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961868460_jpg_0Hanley Ramirez from starter to Job Hunting

The Red Sox did not want to pay Hanley Ramirez, simply put.  Throw some shade on him and send the first baseman packing with the title “He is not that good”.  Ramirez (@HanleyRamirez) Tweet it “Thank you #RedSoxNation. It’s been real. Love you always”, pretty much a proper good bye to the team Right? It’s been real is like saying F*ck You and have a nice day. Read More.

cutGiancarlo Stanton Host Miami

Stanton was the biggest acquisition by the New York Yankees from the Marlins, where he spend the 1st 7 years of his career.  Stanton is on his 1st year with the Yankees and the expectations are high.  Looking at the numbers those expectations are not being met specially with the team record of 7-7 coming in to the week.  Now a valuable wins vs Boston shows how effective he can be on game that counts (have to win rivalry games).  Read More.

Severino 2-1 vs Caleb Smith 0-1

New York!! New York!! New York!!

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