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NBA on the Way Back? Maybe? Baby Steps? Questions and Reactions?

NBA on the Way Back? Maybe? Baby Steps? Questions and Reactions?

                When and where will the 1st game will be play? With approximately 17 (more or less) games for some teams will the fans be there? Will some games be scrapped as unnecessary (Cavaliers and Hawks have 2 games left on the scheduled)? How does it affect players that were depending on game incentives for their bonuses?  The NBA is trying to make a comeback by stepping forward and re-opening training facilities.  With hope comes plenty of questions, so let’s talk some nonsense.

                Bringing sports back, not just the NBA, is a step towards normality.  Remember that the Rudy Gobert situation was a big wake up on the whole COVID-19 situation.  With a bringing sports is not just about the athletes but also about the rest of the employees that may have not been considered “essentials” will also rejoin the workforce.  Recently, the NBA and the players have been pillars throughout of the US both as a sport but also at standing outside of the sports world and into other fields. 

                Personally, I am extremely happy with the NBA attempting to return.  Also applaud the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) for being one of the 1st to take the step forward.  Even though they may not get a lot of recognition, they are still baby steps before the sports world is back up and running. 

So back to some NBA and more questions.

                May 1st is when Adam Silver have given himself a timeline on the future of the NBA season.  Chris Paul, President of the National Basketball Players Association, already said that the players will need 2-3 weeks before they even step on a court.  Which it makes sense and even then, as fans/public, actual quality basketball may take even longer to translate to the court.  And speaking of time to get ready, usually the NBA starts October 22 (mid-October) could this season be expanding in to the next? Or what will the ripple effect be for next season?  Maybe the answer lies in that the Championship winner and/or the teams that had deep playoff runs will just rest or have more a load management early into the season?

                So, when the NBA decides to set an official day, where do they start the season? Do they just pick it back up where it was at or do they make some adjustments shorting out the rest of the regular season?  Not so much in the Eastern Conference, but in the Western teams like Blazers, Pelicans, Kings and Spurs could argue that they are still in the playoff hunt.  Steve Kerr already admitted that he and his team are already acting as if the season was over, is he wrong for having that mentality? (Has he had the same mentality all season?)

                I like the idea of scrapping away some games and some teams.  For example, the Cavaliers have 17 games left, which include 2 games vs the Suns and the 2 vs Hawks, all 3 teams are scrapped of the playoff race, are those games necessary? Which leads to a revenue related question, if games are indeed deemed unnecessary, what about the revenue? The teams will play (regardless of fans) will create revenue, because even if there is no fans it doesn’t mean that ESPN or the NBA won’t look to make a profit either through ESPN+ memberships or individual teams subscriptions so they can view the games from their homes.

                My last questions are once that I am still trying to find my own understanding or reaction to them:

Bringing back sports is about the sport or is it about the entertainment factor revenue?

As sports do return, how many fans are expected to be at the events and how will they deal with the negative media?

If sports comeback and COVID-19 does not go away (or evolves), how much is at risk? And what if after it all gets started it all gets shut down again?

Thank you for reading!! What do you think about my questions and reactions? And what are some questions and reactions that you may have regarding the return of the NBA (and sports)??

Cam Newton!! What’s Next? Back Up, Starter, Free Agent?

Cam Newton!! What’s Next? Back Up, Starter, Free Agent?

                What’s Next for Cam Newton, will he be a starter, back up or remain a free agent.  Which team could or should take a chance on Newton Patriots? Jaguars? Chargers? Seahawks? Dolphins? Newton was the 1st round pick for the Panthers back in 2011, 1x MVP, 3x Pro  Bowl and more accolades in his career.  Newton’s stats in 125 games 68-55-1 record, 59.6 Completion Rate, 29,041 total yards, 182 Touchdowns and 108 Interceptions.  So, what is next for Newton?

Patriots still showing no interest in signing Cam Newton after ...


  • Patriots

Currently the Patriots QB depth chart contain Jarrett Stidham (sophomore, 3 games in 2019, 0 TD & 1 Int) and Brian Hoyer, a veteran QB with both starter and back up experience.  Newton, healthy, beats out both Stidham and Hoyer based on stats and experience.  Playstyle wise it would be a little different for Newton, who could be ask to depend more on his passing and not so much on his running.  The Patriots will still benefit from a proven playmaker.

The Patriots’ have the best odds for a landing place for Newton, due to their lack of depth and experience, but it really depends on their plan for the 2020 season.  The Patriots can aim to come to term with Newton for a short term without any future commitments.  Now if the Patriots take more a route or commitments towards a higher draft pick (Trevor Lawrence), the Newton may have a different mindset and may value winning a bit more.

  • Dolphins

If the Dolphins want to give Tua Tagovailoa a year off in more a learning role while remaining (somewhat) competitive then Newton gives them the best shot.  While the Dolphins do have Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen on the roster, signing Newton would just add another mentor for Tua.  The signing of Newton, would have the biggest negative effect on Rosen, who is still young and trying to prove himself.

The key for the Dolphins is to bring in Newton as the best possible for mentor for Tua.  On a starting role, Newton will have a quality RB in Jordan Howard and receivers that can make plays in DeVante Parker and Albert Winston.  In the AFC East, the Dolphins have to fight off the Patriots, Bills and Jets so even a playoff spot could be a possibility.

  • Notable Mentions: Chargers

The same argument what was made for the Dolphins signing Newton can be made for the Chargers.

Cam Newton's Panthers divorce is getting ugly

Back up

  • Jaguars

The situation or appeal here is that the Leonard Fournette is recruiting Newton to the Jaguars.  The problem is that Fournette himself have been part of trading rumors.  The Jaguars’ seem committed to Gardner Minshew II but without the guaranteed that he can be the same trending and quality player from last year.  Newton could be their back up plan (pun intended).

  • Cowboys

While this may seem unlike or absolutely nonsense, Jerry Jones can put some pressure on Dak Prescott by signing Newton.  After signing him subtle Marcus Mariotta and Ryan Tannerhill references could be made to throw fuel into the drama.

  • Notable mentions: Cardinals, Bengals

Cam Newton rumors: New England Patriots 'haven't shown any ...

Free Agent

  • Bears

Newton to the Bears could be a possibility based on the unsatisfaction the Bears have with Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles recent health history.  Also factoring the amount of money they have to leftover thanks to Khalil Mack’s contract.

Final Thoughts

                If Newton understand that he is not the same player from a couple years ago, making him willing to adapt his game and change his mentality he will be a contributor to any team that he goes.  In my opinion the Dolphins and Bears are where he could have the most success as he looks to rebound from last season.

Thanks for reading!! What do you think about the Newton situation and where do you think he can be the best fit?

Yankees Opening Day!! Nah, We Still On Corona(virus) Time, So… Safety Than Fun…

Yankees Opening Day!! Nah, We Still On Corona(virus) Time, So… Safety Than Fun…

                What should have been a day full of baseball parks new attractions and weird ballpark foods, it is actually another #quarantineandchill aka Staycation aka “somebody please find a cure because I miss sports and I don’t want to watch Grey’s Anatomy” day.  This time last year, I was watching the Yankees on Amazon Prime MLB Extra Innings Free Trial, it was a good day.  Today, it looks like some more Netflix, a couple laps around the house for the kids and maybe a tik tok video.  Let’s say that I miss sports and I want to watch the Yankees, so Let’s talk some Yankees Nonsense.

                Opening day may not be today for the Yankees, but it still a good day.  You must turn positives into negatives in all situations.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, the Yankees have plenty of injuries that take time to heal and with baseball being postpone means that they may be ready for the future start date whenever that will be.

                Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are the glaring injuries for the Yankees, but now they’ll have more time.  On the mount Luis Severino, is still missing plenty of time, but maybe depending when the season starts and if it will be ending late, he might make a late season appearance.  On the other side, Domingo German who is on suspension, he was probably one player that could have want it to the season to start, his suspension still based on the games played.

                As of right now the number 1 priority not just in sports but also in the world is the health and safety of the people.  With that in mind, we can wait for baseball and just keep hoping that everything gets resolved and people get better.  Sports and entertainment are important but so are the players, the fans and the everybody else in the world.

Thank you for reading, stay safe.

Lakers 3-0 Week NSS Report!! 4 Straight Wins, Playoff Clinched!!

Lakers 3-0 Week NSS Report!! 4 Straight Wins, Playoff Clinched!!

                Lakers beat 76ers, Bucks and Clippers in the same week, all for the 1st time this season.  Lakers’ this week also were the 1st team to clinch in the West.  What a week full of nonsense for the Lakers’ who put a silence to all the haters and doubters and fully stepped up to the challenge.  The Laker’s are now 49-13 with 20 games left to their season, let’s review some Laker’s Nonsense.

Lakers Win 120-107 Vs 76ers, Anthony Davis 37 Pts, 13 Reb

                The Lakers’ spoiled a big night by Glenn Robinson III, who put up 25 pts from the bench.  Even short handed they 76ers put up a fight but couldn’t get over a Laker’s team that was on a mission to split the season series.  Unfortunately for the 76ers was a downhill trip while in LA losing to both Clippers and Lakers.  76ers are fighting a hard battle trying to get back into the top 4 in the East, but missing Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons is hard to overcome.

Image result for Anthony davis2832 × 2068

Lakers Win 113-103 Vs Bucks, Top of the East not enough for LeBron’s 37 Pts, 8 Reb, 8 Ast

                If it seems like every night LeBron is flirting with a triple double is because he is.  For a game that had very high expectations from both sides it did not disappoint.  The difference in this game was the big 3rd quarter by the Lakers.  Davis had a consecutive game with 30 pts, got himself 9 Reb and 2 blocks.  The Lakers split the season series vs the Bucks, who are the favorite to win the East.

Image result for lebron james vs giannis antetokounmpo960 × 640

                Maybe to soon or maybe just nonsense but some concern (or whispers) could be forming on the side of the Bucks who had a tough loss vs the Miami Heat.  The Bucks will also be without Giannis Antetokounmpo for the next 2 games at the Suns (Sunday) and Nuggets (Monday March 9t ) due to minor joint capsule sprain his left knee.

Lakers Win vs Clippers 112-103, Davis 3rd game consecutive game with at least 30 Pts

                Lakers’ win 4th straight game by beating the Clippers who were leading the series 2-0 and were undefeated when all their starters play.  This was the most watched game out of all 3 games due to that the Clippers are the Lakers’ biggest threat in the West.  The Clippers stars were hot with Leonard 27 Pts, Paul George 31 Pts and Montrezl Harrell, off the bench, with 20 Pts, but it was the Lakers defense that came up big when they needed the most.

Image result for lebron james vs kawhi 20202048 × 1152

Lakers Winning Factors

  • Consistency of Stars: Lebron James & Anthony Davis
  • Bench Production: Kyle Kuzma, Dwight Howard, Alex Caruso and The Lakers’ bench mob are consistently contributing to the game


  • LeBron’s Minutes.  LeBron led in minutes played vs Bucks with 37 Mins and Clippers with 35 mins, adding 34 Mins against the Sixers.  The Concern is LeBron already in playoff mode and just getting comfortable with playing that many minutes or could he hit a wall at some point in the playoffs and may burn himself out at the most inconvenient of times.

Week Grade – A+

Thank you for reading!!
Let’s talk some Lakers’ Nonsense

Which Win was the biggest for the Lakers??

Lakers vs Sixers, Bucks & Clippers!! Lakers Nonsense Preview!!

Lakers vs Sixers, Bucks & Clippers!! Lakers Nonsense Preview!!

                Lakers will play Sixers, Bucks and Clippers this week and before anybody asks the answer is “No” the Lakers have not beaten any of this teams.  Playing any of this teams on a typical week will be a challenge in it itself, playing all 3 in the same week will be a real challenge for the Lakers.  LeBron James and Anthony Davis both missed games last week which cannot be the case this week.  The Lakers’ will have to be at the top of their game.  Let’s talk some Lakers Nonsense.

Vs Sixers

                This game will probably the easiest game for the Lakers due to the Sixers lack of personnel in Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Josh Richardson.  The Lakers’ will benefit from home advantage with their record 21-7 at home while the Sixers are 9-22 away.  The Sixers will need Shake Milton to have another career night to give them a chance.  Realistically that might be too much to ask for a guy who has been averaging 8.8 Ppg this season, but hey if there is time to step up, the time is now.

                The Sixers are 37-24 coming off a loss against the Clippers.  The Sixers are in the middle of a rocky season that began with chemistry issues assumptions and now just injury filled.  Still the Sixers were looked as a contender in the East and with a playoff spot secured, the Sixers could be willing to just tread water till their stars return.  Tobias Harris and Al Horford are the go-to guy for the Sixers but they’ll need perfect games.

                The Lakers’ missed out on sweeping the Grizzlies to put a 2nd beat down in less than a week on the Pelicans.  The Lakers should have both Anthony Davis and LeBron James on the floor for all 3 games and fired up to get some revenge.

                Aside from the Lakers’ main personnel, this would also be a very important week for Markieff Morris playing his 5th game for the Lakers.  Morris has been averaging 6.8 Ppg on 38.5 3P% shooting and offering some well needed toughness for the Lakers.  Personally, I am still hopeful for Kyle Kuzma and Morris to find success when they are both on the floor without the starters.

Predictions: Lakers win and split the season series against the Sixers.  The Lakers will keep on soaring while the Sixers will keep rolling down.

It should be a fun week for the Lakers.

Thank you for reading.