Let’s Talk NFL Football

879633574-e1511730249249Rule Out For Week 3!! Mixon, Ajayi, Cook, among others

                Its only Friday and NFL team lineups are coming out letting us know who may be playing and who is fully ruled out.  This rulings affect teams and fantasy football players who now have to switch their strategy for the upcoming Sunday games.  Time to hit the wires and find the backups, sleepers or that random guy your uncle who knows a guy told you about. Read more.

Cincinnati-vs-Baltimore-11-27-2016Ravens Vs Bengals!! TNF!! NSS Game Preview!!

AFC North Showdown. Ravens. Bengals. Thursday Night. Still no Le’Veon Bell. Week 1 wins for Bengals and Ravens and a tied for the Steelers, makes the AFC North the topic of the week. Both teams coming off wins, but neither win really define who the team are and where they’ll go. The only certain that there is that this game will be better than lasts weeks.  Read more.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets

Nonsense Report!! NFL Week 1!! Recap!! Nonsense Talk!!

Week 1 is done.  Football is officially back.  Week 2 is coming faster than midterms and exams on the 2nd day of a philosophical mathematics class.  A lot of happenings.  Writer note: this were some of my observation during the game and some of the things that were going through my mind regarding every game of week 1.  Enjoy the long read.  SAM DARNOLD got them Jets on.  Read More.

mattryan1Matt Ryan Contract Extension!! Breaking News!! Worth It??

Matt Ryan has just been extended through the 2023 football season with a whopping new 5yr/$50 million contract extension that will make him the NFL’s first $30mill/yr player. And did I mention the contract pays him $100 million in GUARANTEED money?!? While some see this as a necessity to secure your franchise quarterback, the question remains, “Is Matt Ryan worth $100 million dollars?” Read More.

saquon18 NFL Draft Top 10 Predictions

The NFL draft goes on for what it feels to be weeks even though is only a couple days.  Many teams are going to be making moves to see if they can improve from last year.  Other teams want to improve 2-3 years from now (you know who you are).  With the upcoming draft in a couple days let’s take a look at some possibilities (assuming that no trades happen):

chubbnelsonbarkleyfitzpatrickNonsense Sports 2018 NFL Draft Prediction with Ryan & Francis

We are almost at the NFL Draft, teams are bound to go wild trying to make a better for their franchise while avoiding bust players.  Ryan & Francis (the guys from the Youtube Channel!!) make their pics: Check it out!! Read More.

  • Chicago Bears!! Biggest Surprise Team!! Allen Robinson!! Trubisky!! Howard!! Cohen!! NSS Video!!



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