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Green Bay Packers Nonsense Preview!!

NBA Summer League: Players to Watch

NBA Summer League: Players to Watch

  • Grayson Allen –  14.1  Ppg, 3.2 Rbs, 3 Ast.  43%,  38% on 3s.USATSI_10627843

  • Allonzo Trier – 16.8 Ppg, 3.7 Rbs, 2.4 Ast.  47.9 %, 37.8 on3. arizonas-allonzo-trier_f8wmox5nc1j41hvobsufy2xvs

  • Collin Sexton – 19.2 Ppg, 3.8 Rbs, 3.6 Ast.  44.7 %, 33.6 on 3.

    Cleveland Cavaliers Introduce Collin Sexton

  • Angel Delgado – 12.1 Ppg, 11 Rbs, 1.7 Ast.  53.8%. angel_delgado


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Sixth Man of The Year Award!!

Who should win the 2017-2018 NBA Sixth Man of the Year award?


Eric Gordon Lou Williams Fred Vanvleet

6/14.1 = 42.8%

3.1/8.7 on 3s = 36%

2.8/3.5 FT = 80.9%

True shooting %= 57.8


7.4/16.9 = 43.5%

2.4/6.6 on 3s = 35.9%

5.5 / 6.2 FT = 88%

True shooting % = 57.4


3/6.5 = 46.7

1.4/3.4 = 41.9%

1.1/1.3 FT = 83.2$

True shooting % = 55.6%

Comments: Itis pretty clear that Lou Williams is the best scorer of the  3.


Eric Gordon


Lou Williams Fred Vanvleet
157/403 catch and shoot = 39%


154/398 catch and shoot 3s = 38.7%


73/238 on pull up Js = 30.7%


61/200 on pull up 3s = 30.5%


5.1 drive ppg on 53.8%

101/243 catch and shoot = 41.6%


90/227 on catch and shoot 3s = 39.6%


230/581 on pull up Js = 39.6%


95/267 on pull up 3s = 35.6%


6.8 drive ppg on 45%

82/187 catch and shoot = 43.9%


81/182 catch and shoot 3s = 44.5%


33/101 on pull up Js = 32.7%


27/76 on pull up 3s = 35.5%


2.6 drive ppg on 42.2%

Comments: Once again it is quite obvious Lou Williams gets the edge in this category.


Eric Gordon Lou Williams Fred VanVleet
2.5 rpg

2.1 uncontested rebs

0.4 contested rebs



2.0 uncontested rebs

0.5 contested rebs


2.0 uncontested rebs

0.4 contested rebs

Comments: It’s VERY close, Lou only averaged .1 more contested rebounds but still higher, he has the edge once again.


Eric Gordon Lou Williams Fred VanVleet
2.2 apg

4.1 potential apg

1.18 ast/tov ratio

24.4% usage rate

40.2 touches

2.5 secs per touch


5.3 apg

8.4 potential apg

1.78 ast/tov ratio

29.2% usage rate

65.5 touches per game

3.98 secs per touch

3.2 apg

6.4 potential apg

3.28 ast/tov ratio

19.4% usage rate

39.9 touches per game

4.39 secs per touch

Thoughts: I would say Fred is the better playmaker if he played more mins or had a bigger role like Lou does, having said that Eric is no playmaker especially playing with Harden and Chris Paul so yet again Lou Williams wins another category.


Eric Gordon Lou Williams Fred VanVleet
HOU 115.7ORTG on court

HOU 108 ORTG off court HOU 102.6DRTG oncourt

HOU 105.2DRTG off court

18-2 when shooting 35% or worse

20-10 as a starter



11-2 without EG playing

LAC 110.6ORTG on court

LAC 101.7ORTG on bench

LAC   110 DRTG on court

LAC 103.1DRTG on bench


9-12 when shooting 35% or worse


11-11 as a starter


0-3 without Lou playing

TOR 112O RTG on court

TOR 110.4ORTG on bench

TOR 99.9 DRTG on court

TOR 105.5 DRTG on bench


19-10 when shooting 35% or worse


4-2 without Fred

Thoughts: As you can see the Rockets were nearly 13-0 without Eric, had a winning record despite him having an off night. The Raptors also had a winning record without Fred and 19-10 is a pretty legit record with your sixth man struggling to shoot.

CLUTCH (last 5 mins game within 5)

Eric Gordon Lou Williams Fred VanVleet-109
17 points

4/17 = .23%

3/11 on 3s = .27%

4 rebs

3 asts

5 tovs

88 points

28/69 = 40.5%

7/27 on 3s = 25.9%

13 rebs

11 asts

9 tovs

30 points

8/24 = 33%

6/17 on 3s = 35%

9 rebs

5 asts

4 tov

Thoughts: Yes Eric Gordon and Fred didn’t get as many opportunities to make clutch buckets being the 3rd option we can’t fault Lou for that. Again, it is quite clear Lou won this category.


I don’t know about you but I think it’s quite clear who should win the award and that is Lou Williams who many thought shoulda been an all star since Jimmy Butler chose to sit out the ASG for rest, NOBODY said Fred or Eric should have made it.

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2-0 is not end game for LeBron & The Cavaliers. Is far from over.

Another win by the Boston Celtics over the Cavaliers making it a 2-0 series in a best of 7.  Honestly aside from LeBron James and Kevin Love the Cavs are really hard to watch, especially Tristan Thompson-Kardashian and JR Smith.  Boston looks so good and somehow the talks are more about next year “trading Tatum-Brown for Kwahi” or “Kyrie-Hayward for Kwahi” then how good this team is right now.  How interesting is it that Brad Stevens didn’t get any votes despite the team success.

2 games down and the celebrations, the memes, the conclusions and all the nonsense of the NBA playoffs are coming to live.  The “LeBron haters” bandwagon has to either be at full capacity or at least looking into upgrading to a greyhound bus.  The NBA playoffs are fun to watch and they are even more appealing when one of the greats (LeBron James) is losing.  People are more surprised, intrigued and involved in the Celtics-Cavaliers than the Rockets-Warriors.

The Celtics are playing great right now, but truly won’t know that until they win the fourth game. At no point in time can they let their guard down.  Game 1 a 25 point victory, game 2 a 13 point victory, both victories at home.  The Celtics have not lost at home this post-season, also they have only won 1 game outside of their home.  They have been deadly at home, taking full advantage and adding to the argument on how important it is to have home court.

Game 1 the Cavaliers looked lost, like they didn’t want to be there at all.  Game 2 looked a little better like they started to get it going (for about 2 quarters) and then went back to just kicking back.  The 2 performances from the Cavaliers is exactly what they have been doing all season.  LeBron putting up great or even amazing numbers and the team is still ending with a loss is nothing new, it has been happening all season.

Should the Cavaliers be worried? Yes, you are down 2-0. Is true that the Celtics are 37-0 all time in series when they lead the series 2-0.  So should the Celtics still be worried? Yes.  They are going to Cleveland to play a pair of games, which could even the series up (just like it happen with the Bucks series).  The Celtics have struggled winning on the road this post season.  Have we forgotten about the Bucks series that went to 7 games, last game played in Boston, hopefully not?  The series vs the Bucks showed the Celtics true colors and how dependent they are on home court.

While the Celtics have only won 1 game away from home, the Cavaliers have won 3, now why does this even matter? Because if we follow the pattern and Celtics don’t win at home then is 2-2 series going back to the Celtics (like with the Bucks).  Game 5, will be decisive, if the Celtics can’t get the win then we look at a game 6 on the road down 3-2.  Best case scenario for the Celtics is for them to close it out the next 2 games because if they don’t win on the road they could be looking at game 7 Vs LeBron James.

Would you bet against LeBron James on a Game 7?

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Cavaliers & Celtics Meet Again!! NBA Playoffs!!

Cavaliers & Celtics Meet Again!! NBA Playoffs!!

Is official!! The NBA eastern conference finals have officially begun, the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers clash again. Game 1 is already on the books, a dominant win by the Celtics but LeBron James and the Cavaliers should not be written off.

The Celtics wasted no time blasting the Cavaliers with everything they had, completely blindsiding the Cavaliers. Celtics had 4 players score in double digits, led by Jaylen Brown 23 points. Horford score 20, Jayson Tatum score 16 and the self-titled “Best LeBron Defender” score 21 points (while holding LeBron at 15) to add to his case. Credit Brad Stevens and the Celtics players because they are looking like the real deal.

The Cavaliers look terrible, no other ways to describe it, are they worried? No. Did it seem like they gave it all they had? No. Should they be desperate? Maybe. The answer to all the questions would change if they didn’t have LeBron James. If LeBron is not worried about them, they team is not worried about them. Game 1 was a bad loss against a team that started hot and kept it through the game.

Even though it was a 25 point victory, the game in many areas was a lot closer. The 3 point battle was clearly won by the Celtics with 11, the Cavs when 4-26, they average 11.5 Vs Toronto. For the game the Cavaliers shot 36%, James led the way shooting 5-16. The turnover battle was won by Cleveland 11-10. Lastly the Cavaliers shot and made more free throws.

Can you count on the Celtics shooting that well. But really it was descent, it was about their average game but you can’t really see that due to how bad Cleveland played. The Celtics are a great home team and wins like this are what are expected at home. The Cavaliers are an up and down team with one of the best players in the roster.

The Celtics should look to replicate Game 1 jump start, while Cleveland will just regroup and build upon the last game because is almost impossible to have a worse game than that. At the end of the day, it was just one game and while it matters is not a series determining game (Cavs Vs Pacers went to 7).

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