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Vikings Vs Rams: Fantasy Football Gold!! The Dream/Nightmare Game

Vikings Vs Rams: Fantasy Football Gold!! The Dream/Nightmare Game

                Jared Goff 465 Yards, 5 touchdowns translate that in to fantasy football points.  Kirk Coursins 422 yards, 3 touchdowns translate that in to fantasy points.  Kupp 162 yards and 2 touchdowns (sitting in my bench SMH), Cooks 116 yards 1 touchdown, Woods 101 yards 1 touchdown, Gurley 83 yards rushing plus 73 yards receiving 1 touchdown.  Math skills coming in handy.  Vikings counter with Thielen 135 yards 1 touchdowns, Diggs 123 yards, Robinson with 2 touchdowns.  Talk about filling up the stat lines.

                Goff was the man for the Rams, who are now 4-0 and have scored over 30 points in all those wins.  The Vikings did a great job containing Gurley under 100 rushing yards and no rushing touchdowns, but Goff found a way for Gurley to inflict damage on the air.  The Rams offense was close to perfect only allowing one sack and having no turnovers.

                Cousins and the Vikings fall to 1-2-1 with the possibility of risking of being at the very bottom of the NFC North.  A lot of concerns for the Vikings through the 1st 4 games and it doesn’t help that week 5 is a matchup vs the Eagles.  Personally, Cooks 98 rushing yards is the leader and still no rushing touchdowns could be a big concern.  The passing game seems to be running smoothly for Cousins but running the ball has a lot to do with controlling the game and the Vikings seem to have that.

                Regarding Cousins 1387 Yards, 10 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and 3 lost fumbles, is there anything to be concern about?

                The Rams dominate but are they super bowl ready??

                Vikings could be looking at the books right about now??


Vikings Vs Rams!! TNF!! NSS Game Preview!!

Vikings Vs Rams!! TNF!! NSS Game Preview!!

First off, we are going to ignore last week’s HOME performance by the Vikings.  Let’s just enjoy the comedic fact that they are four teams with a 1-1-1 record, how many more ties are we going to have this year? I can’t be the only person that hopes that there is tie every week.  Week 4, Vikings vs Rams is about 2 teams that impress last year, got better over the summer, set high expectations and now are just trying to live up to it.

This the perfect opportunity for Kirk Cousins to justified his paycheck, clear and simple.  If Cousins can’t produce the desired results, somebody will start talking about how Case Keenum handle the Rams last year.  In theory, the Vikings are a better team than last year due to the acquisition of Cousins and the return of Dalvin Cook.  Week 4 is up and there is lots of work to put in.

Owning Todd Gurley in fantasy football is like keeping a Blue Eyes White Dragon at the top of your deck at all times.  Gurley makes the team that good.  The Rams have put 30 plus points in all their games.  Given, they faced the Raiders, Cardinals and Chargers this would be their first real test of the season for them.

The Rams have almost the complete balance with 6 passing touchdowns and 4 rushing, all by Gurley (a fantasy cheat code).  The Vikings on the other hand seem to stick to their passing game with no rushing touchdowns.  Dalvin Cook (questionable) leads the team with 78 yards and Latavius Murray follows with 62 yards.

It will be a fun game, in which the defenses will play major factors for each team.  Vikings have only allowed 2 rushing touchdowns.  Talib will be missed by the Rams, ideally Marcus Peters will be back to defend Stephon Diggs.  The Vikings will look to contain Gurley and the Rams will look limit Cousins passing yardage.


Rams win, Vikings doubts will start to creep in.

Vikings need a wakeup call to start improving their ground game.  Dalvin Cook may not be 100% and Latavius Murray needs to be doing more.


Winless Concerns: Texans, Raiders, Cardinals!!

Winless Concerns: Texans, Raiders, Cardinals!!

The NFL is on full force now and for as many undefeated teams they are the same amount of winless team. While is still too early to fully eliminate them from any kind of post season action is not too late for the teams to be able to turn it around. 16 Games in the season and only 12 playoff spots. Texans, Raiders and Cardinals are all winless the question is who truly should be concern?

Houston Texans 0-3, Week 4 Matchup Indianapolis Colts 1-2

Game 1 loss by 7, game 2 by 3, game 3 by 5, Bill O’Brien response was that he needs to do a better job. The Texans’ 0-3 record and O’Brien shouldn’t paint the full picture of this team. The Texans’ are a team in recovery and it could still be assumed that they are not 100% in the health department. Right now, they are playing like fragile team that seems to have wrap themselves in bubble wrap so avoid reopening any recent wounds.

Deshaun Watson is 30 yards from breaking into the top 10 for passing leaders in the league. DeAndre Hopkins is 4 yards himself from breaking into the top 10 for wide receivers. The Texans’ are capable of putting up big numbers they just haven’t turned into wins, just yet. JJ Watt after only playing 8 total games in the past 2 seasons, sits at 3 sacks for the year tied for 3rd place. The Texans have the numbers and are just missing the wins.


0-3 seems concerning but with every game that Watts, Watson, Fuller V and among other guys are healthy for is an overall team win. Getting all those guys for a full season would be great. The return off D’Onta Foreman in week 6 should give this team a boost, a slow start nonetheless but not too concerning. Next 3 games are Colts, Cowboys and Bills, 4th game vs the Jags who recent loss to the Titans could put this team in the middle of the pack with a fighting chance.

Oakland Raiders 0-3, Week 4 Matchup Cleveland Browns 1-1-1

Year 1 of Jon Gruden, based on first impression doesn’t seem like is going to well. The 0-3 record could even be consider minor, more concerning should be the personnel decision and performance. The finance excuse that was used to handle Khalil Mack, should hunt the Raiders organizations for years to come. So let’s compared some numbers going into week 4.

Raiders defense – 3 Sacks, 1 Interception, 1 Force Fumble, No Force Fumbles Recover, No Touchdowns.

Khalil Mack – 4 Sacks (14 Total team sacks), 1 Interception, 1 Touchdown, 3 Force Fumbles, 1 Recover.

Last 2 losses were a 1 point loss to the Broncos on a game winning field goal. 2nd loss to the Dolphins, in a game in which Tannerhill seem to have roam freely throwing for 3 touchdowns and only being sacked once. Am not implying that Mack would have the Raiders’ savior, am just beating a deadhorse that as of right now, the Mack trade was not right. Also probably doesn’t help when you call your QB on being “too aggressive” in reference to the pass to Martavis Bryant that led to interception. Derek Carr did respond that he would do it again.

Nobody can beat you as bad as you can beat yourself. In Gruden’s defense sometimes you have to demolish the whole building to be able to build a strong foundation. Gruden is where he is because he has proven that he has winning football mind and once he builds his ideal team, the system will start rolling and the wins will come.


Marshawn Lynch has scored a touchdown in each of the Raiders game. Lynch has been the biggest bright spot for the Raiders on what could be his last season, according to Marcus Peters. Lynch’s possible good bye tour shouldn’t take away that the Raiders level of concern could really be tipping over. And yes is only Year 1, but 100 Million over 10 years. Tilt proven otherwise, Jon Gruden is PhilJacksoning the Raiders.

Next set of games for the Raiders are against the Browns, Chargers and Seahawks. I’ll take the Baker Mayfield’s Browns over the Raiders.

Arizona Cardinals 0-3, Week 4 Matchup Seattle Seahawks 1-2

The Cardinals could be the worse team with the least upside out of the win current winless team through week 3. Sam Bradford has already being demoted for rookie Josh Rosen, which it actually makes sense and not just due to bad play. So far this year we have seen rookie QBs come out the gate and play like elite players for their 1st win before coming back down to reality. Sam Darnold shocked the world against the Lions week 1 and Mayfield led the comeback for the Browns for them to get their 1st win in really long time.

In theory, Rosen could be the answer for the Cardinals, to at least get them 1 win. Unfortunately the problem could go a little deeper for the Cardinals who seem to be slacking in many areas. Missing Larry Fitzgerald has not helped the team out either. David Johnson, was out early last season but still manage to secure a 38 Million dollar contract. Currently is unclear whether he is being held back or not complete recover from his injury.


The stage has officially being set for Josh Rosen, who on draft night said that “nine mistakes were made ahead of me (him)”. Week 4 he will get his wishes against the Seahawks, who are coming off a dominant win against the Cowboys. The Cardinals don’t seem to have a clear plan and what they are doing right does not seem to be working. There is not enough panic buttons that will save the Cardinals this season from the looks of things

Which team should be the concern?

To me, Cardinals should be the team with the most concern, recently having paid David Johnson and not receiving immediate return could be reason for panic. On the other hand, this could just be a transitioning season for the Cardinals developing their new QB, easing Johnson back into full workhorse and also looking for a replacement for Larry Fitzgerald.

Raiders wouldn’t have spent the money on Gruden, if they didn’t think he could make it work. The Raiders have weapons and potential to play better, but it does start at the top.

The Texans should only have health concerns. With more than plenty of weapons both offensively and defensively the Texans aren’t too many steps from taking Will Fuller V size leaps in to a winning future.


Are Expectations for Jones to Lead Both in Yards and Touchdowns?

Should the expectations for Jones be to lead both in yards and touchdowns?

                A tough loss to the Saints in a NFC South battle, the Falcons are now 1-2 through week 3.  Matt Ryan throws for 5 touchdowns but none to star receiver Julio Jones.  Rookie Calvin Ridley caught 3 of them and received for 146 yards.  While the Falcons displayed a great pairing of wide receivers where does that leave Jones and how does he see his lack of touchdowns.

                Early in the season the Falcons said that they were planning to involve more Jones in the red zone, that doesn’t seem to be happening.  Jones is a game changer and while other receiver benefit from the attention that he gets on the field, it should not mean that he should be completely forgotten about when in the red zone.  Ryan has thrown for 897 yards and Jones is responsible for 329 yards.

                In 2016 when the Falcons made it to the super bowl Jones only score 6 times while still receiving for the most yards.  That year he had 3 touchdowns in 3 games, but none vs the Patriots in the championship.  Jones has been 2nd in receiving yards for the past couple years and was the number one the 2015 season.  Consistency in yardage is not a problem for Jones, lack of touchdowns is. 

2017 Receiving Leader – Antonio Brown 1533 receiving yards, 9 Touchdowns.

2017 Receiving Touchdown Leader – DeAndre Hopkins 13 Touchdowns.

2016 Receiving Leader – T.Y. Hilton 1,448 receiving yards, 6 Touchdowns.

2016 Receiving Touchdown Leader – Jordy Nelson 14 Receiving Touchdowns.

                The Falcons are not winning and Jones is not scoring.  There may not be a big a connection between receiving yards and scoring touchdowns, in terms that one does not guaranteed the other.  So maybe is not a problem for the Falcons stats, but am sure it drives Jones’ fantasy owners crazy that he may have crazy yardage with no touchdowns.

As of September 24, 2018 AJ Green and Calvin Ridley, with 4 each, are the receiving touchdown leaders in the NFL.  While Saints’ Michael Thomas leads in receiving yards. 

                For the Falcons to get back into contention (or better yet, not fall too far behind) involving Jones in more red zones plays could build momentum for the future.  In the 4th quarter, when the game is on the line the ball will be thrown Jones way (whether Ryan throws a good pass, is a conversation for another day) is a given to defenses.  Maybe for the Falcons it works better for others to score after Jones does the dirty work.

Should the expectations for Jones be lead both in yards and touchdowns?

Technically, yes or at least build a better winning strategy for Jones, who could be leaving the Falcons.

What are your thoughts?

NFL Rule Out For Week 3!! Mixon, Ajayi, Cook, among others

Rule Out For Week 3!! Mixon, Ajayi, Cook, among others

                Its only Friday and NFL team lineups are coming out letting us know who may be playing and who is fully ruled out.  This rulings affect teams and fantasy football players who now have to switch their strategy for the upcoming Sunday games.  Time to hit the wires and find the backups, sleepers or that random guy your uncle who knows a guy told you about.

Here are some key players that will be MIA (as off 9/21/18)

Eagles: Jay Ajayi, Darren Sproles.

Carson Wentz won’t have a healthy backfield to rely on his 1st day back on the job.  Ajayi 85 rushing yards leads the team.  Corey Clement and Wendell Smallwood will have an increase role.  The positive here is that Wentz is back (whether rushed or not), he will be giving full control of the offense.  The negative is that Wentz is back and if he happens to stumble out the gate, players like Ajayi and Sproles won’t be there to help.


Bengals: Joe Mixon (possibly for multiple games)

Mixon in 2 games was the workhorse for the Bengals.  Andy Dalton and A.J. Green touchdown numbers benefited the most because Mixon presence attracted so much attention.  Giovani Bernard has been the only other running back that has played for the Bengals.  We will find out what Mark Walkton, rookie out of Miami can do.


Falcons: Devante Freeman (2nd game missed)

Freeman will be out for the 2nd straight game and against another NFC North opponent in the Saints.  Tevin Coleman handle himself pretty well ending the game with 107 rushing yards in 16 attempts.  The Falcons will still run a pass 1st offense, were the Saints have allowed 651 yards and haven’t had any interceptions.


Vikings: Dalvin Cook

                Maybe just a precautionary benching, the Vikings are playing the Buffalo Bills.  Cook’s long term health, is the number 1 priority.  Cook is already having a slow start averaging 3 yards on 26 carries for 78 yards and no touchdowns.  Or maybe it, the Vikings strategy to go pass heavy, trying to get out of Kirk Cousins every dime that they spent on him.


Colts: Jack Doyle

Good tight-ends are hard to find in the league and especially for a team like the Colts who lack in reliable targets.  Doyle will be missed, Ebron will step up to the plate and try to pick up the slack in a tight-end heavy offense like the Colts.


Bills: Lesean McCoy

                Not technically “out” but playing the Vikings defense, fantasy football owners should sit him anyways.


Who do you think will be missed most by their team this week?