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Happ! Severino! Tanaka! Lynn! Vs Detroit Tigers.

Happ! Severino! Tanaka! Lynn! Vs Detroit Tigers.

Does anybody want to talk about the White Sox series? Nope. Me either. Moving On. The Yankees (84-49) will be home for a 4-game series vs the Detroit Tigers (53-80). Approaching the last stretch of baseball, the Yankees sit 7.5 games behind the Red Sox but comfortably in the Wild Card. The Tigers could just be looking for a strong end to the season, currently they are losers of 5 straight.

Happ, Severino, Tanaka and Lynn are probably the best rotation the Yankees have at this moment. Happ and Severino being the strong “aces” while Lynn able to hold his own. Tanaka (include Sonny Gray and CC Sabathia) seems to the weak link of those four, the struggles are obvious and may be costly. But the glass could be half full in the sense that getting rid of this losses not may mean he will bounce strong in October.

Giancarlo Stanton, it feels like we are always talking about him, praising him, blaming him, taking selfies with him, is a Stanton world. Stanton is the brand name for the Yankees and he handles being the brand like non-other that’s why we do it, Stanton is great. Whether he is hitting homers on consecutive games or being walked is the only time that he gets on base, when talking about the Yankees we have to talk about Stanton. Now please, Stanton can you make it so we can talk about how fast a ball is traveling out of the park once it connects with you bat?

The Tigers may not have a lot to fight for except for self-improvement and maybe to look appealing for free agents. But the Tigers (and the White Sox) play a big role in fight between Red Sox and Yankees. 7.5 Games lead by the Red Sox they will look to extend vs the White Sox, who caught a fired as of late. Can you imagine if the White Sox can still 2 from the Red Sox and the Yankees can sweep the Tigers?

Nonsense Watch!!

  • Tanaka game 3? 9-5, stepping to the plate again. Still chasing that 10th win
  • Miguel Andujar 22 HRs Vs Gleyber Torres 22 HRs

What are your series predictions??

Can Tanaka get his 10th win against the White Sox!!

White Sox will go to New York for final 3 games of the series!! Yankees lead 3-0!!

               The White Sox were the team that the Yankees used to bounce back from a 5-game losing streak, including a sweeping by the Red Sox.  The Yankees were able to flip the switch and currently on a 4-game winning streak, 8-2 in the last 10 and still no return date for Judge.  Yankees are looking good, but not so good that all worries are gone.  6 game behind the Red Sox, anything could happen.

For whatever reason Masahiro Tanaka is struggling to get his 10th win of the season.  Tanaka has giving up 5 home runs in 10 games.  The Yankees pitching have been their weakness, Tanaka started hot in the season, at a point he was on 7 game winning streak.  Still, Lance Lynn and JA Happ have been great.  Sonny Gray is the only other guy that scares me when he starts more than CC Sabathia.

The White Sox are on a winning streak of their own after beating out the Tigers 3 games out of 4.  For the next 7 games is the Yankees and the Red Sox, who are the top teams in the American League.  But hey then they play Detroit again, so that’s a positive perspective. White Sox need to stay positive and avoid becoming batting practice for the slumping Red Sox.

It’s been 7 games since Giancarlo Stanton got a homer. With that in mind, at an unknown location, some analytical genius may be putting his money on a homer by Stanton. It’s interesting how it happens, that Stanton just disappears but then comes back and gets 2 to 3 in a short span and then goes back into hiding. But hey thank you Stanton, extremely hoping that you don’t go full ghost for a 7 game series.

It could be easy to say that this will be an easy sweep for the Yankees, but I can’t. The only am truly confident is game 1 where Tanaka is pitching, because he has to get his 10th win some day. Lynn had a fall against Miami, so have to hope that it doesn’t translate.

Lastly, am I the only person that gets a little scare every time CC Sabathia steps up? Still one of my favorite players, Sabathia is the embodiment of the Yankees swagger and possibly the end of that era. Sabathia is one of the greats.

Notes!! Predictions!! Nonsense

  • Gleyber Torres did not break in to the 20s – Wrong prediction. 100 Push-ups Owed!!
  • Tanaka needs his 10th win
  • CC Sabathia is 40 strikeouts from 3k!! 3 effing k!!
    • 2960 Strikeouts!! 1st among active players!!
    • 17th in all-time list!!

What are your predictions??

WhiteSoxYankees8.27 (002)

Yankees take on the Orioles!! 100 Loses Nonsense or NonSense? The Orioles are the real winners!!

Yankees take on the Orioles!! 100 Loses Nonsense or NonSense? The Orioles are the real winners!!

Yankees are great, but everybody should be watching the Orioles and their race to 100 against the Red Sox.  As of August 23, 2018 the Red Sox are at 89 wins while the Orioles are at 90 losses.  When I was growing up one of the biggest lessons I learned from my brother (or he tried to teach me) was that I should aim to be the best at whatever I did.  Ironically, am pretty average in all I do but I have always aim to be the best that I can be.  (Get to the point).  The Orioles are aiming (maybe not by design) to be the worst team in baseball.

Watching a team lose is sometimes as exciting as watching them win.  Seriously, more people (not just football fans) are paying a lot more attention to the Cleveland Browns after they only won a single game in 2 seasons.  The Orioles are only 10 losses away from breaking 100 loses (this is too exciting).

The Twins back in 2016 got 103 loses, most impressive Astros loss 111 back in 2013 and they bounce back as 2017 World Series Champions.  Losing (not tanking) is not always a bad sign for the future.  By the way, since traded, Manny Machado hasn’t really done much, so Orioles may have dodge a bullet.

Nonsense Note:  The Orioles are not the Astros and plenty of teams have loss 100+ game and didn’t win the World Series years later.  But it creates a sense of hope and positivity for the team.  Right now Orioles could use all the positive vibes available.

MLB: New York Yankees at Miami Marlins

The Yankees with a 79-47 keep getting hit by the injury bus.  Aaron Judge has no time table and Aroldis Chapman has been the latest victim.  Regardless, only 9 games behind the Red Sox, only shows how strong and deep this team really is.  New acquisitions Lance Lynn and JA Happ have been pulling their own weight so no complaints there.  Even though Lynn got bested by the Marlins he had been on a good role.

Nonsense Alert!! Predictions!! Nonsense Watch!!Yankees@Orioles8.23

  • Game 1: Sabathia 7-4 vs Cobb 4-15

o   Honestly, Sabathia’s decline should be less apparent vs the Orioles, mostly because the Yankees have been great at bouncing back from loses.

  • Game 2: Happ 14-6 vs Ramirez 1-5

o   Happ is on a 4 game winning streak wearing the Yankee stripes.  With every game he plays (and wins) could be getting him pumped for an important role in the playoffs.

  • Game 3: Pitchers are unknown.

o   Gleyber Torres only has 3 home runs this month!! Playing the Orioles, he could break in to the 20s.

o   Would like to see the Yankees try out some the bullpen pitchers as starters (just for fun)

  • Game 4: Severino 16-6 vs Cashner 4-11

o   Severino needs to get back to top form!!

  • Nonsense Predictions

o   Torres breaks 20

o   Series 3-1

o   Orioles break 100 loses for the year.

Comment Your Series Predictions!! What are your thoughts on the Orioles (maybe) losing 100!! Comment Yankees Nonsense!!

Stanton Returns to Miami!! Will Stanton be booed or cheer?? Will Derek Jeter be there?

Stanton Returns to Miami!! Will Stanton be booed or cheer?? Will Derek Jeter be there?

The Yankees signing Stanton could have been the biggest signing of the summer.  Early on the expectations were set; the Yankees fully becoming a contender and the Marlins went in to full rebuild mode.  So far everything has gone according to the plan; Yankees are a contending team and the Marlins’ owners will make a bunch of money in 2-3 years.  The importance of this games has more to do with player and owner relationship.

Is Stanton going to be booed or cheer?

Will Derek Jeter be at the game?

Stanton is having hot month of August and have been pretty reliable for the Yankees after a few rough months.  Currently sitting at 32 Home Runs and 80 RBIs as he is currently leading the Yankees in the absence of Aaron Judge.  Stanton is having his best month batting, the Yankees can only hope he can keep it coming for the remaining 11 games.  The next 6 games are on the road and it all starts vs the Marlins.


The Miami Marlins 50-76 on the season, sometimes you have to lose to win (the big bucks).  The Marlins are doing just fined, losing record but not the worse team in baseball; Send thanks to the Orioles.  Despite the losing the Marlins’ have plenty of bright spots, Jose Urena is already showing that he could be a premier pitcher in the league.

Masahiro Tanaka (9-4) vs Pablo Lopez (2-3) will start off the matchup in Miami, Tanaka looking for his 10th win (4 times the charm?).  While Tanaka is one of the Yankees top pitchers he has been struggling, the Marlins could be his rebound team.  Game 2, Lance Lynn (8-8) Vs Trevor Richards (3-7), Lynn has really enjoy being a Yankee, winning 3 out of his 4 games in the stripes.

Once again…

Is Stanton going to be booed or cheer? Stanton became a household name in Miami and when he finally started to peak last year, he was traded.  Stanton may initially be booed but they’ll turned to cheers when he knocks it out of the park.

Will Derek Jeter be at the game? Derek Jeter, the class act hall of famer for the Yankees.  The Curious case of the Derek Jeter.

What are your thoughts on Stanton and Jeter?

Note: Coming into the August 22, 2018 games the Boston Red Sox are on a 2-game losing streak and only 9 games ahead of the Yankees.  If the Yankees can pull the sweep, they can put some pressure on the Red Sox on the last stretch.  Especially with 6 games left still to play between them.



Mets Vs Yankees!! Game 6 Of the Season Series!!

Mets Vs Yankees!! Game 6 Of the Season Series!!

               The Yankees lead the season series 3-2 over the Mets, game 6 will be today (August 13, 2018) and still yet to be scheduled.  Mets will start Jacob deGrom (6-7) against Yankees best Luis Severino (15-5).  While the Mets may not be competing for a playoff spot the Yankees need a every game they can to get away from the Astros.  Luckily for the Yankees, are struggling on their own having been swept by the Mariners.

deGrom on any other team would be a pitcher with a winning record.  Unfortunately, playing for the Mets, he is considered more of a future trade asset for a team that is in its rebuilding stage.  Asdrubal Cabrera have been a positive for the Mets leading them in home runs, RBIs and batting average.  Ironically, even with only 8 home runs on the season Jose Bautista usually gets the most love of any other Mets player.  (Correct me if am wrong, but every time Bautista does anything on the field it is on ESPN).

Giancarlo Stanton has been on fired ever since the Yankees were swept by the Red Sox.  With a total of 30 Home Runs seems to have found his batting swing.  Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar performance makes it easy to forget that they are still rookies in the games.  Unfortunately for the Yankees Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez are still out.

Luis Severino 15 wins, 167 strikeouts has been the best the Yankees have on the mount.  Severino has already more wins than he did last year and if he keeps it up he could match his win total from his first 3 seasons.  Are you impress? Because there is still a lot to the season.

What are your predictions for the games? Who has been your favorite Yankee So far?