NFL is Fantasy Football!!

mattryan1Matt Ryan Contract Extension!! Breaking News!! Worth It??

Matt Ryan has just been extended through the 2023 football season with a whopping new 5yr/$50 million contract extension that will make him the NFL’s first $30mill/yr player. And did I mention the contract pays him $100 million in GUARANTEED money?!? While some see this as a necessity to secure your franchise quarterback, the question remains, “Is Matt Ryan worth $100 million dollars?” Read More.


saquon18 NFL Draft Top 10 Predictions

The NFL draft goes on for what it feels to be weeks even though is only a couple days.  Many teams are going to be making moves to see if they can improve from last year.  Other teams want to improve 2-3 years from now (you know who you are).  With the upcoming draft in a couple days let’s take a look at some possibilities (assuming that no trades happen):


chubbnelsonbarkleyfitzpatrickNonsense Sports 2018 NFL Draft Prediction with Ryan & Francis

We are almost at the NFL Draft, teams are bound to go wild trying to make a better for their franchise while avoiding bust players.  Ryan & Francis (the guys from the Youtube Channel!!) make their pics: Check it out!! Read More.


  • Chicago Bears!! Biggest Surprise Team!! Allen Robinson!! Trubisky!! Howard!! Cohen!! NSS Video!!



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