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What’s up NonSense fam? It has been a really long time since my last article here at NonSense Sports. The truth is that there was a lot of stuff that interfered with m activity on the site, my senior year and my focus on my grades to secure a spot in a university, the start of the ongoing pandemic, the transition int online classes and on top of that some personal struggles with anxiety and all that.

But I have come to the conclusion that I need to spend my time in something productive, and what better than to unload my mind here and give y’all some well deserved content as well. So without any further ado, here’s a new series I came up with called: Videogame Scores.

This series is all about giving a reviews to various different sports video games from all kinds of genres. We are gonna be taking a look at baskeball, baseball, wrestling, boxing/mma, fifa and many more.

The series will begin with what im most familiar with, NBA Games.

Every game will be judged on the following: graphics( relative to time ), overall presentation, game modes and bonus content, soundtrack and of course the gameplay. Each part will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10, which would make the perfect score a 50. I hope yall are as excited as I am. That was NonSense.

NBA Report (Some) Training Facilities Are Opening Up!!

NBA Report (Some) Training Facilities Are Opening Up!!

                Training facilities are starting to open up to have workouts for their players.  The positive here is that is a step forward towards resuming the NBA season.  The opening up of the facilities while approve by the NBA also has to satisfy the rules by each city/state.  But is progress.

Teams and (tentative) time frames for reopening:

**Friday – May 8th being the target day that the NBA wants to open**

  • Hawks, Bucks – Planning for week starting on May 11th (or next week)
  • Suns – May 16th at the earliest
  • Lakers & Clippers – Through May 15th
  • Celtics, Rockets – May 18th at the earliest
  • Cavaliers – Opening up Friday as long as approve by NBA and State

Nets, Hornets, Bulls, Mavericks, Pistons, Pacers, Grizzlies, Heat, Knicks, Thunder, Sixers, Raptors, Jazz, Spurs, Wizards – Not opening/ not time frame/ later than NBA Target date

Some guidelines:

  • No more than four players would be permitted at a facility at once
  • No head or assistant coaches could participate
  • No group activities, practices or scrimmages
  • No public health clubs, fitness centers or gyms

While this is progress be aware that are still many teams that are not on board with opening up nor have a plan for a comeback.  Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr had already mentioned that the team is in off season mode already.

Mark Cuban, Mavericks’ owner, said “if we can’t test anyone, I don’t see how it happens” in an email to USA Today. 

Personally, the safety of the players, staff and fans should be the number 1 priority.  As much as I (or we) miss sports, I wouldn’t rush to start it all back up and then deal with a worse situation.  I am in support of all baby steps to get us closer to normality taking all the possible safety precautions.

Thank you for reading, what do you think about NBA making attempts to resume?

More Nonsense question:

  • Is it too soon?
  • When is the conversation on players with (monetary) incentives in their contracts going to start?
  • Will players will be force to play, if they don’t feel like they or their love ones are in unsafe environment?

MLB Baseball Twitter Rumors Reaction!! NSS Report !!

MLB NSS Report!!! Baseball Twitter Rumors Reaction!!

Baseball is on the way back (Maybe)!!! Probably without fans!! Probably Maybe but is a step forward!! (Disclosure: rumors nothing official).  But hey with everything that Dana White is doing to bring back MMA, baseball also needs to show that they are also trying to make a comeback.  So, whether is fake news or not, is nice to see that they are Baseball related news of a return plan.  So, let’s talk some baseball Twitter rumor mill nonsense.

The rumor on Twitter is that on June 10th spring training is going to start or pick up where it left off.  Then on July 1st will be Opening Day 2.0 for baseball!! Teams playing on their home field, located in Arizona or Florida more than likely. 

Here is the tweet that started it all:

                Personally, I will be okay with if this rumor became a fact.  Baseball gets me hype what can I say.  And off course, the good news or just a favorable rumor was “shut down” less than 2 hour later.

Here is the rebuttal tweet:

                The question of who is right, we don’t really know, because this are rumors from the best source of rumors Twitter.  Maybe the more important question is who do YOU (or we) want to be right? I want Trevor to be right but I have to acknowledge what Keithlaw said.  Neither side stated the source of their information, but we’ll see who was right with time.

At the end of the day, MLB or Baseball hasn’t spoken out.  But this is still great fun and we are talking about baseball and that is a win for baseball.

So, whether whoever Twitter fingers is right or not? let us keep talking baseball and enjoy when it comes back.

Thank you for reading!!! Leave a comment!!

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UFC 249 Scheduled for Saturday May 9th!! No Fans!! NSS Reaction Report!!

UFC 249 Scheduled for Saturday May 9th!! No Fans!! NSS Reaction Report!!

                Props and major applause to Dana White for fighting and working hard to bring back sporting events.  White can claim to be the hardest working man in sports in finding a way around the Coronavirus.  The UFC event will be set in Jacksonville, Florida with no fans and the fighters will be tested for Coronavirus.  Is there anything that White can’t do? UFC 249: Ferguson vs Gaethje its happening (Maybe?)

                So far this is the information that we have:

  • VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, FL
  • 12 Bout Card ON PPV
  • Main Event – Lightweight Title Fight – Tony Ferguson Vs Justin Gaethje
    • Bantamweight Title Fight – Henry Cejudo vs Dominick Cruz
  • No Fans!! PPV
    • Side note – Trolls World Tour Movie when to streaming has made over $100 Million
    • White could be counting/hoping on more fans staying home and ordering the fight due social distancing instead of going to bars or watch parties.
    • Not the 1st fight without fans was stage on March 14 in Brazil
  • ESPN – Preliminary fights
  • About 150 people from the company
  • Testing will be mandated.

White right now is fighting the Coronavirus and even though we are a long way from Saturday, and anything could happen, it is exciting.  White seems to have everything cover.

Negative Nonsense!! As states are starting to reopen and relax some of the rules a possibility of a 2nd wave and an increase in numbers of cases and worse case scenarios.  Personally, I can’t hope to think that is bit a rush? How do the fighter feel about it and how have their been keeping up with their training?

White is truly against all odds right now!!

CLEVELAND, OH – JULY 19: UFC President Dana White stands on stage prior to the start of the second day of the Republican National Convention on July 19, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. An estimated 50,000 people are expected in Cleveland, including hundreds of protesters and members of the media. The four-day Republican National Convention kicked off on July 18. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Good luck to White and the UFC and I hope to watch the fight on Saturday

Thank you for reading? What do you think about White finally getting his fight? Is it rush?

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NSS MLB Report: What’s Going On With The MLB? Did we forget about baseball?

What’s Going On With The MLB? Did we forget about baseball?

                What’s going on with the MLB & When is baseball coming back? Also where are the baseball fans? The NBA is officially making steps towards return by trying to open up training facilities and looking into possible venues.  The NFL recently had their virtual draft and is still planning to begin their season on its regular schedule.  Other sports like golf and MMA are planning so when the green light is given it all starts up.  So, what about the MLB?  Opening day was delayed by 2 weeks but that was back on March 26.  Let us talk some baseball and some nonsense.

The Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) has already started their season and have been playing games.  Noted the CPBL have been playing without fans but made up by setting up piped-in crowd noise, mannequin fans and some extremely hyped up broadcasters.  The CPBL has been around since the 1990s and is composed of only 5 teams.  The CPBL does have multiple Dominicans, Americans and Cubans players on their roster.  Even at a small scale its still win for baseball.

Check out some highlights from the CPBL from their twitter account @CPBL:

So, for Major League Baseball the time frame as there will be Baseball in 2020 according to many reports.  Now whether starting out in June, July or later is still uncertain.  Also, the numbers of games that will be play is also uncertain, plans are being made for a 100 game season, but trust MLB will do everything they can to get their 162 games.

I went digging deep into baseball news reports from, and there seem to be a plan.  One possibility that showing how MLB is getting creative with their season and not dwelling on making up missed games is only playing 100 games.   Note this just may be just premature rumors, discussions or just idea, but the positive is that baseball could be returning.

Here is the (or a tentative) plan: 3 division made up of 10 teams that will only play within their division.  Saying goodbye to the American and National Leagues and realigning the divisions based on geography.  The games will still be play without fans but there will be testing for the players to get them out of isolation, allowing them to play the game simultaneously reducing travel.

Here are the 3 Divisions with their Teams:

Along with the new division and team concept change, some of the rules may change to deal with COVID-19.

Some of the new rules are:

  • No mound visits.
  • On-field microphones for TV viewers.
  • Sitting in the stands 6 feet apart, instead of in the player’s dugout.
  • Two seven-inning games in a doubleheader, which would allow closer to a 162-game season.
  • Electronic strike zone, which allow for better social distancing measures.
    • Electronic Strike Zone = Robot Umpires.

Final Thoughts/ Nonsense Thoughts

So, the MLB is trying to make a comeback and while there is no time frame there is a little bit of hope.  The idea of the new divisions and games played mostly based on their geographical location is actual a smart idea, either way is not like teams play every team in the league. 

The “on-field microphones” make me think about the volume of the microphones and the regulations/restrictions and the access to this? I highly doubt that it will be free, but how you determine what to charge to “let people talk” on field (who would pay for this?)  Or it going to be just a big zoom video conference room reacting to the games and the players will be able to see it on the jumbotron.

 Can you imagine if they just put a Ipad on every seat and let the fans just by the seat and the view from that Ipad.  Ps the Ipad will have a great A camera great for zoom in and other great features to add for the greatest of virtual baseball experience.  The NBA already started doing working with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus and Good Daydream.

Lastly, the Electronic Strike Zone, in my opinion, could help MLB avoid some controversy.  There is still too much unknown factors to make a clear a argument or make a clear decision but drastic call for drastic decisions.

At the end of the day, I am just happy that sports are ( or could be) coming back to create more a sense normality.  To everybody, be safe and best wishes.

Thank you for reading? What do to you think about MLB attempts to make a return?

If you got more info on reports MLB return rumors post them in the comment, want to make sure we all stay updated.


Andy Dalton Vs Cam Newton

Andy Dalton Vs Cam Newton

            On April 30th the Cincinnati Bengals released Andy Dalton into Free Agency to join Cam Newton among some other notable players.  Unfortunately, for both Dalton and Newton their past accomplishments are not guaranteeing them a spot on a roster.  Both players came into the league in 2011 and have been overall successful with their former teams.  But yet here we are.  So let’s compare Dalton Vs Newton and then make Nonsense predictions, Let’s Talk Some Nonsense.

 Andy DaltonCam Newton
Total Yards31,59428,041
Rushing TD2258
Awards3x Pro Bowl3x Pro Bowl, 1x All-Pro 1x MVP, 2011 AP Off. RoY, 2015 AP Off. PoY, 2015 Bert Bell Award

            While stats do not tell the full story, it is obvious that both Dalton and Newton have had plenty of success.  The fact that both QBs may have already peaked and on a downward trend is also a factor for their future.  Newton was out of most of last year due to injuries.  For Dalton, while he was on the field, the Bengals started the season on a 0-11 record.

            While it may seem like new news that Dalton is now a free agent, the Bengals already made the 1st step towards their future in drafting Joe Burrow.

The Possibilities


            Newton to the Patriots may be where the odds are at.  With Dalton on the market the Patriots have options to either start or serve as mentor to the young Jarrett Stidham.  In theory, the Patriots (Bill Belichick) don’t need to sign a QB if they are chasing Trevor Lawrence.  Dolphins #TankForTua will translate to Patriots #TankForTrevor

Pick: None.  Though Dalton does have the leverage due to the amount of attention that he doesn’t draw to the team in comparison to Newton.

Dolphins – (All Based on Whether Tua Should or Will Start Year 1 and who will be the best mentor?)

            If Tua starts, there is no need for Dalton or Newton.  Fitzpatrick is a serviceable backup but the aim for the Dolphins is to find the best mentor for Tua to show him the way. Maybe the Dolphins have a plan, drafting Tua was step 1, but is a wrong to have a little bit of concern.

Pick: Dalton.

Detroit Lions

            This may sound like nonsense or maybe is just me, but are the expectations for the Matthew Stafford and the Lions extremely low? Starting from 2011 the Lions the Lions have had 3 playoff appearances all of them losing in the Wild Card game; in the 9 year expand only 4 winning seasons; 2 of those losing seasons winning less than 4 games.  So my question here why aren’t the Lions attempting to rebuild or trying something new, since whatever they are doing it is obviously not working.

Lions could look to take a page out of the Titans and signed Dalton/ Newton as a backup and hope for the best.

Pick: Newton.

Nonsense Predictions

Feb 3, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; New England Patriots former player Ty Law before Super Bowl LIII against the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Newton – Somehow ends on the Chicago Bears roster and has the comeback season he deserves.

2nd Choice – The New York Jets need to have a backup for Sam Darnold.  Newton could feed off that New York energy. Maybe?

What Andy Dalton's release from Bengals means for Patriots, Cam ...1920 × 1080

Dalton – Redskins are starting Dwayne Haskins Jr, who they seem to have an odd relationship with.  Alex Smith, who is on depth chart should not be expected to play at a high level.  Rivera could try and get by with Dalton as a backup plan for Haskins.


Thank you for reading? Where do you think Dalton and Newton will land?

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Cam Newton!! What’s Next? Back Up, Starter, Free Agent?

What’s Next for Cam Newton, will he be a starter, back up or remain a free agent. Which team could or should take a chance on Newton Patriots? Jaguars? Chargers? Seahawks? Dolphins?

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