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Red Sox-Yankees: Round 2, Day 2

Sorry baseball fans, anyone hoping that the Red Sox versus Yankees talk would die anytime this year would be sadly mistaken.

 While in the past few years the teams have both underachieved, by their standards, this year’s respective squads offer a bit more intrigue and contrast if you will. After the first month of the season both teams are exactly where no one thought they would be. The Red Sox were riding what seemed to be an improbable win streak with timely hitting (and grand slams), anchored by a formidable starting rotation. The Yankees meanwhile, did what they do best, bomb baseballs out the park; the trio of Judge, Stanton and Sanchez are a fearsome bunch, if not equipped to overcome the early season pitching woes of their own pitching staff.

 From the Red Sox’s perspective, this is exactly where they hoped to be after this off-season. After keeping all their in-house impact players in tow and getting JD Martinez, this is the team management was hoping to see execute on the field, not just on paper.

untitledFueled by Mookie Betts and his American League-leading stats in practically every category (AVG, HRs, OPS, SLG, runs scored) along with Martinez, the clutch Ramirez and rookie Devers the Red Sox are a confident bunch, and rightfully so. They sit atop, or near the top, of every Baseball Power rankings out there. They’re dangerous from the lead off spot all the way down to their 6 spot in the order. You can’t throw around them, not with Martinez lurking, and you certainly don’t want to throw right at them.

 Chris Sale is dishing as usual, that was expected. Rick Porcello is on a hot streak reminiscent of his AL Cy Young days just a couple years ago. David Price, while having been roughed up these past few starts, has shown, at times, that he still can get it done. Pomeranz, and Rodriguez have also held their own.

 This is the hyped rivalry the fans have wanted, the type of teams the management have dealt for and the opportunity the players have hoped for. 

Who wins Game 2?




Matt Ryan Contract Extension!! Breaking News!! Worth It??

Matt Ryan Contract Extension!! Breaking News!! Worth It!!

Matt Ryan has just been extended through the 2023 football season with a whopping new 5yr/$50 million contract extension that will make him the NFL’s first $30mill/yr player. And did I mention the contract pays him $100 million in GUARANTEED money?!? While some see this as a necessity to secure your franchise quarterback, the question remains, “Is Matt Ryan worth $100 million dollars?”