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Judge & Didi need to get back on track vs The Texas Rangers

Judge & Didi need to get back on track vs The Texas Rangers

Welcome back to the line-up Didi Gegorius, now let’s get you back on track and swinging for the fences.  Aaron Judge is no longer the home run leader for the Yankees since Gary Sanchez 2 homer game vs the Royals, honestly it just makes things exciting.  Speaking of 2 homer games, Tyler Austin is only 2 away from getting in to the double digits after his performance in game 3.  The New York Yankees are rolling and they should look to continue vs Rangers.

Is not really all that great in Texas, but Bartolo Colon is making it a great time.  At 44 years old and 242 wins, Colon is still kicking it and putting up a descent season with the Rangers.  Currently Colon is 3 wins away from breaking in to the top 50 for most wins all time (according to  14 strikeouts away from 2500, only CC Sabathia and Justin Verlander have more strikeouts than he does among active players.


On the offensive side, the Rangers are led by Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara. The Rangers got embarrassed by the White Sox their last game only able to get 2 hits for the game.  Gallo who leads in Home Runs, 13, is on a slump of his own in the last 10 games, 5 hits and 1 Home Run.  The Rangers are a team with a lot of potential just seem to be in a wide team slump.

For the Yankees, once again on a 2 game winning streak playing a team that sits at the bottom of the standings. The main goal should be to not let up and play down to the competition.  Bartolo Colon should not be taking lightly and Yankees hitter should be swinging for the fences.  Judge hasn’t hit one beyond the faces in the last 5 games and Didi has almost but disappear.

Batters should bounce back and the Yankees should look get the sweep.  Also we can’t write about the New York Yankees without mentioning Giancarlo Stanton’s name, so there you go.

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Austin, Andujar & Romine homer Vs Royals to win the Series 2-1!!

Austin, Andujar & Romine homer Vs Royals to win the Series 2-1!!

Tyler Austin got 2 out of 4 Homers in Sunday’s game vs the Royals to finish out the series 2-1.  The New York Yankees get their 30th win and get on another 2 win streak track while keeping the best record in the American league, percentage wise.  Still a tight race against the Red Sox who are the other juggernaut team in the American League

Austin was the hero of the game with 2 homers raising his total to 8 for the season.  The 2 game homer was also his 2nd of the season.  Austin has been coming into this own in the 3 games that he played getting at least 2 hits in each.  Gary Sanchez is another Bronx hitter that has to be recognize because he also hit 2 out of the park in game 2 of the series to count Saturday’s game for the Yankees as another win.

Sonny Gray got the his 3rd win of the season and adds a little to his redemption story.  Even though he pitch a good game, there is still not that much faith in him.  Luis Severino got his 7th win of the season.  The loss came in game in to CC Sabathia, credit to the Royals’ Salvador Perez getting his 6th homer that game and Jakob Junis did a great job pitching.

The Struggles for Didi Gregorius continue as he was did not play for a 2nd game straight.  Stanton and Judge both know plenty about struggles and should be trying to get Didi back to his old days, Didi is another capable hitter.

New York Yankees now 30-13 will play the Texas Rangers 18-30 starting on Monday the 21st.

Kansas City Royals now 14-32 will play the St. Luis Cardinals 25-19 starting on Monday the 21st.

Notes – Gary Sanchez with 12 Homers is the leader of the pack.


Wishful thinking Sunny Days Yankees vs Royals

Wishful thinking Sunny Days Yankees vs Royals

If you play fantasy baseball and you happen to have Stanton & Judge your team, like me, it was a rough couple of days.  Suspended and postpone was the conclusion of the Yankees-Nationals series.  Oh you Mother Nature with your fresh rain and environment loving self.  The Yankees and Nationals will play again June 18th, so both teams move on to the next opponent.  For the Nationals will be the Dodgers and for the Yankees the Royals.

40 Games into the season the New York Yankees hold the number 1 seed (percentage wise) in the American League.  Also have more wins than anybody in the National League, the Yankees are rolling as expected.  The Bronx is loud behind Judge, Stanton, Gregorious and Sanchez.  Miguel Andujar, Gleyber Torres and the recent game hero Neil Walker are coming in to their own.

Pitching have been good in some areas such as Luis Severino 70 strikeouts and 6 wins but other areas have been dreadful.  Sonny Gray giving up 5 runs is not winning production nor ideal for a starting pitcher.  CC Sabathia although 2-0 have not been having a great start, he has giving up 4 home runs and only 28 strikeouts, but the wins are wins.

The Royals have been going downhill on a 5 game losing streak and playing a tough Yankees team doesn’t provide much motivation.  They have shown signs of life, especially Mike Moustakas with his 10 Home runs keeping the offense alive.  There is some joy in not being the worse team in baseball but there is really not that much positive happening with the Royals.


Game 1: CC Sabathia 2-0 Vs Jakob Junis 4-3

  • Sabathia wants another parade. The Battle for the 1 spot is against the Red Sox. Every game counts
  • Junis is by far the best pitcher the Royals have with 4 wins 45 Strikeouts

Game 2: Luis Severino 6-1 Vs Danny Duffy 1-5

  • Severino and Corey Kluber lead the American League with 6 wins.
  • Duffy has allowed a home run in each of his last 5 games.

Game 3: Sonny Gray 2-3 Vs Eric Skoglund 1-3

  • This should be a redemption game for Sonny Gray, there is very little faith on him.
  • Aroldis Chapman has 9 saves this season, could this be his 10th?
  • Skoglund is on a 2 game losing steak himself.

What are you series predictions??

Burn Day is Over Back to Work: Yankees Visit Nationals

Burn Day is Over Back to Work: Yankees Visit Nationals

Burn day is over and now back to work.  The New York Yankees are coming off playing the last 9 games at home where they only loss 2 games.  The next 8 games are all on the road starting out the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals are a good team, fighting in a tight race in the National League against 9 other teams separated by 2-3 wins and losses.

The Nationals are riding a 4 game winning streak after defeating the Diamondbacks.  I was able to watch the game and I couldn’t but notice that this team can hit and hit hard they can.  They score 6 runs, 5 of those coming from 4 home runs.  The National are going through a year in which they may or may not lose their brand name player in Bryce Harper.  Every game that’s play has to be about convincing him to say or finding a replacement for him.

BB2 game winning streak (should be 3 game winning streak because when the Red Sox lose is like a win for the Yankees specially in the fight for the top of the American League) for the New York Yankees.  History was made in their last game vs Athletics after Giancarlo Stanton hit his 10th homer.  The Yankees now I have 4 players with at least 10 home runs, the Bronx is alive and living good.  Only Cleveland has hit more home runs than the Yankees, but they don’t have as many wins.

Masahiro Tanaka (**Fades** Plaka Plaka) and Gio Gonzalez will kick off the 2 game series both with a 4-2 record.  Tanaka is only 5 Strikeouts away from 50, so there should be some extra motivation to break 50 and close the gap the huge gap on Luis Severino 70 Strikeouts.  Gonzalez is a tough matchup for the Yankees, some pitchers are tougher and giving home runs than others, Gonzalez has only giving up 1.  That doesn’t mean that the Judge and the boys won’t hit, just might be a little bit harder.


Red Sox Vs Yankees: Round 2

Red Sox Vs Yankees: Round 2

The Boston Red Sox record of 25-9 is the best in American League.  The New York Yankees are 2nd, one game behind, with a record 24-10.  Both the Red Sox and Yankees have better records than the whole National League.  In other words we are truly getting the best of baseball (at this moment) this upcoming week.

The Boston Red Sox are on a 3 game winning streak and look to continue their great start.  They were the 1st team to 20 wins and the only team still under 10 losses.  Mookie Betts is leading this team on the offense and Rick Porcello is still undefeated.  The Red Sox are making sure that their high salary expenses have been worthwhile.

The New York Yankees team motto must be “The Comeback Kids”.  And am sure that they are not complaining, because when you score at the bottom of the 8th.  Then you throw in a closing artist in Chapman it all seems like simple mathematics.  The Indians were just another victim of the Yankees last breath of fire.

Baseball doesn’t get any more exciting than 2 teams that hate each other and are also both at the very top of their game. Last game, in game 2 there was a fight that’s how heated this games get.

My Predictions 2-1.  Tanaka & Sabathia get the wins.

  • Game 1- Severino Vs Pomeranz
    • Severino only loss has come to the Red Sox, but he has played great since
    • Pomeranz is 1-1 and hasn’t had the best start but comes off a win, Yankees should look to pile up some hits on him
  • Game 2 – Tanaka Vs Price
    • In the 1st series this was the fight game… Note Yankees Won that game
    • Price has been slacking and Tanaka has been gaining momentum
  • Game 3 – Sabathia Vs Porcello
    • CC said he would retire if New York makes a world series? Let’s make it happen, a great ending for one of the greats.
    • Porcello is the best pitcher that the Red Sox have to offer.
    • We are hoping to do him like we did Justin Verlander and him that L

What are your series predictions??

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