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10629697 ISO: Kyrie Irving Vs James Harden: Nonsense or Nonsense? Who Is The Better ISO Player?

untitledNBA Finals: Winning doesn’t make the Warriors fun to watch, they suck! Why is LeBron James so relax?

The Warriors have not played to their full capability and yea they are winning, but it suck to watch them.  Wins are wins but they haven’t really being fun to watch.  For the Cavalier game 1 it was tough loss due to miss free throw and a “shaqtin-a-fool” play; Game 2, Steph Curry was on fire and just couldn’t be stopped; Game 3, the Cavaliers didn’t take advantage of a struggling Curry and let Kevin Durant do whatever he want it. The Cavaliers are 0-3 in the NBA finals and LEBRON JAMES IS WAY TOO RELAX. Read More.

untitledJR Smith: The Morning After

JR Smith could have been the hero of game 1, but instead he’ll be known for blown it.  JR Smith did another JR Smith thing, and after is all set and done we should not be surprise, is JR SMITH.  JR SMITH WILL DO JR SMITH THINGS.  Today is the morning after, the memes, the GIFs, the critics, the newspapers and all sports related talk will be about him.  Also is not like his post-game interview helps his case.

20180525_112129Who should win defensive player of the Year?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock I am sure you’re aware Sixers All Star center Joel Embiid, Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz, and Superstar Anthony Davis of the Pelicans are the 3 finalists of this award. Who deserves it the most? After reading this the answer will be clear.


960x0Cavaliers & Celtics Meet Again!! NBA Playoffs!!

Is official!! The NBA eastern conference finals have officially begun, the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers clash again. Game 1 is already on the books, a dominant win by the Celtics but LeBron James and the Cavaliers should not be written off.

westbrookReaction to the “Westbrook Effect”

Do you have any idea how misleading that is? First of all, Harden was traded away from Kevin Durant as well. Dion, Ibaka, Reggie Jackson went away from KD as well, let’s not ignore that. Also, OBVIOUSLY 90% of them will have better stats on their new team since their usage rate, minutes played, and role changed. Read More.

untitledShould we be preparing for another Cavaliers vs Warriors Finals??

The Cleveland Cavaliers stole a home game from the Toronto Raptors.  The Golden State Warriors got their true leader, Steph Curry, back and got a 2-0 lead on the Pelicans.  So much for the Raptors playing for a different result against LeBron, even before half they seemed to have already been breaking down.  Even though it was only 1 game with Toronto’s playoff history the doors start closing fairly quickly.  Read More

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russell-westbrook-mvp-thunder-okc(To Or Not To) Blame Russell Westbrook

By Kevin Bertalotto.  March 9th, 2018. Don’t just blame Russell Westbrook.

During the Houston Rockets Vs the Oklahoma City Thunder game a few days ago on TNT, they showed us this stat that OKC is 14-2 when Westbrook takes less than 17 shots and 26-27 when he shoots more than 17 shots. This has caused fans to make the claim that losing record is his fault. We’re going to take a look at the 27 losses OKC has had when Russ takes 17+ shots and see if he really is to blame. Read More.


usa_today_10546489_0Utah Jazz: Cinderella Story in the Making??

The Utah Jazz will be battling the Indiana Pacers to keep their playoffs hope alive.  The Jazz are 1 game out of the playoff picture with a record 34-30.  With 18 games left to the season and sitting out looking in no game is an easy one.  Both teams have a lot on the line coming up to this game.  After finally dropping one after going on an 11 game winning streak, the Jazz look to pick up and get on another winning streak, already winners of 3.  Read More.

wcuntitledNBA Nonsense: The Western Conference

The NBA All Star break is just about over and the real race for the playoff will begin (for some teams).  With only about 25 games left for most teams the debate “To Tank or Not to Tank” begins.  So here are some nonsense predictions and expectations for each of the NBA Teams for the final half of the season. Read More.

easternconferenceNBA Nonsense Expectations Eastern Conference

The NBA All Star break is just about over and the real race for the playoff will begin (for some teams).  With only about 25 games left for most teams the debate “To Tank or Not to Tank” begins.  So here are some nonsense predictions and expectations for each of the NBA Teams for the final half of the season.  Read More.

iman-shumpert-crop-top-nyfwThe Shumpert Track

With the 2011 1st round pick, the New York Knicks Draft Iman Shumpert. Fast forward Dec. 25th scores his first buckets in the NBA, finishes the game Vs Boston with 11 Points on 3-13 shooting.  The 6’5 shooting guard was known to be value on the defensive of the lineup.  He could be compare to the likes of Tony Allen.  With career highs 27 Points, 16 rebounds, 9 assist (on different occasions) on the offensive side he really found his strength and pride defensively.  Read More.

Cavaliers at Boston!! Highlights!! Game Recap!!



Blake Griffin to Detroit: Who Wins? Like or Dislike?

27580517_418419595237409_356549153913831424_n (002)About 48 hours ago Blake Griffin alongside Brice Johnson and Willie Reed were officially traded to the Detroit Pistons, in exchanged for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic along with a first and second round draft picks. Obviously, the big name in the trade is Blake Griffin, who spent his first 7 years in the league being the face of the Clippers’ organization.  From the looks of it he already has the approval Pistons’ star Andre Drummond who tweeted “No longer a foe, now a true friend of the crown. Welcome to Detroit @Blake Griffin”.Read More

Team Of The Month: Cleveland Cavaliers


This month team that will be following is the Cleveland Cavaliers, for the next 13 games starting with Orlando we will be covering everything that happens with Lebron James, Isaiah Thomas, Dwayne Wade and the rest of the Cavaliers team. Follow us in our journey to keep up with the team scheduled, game scores, trades, suspensions and player/team milestones. Read More

Gregg-Popovich-Erik-SpoelstraNSS Weekly Topic: NBA Coach Of The Year!! – February 1st, 2018

Watson Rowe – When we’re talking about Coach of the Year candidates one of the first names that pops up is always Gregg Popovich.  Kevin Bertalotto – Despite losing shooting guard Dion Waiters for the rest of the season, the Heat have managed to maintain a top 4 seeding in the Eastern Conference, sitting just a few wins behind the Cleveland Cavaliers in standings. Read More

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