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Mets Vs Yankees!! Game 6 Of the Season Series!!

Mets Vs Yankees!! Game 6 Of the Season Series!!

               The Yankees lead the season series 3-2 over the Mets, game 6 will be today (August 13, 2018) and still yet to be scheduled.  Mets will start Jacob deGrom (6-7) against Yankees best Luis Severino (15-5).  While the Mets may not be competing for a playoff spot the Yankees need a every game they can to get away from the Astros.  Luckily for the Yankees, are struggling on their own having been swept by the Mariners.

deGrom on any other team would be a pitcher with a winning record.  Unfortunately, playing for the Mets, he is considered more of a future trade asset for a team that is in its rebuilding stage.  Asdrubal Cabrera have been a positive for the Mets leading them in home runs, RBIs and batting average.  Ironically, even with only 8 home runs on the season Jose Bautista usually gets the most love of any other Mets player.  (Correct me if am wrong, but every time Bautista does anything on the field it is on ESPN).

Giancarlo Stanton has been on fired ever since the Yankees were swept by the Red Sox.  With a total of 30 Home Runs seems to have found his batting swing.  Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar performance makes it easy to forget that they are still rookies in the games.  Unfortunately for the Yankees Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez are still out.

Luis Severino 15 wins, 167 strikeouts has been the best the Yankees have on the mount.  Severino has already more wins than he did last year and if he keeps it up he could match his win total from his first 3 seasons.  Are you impress? Because there is still a lot to the season.

What are your predictions for the games? Who has been your favorite Yankee So far?



Stanton Owns the Rangers!! Yankees Take Series 3-1!! Recap!!

Stanton Owns the Rangers!! Yankees Take Series 3-1!! Recap!!

Giancarlo Stanton hit a homer in each of the Yankees win over the Rangers.  With 5 homers in the last 6 games he has up his total to 30 for the season, in 12 days Stanton has already matched his total from the forgettable month of July the Yankees had.  Aside from sweeping the White Sox and beating out the Rangers, the Yankees have also gained a 2-game lead over the Astros.  Unfortunately, still 9.5 behind the Red Sox, catching up may be a loss cause.

Wins are wins but some of those games were not pretty at all specifically game 2 and game 3.  Tanaka was not able to get his 10th win of the season, he struggled giving up 2 homers in the 4th inning and it was downhill from there.  The Rangers did put up a fight even with the struggles that Joey Gallo had.  Rangers will move on to play the Arizona Diamondbacks for a 2-game series.


The Yankees will continue their home stayed as they host Jacob DeGrom for a single game against the Mets.  With news of Aaron Judge not having a specific timeline the Yankees need every game they can get.  Severino will start and as the Yankees look to extend their season series over the Mets.

Predictions / Nonsense to Watch (results)

  • Yankees take Series 3-1 – Correct In The Nonsense!!
  • Gleyber Tores breaks in to the 20s. Nonsense Denied!!
  • CC Sabathia is one strikeout from breaking 100

Yankees Host The Rangers!! Can Stanton Hit A Homer 3 Straight!! Series Predictions

Yankees Host The Rangers!! Can Stanton Hit A Homer 3 Straight!! Series Predictions

The Yankees are officially on a 3-game winning streak for the first time since June when they swept Seattle.  Biggest positive from the series could be Sonny Gray actually able to close out the White Sox in thirteen innings.  The Yankees have not been fun to watch as off late, sweeping the White Sox puts a small band-aid on a large wound.  The Texas Rangers are up next, for a 4 game series, as they try to close on the Astros’ one game lead.


Giancarlo Stanton has hit home runs in 2 straight games to make his total 27, one over the still out Aaron Judge.  Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres, both rookies, have kept their batting swing steady but more needs to be done.  The beating by the Red Sox still stings, but small wings are small wings.  Getting J.A. Happ back should help out, but the Yankees need to find a way to score, offense has been an issue.

JoeyGalloThe Rangers maybe out the playoffs but they haven’t given up in their games, ask the Mariners.  The Rangers’ are on a 2 game winning streak, in both games scoring 11 runs.  Joey Gallo, leads the Rangers’ in homers and is coming off a 2 homer game.  The Rangers’ want to make a statement against the Yankees, specially since they did win the last series 2-1.

The Yankees need wins no other way to say it, especially in home games the pitching has to be strong.  Happ playing is a victory for the Yankees.  Tanaka pitching game 2 will look for his 10th win of the season and also going against the Rangers best pitcher.  Game 3, Lance Lynch will attempt to continue his strong pitching in the stripes.  CC Sabathia excels in the biggest of stages for the Yankees, but his decline is something that the Yankees have to keep in mind.

Predictions / Nonsense to Watch

  • Yankees take Series 3-1
  • Gleyber Tores breaks in to the 20s
  • Stanton hits a 3rd Homer Straight
  • CC Sabathia is one strikeout from breaking 100

What are your series predictions??


Yankees Report: Winless in New York!! 5 Game Losing Streak!!

Winless in New York!! 5 Game Losing Streak!!

The Red Sox didn’t just sweep the Yankees, it was embarrassing. Especially game 4, in which the Red Sox came back from behind to get the win and extend their lead to 9.5 games. The Yankees have been looking worse and worse in the last couple months. Add in the injuries that have been piling up on the roster, if there is not a plan b just yet, am sure is being worked on.

Is no time to panic and getting swept by the Red Sox is not rock bottom. Of course it doesn’t help that the Astros now have a game and a half lead, but is not rock bottom. Luckily for the Yankees being completely cold on both sides of the mount is really nothing new to the team. But if the problems are not address quickly it won’t just be the losing the top seed, Yankees are playing with fire.

With no time table on Judge and Happ recent odd injury the Yankees need to find answers and stop digging their own grave. Let’s be honest the bats are cold as they are already, there is really no need for them to be putting Sonny Gray out there. Severino and Tanaka still have a lot of heat left while CC Sabathia seems to be saving his best games for the playoffs.

August will be in challenging months due to that the team plays almost every day this month. The goal for the month is to bounce back and start heating up the bats. Sonny Gray is out of the lineup which is going to open doors for some new pitchers.

Yankees need to figure out what their goals are wild card or just keep on rolling down. Both New York teams have been completely embarrassing themselves, nobody should be happy.

The Yankees will face the White Sox on 3 game series somebody (Stanton) will need to step up for them to get back and try to stop the bleeding.