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Deandre-AytonThe Phoenix Suns Select… DeAndre Ayton??

The Phoenix Suns will have the number 1 draft pick in the NBA in 2018.  Ryan Conlin, our Phoenix Suns fan and expert, tells us why the only right choice is Ayton.  Also rumors that Karl Anthony Towns is not happy with the Minnesota Timberwolves organization, could that open up some doors for the Suns? it has been noted that Devin Booker and Karl Anthony Towns have good chemistry.

So why can’t we pay them (players)?

Written By Watson Rowe. March 14th, 2018.

Recently, the basketball world was once again awoken to scandal: player incentives.

This age old battle stretches back decades but has this never ending controversy finally reached it’s climax? Is there now sufficient evidence to support a player pay for play set up in the NCAA? I believe so.  Read More.



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