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How Impactful Will Brook Lopez Be?

How Impactful Will Brook Lopez Be?

In case you haven’t heard, the Milwaukee Bucks signed former Lakers center Brook Lopez to a 1 yr $3.5 million dollar contract. This signing was interesting because it must have been a really long time since the Bucks had a starting center that can shoot 3s, typically they’re shot blocking role players but with this addition he can help stretch  the floor. Although he’s 30, I don’t see him as a mentor/leader something they should get that is also still able to ball, Jason Terry may be a mentor but he’s really near retirement. Back to Brook, shooting 1.5/4.4 on 3s, that is .345% which is the 9th highest of starting Cs minimum of 3 3pt attempts a game. However he was dead last in rebounds per game of all starting Cs minimum of 40 games started.

To emphasize on his 3pt shooting skills, he shot 20/43 on corner 3s which is 46%, wow.  On Iso defense he held his man to 29/74 (39%) shooting, contested the 6th most shots of all centers. Overall he isn’t that good at all besides shooting and somewhat rim protection, not a good playmaker, 🚮 when it comes to rebounding, to be fair he was solid in crunch time last yr shot 50%, will be interesting to see how he’ll fit but I don’t think he could make them much worse.

What do you think about Brook Lopez??



Who Wants to Melo?

Who Wants to Melo?

Carmelo Anthony and Oklahoma City Thunder seem to have learned from their mistakes and want to switch paths before is too late.  The Thunder last year season can be summarize in simply saying that it was a disappointment.  They never lived up past the hype of being a super team, by the end of the season they barely played liked a team.  Now that summer is here and teams have to dance around free agency, salary caps and summer madness.  So who wants to Melo?

Anthony said it himself that he didn’t fit into the role that was set for him over in OKC and nobody disagrees.  OKC was sad to watch, seriously, Westbrook average a triple double (again) and nobody was impressed.  PG more times than other seem like he was day dreaming about LA during games.  Moving Anthony, could be a step towards the right direction for OKC.

Who wants to Melo?

Charlotte Hornets

This may sound like some nonsense, why would the Carmelo Anthony want to go to a struggling team like the Hornets? Because **drumroll** it would be the team that would give him the most freedom to be himself and adjust to his play area to used up whatever he has in the tank.  Anthony would return to the East Conference and with Kemba Walker still in the books for the Hornets, bringing in Anthony will help off load his scoring load.  Signing Anthony may not guaranteed a championship but it could get them back in to the playoffs while still developing their young players.

Detroit Pistons

Dwayne Casey recently won coach of the year and then got fired.  Anthony is coming off one of his worse seasons in the NBA.  Both need a bounce back season, the Pistons could be the answer for both.  Jackson, Kennard, Anthony, Griffin and Drummond doesn’t sound like a bad starting 5.  Jackson and Drummond can start off the pick and roll, while Kennard, Anthony and Griffin work from the 3.

San Antonio Spurs

                Nobody knows really knows what is going to happen with Leonard just yet.  The Spurs should look to have a back-up plan, Anthony could be it.  Rudy Gay is coming back and LaMarcus Aldrige proved to be serviceable team number 1 option.  Tony Parker departure could be their commitment to the young guys at the guard positions.  Small forward is a position that they would have to fill assuming they don’t get their asking price of both Ingram and Kuzma from the Lakers.

Utah Jazz

Utah may not appeal to the lifestyle that Anthony prefers but this team would give him the best shot at championship ring (without going straight to a super team).  The Jazz eliminated Anthony and the Thunder, but that should be easily forgotten (along with his whole last season).  Rubio, Mitchell, Anthony, Favors and Gobert as the starting five, am sure Quinn Snyder will make a lot work.  Anthony defensive issues would be much of a concern when you have the former Defensive player of the year Rudy Goblock on the team.  Anthony and Mitchell will handle the scoring while Rubio makes impressive passes to Favors and Gobert.  Snyder, in my opinion, is a far better coach than Billy Donovan and will be able to find more fitting ways to use Anthony.

Houston Rockets or any Super Team

                If anything we should have learned from Anthony and super teams is that they don’t work.  Perhaps due to injuries (possible excuse for the Knicks) or maybe coaching (Billy Donovan is not a good coach).  The point is that Anthony still has some good years left in the NBA before he has to fully commit to just ring chasing (look up David West).  Am not a believer that Anthony should look to join any of the Banana Boat Crew (just yet).  Signing with Houston would just mean that he be filling the Ariza role, the only shoot 3s (mostly from the corner) role.  That may sound appealing but it won’t really be fun to watch.

Lastly, Los Angeles Lakers

Playing next to LAbron and the Lakers doesn’t just sounds fun but could be his best bet overall. Luke Walton is a great coach, also maybe just me for a while there he seem to have had the Lakers rolling really good last year.  Walton and the Lakers also seem to have a way of beating the Warriors even without any stars.  Anthony might be past his All Star days but is still able to contribute offensively and also is a great competitor.

So Who Wants To Melo? What are your thoughts and opinions?


Top 5 Tony Parker performances as a Spur

Top 5 Tony Parker performances as a Spur

Note: Although I was a bit disappointed he left San Antonio, he will still be one of my favorite point guards, he’s one of those players who should be respected by all NBA fans.

  1. On the road against the Minnesota Timberwolves back in 2008, Tony Parker had a career high of 55 points (21 in 4th Q/OT) on 22/36 shooting, grabbed 7 rebounds and dished out 10 assists, this was just enough to get the 4 point win in double overtime. W untitled.png
  2. Once again in 2008 Tony had played very well but this time it was in the playoffs vs the Suns. With a chance to take a commanding  3-0 lead Parker dropped 41 points on 17/26 shooting, collected 5 rebounds, assisted on 12 shots as well, this helped San Antonio win by 16. W 82222320.jpg
  3. At Atlanta facing Joe Johnson’s Hawks in 2009, TP outplayed everyone by scoring 41 points on 18/25 shooting, pulled down 3 rebs and dropped 10 dimes along with a 10 point win. W untitled.png
  4. Versus the 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder in San Antonio, Mr. Parker scored 42 points on 16/29 shooting, grabbed 3 rebounds, had 9 assists as well as a 11 point win. W Tony+Parker+Manu+Ginobili+Oklahoma+City+Thunder+kzGiwpuQwyHl
  5. Going up against the rivals Dallas Mavericks in 2009, TP dropped 43 points on 18/29 shooting, collected 5 rebounds, assisted on 3 shots and stole the ball 4x, unfortunately that wasn’t enough to get the W. WTony+Parker+Dirk+Nowitzki+Dallas+Mavericks+g2swichic-Wl.jpg


What’s your favorite Tony Parker memory??

10 Best LeBron James Performances as a Cavalier

10 Best LeBron James Performances as a Cavalier

Note: Although LeBron has Cleveland……again we can’t deny he’s had a lot of amazing performances that

  1. On November 8th, 2017  against the Washington Wizards, LeBron James was extra special scoring 57 points on 68% shooting, grabbed 11 rebounds, dished out 7 assists and had 17 4th quarter points to make sure no comeback was made by the Wizards. Wuntitled
  2. Late in March against the 2018 Toronto Raptors, King James finished the game with 35 points (14 in the 4th Q), 7 rebs and 17 assists while shooting 58%. This amazing all around performance was enough to win by 3. Wmerlin_137658237_947a5e5b-8924-4a5f-9b15-8dfa527da1b6-articleLarge
  3. Back in 2010 against Carmelo Anthony’s Nuggets, LeBron scored 45 points including 23 in the 4th Q and OT, gobbled 13 rebounds and dished out 15 assists. Despite all that Camelo hit the game winner on LeBron and gave DEN the win. L lebron-look.jpg
  4. At Madison Square Garden in 2009, Mr. James delivered the Cavs the win scoring 52 (13 in the 4th Q), collected 9 rebs, assisted on 11 shots and made several clutch buckets. WCleveland+Cavaliers+v+New+York+Knicks+ZIJqSQLt-uMx
  5. Against the defending champions Golden State Warriors at Oakland, LeBron James against all odds kept it close prior to the Jr Smith incident by dropping  a Finals career high of 51 points (15 in the 4th Q and OT), gobbled 8 rebounds and dished out 8 asts. GS took over in overtime and won Game one. L 01nbalive-charge-superJumbo
  6. After winning Game 1 at Toronto, King James upped his Game 1 performance by dropping 43 points on 19/28 shooting, grabbed 8 rebounds and assisted on 14 shots.  W i
  7. Facing off against future teammate Dwyane Wade and the 06 Heat, James was extraordinary at home scoring 47 points (18 in the 4th Q) on 64% shooting, grabbed 12 rebounds and 9 assists. untitled.png
  8. At Memphis in 2008, LBJ took over the 4th Q and OT scoring 25 points then, 51 total, gobbled 8 rebounds and dished out 9 assists while shooting 64%. W Cleveland Cavaliers v Memphis Grizzlies
  9. During an overtime win against the Minnesota Timberwolves, LeBron James had a triple dub of 37 points, 10 rebs and  15 asts. Not only did he hit several clutch shots, but also hit the game winner on Jimmy Butler. wolves-lose-to-cavaliers001.jpg
  10. At Oracle Arena against the 73-9 Warriors without Draymond Green a very important player, the Cavs were down 3-1 so LeBron James needed to play exceptional. Not only did he drop 41 points, he also  grabbed 16 rebs and assisted on 7 shots. This helped the Cavs majorly in their 15 point victory. W Cleveland Cavaliers v Golden State Warriors

NBA Summer League: Players to Watch

NBA Summer League: Players to Watch

  • Grayson Allen –  14.1  Ppg, 3.2 Rbs, 3 Ast.  43%,  38% on 3s.USATSI_10627843

  • Allonzo Trier – 16.8 Ppg, 3.7 Rbs, 2.4 Ast.  47.9 %, 37.8 on3. arizonas-allonzo-trier_f8wmox5nc1j41hvobsufy2xvs

  • Collin Sexton – 19.2 Ppg, 3.8 Rbs, 3.6 Ast.  44.7 %, 33.6 on 3.

    Cleveland Cavaliers Introduce Collin Sexton

  • Angel Delgado – 12.1 Ppg, 11 Rbs, 1.7 Ast.  53.8%. angel_delgado


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