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Dez Bryant!! Nonsense Destinations!! He is going to play right?

Dez Bryant!! Nonsense Destinations!! He is going to play right?

                Week 2 of football Dez Bryant is still jobless, twitter trolling full time.  I mean, honestly that’s really the life.  Chilling by the pool **tweet; work out *tweet, eat veggies *tweet about eating veggies; oh look its Sunday Cowboys loss again, tweet about how the Cowboys should eat more veggies.  Dez is going to play, either he’ll get bored and not let his talent go to waste.  Or (more than likely) a team will get desperate enough to throw in the keys to a space shuttle so he can travel daily to his home in the moon.

By the way, maybe Bryant is just taking some time off to recover and try to come back with 100% health and stamina.  While the league has been playing for 5 or 6 weeks.  Dez is smart player and individual, he knows where he can find an edge.

Carolina Panthers (100% Nonsense)

As week 2 begins, looking at the Panthers receiving squad, it seen that there is plenty of room for improvements.  Greg Olsen, Cam’s favorite target, is going to be out for a couple weeks.  Christian McCaffrey keeps making leaps of improvements in his 2nd year in the league.  Devin Funchess, right now is the number 1 wide receiver and clearly has the potential to impress.  At some point in time we have to stop nitpicking on Cam’s run game and realized that he doesn’t have many places to throw too.  ENTER DEZ BRYANT.

The ability for Cam and Dez to make big plays could separate the Panthers from some other teams.  Both of this guys need to make statements and show proof of their success, Dez and Romo highlights are not enough.  Cam’s super bowl loss still lingers in the air.

Chicago Bears (75% Nonsense)

(Note: ignore the fact, that financially this is close to impossible)

Khalil Mack on one side of the ball and Dez Bryant on the other.  Does this move make the Bears championship contenders? Its tips the lever.  Bryant would bring even more attention to the Bears offense, one that right now is relying on a comeback season by Allen Robinson.  Bryant would step in to the number 1 slot, giving Robinson a chance for an actual comeback reason.  The running game with Howard and Cohen is already deadly, but at some time Trubisky will have to play quarterback and throw the ball.

Green Bay Packers (50% Nonsense)

                Aaron Rodgers is looking for a favorite or go to target.  While Jimmy Graham will be trusted in the Red Zone, Rodgers could use more.  Enter Dez Bryant, while yes he will take targets away from Devante Adams but it will also set him for more one-one coverage.  The Packers have some money that they could be willing to use on Dez.  The biggest downfall here is that the Packers won’t be playing the Cowboys.

San Francisco 49ers (25% Nonsense)

                Dez Bryant is younger than Pierre Garcon, healthier than Goodwin and huge target for Jimmy Garoppolo.  The 49ers are trying to break into the playoffs, simple and plain.  They will go as far as Jimmy G can take them.  Can you imagine how much this move would kill the Cowboys “unintentionally”?  Dak and Zeke are already having a rough start, how much worse could that be if Dez signs with the 49ers and is successful?  The locker room featuring Jimmy G, Richard Sherman and Dez it will be glorious.

New England Patriots (0% Nonsense)

This would just be bad for both sides.

Where do you think that Dez Bryant should play??


Surprise!! AJ Green & Dalton All Smiles!! The Morning after Reaction!!

Surprise!! AJ Green & the Bengals!! 2-0!! The Morning after Reaction!!

                Green scores 3 touchdowns before the Ravens get on the scoreboard.  It was a historic night for the Bengals and a statement win over the Ravens.  Joe Flacco did his best Joe Flacco impression throwing 2 interceptions, noted one of them was due a hit as he was throwing.  But still all that hype after demolishing the Bills, it just strengthens the case that it wasn’t a good Ravens team just an extremely bad Bills team.

                If you read (I hope you read) “Ravens Vs Bengals!! TNF!! Game Preview”, I went off on how AJ Green closed out the year last season in the stat sheet.  I just want to point out that Green total of 4 touchdowns is already at half of what he had last year.  By the way, yes I did picked the Ravens to win and I think am happier that they loss.  And not just for the reason that I know have more Flacco puns than before but because… I know have more Flacco puns than before.

                The Bengals came out the gate banging knowing what was at stake, its only week 2 and they don’t want to waste time.  Joe Mixon was more than impressive and Tyler Boyd looks like the perfect fit next to Green.  My favorite part of the game, was the game plan.  Last week bigger weaknesses was a slow start that put them behind, but they came back.  They were able to fix it and continue their momentum.

                The Ravens had no sense of urgency and it seem like they were just relying on the magic from last week.  It wasn’t just over/under thrown passes but the defense couldn’t stop anybody and when they did, there was a flag.  Nothing worked for the Ravens but my biggest confusion was Lamar Jackson coming into the game, making Flacco a wide receiver.  Flacco has a career total of 35 receiver yards, who were they trying to trick.

                Bengals are doing great, 2-0 and leading the division is a good start.  Biggest concern should be to take care of Mixon after he took some big hits from the Ravens.  For the Ravens, CJ Mosley will be missed.  Most importantly asking the question how come the leading rusher, Alex Collins, only has 48 yards and is followed by rookie Jackson with 45.

What did you think about the game?

Ravens Vs Bengals!! TNF!! NSS Game Preview!!

Ravens Vs Bengals!! TNF!! NSS Game Preview!!

AFC North Showdown. Ravens. Bengals. Thursday Night. Still no Le’Veon Bell. Week 1 wins for Bengals and Ravens and a tied for the Steelers, makes the AFC North the topic of the week. Both teams coming off wins, but neither win really define who the team are and where they’ll go. The only certain that there is that this game will be better than lasts weeks.

Joe Flacco is motivated and have been playing with focus and poise that can be seen in elite QBs. Newcomers’ Crabtree, Snead and Brown fill up the lack of quality receivers that the Ravens were missing last year. Flacco shouldn’t be the only walking on thin ice in Baltimore, this team has been trending down since their championship year.

AJ Green ended last season with 1,078 yards and 8 touchdowns, which are great starts coming from your WR1. Green made it to the top 10 in receiving TDs for the 4th time in his career. In 8 years, Green only has 4 playoff games and only 1 TD in the postseason. The Bengals haven’t made the playoffs since 2015 and haven’t been pass the wild card since 1990.

The Steelers are the ones who have dominated the AFC North for the past couple years are starting to have issues. Big Ben, Bell and Brown may all be top picks for any team to have in their franchise but they don’t seem be meshing well in Pittsburg. All those struggles should be lighting a fire under both the Bengals and the Ravens cause it may be the year for them to break into the playoffs.

Nonsense Prediction

  • Ravens take the win
  • Crabtree, Snead & Brown will keep making Flacco look elite.

What are your predictions??


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Nonsense Report!! NFL Week 1!! Recap!! Nonsense Talk!!

Nonsense Report!! NFL Week 1!! Recap!! Nonsense Talk!!

Week 1 is done. Football is officially back. Week 2 is coming faster than midterms and exams on the 2nd day of a philosophical mathematics class. A lot of happenings. Writer note: this were some of my observation during the game and some of the things that were going through my mind regarding every game of week 1. Enjoy the long read. SAM DARNOLD got them Jets on..

Eagles beat Falcons 18-12: Setting the Standards Low

Matt Ryan looked like a prime Joe Flacco, more times than other it seem like he found a way to lose the game than he did to win it. Julio Jones is on the way to becoming the next “Megatron”, Calvin Johnson. Deciding Nonsense!! 1st quarter, 1st & Goal, 2nd & goal, 3rd & Goal, 4th & Goal!! No touchdown. Do the Falcons even practice a goal line formation? QB Sneak? The only thing that needed to happen was for Matt Ryan to receive the ball and fall forward. Nonsense or NonSense!! The only positive that Nick Foles accomplish during the game was to emphasize how much Carson Wentz is needed for this team to be successful.

Nonsense: Falcons cant used “super hangover” as an excuse for this season. Make or break season for the Falcons. Some players, staff and/or coaches could be working on their resumes as early as week 7 of the season.

Broncos 27 – Seahawks 24: Case Keenum & Russell Wilson looked really good and really bad.

Wilson and Keenum put on a show, went back and forth in this game, they combined for 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, like I said good and bad. Running game on both side of the ball was pretty nonexistent, so both QBs were letting it rip, it was a fun game to watch. Keenum did a lot better than expected, Von Miller was a beast and Emmanuel Sanders looked the fantasy steal of the year. On the other side, Wilson looks like he will put up MVP numbers, but unfortunately may not translate to wins.

Nonsense Note: Brandon Marshall’s touchdown surpasses the number of TDs he had last year with the Giants (0). #ComebackYear #ComebackSeason #ComebackKid

Steelers and Browns tied at 21: Am calling it a win for the Browns.

Yes, a tie is not a win and probably worse than a loss. But for the Browns this is a win, like a beacon of hope. In the movie “Bad News Bears” Billy Bob Thornton goes on to say “a tie is like kissing your sister, but the way we’ve been playing, it’s more like kissing a really hot stepsister”. So what if the Bud Light coolers will have to stay locked for another couple more weeks. PS. Am picking the Browns > Jets. Lastly, Browns can’t go 0-16, so they got that going for them. PS James Conner right?

Nonsense Alert: LeVeon Bell pulling a Kawhi Leonard. Smh. Sorry for whoever drafted him in fantasy.

Andrew Luck played a full game vs the Bengals, lose 34-23

Congrats to Andy Dalton and the Bengals on the win, but hold up Andrew Luck had better game after not playing for such long time. {Insert Kanye West Meme here, with Andy Dalton replacing Taylor Swift}. Where is Chuck Pagano?

Delayed after delayed, Dolphins beat Titans 20-27

Welcome back Ryan Tannerhill (**Kanye West comes back and yells again, that Andrew Luck had one of the best comeback games of the year**). Defense was not played in the 4th quarter in which both teams score 17 points, talk about a good day for fantasy. Is nothing new seeing the Titans start the season with some struggles and losing Walker week 1 doesn’t help either. Dolphins looked good even without Davante Parker in the line-up.

Nonsense note: Malcom Butler got an interception, just saying.

49ers vs Vikings & Texans vs Patriots: Big Brother vs Littler Brother. Just a bad matchup.

The 49ers and the Texans are 2 teams that are trending up and are hoping to make noise this year. Even though they both loss, overall there was a lot of positives for both teams. Patriots and Vikings can be said are two of the top teams in the NFL. Both teams put up a fight but at the end of the day it was a big brother vs little brother fight. While the big brother won, he also may have started to realized, that little brother is getting stronger, it was 1 score difference.

Nonsense notes: it was just a bad matchup. 49ers and Texans should bounce back pretty strong, also 2 teams that are extremely fun to watch. Jimmy G is not perfect anymore.

Fitz-magic embarrasses the Saints 48-40

Remember how everybody (myself included) scratch off the Buccs completely specially without Winston. Well, they put up some nonsense. Can they do again next week? Who cares, they blindsided the Saints, and it was awesome. Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas fantasy football numbers were unrealistic.

Nonsense note: before you all lose your head and go all in Fitz-Magic, Buccs play the Eagles next week.

Jaguars suck against the Giants but still get the win.

Bortles and Manning QB rating is sad. The Jaguars organization know that Bortles is not their QB but couldn’t justify firing him last year, so here we are. Jaguars get the win but most importantly probably started hiring some new scouts and agents to find a QB. OBJ got 111 yards on his 1st game back. Say what you want but the Giants look kind of good.

Nonsense note: Barkley 106 yards debut has to be an eye opener. Giants’ only got over 100 yards production out of the backfield twice last year. Barkley is the truth.

Bills may go 0-17, because when you’re tanking, bye week still a loss

Bills 2018 season couldn’t have started better, mission accomplished. Every team at some point in time has to hit the reset button, the Bills are going a step above and beyond they are unplugging everything. Nathan Peterman should not be blame for what is happening there, yes he is not helping his case but he is not fully to blame. Speaking to Nonsense Sports co-host Ryan about the game, he said “Joe Flacco played elite that game, not saying he is elite”, hey dress for the job that you want, Flacco did that. Collins is the brightest spot in the Ravens.

Nonsense note: 98% of the credit for the win should go to the Bills. 2% should go on the Ravens. If anything we should just move on from this game, Ravens shouldn’t get that much credit for winning an impossible to lose game.

Andy Reid’s System or is it the player? Mahomes vs Smith? Déjà vu in the making

Let’s go back to last year week 1 matchup Chiefs vs Patriots, Smith throws 4 touchdowns, Hunt 148 yards on 17 carries, and Hill 133 Yards breaking out for 75 yards. Compare to this year, Mahomes 4 touchdowns, Hun 49 yards on 16 carries, and Hill 169 yards breaking out for 58 yards. So I ask again is it Andy Reid’s system or the players? The numbers are extremely similar, hey and there is nothing wrong with a winning formula. Last year chiefs started 5-0 before coming back down to reality. Teams shouldn’t dwell on the past, the system is working, but can this system win it all for them.

Nonsense note: If you don’t have Tyreek Hill on your fantasy team you’re wrong.

Adrian Peterson is a creation of Doctor Frankenstein

Peterson ended the game with 96 yards rushing and 70 receiving putting the cherry on top with a touchdown. Peterson should be tested for cyborg parts or Iron Man’s nuclear generator power source. Alex Smith debuts with a win, “cool story bro”, remember this moment Week 7/8 of the season. David Johnson, who recently signed a new contract, led the backfield in their 68 yards total with 37. I hate watching the Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald is a monster on leach made off horrible QBs.

Nonsense note: the Redskins look so good you almost forget that most of their players are pretty old and past their primes and won’t be able to keep this production going. Chris Thompson is underrated, making him a steal in fantasy, I drafted him.

Zeke and Dak honey moon is over, Cowboys could be looking at rough times.

Bryant trolling the Cowboys was glorious, but really man go get a job. The Cowboys went all in on Dak and Zeke. After week 1, I wonder if Jerry Jones had some nightmares that show Romo throwing touchdown to Bryant and Witten. Good old days. Regarding the Panthers, I wonder if during the off season Newton’s pitches out a play to the coaches call the Newton special, it goes like this – Newton hikes the ball to Newton, fakes a defender, fakes another one, fakes 14 defenders and the opposing cheerleading squad, Newton looks downfield, he doesn’t see anybody open, he fakes one more defender and finally sees his target, Cam Newton, Newton gives the signal and throws the ball to Newton for the touchdown!!! Newton looks towards the sideline, Coach Newton is proud.

Nonsense note: all jokes aside Cam Newton had 58 rushing yards, that’s more than anybody rushed or received for in the game. PS you’re somewhat killing my fantasy team, there is no CAM NEWTON in team.

Rodgers gave the Packer nation a heart attack and then proceeded to fully revive them. I wonder if Oakland blocked the Bears game so they couldn’t see Khalil Mack.

Gruden destroy the Raiders and gave the Bears all their gold, CHANGE MY MIND. Rodgers is the heart and soul of the Packers, he needs to be protected and wrap in bubble wrap when he is not playing. 2 Sacks is too many sacks. Maybe just me, but I wouldn’t play Rodgers vs Vikings so early in the season, bring him back to play the Redskins, Bills, Lions and 49ers. #HealthyRodgersIsAWinningRodgers

Sam Darnold from pick 6 to 2 Touchdowns!! Jets stumped the Lions!! A lot to very little!! Sam Got The Jets On!!

I won’t lie, I didn’t see this coming. The Jets team ruined Matt Patricia coaching debut and almost sent him back to Bill Belichick for a couple more year and coaching lessons. Overall just speechless.

Nonsense note: the Jets are nonsense.

Raiders looked really good about 2 quarters and minus 3 interceptions!!

The Rams looked sluggish and just not ready against the Raiders. Most importantly Todd Gurley didn’t score the 4 touchdowns that I needed to win week 1 of fantasy football. Whatever Gruden is doing with the Raiders is not pretty and it doesn’t look fun at all. On the positive side, Jared Cook rose to the occasion receiving 181 yards. The Raiders are on full reset mode and I don’t think that it looks pretty. Well good luck.

Well, that’s it!! That’s all the games for week 1!! Week 2 couldn’t come any faster.

Let’s talk some Nonsense!!

What do you guys think was something that was absolute Nonsense Week 1?

Example Julio Jones catch.

Falcons Vs Eagles: The Trials Of Nick Foles Begin!!

Falcons Vs Eagles: The trial Of Nick Foles Begin!!

The Eagles number 1 question after the super bowl win was when is Carson Wentz coming back and what’s going to happen for Nick Foles. Foles, the Super Bowl MVP, a hero in Philadelphia, also the guy who couldn’t score a touchdown in preseason. But come on, nobody will remember that, it’s just preseason and that doesn’t count towards the regular season. The Falcons and Eagles kick off week 1 on Thursday, (fantasy) football is back.

Foles is the clear starter for the Eagles, mostly due to Wentz health status. Wentz is to the Eagles is what the ring is to the Lord of the Rings, “precious”. And like anything you care for, you have to take care of it, so there is a possibility that back up Nate Sudfeld could see the field first. The Eagles have been clear from the beginning Foles was the MVP of the Super Bowl but Wentzylvania is still the future.


The Falcons ended the season 10-6 with a playoff spot ultimately losing to the Eagles in the division matchup 15-10. For the Falcons, it was Foles the men behind the center. Steve Sarkisian, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have a lot to prove for The Falcons a week 1 revenge, would be a good start.

Another concern coming into the season could be the Eagles are looking to deal with their Super Bowl hangover. Wentz being out is already an excuse that can be use if the Eagles have a rocky start. Truly there is no reason for them to jeopardize their future of the franchise. For the Falcons reliving their glory days (season) should be their main focus.

Nonsense Watch!

  • Nick Foles – with all available weapons.
  • Jay Ayayi – As a number 1 back and his role with Nick Foles.
  • Sarkisian Offense – Success or failure, and how it all compares to Mike Shanahan’s run the 49ers.
    • Matt Ryan
    • Julio Jones
    • Freeman and Coleman rotation
  • Congratulations Brent Celek on his retirement

What are your game predictions? Who will you be watching this season?

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