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Olympic Melo


Olympic Carmelo Anthony

By Watson Rowe,
Publish February 16th, 2018

Carmelo Anthony is the Olympic G.O.A.T and his career accomplishments are discredited and underrated. Now before I go into this, let’s just remind you of Carmelo Anthony’s pre NBA background and achievements.

After spending his first 3 years of high school at Towson Catholic High School just outside of Baltimore, Anthony decided to transfer to the notorious Oak Hill Academy in Virginia, a prep school that boasts some of the biggest names in NBA history ( Kevin Durant, Stephen Jackson, Rajon Rondo and Michael Beasley to name a few).

In his sole season at Oak Hill, Anthony gained widespread national exposure during his time there, especially after a hard fought nationally televised battle between top ranked Oak Hill and Akron’s Saint Vincent’s Saint Mary led by then high school phenom LeBron James. Anthony led Oak Hill to a 72-66 victory, scoring 34 points and grabbing 11 rebounds as James scored 34 for SVSM. 

Oak Hill went on to finish the season 32-1 with their only loss being to Mater Dei, who ended the team’s 67 game winning streak. Anthony was named Parade magazine All American and a McDonald’s All American.

With these honors, Carmelo received invitations to the prestigious Jordan Brand Classic and McDonald’s All American game. In the Jordan Brand Classic, Anthony posted a game high 27 points. He followed up that performance with 19 points in the McDonald’s All American game and also won the dunk contest. For his achievements in the All American game, Melo was named one of the 35 greatest McDonald’s All Americans in 2012. 

This catapulted the young Carmelo to become the top ranked prospect of the class of 2002. Though he pondered declaring for the NBA draft, Carmelo eventually decided to attend Syracuse University, where he led the Orange to a national title defeating Kansas in the championship. 

Despite originally intending to play 3 seasons at Syracuse, Anthony decided to instead declare for the 2003 NBA draft. In his sole season with the Orange, he averaged 22.2 ppg, 10.0rpg and 2.2 apg along with 1.6 steals per game. 

Anthony was selected by the Denver Nuggets with the 3rd overall pick of the 2003 NBA draft, behind LeBron James (#1 overall to the Cleveland Cavaliers) and Darko Miličić ( #2 overall to the Detroit Pistons). 

meloNow as I stated previously, Carmelo Anthony is the Olympic G.O.A.T and his career accomplishments are discredited and grossly underrated. If he would have been drafted by Detroit, this wouldn’t even be a conversation. He would have won a title as a rookie. But because he wasn’t and many fans tend to throw him under the bus let’s recap shall we? 

Let’s remember that Carmelo Anthony has: 6 All NBA selections, Scoring Title, a NCAA title, NCAA MIP. He also has a record 4 Olympic Basketball medals (a record 3 Gold along with a Bronze from the 2004 in Athens), the most points and rebounds in US Olympic history; the most points in one game in US Olympic history (37). 

Anthony has also scored over 25,000 career points. his 25,115 points ranks 21st all time, and puts him in a relatively exclusive club with just 20 other players and achieved this feat with one of the highest FG% in the clutch of All Time (40% assisted; 60% unassisted). 

Anthony is also part of an exclusive club of players  that have scored 10,000 points for 2 different franchises. Melo’s 13,970 career points with the Denver Nuggets is 3rd in franchise history, while his 10,186 career points with the New York Knicks places him 7th on the Knick’s all time scoring list.

So why do people hate on this man? With all that he has accomplished in 15 seasons he STILL gets an abundance of hate I mean, I can’t see where he’s done anything wrong. 


He didn’t join forces with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh in Miami to form a “super team”. Instead he opted to stay in New York, which I believe the league and it’s fans should be very grateful for.  

If he HAD pulled a, Kevin Durant “Snake move,” and joined Miami his prime, (as was the plan but, Melo wanted to win in Denver), he wouldn’t be hated on nearly as much, although his legacy may have possibly been tarnished with a ring he “didn’t earn”. Yet fans rag on him about not having gotten a title yet.

And before you hit me with, “He plays no defense,” advanced metrics show Melo has been an Elite defender of 3pt shots most of his career. Kobe even said Melo defended him the best. No defense? He averaged just shy of 2 steals a game at Syracuse!

Before you hit me with Olympics don’t matter, 20 years ago 2% of the league was international players. Today that number is nearly 30%.

Most countries all around the World, value a Gold Medal over an NBA title. Remember, the NBA has become a global game. The level of international competition has risen immensely in the last decade to the point where, as much as I hate to say it, fairly soon the United States may no longer be the top producer of professional basketball talent. This is why players like 4 time medalist Carmelo Anthony are important to USA Basketball and the development of international talent everywhere; they make the rest of the competition strive to be better. 

That is why Carmelo Anthony is the Olympic GOAT. Even if people here in the States always hate on him, fans from around the world will always recognize him as an All-Time Great.149483132



The Shumpert Track


The Shumpert Track:

by Francis S Estepan,
Published February 16th, 2018

With the 2011 1st round pick, the New York Knicks Draft Iman Shumpert. Fast forward Dec. 25th scores his first buckets in the NBA, finishes the game Vs Boston with 11 Points on 3-13 shooting.  The 6’5 shooting guard was known to be value on the defensive of the lineup.  He could be compare to the likes of Tony Allen.  With career highs 27 Points, 16 rebounds, 9 assist (on different occasions) on the offensive side he really found his strength and pride defensively.  I guess it can be said that he is above average defensively and below average offensively in comparison to other shooting guards in the NBA.

Back in 2015, he saw himself as “the first NBA player to have a legitimate music career”. Most recently tracks here and there and one album called “Full Court Press, Vol 1” can be found but it doesn’t seem that much have stuck or made it to the mainstream.  Music and basketball usually go hand in hand with many NBA players and rappers wanting to crossover to the different lifestyle.

Recently traded to the Sacramento Kings in a three team deal that mostly benefitted the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sacramento currently stands with a record of 18-38 are far from championship contention.  The Kings haven’t made the playoffs since the 05-06 season.  Fortunately, Vlade Divac risky actions off trading who could have been a team center piece could be paying off with proper developments of their most recent rookie acquisitions.

Shumpert will be going from a competing team to rebuilding (or tanking) team. An argument can be made that he was the biggest loser in this transaction especially after reports that teams (clippers) did not want his services.  Both Joe Johnson and Derrick Rose will go through waiver procedures and more than likely find a team before the playoffs starts.  Crowder 3 and D capabilities will fit right in Utah.  The newly acquire Cavaliers’ seem to be adjusting really well playing alongside LeBron James.  So the questions ¿What value does Shumpert have, if any?


Coming into this 3rd team in his career, Shumpert could be on his way to becoming a journeyman in the NBA getting signed by teams needing to fill small roles and for salary caps purposes.  Defensive minded players losing their valued in the NBA could be associated with the quicker and amount of shots that teams are taking.  Having a defensive stopper is almost irrelevant when in transition or when guys like Harden and Curry are popping off 40 footers.  Entering this year Memphis officially ended the Grit and Grind era trading away Randolph and Tony Allen.  Players like Shumpert are losing value.

Shumpert NBA career does not seem to have taken a turn for the better. Sacramento can be seen a great place for veterans like Randolph and Carter who number 1 job is to help the younger guys develop.  Looking at Shumpert style of play, even at 27, he may have already peak or his room for improvement would not be worth developing.  It is still yet to be determined how he would break into the lineup where he is 1 of 5 shooting guards.

What’s the next track for Iman Shumpert? After making a recovery from his latest injury, we are hoping that he improves his jumper and is still able bring toughness defensively. Shumpert should make his debut as King after the All Star Break!!  Would hate to see people remember Shumpert for his afro hair and being the other shirtless guy next to Kyrie and Henny JR.


Bill Russell


Happy Birthday!! Bill Russell !!

Written By Kevin Bertalotto, February 12th, 2018

Today is the 84th birthday of one of the greatest Boston Celtics and NBA legends of all time. Too many so called fans of the game don’t give 60s players or anyone prior to Magic and Bird enough credit. So I will give some background information on Mr. Russell the 11x NBA champ then share some thoughts on him.

Growing up in the 1930s was difficult especially being colored. Bill was the type of guy who was very outspoken that would motivate himself and his peers to stand up against racism. He was in the famous march on Washington and defended Muhammad Ali when he refused to serve in the military.  As expected Mr. Russell had been promoting the Civil Rights Movement.

Bill Russell during  high school basketball games started to jump and block shots, his coach tried to stop him but Bill knowing how great the idea was didn’t listen. He led his high school team to 3 straight titles and got a scholarship to the University of San Francisco where he played with future teammate K.C. Jones. In college he won two consecutive national titles and won several awards including MVP of the Final Four. Interestingly Russell has said before he averaged  at least 15 blocks in college. Scoring over 20 points and roughly 20 rebs including a large number of blocks per game everyone knew he’d be high pick.

Now onto his amazing NBA career, in his first season he led his team to its first ever title in 1957 averaging 13 and 23 rebs. He went on to win 10 more titles in 12 years. Bill is 10-0 in Game 7s, 11-1 in the NBA Finals and the time he lost a Finals series was vs Bob Pettit’s Hawks and didn’t play the last few games due to a hurt ankle. Although they didn’t keep track of blocks back then, of all the games and highlights on YouTube of Bill we can see how great he was as a rim protector and how many fast breaks he ignited. You can find this video where Russell blocks Jerry West EIGHT TIMES IN THE SAME GAME.

When it comes to resumes alone Bill Russell has got to be top 5, 5x MVP, 1x ASG MVP  woulda been at least 8x FMVP if that award existed then, at least 5x DPOY had that award existed then, 2nd all time in rebounds per game and total, 12x All Star, was always first in defensive win shares. Won gold in the Olympics and was captain of that team.

Would this all time great avg the same stats in today’s game? No. However in the right team like San Antonio he could still grab 15 or so rebounds per game along with 3 blocks or so a game. His scoring avg was low but that wasn’t his role. Fans seem to forget how athletic he was, he did track and field and had a vertical leap in the low 40s.

Random facts:

  • The Finals MVP award is named after him.
  • Was coach while playing for BOS for a bit.
  • Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011.
  • Was head coach for the Sacramento Kings for one year.
  • Coach and general manager of the Supersonics from 1973-1977.
  • Wrote several books including Red, and Me: My Coach, My Lifelong Friend.


Throwback Thursday: The Ten Best NBA Game 1 performances since 1984

Throwback Thursday: The ten Best Game 1 performances since  1984

Written By Kevin Bertalotto

   It doesn’t seem often enough that we see a star player have an amazing game at the very start of a series. Well, these players have certainly made their statement in their first game of that playoff series. Now obviously this list was made as unbiased as possible. Enjoy!

    1. At number one we have Shaquille O’Neal who had 44 points on 17/32 shooting, 21 rebs and 7 blocked shots in the 01 playoffs vs the Kings. W
    2. Next up is Tim Duncan in the 03 Finals vs the Nets who finished with 32 pts, 20 rebs, 6 asts, altered 7 shots and shot 11/17. W
    3. Hakeem Olajuwon made a statement vs the 86 Nuggets when he scored 38 points, grabbed 16 rebs, dished out 4 asts, blocked 6 shots and stole the ball 5x all while shooting 18/27. W
    4. Once again Shaq made his way to the top 5 but this time his great game was against the 00 Pacers. He had 43 pts, gobbled 19 rebs, blocked 3 shots, had 4 asts and shot 21/31 getting the W.
    5. In a close loss to the Magic, LeBron James was on another level of greatness, he had 49 points on 20/30 shooting, grabbed 6 rebounds and dished out 8 asts, stole the ball 2x and rejected 3 shots. L
    6. Vs the Sacramento Kings Shaquille O’Neal once again displayed what individual dominance looks like. The Big Diesel scored 46 points, collected 17 rebs, altered 5 shots and led his team to the win. W
    7. Brad Daugherty nearly had a triple double with 40, 16 and 9 vs the New Jersey Nets. He got the win and shot good 12/22.
    8. Karl Malone in this specific game vs the Sonics was spectacular. With 50 points he became 1 of 3 players in history to score 50+ in a Game 1. Along with his 50 pts Karl grabbed 12 rebs, stole the ball 3x and shot 18/32. W
    9. Going against the heavily favored 01 Lakers on the road the Sixers would need Allen Iverson to have a great game to have a shot. A.I. did not disappoint as he finished the game with 48 points including clutch shots in OT, grabbed 5 rebs, assisted on 6 shots, stole the ball 5x all while shooting 18/41. W
    10. Barely cracking top 10 is Round Mound the Rebound, Charles Barkley. Versus the Golden State Warriors Charles had a great all around game of 36 points, 19 rebounds, 7 asts, 4 stls on 14/24 shooting. W

Honorable mentions:

Allen Iverson’s 55, 4 and 8 vs 03 NOH. W

Dirk’s 48 pts on 15 shots vs ‘11 OKC.  W

Lamarcus A. 46 and 18 vs 2014 HOU. W

Tim D. 40 15 and 7 blks 14/20 vs 03 DAL. L

Pat. Ewing: 36, 16, 8 asts, 6 blks vs 92 CHI. W

Team Of The Month

Team of the Month: Cleveland Cavaliers
This month team that will be following is the Cleveland Cavaliers, for the next 13 games starting with
Orlando we will be covering everything that happens with Lebron James, Isaiah Thomas, Dwayne Wade
and the rest of the Cavaliers team. Follow us in our journey to keep up with the team scheduled, game
scores, trades, suspensions and player/team milestones.
Scheduled and Game Scores

  • Thursday, January 18 – Orlando Magic – Final Score: Cavaliers Win 104-103, Isaiah Thomas
    21pts, 3rbs, 4ast, 2st
  • Saturday, January 20 – Oklahoma City Thunder –
  • Tuesday, January 23 – At San Antonio Spurs
  • Friday, January 26 – Indiana Pacers
  • Sunday, January 28 – Detroit Pistons
  • Tuesday, January 30 – At Detroit Pistons
  • Wednesday, January 31 – Miami Heat
  • Saturday, February 3 – Houston Rockets
  • Tuesday, February 6 – At Orlando Magic
  • Wednesday, February 7 – Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Friday, February 9 – At Atlanta Hawks
  • Sunday, February 11 – At Boston Celtics
  • Tuesday, February 13 – Oklahoma City Thunder

Great Performances
Suspensions/ Injuries

  • Lebron James – 29,975 / 30,000