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Just OBJ- Nonsense and Much Much Nonsense

Just OBJ- Nonsense and other Nonsense

Odell Beckham Jr. is wasting no time, actually he is taking advantage of the time that he has away from football. There is a possibility he may have too much time on his hands. While some players that aren’t playing in the upcoming weeks are back working on their crafts, partying hard but quietly and responsibly (no media or minimal attention), spending time with their families, rehabbing injuries and/or taking steroids that won’t show up by the start of the season, that’s not the OBJ way.

Recent OBJ Updates/ Breaking News

– Celebrates LSU’s Wins – Because OBJ always wins.

– Hands the players cash – Draws (unnecessary) attention/ investigation from LSU and the NCAA.

o Joe Burrow admitted to this.

– Smacks an officer in the butt – gets accused of simple battery resulting in a warrant for his arrest.

My favorite part of the whole situation is the released messaged by the Browns:

“We are aware of the incident and have been in touch with Odell and his representatives on the matter. They are cooperating with the proper authorities to appropriately address the situation,” a spokesperson for the team said.

Is like they know they have a problem child and just have a written memo already written with a finger over the sent button.

OBJ did what OBJ did and now the world gets to react to it. Simultaneously, OBJ will just kick back pay his fined and get it all dismissed after an apology letter, a donation to the police department and/or LSU University.

In theory it all works out can you imagine if the news kept going deeper and deeper about the Red Sox and Astros stealing signs. They already fired all the people involved that were known by the public. The question “how signs are stolen?” hasn’t been clearly answered.

Another important question, which personally I would like to know once the signs are stolen how that translates into the players hitting the ball. More specifically how come Jose Altuve seems to hit everything and how can anybody stop him. Or is it the new balls that the MLB is using and the conspiracy behind it is that “the new balls” are easier to hit. People want to see more hits in baseball once they get that now they start asking questions.

But hey, we are talking about OBJ and OBJ-esque things. We will now debate over OBJ.

Lastly, thank you OBJ for always being OBJ.

If you’re interested talking about Sports but not OBJ here are some fun topics:

– High rank Men’s College Team losing games – ranking doesn’t matter anymore

– Jazz have a 10 game winning streak

– The NFL playoffs are drawing higher ratings without the Patriots

– The Magic of Markelle Fultz

– The chaos of NBA All Star voting and how the NBA keeps failing at it

– NBA 2K19 being better than NBA 2k20

– All the Star Wars spin off – that other than a cash grab I don’t know why or who ask for them.

– Let’s talk some nonsense

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NSS Magic @ Lakers!! On Edge of A 10 Game Winning Streak (Again)!!

NSS Magic @ Lakers!! On Edge of A 10 Game Winning Streak (Again)!!

                The Lakers’ are on the edge of a 10-game winning streak for the 2nd time this season.  The Lakers 33-7 record is the best in the West and the game against the Magic marks the halfway point of the season.  The Magic go into the Staples Center with a 6-13 away to match up with the Lakers’ 16-4.  The only bad news is the status of Anthony Davis who will be sitting out another game, but it might be for the best.

                Davis will sit out another game and that’s okay, one his health is most important and two the “Kyle Kuzma Show” will continue.  Kuzma is shining in the starting line up averaging 24.3 in the last 3 games, that includes the 36 points against the Thunder with LeBron James, Dais and Danny Green all missing in action.  Kuzma is showing his value and what he can bring to the team displaying what he can do for the Lakers (and any other team watching) on the offensive side.

                The Magic are coming off a win vs the Kings and hoping to keep that momentum going chasing 500.  Magic at 19-21 are in the 7th spot of the playoff sitting and hoping to stay ahead of a Nets team that just got Kyrie back.  Markelle Fultz have been putting in work with the Magic averaging 11.5 points and 4.5 assist, his production has been slow and steady but trending up.

                Dwight Howard, the NEW NEW DWIGHT HOWARD, has been on a different level making all the differences for the Lakers.  Howard has scored in double digits in 4 out of the last 4 games, that’s also including a couple shots from 3.

Pick: Lakers

Lakers at home, duh.  The scheduled is favoring the Lakers in their handling with the Davis injuries and also it helps that hey are ahead 5 games of the next team, the Utah Jazz.

PS the Utah Jazz are 2nd in the west on a 10 game winning streak of their own.

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NSS Jazz @ Nets!! Jazz going for 10!!

NSS Jazz @ Nets!! Jazz going for 10!!

The Jazz will be fighting for their 10th straight win against a Nets team that got Kyrie back and hoping to make up for some loss ground. The Jazz are 12-9 on the road and already beat the Nets once this season in a game that Donovan Mitchell did outscored Irving. It got pretty bad for the Nets who went through a 7 game losing streak but did enough to stay on a playoff seed. Jazz and Nets only meet twice in the season, this should be an exciting game.

Mitchell missed the last game vs the Wizards, but as off right now is listed as probable vs the Nets. A healthy Mitchell will be needed for the Jazz who will need to matchup Irving’s scoring and playmaking. Mitchell leads the team in scoring with 24.2 Ppg, in his absence Jordan Clarkson has stepped up. Speaking of Clarkson, he has plenty of momentum heading into this game coming off back-to-back 20 point games. But most importantly serving as a big spark in the Jazz winning streak.

Clarkson is averaging 15.2 Ppg on 46.1 FG% and 35.2% on 3 point shooting. The Jazz have found their groove as they are approaching their halfway point of the season. Joe Ingles have stepped up as the number 1 distributor in the absence of Mike Conley. Another the player for the Jazz that is doing good things but still under the radar is Georges Niang, in the last 10 games he is averaging 8.1 pts in 15.8 minutes. The Key to a Jazz win will be depended on Gobert dominating the boards.

Key Matchup – Rudy Gobert Vs Jarrett Allen & DeAndre Jordan: Rebound Battle

– Gobert – 14.4 Rebounds per game – 2nd in NBA

– Allen – 9.9 Rebounds per game – 14th in NBA

– Jordan – 9.8 Rebounds per game – 17th in NBA

The Nets will be switching back and forth between Allen and Jordan matching up with Gobert on the glass. If the Nets get an offensive rebound the ball will go back to Irving and he’ll make the Jazz paid for it. Irving 1st game back was a win against the Hawks where he look extremely comfortable scoring 21 points in 20 minutes.

The Jazz are tired with the Nuggets for in the West and only .5 game ahead of the Rockets. The game vs the Nets is their 2nd game of 3 game road trip before heading back to Utah.

Pick: Jazz. Mitchell returns should spark the Jazz.

Irving came back and was almost perfect against the Hawks, but being that it was the Hawks. Nets are 11-8 at home.

NSS Jazz & Lakers Got Winning Streaks!!

Jazz & Lakers Got Winning Streaks!!

               Utah Jazz & Los Angele Lakers are on some pretty impressive winning streaks.  The Lakers are at the top of the West with a record of 32-7 and have won 8 straight games.  The Jazz have climbed up and now have the 3rd (or tie for 2nd) in the West and have won 9 straight.

Jazz Nonsense

               The real surprise here is the Jazz 9 game winning streak, undefeated since the Jordan Clarkson signing.  The Jazz deserve a lot more credit than they are getting in 2020.  The streak kicked off with a win against the Blazers and then the Clippers, who had both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George active.  The Jazz climbed in the standings push the Rockets down and the Clippers in to the 5th seed.

               Personally, I follow the Jazz religiously, hence “Jazz Nonsense”, and I also I will be attending some Jazz games.  I am enjoying seeing the Jazz do this good and be completely jellying.  The Jazz have giving themselves some cushion by beating on teams under 500 and everybody should be loving it.  If the Jazz keep going and get in the playoffs with home court advantage for the 1st round, I mean, just imagine SLC going wild on some nonsense.

(Note: still no credit will be giving to Bojan Bogdanovic, the hate strong and he still “meh” of a player)

The shot at 10 straight wins for the Jazz will be a contest against Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday January 14.  That won’t be an easy matchup being on the road and fighting a Nets team looking to turn around their recent slump. Irving will be playing on his 2nd game, against the Hawks he played 20 minute scoring 21 points on 10-11 including 1-1 from the 3pt Line.

Lakers Nonsense

               The Lakers are 5 games ahead in the West and are getting LeBron for a chance at a 9th straight win.  The Lakers have already been on a 10 game winning streak before losing to the Mavericks, who have been twice victims in this current streak.  The Lakers are more than rolling, they have scored at least 106 points in each game even then one without Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Danny Green.

               Kyle Kuzma pay no attention to the reports that he plays worse when he is rumors of trade are going on.  Kuzma score a season high against Dallas, starting in place of Anthony Davis.  The very next game vs the Oklahoma City Thunder led with 36 points.  Kuzma is averaging 13.2 points, 3.8 rebounds and .8 assist and proving that he can be depended it on as the 3rd option but also in a starting role.  While for Kuzma, it really has just been a small sample it really shows what he can do.

               The Lakers will look to keep their streak going at home (15-4 record) hosting the Cavaliers (9th) and the Magic (10th).  This next games couldn’t have come at a better time, Lakers will be playing at home with a day’s rest in between before starting a 5 game road trip starting with the Rockets.  The Lakers will be using this time and games to keep recovering Davis, who is listed as questionable.

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Which Streak is more impressive?  How far can each team get?

Titans @ Ravens!! Can Lamar Jackson get more rushing yards than Derrick Henry?

Titans @ Ravens!! Can Lamar Jackson get more rushing yards than Derrick Henry?

                Lamar Jackson has 1,206 rushing yards and 7 rushing touchdowns.  Derrick Henry led the NFL in rushing yards with 1,540 rushing yards.  Jackson had 5 games with over 100 rushing yards that included an impressive 152 yards against the Bengals.  Henry is coming off a 182 rushing yard performance in the wild card win vs Tom Brady’s Patriots.  Henry passed the 100 yard mark 6 times in the regular season.  The run game is the focal point for both of this teams, so I ask again??

Can Lamar Jackson get more rushing yards than Derrick Henry?

                I think Jackson can and I think that he will.  But most importantly the Ravens need Jackson to run the ball.

                Ryan Tannerhill found his groove with the Titans and hasn’t looked back after taking on the starting role.  He is making the right reads and taking care of the football when he is being asked to throw.  Last week vs the Patriots he only attempted 15 passes, completing 8, ending with a total of 72 yards.  Ultimately, the plan worked against the Patriots. 

                Jackson’s running ability is what he is what stands out, but he still passed for 3,127 yards and threw 36 touchdowns.  Most importantly Jackson only had 6 interceptions and only got sacked 23 times.  Jackson is an underrated passer, more times than others he also seems to save his passes for clutch situations.  Jackson is not afraid of the moment and has a whole team ready to back him up.

Pick: Ravens.