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5 NBA teams that need to blow it up


The NBA is the best basketball league in the world. So, naturally, the high level of competition allows only the best built teams to truly find success and win the ultimate price.

With that being said, we often see many good, solid or even great teams that cant quite figure out what it takes to go over the hump. And for these 5 teams, it’s time to go on a new direction.

#5 The New York Knicks

There is literally so much wrong with this team, i don’t even know what they can blow up, as they are a huge dumpster fire {sorry knicks fans}. This year they are playing with what to me is an improvised roster since last year was supposed to be their offseason when they were expected to win the lottery get either Zion or Trade for AD, and pair them with Kyrie and KD and they ended up with Julius Randle, Bobby Portis and Taj Gibson. That’s not all that is wrong with this team. A much bigger situation is happening on the roster as they have too many options on every position and they don’t have just one main option.

There are bright spots on this team tho, like the aforementioned Randle, Mitchell Robinson, who was a steal of the 2018 draft, Marcus Morris who is having the best season of his career( 19.1 PPG and 5.5) and of course RJ Barrett who has shown a lot of desire to be a part of the teams future as its face. Apart from those 4 tho, the rest is just too much clutter. The solution, IMO, is to take this season as a trial period, see what sticks, and remove the rest out of the way. to draw a clearer path going forward.

#4 The Portland Trail Blazers

Now, I know that Portland is always contending and they, for the most part, are great, but do they really have the right team to win? We’ve seen them for years as a contender but they’ve always fallen just short of a Finals trip. And if Lillard isn’t sending OKC on a rebuild with long dagger buzzer beaters, and CJ isn’t doing big game sealing chase down blocks to seal the game, then they end up losing. Long story short, they depend to much on the Lillard and Mccollum backcourt to win playoff games. Another problem for Portland is that they aren’t exactly the best defensive team, they rank 22nd in opponent points per game. They also lost Meyers Leonard last year and he had a really good showing against Golden State,

Luckily for Portland we have found many solutions for their problems both short and long term with a very extreme and drastic one.

  • Short term: Since they are just one good option away they could use some veterans to try and make a push for the finals. Players that are solid on both ends like Marc Gasol or Serge Ibaka could be the final piece they need to win now.
  • Long term: It would be more ideal for them to just look for another young piece to compliment the team, Players such as Brandon Ingram, or Aaron Gordon Could be that Final piece for the long run.
  • Trade CJ Mccollum: If there is NO OTHER OPTION then you pull the trigger on moving CJ., but he is a big part of the team and trading him would take a lot to replace his energy and his two way abilities.

#3 The Minnesota TWolves

To me, this team is the pure embodiment of trial and error. To their credit they have been trying different things along the years, It’s just that nothing has worked. The question is, are they looking in the right place? There was a lot of promise around Minnesota a couple of years ago back when Wiggins And KAT brought home back to back rookie of the year awards and Zach Lavine was fresh off his first slam dunk contest win. They looked good, but a bad selection in the 2017 draft, and then that Jimmy Butler trade that we know didn’t work out as expected sent the Wolves way back.

What’s even worse is the kind of paused development of ”2014’s biggest hype train” Andrew Wiggins. I mean he hasn’t had a bad statistical season, but its not at all what people expected. Maybe the expectations were and still are too big, but when you pay a man an avg. salary of $29 million per year you naturally hope for more.

Now the solution isnt as simple as it might seem cause Wiggins carries a huge contract so they are gonna need to throw in something else along, however they could keep him and move Jeff Teague and Gorgui Dieng, Players that are aging and dont fit the current plans for the future. Players that could work could be Shai Gilgeous Alexander or Dennis Schroeder. There is the option of trading Towns and realistically this might be the best move as it allows a complete reset.

  • KAT To Hawks for, Cam Reddish, Kevin Huerter and John Collins + picks
  • KAT to Celtics for Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward and Robert Williams III
  • KAT to Brooklyn for Jarrett Allen, Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie and Joe Harris + Picks

#2. The Washington Wizards

For this team, fate and luck were never on their side. The injury bug plagued them really hard cause whenever John Wall or Bradley Beal was healthy, one was injured. Heck, at times , both of them got hurt at the same time. They did come really close to a conference finals appearance on multiple seasons but they got bounced in 3 straight finals appearances in the second round by Indiana, Atlanta and Boston, and in 2018 they lost to Detroit in the first round. Last season, many people thought they could’ve surprised a lot of teams but John Wall tore achilles and Dwight Howard played just 12 games with a very, lets say, very delicate and personal. And unless a miracle happens, they aren’t making it too far this year.

The answer is really simple, it is time to move on from both players. The reason for this is they have peaked and i dont think the Wizards can really get past the second round especially now that John Wall is returning from an achilles that had to be re-operated. The best option is to trade for a high lottery pick, I mean there is one Ball brother that might be declaring for next years draft that could be the piece for them going forward. If not the stock for Beal is very high. Beal to Celtics for Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Romeo Langford + pick could be a nice trade.

There is some good news and that is that the Wizards have sucked bad last 2 seasons, that means that they will probably get a top 5 pick in time for a full John Wall recovery, so hey, maybe being bad pays off?

#1 The Orlando Magic

I’m convinced that the Orlando Magic’s front office doesn’t know how to put a team together and the ones that drafted Dwight got really lucky. Where do you start with them? They Haven’t drafted a guard since 2015, I’M DEAD SERIOUS. The Magic have had 11 straight draft picks without picking anything less than a SF. They could’ve had a really good team but they’ve made a lot of terrible trades and signings that would take a whole other story.

Their main problem is how they have failed to develop a lot of young talent, players like Victor Oladipo, Tobias Harris, Elfrid Payton and Mario Hezonja. And if they dont trade Nikola Vucevic they might just end up ruining Aaron Gordon and Mo Bamba. Don’t get me wrong, Vucevic is really good and consistent, but he is really slow and needs the ball a lot to be effective on offense. they need to give Mo Bamba minutes and find a player that can throw lobs to Gordon and Bamba and implement a Lob City Type of game. Players they should get could be Lonzo Ball, Ricky Rubio and CP3,

So what do you think? Any other teams that might need to blow it up? Lets us know in the coments! Thanks For Reading. That was Nonsense!

NSS Jazz @ Nets!! Jazz going for 10!!

NSS Jazz @ Nets!! Jazz going for 10!!

The Jazz will be fighting for their 10th straight win against a Nets team that got Kyrie back and hoping to make up for some loss ground. The Jazz are 12-9 on the road and already beat the Nets once this season in a game that Donovan Mitchell did outscored Irving. It got pretty bad for the Nets who went through a 7 game losing streak but did enough to stay on a playoff seed. Jazz and Nets only meet twice in the season, this should be an exciting game.

Mitchell missed the last game vs the Wizards, but as off right now is listed as probable vs the Nets. A healthy Mitchell will be needed for the Jazz who will need to matchup Irving’s scoring and playmaking. Mitchell leads the team in scoring with 24.2 Ppg, in his absence Jordan Clarkson has stepped up. Speaking of Clarkson, he has plenty of momentum heading into this game coming off back-to-back 20 point games. But most importantly serving as a big spark in the Jazz winning streak.

Clarkson is averaging 15.2 Ppg on 46.1 FG% and 35.2% on 3 point shooting. The Jazz have found their groove as they are approaching their halfway point of the season. Joe Ingles have stepped up as the number 1 distributor in the absence of Mike Conley. Another the player for the Jazz that is doing good things but still under the radar is Georges Niang, in the last 10 games he is averaging 8.1 pts in 15.8 minutes. The Key to a Jazz win will be depended on Gobert dominating the boards.

Key Matchup – Rudy Gobert Vs Jarrett Allen & DeAndre Jordan: Rebound Battle

– Gobert – 14.4 Rebounds per game – 2nd in NBA

– Allen – 9.9 Rebounds per game – 14th in NBA

– Jordan – 9.8 Rebounds per game – 17th in NBA

The Nets will be switching back and forth between Allen and Jordan matching up with Gobert on the glass. If the Nets get an offensive rebound the ball will go back to Irving and he’ll make the Jazz paid for it. Irving 1st game back was a win against the Hawks where he look extremely comfortable scoring 21 points in 20 minutes.

The Jazz are tired with the Nuggets for in the West and only .5 game ahead of the Rockets. The game vs the Nets is their 2nd game of 3 game road trip before heading back to Utah.

Pick: Jazz. Mitchell returns should spark the Jazz.

Irving came back and was almost perfect against the Hawks, but being that it was the Hawks. Nets are 11-8 at home.

NSS Jazz & Lakers Got Winning Streaks!!

Jazz & Lakers Got Winning Streaks!!

               Utah Jazz & Los Angele Lakers are on some pretty impressive winning streaks.  The Lakers are at the top of the West with a record of 32-7 and have won 8 straight games.  The Jazz have climbed up and now have the 3rd (or tie for 2nd) in the West and have won 9 straight.

Jazz Nonsense

               The real surprise here is the Jazz 9 game winning streak, undefeated since the Jordan Clarkson signing.  The Jazz deserve a lot more credit than they are getting in 2020.  The streak kicked off with a win against the Blazers and then the Clippers, who had both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George active.  The Jazz climbed in the standings push the Rockets down and the Clippers in to the 5th seed.

               Personally, I follow the Jazz religiously, hence “Jazz Nonsense”, and I also I will be attending some Jazz games.  I am enjoying seeing the Jazz do this good and be completely jellying.  The Jazz have giving themselves some cushion by beating on teams under 500 and everybody should be loving it.  If the Jazz keep going and get in the playoffs with home court advantage for the 1st round, I mean, just imagine SLC going wild on some nonsense.

(Note: still no credit will be giving to Bojan Bogdanovic, the hate strong and he still “meh” of a player)

The shot at 10 straight wins for the Jazz will be a contest against Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday January 14.  That won’t be an easy matchup being on the road and fighting a Nets team looking to turn around their recent slump. Irving will be playing on his 2nd game, against the Hawks he played 20 minute scoring 21 points on 10-11 including 1-1 from the 3pt Line.

Lakers Nonsense

               The Lakers are 5 games ahead in the West and are getting LeBron for a chance at a 9th straight win.  The Lakers have already been on a 10 game winning streak before losing to the Mavericks, who have been twice victims in this current streak.  The Lakers are more than rolling, they have scored at least 106 points in each game even then one without Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Danny Green.

               Kyle Kuzma pay no attention to the reports that he plays worse when he is rumors of trade are going on.  Kuzma score a season high against Dallas, starting in place of Anthony Davis.  The very next game vs the Oklahoma City Thunder led with 36 points.  Kuzma is averaging 13.2 points, 3.8 rebounds and .8 assist and proving that he can be depended it on as the 3rd option but also in a starting role.  While for Kuzma, it really has just been a small sample it really shows what he can do.

               The Lakers will look to keep their streak going at home (15-4 record) hosting the Cavaliers (9th) and the Magic (10th).  This next games couldn’t have come at a better time, Lakers will be playing at home with a day’s rest in between before starting a 5 game road trip starting with the Rockets.  The Lakers will be using this time and games to keep recovering Davis, who is listed as questionable.

Thank you for reading!!! Comment Some Nonsense!!

Which Streak is more impressive?  How far can each team get?

Lakers @ Mavs!! LeBron vs Luka Last Regular Season Game!!

Lakers @ Mavs!! LeBron vs Luka

Last Regular Season Game!!

            This is the last meeting between LeBron & Luka of what has been a great series between this 2 teams.  The Lakers at 30-7 lead the West, 7 games ahead of the Mavs 23-14, who sit in the 6th seed.  So the Lakers are putting on another winning streak, 6 this time, against the Mavs.  The previous 3 meetings could be summarized like this:

Game 1 – LeBron & Luka both had triple-doubles

Game 2 – Mavs ended Lakers 10 game winning streak

Game 3 – 9k Assist Milestone for LeBron reached

Game 4 – ?????????????? Going to be some Nonsense!!!

            The Lakers will more than likely be without Anthony Davis, due to the hard fall he took against the Knicks.  While the Mavs will be without Kristaps Porzingis for another game.  Both of the injuries put full focus on LeBron and Luka and what they can do for their teams.  The crazy thing about talking about Luka and LeBron is how their stats matchup in relation to their NBA experience (or age):

Stats & RankLeBron (35 Years Young)Luka (20 Years Old)
Points25.1 (11th)29.6 (3rd)
Rebounds7.8 (26th)9.7 (16th)
Assist10.8 (1st)9 (3rd)

            Most of ESPN comparison is to Luka and LeBron rookies and sophomore years and I don’t think they are right.  The real comparison or better story is the right now.  Both sides of the stories between the players is absolute greatness.  LeBron with the Lakers already on his 16th season working to bring a championship to the Lakers.  Luka a sophomore in the league breaking the boundaries and redefining everything for the Mavericks.

            The LeBron Legacy will end this decade and is up to players like Luka, Giannis, Trae Young and many more to start their take over.  That’s exciting who will close out the years to come and fully take over, is exciting is nonsense.

            More about the game, Seth Curry is underrated and is proving that he can shoot the 3 and create for others. It would be fun to see Curry and Danny Green go on a 3 point shoot-out.  JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard combined 12.7 rebounds for the Lakers, who the Mavs need to contain out of the paint.

            Lastly, all eyes will be on Kyle Kuzma.  Kuzma is the mist of trade rumors while averaging 12 Ppg, 3.6 Reb in 23.4 Minutes for the Lakers.  Possible trade include deals for Bogdan Bogdanovich, Marcus Morris, Robert Covington and some others not worth mentioning.  Kuzma has an opportunity to show what he can do with more touches to show the Lakers and other teams.

Pick: Lakers

Thank You for Reading! Who Do You Think Will Win?

Would you trade Kuzma? If so for who??

Check out the podcast video on youtube??

Russ returns to OKC and I don’t care

Russ returns to OKC and I don’t care

Maybe it needs a better title

Russ returns to OKC and I don’t care, this game should be about the Thunder not even losing a step after trading away Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

Russell Westbrook will make his official return to the Oklahoma City Thunder with his brand new team the Houston Rockets. Cool Story Bro!! The Thunder are 21-16 and sitting in the 7th seed led by veteran Chris Paul and sophomore Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Rockets are only ahead of the Thunder by 4.5 games and the excitement of these 2 teams meeting in the playoffs would be amazing.

This the 2nd meeting between this 2 teams, the Rockets lead the series thanks to a 40 point game by James Harden. Still the big highlight is Russ making his return and I don’t care for it. Credit to Russ for his great career with the Thunder that included 3 consecutive seasons of averaging a triple double. And now both Russ and the Thunder have moved on to bigger and better things.

Russ is now is 2nd in charge (**Cough Cough when Eric Gordon is not around) in a Rockets team that he can win with. Russ is shooting 23.5% on 3 pointers but still averaging 24.1 Ppg, Russ is doing well, I think. After leaving the Thunder he was called a cancer and so far with the Rockets that hasn’t come up. At the end of the day, Russ ain’t thinking about the good old’ Thunder days, he is thinking about getting past the 2nd round of the playoffs.

In my opinion, the Thunder won the trade they got plenty of draft picks and a young player with no ceiling in SGA. Seriously, SGA has no ceiling and Chris Paul role as a veteran deserves more credit that he is been given.

At the end of the day, people will come to the game to watch Russ make his return. But the people will stay to see SGA give the Rockets a challenge.

Pick: Thunder.

Well I really want the Thunder to win. They could do it, they’ll let Russ jack all the 3s that he wants and have Chris Paul unleashed some anger basketball at James Harden.