Yankees Opening Day!! Nah, We Still On Corona(virus) Time, So… Safety Than Fun…

Yankees Opening Day!! Nah, We Still On Corona(virus) Time, So… Safety Than Fun…

                What should have been a day full of baseball parks new attractions and weird ballpark foods, it is actually another #quarantineandchill aka Staycation aka “somebody please find a cure because I miss sports and I don’t want to watch Grey’s Anatomy” day.  This time last year, I was watching the Yankees on Amazon Prime MLB Extra Innings Free Trial, it was a good day.  Today, it looks like some more Netflix, a couple laps around the house for the kids and maybe a tik tok video.  Let’s say that I miss sports and I want to watch the Yankees, so Let’s talk some Yankees Nonsense.

                Opening day may not be today for the Yankees, but it still a good day.  You must turn positives into negatives in all situations.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, the Yankees have plenty of injuries that take time to heal and with baseball being postpone means that they may be ready for the future start date whenever that will be.

                Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are the glaring injuries for the Yankees, but now they’ll have more time.  On the mount Luis Severino, is still missing plenty of time, but maybe depending when the season starts and if it will be ending late, he might make a late season appearance.  On the other side, Domingo German who is on suspension, he was probably one player that could have want it to the season to start, his suspension still based on the games played.

                As of right now the number 1 priority not just in sports but also in the world is the health and safety of the people.  With that in mind, we can wait for baseball and just keep hoping that everything gets resolved and people get better.  Sports and entertainment are important but so are the players, the fans and the everybody else in the world.

Thank you for reading, stay safe.

Lakers vs Sixers, Bucks & Clippers!! Lakers Nonsense Preview!!

Lakers vs Sixers, Bucks & Clippers!! Lakers Nonsense Preview!!

                Lakers will play Sixers, Bucks and Clippers this week and before anybody asks the answer is “No” the Lakers have not beaten any of this teams.  Playing any of this teams on a typical week will be a challenge in it itself, playing all 3 in the same week will be a real challenge for the Lakers.  LeBron James and Anthony Davis both missed games last week which cannot be the case this week.  The Lakers’ will have to be at the top of their game.  Let’s talk some Lakers Nonsense.

Vs Sixers

                This game will probably the easiest game for the Lakers due to the Sixers lack of personnel in Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Josh Richardson.  The Lakers’ will benefit from home advantage with their record 21-7 at home while the Sixers are 9-22 away.  The Sixers will need Shake Milton to have another career night to give them a chance.  Realistically that might be too much to ask for a guy who has been averaging 8.8 Ppg this season, but hey if there is time to step up, the time is now.

                The Sixers are 37-24 coming off a loss against the Clippers.  The Sixers are in the middle of a rocky season that began with chemistry issues assumptions and now just injury filled.  Still the Sixers were looked as a contender in the East and with a playoff spot secured, the Sixers could be willing to just tread water till their stars return.  Tobias Harris and Al Horford are the go-to guy for the Sixers but they’ll need perfect games.

                The Lakers’ missed out on sweeping the Grizzlies to put a 2nd beat down in less than a week on the Pelicans.  The Lakers should have both Anthony Davis and LeBron James on the floor for all 3 games and fired up to get some revenge.

                Aside from the Lakers’ main personnel, this would also be a very important week for Markieff Morris playing his 5th game for the Lakers.  Morris has been averaging 6.8 Ppg on 38.5 3P% shooting and offering some well needed toughness for the Lakers.  Personally, I am still hopeful for Kyle Kuzma and Morris to find success when they are both on the floor without the starters.

Predictions: Lakers win and split the season series against the Sixers.  The Lakers will keep on soaring while the Sixers will keep rolling down.

It should be a fun week for the Lakers.

Thank you for reading.

Yankees Season!! Injuries & 10 Games into Spring Training Nonsense Report!!

Yankees Season!! Injuries & 10 Games into Spring Training Nonsense Report!!

               (03/02/2020) – 10 games in the Yankees are 6-3-1, after the tie against Pittsburg the Yankees won 6 straight games.  But regardless of the Yankees spring training, all the injuries that the Yankees are dealing with are what’s being put out in the news.  The 1st half of the season will be here in no time so let’s talk some Yankees Nonsense:


Luis Severino – Out for the season

James Paxton – Back injury – Expectations between later April – Early May, timetable is unknown.

Aaron Judge – Shoulder injury – being evaluated, hopeful for the start of the season

Giancarlo Stanton – Calf injury – timetable is unknown due to the lack of information of the injury.  Hopeful for the start of the season.

Aaron Hicks – Recent Tommy John Surgery – rehabbing and should be returning some time this season.

Hurt/ not 100%:

Masahiro Tanaka – is still dealing with some issues, while he is pitching, he still very limited therefore expectations and usage for Tanaka will have to adjusted/ manage well to avoid further injuries.

Spring Training:

Miguel Andujar – Has been a bat 13 times and has 1 Home Run for his only RBI so far in spring training.  Andujar progress have been notice in his willing to adapt and be able to play wherever the Yankees are plugging him into whether in the infield or in the outfield.  The Yankees may be looking to use Andujar as rotational player to play put in wherever needed.

Gleyber Torres – Is picking up right where he left in last year offensively.  Expectations for Torres will be high this year and he may have to carry more of the load if or when Stanton and Judge may not be in the lineup. 

Estevan Florial – With 11 chances at bat has being efficient with 1 home run and 3 RBIs coming up when the Yankees need him the most.  Should be a guy the Yankees should look to keep close eye on.

Gerritt Cole – is the Yankees clear Ace and the main job here is to make sure that the Yankees don’t burn him out and have him run out of gas for the playoffs.

J.A. Happ – Has pitched the most innings for the Yankees with 5, in which he has 5 strikeouts and a 1.8 ERA.  Happ’s is looking as fresh as ever, the Yankees will need a great, almost unreal, 1st half of the season from Happ.

Jordan Montgomery – Leads in strikeouts with 7.  Montgomery has been a small light of good news for the Yankees being that he is coming back from injury and showing that he can be a reliable starter for the Yankees.

Adonis Rosa – Got some playing time last season, pitching 2 innings and getting 2 strikeouts.  Rosa should be getting more chances on the plate for the Yankees.

Deivi Garcia – like Rosa, has been a guy with little regular season experience but in a limited sample has shown that he can hold his own on the plate

Notable players that have stood out, that need more playing time.

RP Domingo Acevedo, SP Michael King, SP Luis Medina

Thank you for reading!! Let’s talk some Yankees Nonsense

Who/ what are some Yankees notables??

Yankees 2020 Spring Training Nonsense Report!! #Winning!! Yankees

Yankees 2020 Spring Training Nonsense Report!! #Winning!! Yankees

               MLB Spring Training is rolling!! The New York Yankees have played 3 games and won none of them but are still winning in spring training.  MLB spring training is about moral victories and the Yankees are winning all the moral victories.  3 games in and the Yankees are looking like the juggernaut that they are being projected to be.  As long as they stay healthy they will be a problem once the season starts.  Let’s talk some Yankees Nonsense


JA Happ – looked fantastic in the 2 innings that he pitch ending with 2 strikeouts in his short time.  Happ look fresh and somewhat rejuvenated this season.  Happ ended the season with 12 wins and 140 strikeouts, in a season where he was probably asked more than he could provide, which that should be different this year.  The Yankees have a bit more depth and even with injuries that could limit James Paxton (3-4 Months), Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka, Happ’s role should still be one that he can handle.  Happ will be a key player during the 1st half of the season.

Jul 24, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher J.A. Happ (34) pitches in the first inning against Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Gerritt Cole – Debut went was expected 2 strikeouts in 1 inning and he looks like he is picking up right where he left off last season and that is exactly what the Yankees are needing.  Welcome to New York Cole!!!

–Replacing Dellin Betances—

Adonis Rosas, Domingo Acevedo, Jonathan Loaisiga, Albret Abreu are Luis Cessa are in charge of taking over those innings and they are all looking great.


Welcome Back Miguel Andujar!!!

Yankees Nonsense Conclusion

The Yankees look great so far in the areas that they should.  Injuries are still lagging but they are looking to have the depth to deal with.  So far, the Yankees pitching looks great as the are rotation through as many pitchers as possible.  Batting wise the health Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and the rest of the Bronx Bomber is crucial but with plenty of time till opening day they are looking good.

Thank you for reading!!

What do you think about the Yankees so far??

Fury Dominates Wilder

Tyson Fury dominates Deontay Wilder

I wanna clarify before anything that even though im not the biggest expert of the sport, nor boxing historian but I am a huge fan of the sport and i’ve followed it ever since I was a young kid watching the puertorican legends go against other legends and icons. I have seen a lot of youtube videos on boxing and its historic moments and i have learned as much as I have been able to. I am not exaggerating when I say this. I have NEVER seen a dominant champion get dominated the way Wilder was on saturday night.There is lot to talk about here. But first lets breakdown the fight.

The 7 Round Main Event was the biggest, was the biggest boxing event in since Mayweather vs Mcgregors and the biggest Heavyweight Boxing event in about 2 decades and it wasnt because of nothing. These are the two best heavyweights in the world facing eachother in their prime both with undefeated records at the time and coming off a historic first firght that ended in a draw. History bound to be made.

In Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand, the stage was set. The fight began with the showmanship from both WIlder and Fury. Tyson came in on a throne with a crown and a crown, Deontay came in with a mask and body armor almost like it was the Bronze Bomber in real life. The first round started really close there was only a 3 punch difference. Fury was moving as usual and Wilder was barely missing with his power punches but he was connecting with many of his bombs. Fury won the round with the end sequence in which he got a little combination. In the second round it was Deontay who took the round according to the tv scoreman.

But after the 3rd round it was as if someone flipped a switch in Deontay Wilder. He was a shadow of his former self in that fight ever since he got knocked down the first time. As a person who loves the psychological aspect of things and people, I saw a lot of things in his eyes, legitimate fear of not knowing what to do next, overanalyzing every little detail and yet at the same time it seemed like…nobody was there, like he wasnt there mentally. It was like that right until they threw in the towel. When that heppened, seemingly out of nowhere, he reuturned as if he realized that he could do no more. Now i will further analyze this in a YouTube video I plan on making because it has truly captivated me but I won’t leave you without giving credit to Tyson Fury.

What a magnificent gameplan. From being way heavier than Wilder to clinching to not allowing Wilder to get space. It’s crazy to me how he was able to move the way he usually moves and even with a new trainer. What a fighter. That Was NonSense!

Betts Traded to DODGErs

Mookie is goin Hollywood

I can’t believe this is a real trade got pulled off! Its simply not a trade you see every day. A Franchise star moving just days before spring training begins. But it is indeed happening. Let’s take you back.

It wasn’t that long ago that we first heard rumours of the Sox looking to move Mookie and his huge contract. There was a lot of noice but I figured that the one who was gonna be moved was JD Martinez. Few weeks go by and the Stros sign stealing scandal happens and we heard no news. And then what to me at the moment sealed the deal was when Betts signed a deal to avoid arbitration.

But a couple of days ago the news broke on a huge three team trade that would send the former AL MVP along with David Price to the Dodgers.

Full trade breakdown:

  • DODGERS Receive : Mookie Betts, David Price + cash from BOS
  • RED SOX Receive: Alex Verdugo, Brusdar Graterol
  • TWINS Receive: Kenta Maeda

For the Dodgers, I dont know how they did it, but they are even better than last year, with reigning NL MVP Chris Taylor, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Chris Taylor, and now Mookie to the lineup plus another great arm added to the rotation Next to Buehler and Kershaw it’s looking like one of the Dodgers best deals of all time and it might be the missing piece the Dodgers need to finally win the championship that has eluded them for so long.

Minnesota also walks away a winner. A team that last year showed a lot of improvement and looks like it could be a contender in the next couple of seasons and now adding a much needed arm might make them a team to look out for in the upcoming season.

Now for Boston, there’s not a lot of possitives here for the team, they just lost their star and piece for building the team for years to come. This could be because of the Sign stealing situation, maybe from the Red Sox as a sort of apology or punnisment perhaps. This is a very interesting theory that needs a post all to itself, but it’s crazy timing.

Either way I can’t wait to see how LAD does this season. What do you think? Do LA have enough to win it all? Let Us Know down below. That was NonSense.

Lakers 3-0 Week NSS Report!! 4 Straight Wins, Playoff Clinched!!

Lakers 3-0 Week NSS Report!! 4 Straight Wins, Playoff Clinched!!

                Lakers beat 76ers, Bucks and Clippers in the same week, all for the 1st time this season.  Lakers’ this week also were the 1st team to clinch in the West.  What a week full of nonsense for the Lakers’ who put a silence to all the haters and doubters and fully stepped up to the challenge.  The Laker’s are now 49-13 with 20 games left to their season, let’s review some Laker’s Nonsense.

Lakers Win 120-107 Vs 76ers, Anthony Davis 37 Pts, 13 Reb

                The Lakers’ spoiled a big night by Glenn Robinson III, who put up 25 pts from the bench.  Even short handed they 76ers put up a fight but couldn’t get over a Laker’s team that was on a mission to split the season series.  Unfortunately for the 76ers was a downhill trip while in LA losing to both Clippers and Lakers.  76ers are fighting a hard battle trying to get back into the top 4 in the East, but missing Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons is hard to overcome.

Image result for Anthony davis2832 × 2068

Lakers Win 113-103 Vs Bucks, Top of the East not enough for LeBron’s 37 Pts, 8 Reb, 8 Ast

                If it seems like every night LeBron is flirting with a triple double is because he is.  For a game that had very high expectations from both sides it did not disappoint.  The difference in this game was the big 3rd quarter by the Lakers.  Davis had a consecutive game with 30 pts, got himself 9 Reb and 2 blocks.  The Lakers split the season series vs the Bucks, who are the favorite to win the East.

Image result for lebron james vs giannis antetokounmpo960 × 640

                Maybe to soon or maybe just nonsense but some concern (or whispers) could be forming on the side of the Bucks who had a tough loss vs the Miami Heat.  The Bucks will also be without Giannis Antetokounmpo for the next 2 games at the Suns (Sunday) and Nuggets (Monday March 9t ) due to minor joint capsule sprain his left knee.

Lakers Win vs Clippers 112-103, Davis 3rd game consecutive game with at least 30 Pts

                Lakers’ win 4th straight game by beating the Clippers who were leading the series 2-0 and were undefeated when all their starters play.  This was the most watched game out of all 3 games due to that the Clippers are the Lakers’ biggest threat in the West.  The Clippers stars were hot with Leonard 27 Pts, Paul George 31 Pts and Montrezl Harrell, off the bench, with 20 Pts, but it was the Lakers defense that came up big when they needed the most.

Image result for lebron james vs kawhi 20202048 × 1152

Lakers Winning Factors

  • Consistency of Stars: Lebron James & Anthony Davis
  • Bench Production: Kyle Kuzma, Dwight Howard, Alex Caruso and The Lakers’ bench mob are consistently contributing to the game


  • LeBron’s Minutes.  LeBron led in minutes played vs Bucks with 37 Mins and Clippers with 35 mins, adding 34 Mins against the Sixers.  The Concern is LeBron already in playoff mode and just getting comfortable with playing that many minutes or could he hit a wall at some point in the playoffs and may burn himself out at the most inconvenient of times.

Week Grade – A+

Thank you for reading!!
Let’s talk some Lakers’ Nonsense

Which Win was the biggest for the Lakers??

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