Yankees-Nationals series.  Oh you Mother Nature with your fresh rain and environment loving self.  The Yankees and Nationals will play again June 18th, so both teams move on to the next opponent.  For the Nationals will be the Dodgers and for the Yankees the Royals.

harperjudgeBurn Day is Over Back to Work: Yankees Visit Nationals

Burn day is over and now back to work.  The New York Yankees are coming off playing the last 9 games at home where they only loss 2 games.  The next 8 games are all on the road starting out the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals are a good team, fighting in a tight race in the National League against 9 other teams separated by 2-3 wins and losses.  Read More.

imageRed Sox vs Yankees: Round 2

The Boston Red Sox record of 25-9 is the best in American League.  The New York Yankees are 2nd, one game behind, with a record 24-10.  Both the Red Sox and Yankees have better records than the whole National League.  In other words we are truly getting the best of baseball (at this moment) this upcoming week.  Read More.

untitledYankees comeback, Chapman saves, 3 makes a streak

Up by 2 coming in to 9th inning the Astros almost had it in the bag, but the Yankees had other plans in mind.  No homers, just hits and the Yankees get the 3rd win in the 4 game series against the defending champs.  Is surprising when the Yankees don’t knock it out of the park, when in theory, they could be on pace to match the season home run record.  Today, that wasn’t the case, Carlos Correa hit his 5th of the season and only home run of the season.  Read More.

giancarloGiancarlo Earns His Paycheck

Last night vs the Houston Astros, Giancarlo Stanton earned his weekly check from the Yankees.  Stanton gets his 2nd 2 homer game of the season, the first one being opening day vs Toronto.  New York is now up on the series 2-1 with 1 game left and puts the Yankees only 2 games behind the Boston Red Sox in the American League.

gary-sanchezGary Sanchez is the Yankee teams should really be worried about

Top of the 9th Judge and Gregorius sit on bases.  Stanton strikes out (again), Sanchez vs Giles, Sanchez homers for 8th time this season.  Yankees go up 3 and between Hicks and Andujar they put the cherry on top to end the inning.  Flashback, April 27th Yankees are hosting the Twins, bottom of the 9th, Gregorious and Stanton on base, Sanchez homers to give the Yankees a 4-3 lead and that’s the game folks.

cutNYY 8-8 = Even, Even > Losing

It is not easy losing games.  Even worse when the team you lose to is the same team that you beat the night before and also the team where your biggest offseason acquisition came from.  The Stanton struggles continues.  Tanaka gave up 11 hits and 9 runs.  Another loss.  A LOSS TO MIAMI.  Read More.

merlin_136587468_29b19ee5-5213-49ab-80ea-309e77d773c8-master768Giancarlo Stanton Host Miami

Stanton was the biggest acquisition by the New York Yankees from the Marlins, where he spend the 1st 7 years of his career.  Stanton is on his 1st year with the Yankees and the expectations are high.  Looking at the numbers those expectations are not being met specially with the team record of 7-7 coming in to the week.  Now a valuable wins vs Boston shows how effective he can be on game that counts (have to win rivalry games).  Read More.

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