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Jacob+deGrom+New+York+Mets+v+New+York+Yankees+rDmyRczvcUNlYankees Vs Mets: Hello Jacob DeGrom!

Jacob DeGrom is 4-0 while the Mets are 27-32 on a 6 game losing streak.  DeGrom, 29 year old, 98 strikeouts on the season, plain and simple should not let his season go to waste.  A move to the Yankees should not be hard at all for either side, is like a block away for DeGrom.  The Yankees are in need of quality pitchers.  Luis Severino has been great leading the team in wins (9) and strikeouts (102) but he can’t do it alone.  DeGrom to the Yankees should be a higher priority than Bryce Harper.  Read More.

harperjudgeBurn Day is Over Back to Work: Yankees Visit Nationals

Burn day is over and now back to work.  The New York Yankees are coming off playing the last 9 games at home where they only loss 2 games.  The next 8 games are all on the road starting out the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals are a good team, fighting in a tight race in the National League against 9 other teams separated by 2-3 wins and losses.  Read More.

untitledRed Sox at Yankees: Round 2, Day 2

Sorry baseball fans, anyone hoping that the Red Sox versus Yankees talk would die anytime this year would be sadly mistaken.  While in the past few years the teams have both underachieved, by their standards, this year’s respective squads offer a bit more intrigue and contrast if you will. After the first month of the season both teams are exactly where no one thought they would be.  Read More.

imageRed Sox vs Yankees: Round 2

The Boston Red Sox record of 25-9 is the best in American League.  The New York Yankees are 2nd, one game behind, with a record 24-10.  Both the Red Sox and Yankees have better records than the whole National League.  In other words we are truly getting the best of baseball (at this moment) this upcoming week.  Read More.


Gary Sanchez is the Yankee teams should really be worried about

Top of the 9th Judge and Gregorius sit on bases.  Stanton strikes out (again), Sanchez vs Giles, Sanchez homers for 8th time this season.  Yankees go up 3 and between Hicks and Andujar they put the cherry on top to end the inning.  Flashback, April 27th Yankees are hosting the Twins, bottom of the 9th, Gregorious and Stanton on base, Sanchez homers to give the Yankees a 4-3 lead and that’s the game folks.


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