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The Phoenix Suns Select… DeAndre Ayton??

The Phoenix Suns Select… DeAndre Ayton??

The Phoenix Suns will have the number 1 draft pick in the NBA in 2018.  Ryan Conlin, our Phoenix Suns fan and expert, tells us why the only right choice is Ayton.  Also rumors that Karl Anthony Towns is not happy with the Minnesota Timberwolves organization, could that open up some doors for the Suns? it has been noted that Devin Booker and Karl Anthony Towns have good chemistry.

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NFL Draft Day!!

18 NFL Draft Top 10 Predictions

Written by Francis S Estepan.  April 26th, 2018

The NFL draft goes on for what it feels to be weeks even though is only a couple days.  Many teams are going to be making moves to see if they can improve from last year.  Other teams want to improve 2-3 years from now (you know who you are).  With the upcoming draft in a couple days let’s take a look at some possibilities (assuming that no trades happen):

  1. Cleveland Browns – Saquon Barkley, RB – Everybody is counting on them taking a QB. The Browns are unpredictable, they have won 1 game in the last 2 seasons. But as off recent, they are making moves, they signed Tyrod Taylor (yea, for them, good move). Only Johnson Jr is the only RB coming back from next year. So they draft Barkley, a young RB with great potential and put him next to Carlos Hyde. Steal the Saints playbook they used for Ingram and Kamara. Successful season. Maybe even playoffs.
  2. New York Giants – Baker Mayfield, RB – Let’s be honest, the Giants were hard to watch last year. Draft wise, regardless what they need, they should take the best player available (Baker Mayfield). There is no defending Eli Manning down trend. If Webb didn’t get a shot when the whole benching fiasco went down, just means that he is not they guy they are looking for. They already have too many running backs on the roster. Lastly, if they are serious about pairing Odell and Dez they are going need a guy that can handle the pressure and sling the ball out there to those guys. Mayfield has the swagger New York needs.
  3. New Jersey Jets – Josh Rosen, RB – The Jets are hoping that their QB rotation doesn’t add up to be as many as the Browns. Rosen would get what he wants, to be in the spotlight (but not the real spot lights, cause is the Jets) and look like the smartest guy in the room (even if he isn’t). The Jets have 4 QBs on the roster, the only thing between Rosen and the starting job is Bridgewater health. Either way Rosen is injury prone and the Jets have bad luck with QBs. (Imagine the revenues & media attention!! Giants vs Jets!! Mayfield vs Rosen!!
  4. Cleveland Browns – Sam Darnold, QB – Darnold is next years starting QB for the Cleveland Browns (unless somehow Tyrod Taylor can make Super Bowl Miracle happen! Is that possible?). Give Sam practice Reps, a new workout plan, his own dietitian and as much as garbage team as possible. Mix it all well and hope that you have a Dak-Zeke 2.0 combination. Really is all a big “what if” remember they are the Browns.
  5. Denver Broncos – Josh Allen, QB – Rumors are that John Elway likes this guy. That been the case, then high possibility that he is getting drafted. Case Keenum will need to (also) make miracles happen in Denver if he thinking of staying there long term.
  6. Indianapolis Colts – Quenton Nelson, OG – This pick is a commitment to Andrew Luck health/ piece of mind. The Colts don’t have much to work with. On the plus side Ballard is already seeing as a better coach than Pagano, simply because he doesn’t have a coaching job. Good luck to pagano on his new “NFL Consultant” position, am sure his biggest advice would be to not let your franchise QB get hurt. I repeat the Colts don’t have much to work with, just getting Luck out on the field would be an accomplishments. (Possible team to be drafting for the 2-3 year plan.)
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB – Bucs payed Mike Evans to be an unstoppable target on the offense next to Jameis. Now they get to take care of the defense. Fitzpatrick will be NFL ready after a 3 year college run. Honestly, I would be searching for tapes of him and Evans going at each other during practice.
  8. Chicago Bears – Tramine Edmunds, LB – The Bears heavily relied on their defense last season. In theory, Mitchell Trubisky is going to keep the offense on the field for a longer period of time (maybe). Edmunds will strengthen and already good defense. Give him the JaDaveon Clowney treatment, no pressure just work on developing and playing the right way.
  9. San Francisco 49ers. Roquan Smith, LB – 49ers are the hottest team in the NFL right now. Expectations are high for Jimmy & The Gang. Everybody will be looking forward to Sherman in the secondary (he is making the team right?). Smith will fit well into the defensive schemes. And If Jimmy & The Gang work to perfection putting opposing offenses against the wall. Smith could be the X Factor that becomes a nightmare for them.
  10. Oakland Raiders – Mike McGlinchey, T – so the same logic from the Colts overview applies here, protect your QB. Whether the rumors of the offensive line letting defenses through was true or not, Derek Carr needs to be protected. Gruden got some high expectations to meet with that large paycheck. The Raiders haven’t really made any big time moves and all eyes will be on them.

Draft rant: One the draft starts all mock drafts, predictions are going out the window. As usually it will become a flea market.  My only concern or annoyance with the draft is the fact that every team waits tit the last second to announce their pick.  So we the viewers get to see 3 minutes of random background phone call rings, players talking to their agents in the room or just random clips of people making phone calls with the caption off “Inaudible Speech”, which is a lie, because if they caught what LeBron said to Lonzo at the end of the game, nothing is impossible nor inaudible.


Back to football, do you Agree or Disagree with the Predictions??


Dear NCAA: So why can’t we pay them (players)?

Dear NCAA: So why can’t we pay them (players)?

Written By Watson Rowe. March 14th, 2018.

Recently, the basketball world was once again awoken to scandal: player incentives.

 This age old battle stretches back decades but has this never ending controversy finally reached it’s climax? Is there now sufficient evidence to support a player pay for play set up in the NCAA? 

I believe so. 

Most players are not on full ride scholarships. And I’m not necessarily talking about walk-ons either. Schools have a limit on how many scholarships they can give out a year, so unless you are like a starter or backup you probably don’t have a full ride. Bear in mind, these guys play like 30-35 games a season spanning from October to March with the potential to play in the NCAA/NIT tournament. 

Their days consist of 3 a day practices/workouts/film review,​ with classes taking up time in between. In addition to that​, they travel maybe 15-20 times a season, give or take, and they have to compete at the highest level possible while exceeding academic requirements.

 And unlike other students, they can’t work a side job and have minimal personal time, as most of it will be consumed with studying or honing their athletic abilities. What little time they do have will probably be spent sleeping, partying, or maybe with a girlfriend. So with all this in mind, they should be at least paid for their play. 

How about these coaches that are getting paid millions to coach these kids? Schools such as Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and UNC turn out a butt load of one and done players every year, raising a ton of questions. 

Doesn’t that take away from the value of a scholarship? Doesn’t that just put money in the pockets of colleges and universities that they use to simply raise the cost of tuition for the average student? Isn’t that technically exploiting amateur athletes and making money off of their success?

 Like I said their coaches make multimillions a year and the players themselves struggle to pay for their own meal at a dining hall. 

So why can’t we pay them?