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Yankees 2020 Spring Training Nonsense Report!! #Winning!! Yankees

Yankees 2020 Spring Training Nonsense Report!! #Winning!! Yankees

               MLB Spring Training is rolling!! The New York Yankees have played 3 games and won none of them but are still winning in spring training.  MLB spring training is about moral victories and the Yankees are winning all the moral victories.  3 games in and the Yankees are looking like the juggernaut that they are being projected to be.  As long as they stay healthy they will be a problem once the season starts.  Let’s talk some Yankees Nonsense


JA Happ – looked fantastic in the 2 innings that he pitch ending with 2 strikeouts in his short time.  Happ look fresh and somewhat rejuvenated this season.  Happ ended the season with 12 wins and 140 strikeouts, in a season where he was probably asked more than he could provide, which that should be different this year.  The Yankees have a bit more depth and even with injuries that could limit James Paxton (3-4 Months), Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka, Happ’s role should still be one that he can handle.  Happ will be a key player during the 1st half of the season.

Jul 24, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher J.A. Happ (34) pitches in the first inning against Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Gerritt Cole – Debut went was expected 2 strikeouts in 1 inning and he looks like he is picking up right where he left off last season and that is exactly what the Yankees are needing.  Welcome to New York Cole!!!

–Replacing Dellin Betances—

Adonis Rosas, Domingo Acevedo, Jonathan Loaisiga, Albret Abreu are Luis Cessa are in charge of taking over those innings and they are all looking great.


Welcome Back Miguel Andujar!!!

Yankees Nonsense Conclusion

The Yankees look great so far in the areas that they should.  Injuries are still lagging but they are looking to have the depth to deal with.  So far, the Yankees pitching looks great as the are rotation through as many pitchers as possible.  Batting wise the health Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and the rest of the Bronx Bomber is crucial but with plenty of time till opening day they are looking good.

Thank you for reading!!

What do you think about the Yankees so far??

Betts Traded to DODGErs

Mookie is goin Hollywood

I can’t believe this is a real trade got pulled off! Its simply not a trade you see every day. A Franchise star moving just days before spring training begins. But it is indeed happening. Let’s take you back.

It wasn’t that long ago that we first heard rumours of the Sox looking to move Mookie and his huge contract. There was a lot of noice but I figured that the one who was gonna be moved was JD Martinez. Few weeks go by and the Stros sign stealing scandal happens and we heard no news. And then what to me at the moment sealed the deal was when Betts signed a deal to avoid arbitration.

But a couple of days ago the news broke on a huge three team trade that would send the former AL MVP along with David Price to the Dodgers.

Full trade breakdown:

  • DODGERS Receive : Mookie Betts, David Price + cash from BOS
  • RED SOX Receive: Alex Verdugo, Brusdar Graterol
  • TWINS Receive: Kenta Maeda

For the Dodgers, I dont know how they did it, but they are even better than last year, with reigning NL MVP Chris Taylor, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Chris Taylor, and now Mookie to the lineup plus another great arm added to the rotation Next to Buehler and Kershaw it’s looking like one of the Dodgers best deals of all time and it might be the missing piece the Dodgers need to finally win the championship that has eluded them for so long.

Minnesota also walks away a winner. A team that last year showed a lot of improvement and looks like it could be a contender in the next couple of seasons and now adding a much needed arm might make them a team to look out for in the upcoming season.

Now for Boston, there’s not a lot of possitives here for the team, they just lost their star and piece for building the team for years to come. This could be because of the Sign stealing situation, maybe from the Red Sox as a sort of apology or punnisment perhaps. This is a very interesting theory that needs a post all to itself, but it’s crazy timing.

Either way I can’t wait to see how LAD does this season. What do you think? Do LA have enough to win it all? Let Us Know down below. That was NonSense.

Houston, We have a problem


For the past couple of months the MLB has been conducting a very serious and deep investigation on the Houston Astros for accusations of sign stealings back in 2017, the year they won their first World Series. The people who were apparently involved the most were GM Jeff Lunhow, Manager A.J. Hinch, and former members of the Astros roster and now managers, Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran.

There has been many instances where other teams have complained about sign stealing by the Stros, as recently as this Postseason, opponents hear loud banging on trash cans, whistling from the dugout and even problems with lights that turn off or dim when certain pitches were thrown.

This doesnt stop there though, as investigators found out that Houston used a hidden camera to record the signs. They also found that they had been using scouts with binoculars and there are rumors of they possibly sending players to the weight room in-game to watch live replays of the signs.

After concluding, the MLB has already dished some very heavy punnishments to the Astros:

  • 1 year ban for both A.J, Hinch and Jeff Lunhow
  • 5 million dollar fine
  • No 1st or 2nd round draft picks for 2021 or 2022

Houston Astros owner, Jim Crane, quickly reacted by outright firing Lunhow and Hinch stating that: “Even though none of them condoned it [sign stealing] they didn’t do anything to stop it” and that they just needed to start over with a clean sleight. As for Cora, ESPN’s Jeff Passan decribes Cora’s potential future punnishment as “imminent” and “harsh”. As for new Mets manager Beltran, he won’t be punnished as the MLB didn’t punnish any players and he was a player at the time of Houston’s title season.

What do you think? Does this taint the Astros accomplishments?, Do you think the punnishments were fair? Let us know in the comments!! That was some Nonsense

Job Hunting with Hanley Ramirez

Hanley Ramirez from starter to Job Hunting

The Red Sox did not want to pay Hanley Ramirez, simply put.  Throw some shade on him and send the first baseman packing with the title “He is not that good”.  Ramirez (@HanleyRamirez) Tweet it “Thank you #RedSoxNation. It’s been real. Love you always”, pretty much a proper good bye to the team Right? It’s been real is like saying F*ck You and have a nice day.

Hanley Ramirez, 13 year veteran from Dominican Republic, will be job hunting for his 5th MLB team (if you count Florida and Miami been different teams).  Red Sox and numbers will say that he is on a decline and it will be hard for him to find a job, which I hardly doubt.  The Red Sox will still, more than likely, have to pay him 15 million, so really he is not doing that bad, but he is leaving a contending team.

So really what’s next? This season we have seen Matt Harvey find a new home with Reds and Jose Bautista with the Mets. So without a doubt Hanley will find a job, but really neither the Mets nor the Reds are really a place that players are dying to go to.  Yes, a paycheck will be catch but also there is the reputation that comes with being on a winning team.


Is not all bad for Hanley, he has hit 6 home runs and 29 RBIs. Best case scenario the Milwaukee Brewers will give him a chance at some revenge against the Red Sox.  The Brewers could use a guy to create offense especially since they only have 3 guys with more homers.  A lot of people are giving Ramirez a bad rep, but he might just do great in a new environment.

Good Luck Hanley Ramirez, Hope you get your revenge.