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Who Wants to Melo?

Who Wants to Melo?

Carmelo Anthony and Oklahoma City Thunder seem to have learned from their mistakes and want to switch paths before is too late.  The Thunder last year season can be summarize in simply saying that it was a disappointment.  They never lived up past the hype of being a super team, by the end of the season they barely played liked a team.  Now that summer is here and teams have to dance around free agency, salary caps and summer madness.  So who wants to Melo?

Anthony said it himself that he didn’t fit into the role that was set for him over in OKC and nobody disagrees.  OKC was sad to watch, seriously, Westbrook average a triple double (again) and nobody was impressed.  PG more times than other seem like he was day dreaming about LA during games.  Moving Anthony, could be a step towards the right direction for OKC.

Who wants to Melo?

Charlotte Hornets

This may sound like some nonsense, why would the Carmelo Anthony want to go to a struggling team like the Hornets? Because **drumroll** it would be the team that would give him the most freedom to be himself and adjust to his play area to used up whatever he has in the tank.  Anthony would return to the East Conference and with Kemba Walker still in the books for the Hornets, bringing in Anthony will help off load his scoring load.  Signing Anthony may not guaranteed a championship but it could get them back in to the playoffs while still developing their young players.

Detroit Pistons

Dwayne Casey recently won coach of the year and then got fired.  Anthony is coming off one of his worse seasons in the NBA.  Both need a bounce back season, the Pistons could be the answer for both.  Jackson, Kennard, Anthony, Griffin and Drummond doesn’t sound like a bad starting 5.  Jackson and Drummond can start off the pick and roll, while Kennard, Anthony and Griffin work from the 3.

San Antonio Spurs

                Nobody knows really knows what is going to happen with Leonard just yet.  The Spurs should look to have a back-up plan, Anthony could be it.  Rudy Gay is coming back and LaMarcus Aldrige proved to be serviceable team number 1 option.  Tony Parker departure could be their commitment to the young guys at the guard positions.  Small forward is a position that they would have to fill assuming they don’t get their asking price of both Ingram and Kuzma from the Lakers.

Utah Jazz

Utah may not appeal to the lifestyle that Anthony prefers but this team would give him the best shot at championship ring (without going straight to a super team).  The Jazz eliminated Anthony and the Thunder, but that should be easily forgotten (along with his whole last season).  Rubio, Mitchell, Anthony, Favors and Gobert as the starting five, am sure Quinn Snyder will make a lot work.  Anthony defensive issues would be much of a concern when you have the former Defensive player of the year Rudy Goblock on the team.  Anthony and Mitchell will handle the scoring while Rubio makes impressive passes to Favors and Gobert.  Snyder, in my opinion, is a far better coach than Billy Donovan and will be able to find more fitting ways to use Anthony.

Houston Rockets or any Super Team

                If anything we should have learned from Anthony and super teams is that they don’t work.  Perhaps due to injuries (possible excuse for the Knicks) or maybe coaching (Billy Donovan is not a good coach).  The point is that Anthony still has some good years left in the NBA before he has to fully commit to just ring chasing (look up David West).  Am not a believer that Anthony should look to join any of the Banana Boat Crew (just yet).  Signing with Houston would just mean that he be filling the Ariza role, the only shoot 3s (mostly from the corner) role.  That may sound appealing but it won’t really be fun to watch.

Lastly, Los Angeles Lakers

Playing next to LAbron and the Lakers doesn’t just sounds fun but could be his best bet overall. Luke Walton is a great coach, also maybe just me for a while there he seem to have had the Lakers rolling really good last year.  Walton and the Lakers also seem to have a way of beating the Warriors even without any stars.  Anthony might be past his All Star days but is still able to contribute offensively and also is a great competitor.

So Who Wants To Melo? What are your thoughts and opinions?



NBA Summer League: Players to Watch

NBA Summer League: Players to Watch

  • Grayson Allen –  14.1  Ppg, 3.2 Rbs, 3 Ast.  43%,  38% on 3s.USATSI_10627843

  • Allonzo Trier – 16.8 Ppg, 3.7 Rbs, 2.4 Ast.  47.9 %, 37.8 on3. arizonas-allonzo-trier_f8wmox5nc1j41hvobsufy2xvs

  • Collin Sexton – 19.2 Ppg, 3.8 Rbs, 3.6 Ast.  44.7 %, 33.6 on 3.

    Cleveland Cavaliers Introduce Collin Sexton

  • Angel Delgado – 12.1 Ppg, 11 Rbs, 1.7 Ast.  53.8%. angel_delgado


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Seattle Seahawks: Nonsense Preview

Seattle Seahawks: Nonsense Preview

Last Year Summary

  • 9-7 Record
  • Missed playoffs
  • Issues protecting QB
  • Unreliable receivers / lack of production out of the backfield
  • Jimmy Graham constant disappearance

Key Players/ Players to Watch

  • Russell Wilson – 3983 Yards, 586 Rushing Yards, 34 Touchdowns, 3 Rushing TDs, 11 Interceptions.
  • Will need another MVP season to keep the Seahawks relevant (but even that may not be enough)
  • Skyler Phillips – Center – Rookie – Idaho State University.
  • Youngest of 4 centers on the roster, will be getting reps as the Seahawks look for strength on the O-line.
  • Griffin Brothers will be the feel good story.


Winning games will depend

  • Wilson to have another MVP Season
  • Protection from the O-Line
  • Doug Baldwin & Tyler Lockett consistent production
  • Out of 7 Running backs, some production have to be found.


Nonsense or NonSense!!

Francis: Its nonsense if the Seahawks think that this season will be more than a developing season.  They are going to have to survive on feel good stories and player development.

Ryan: It seems like there’s plenty of people doubting the Seahawks this coming year, such as us here at Nonsense Sports, but that could give them motivation to prove everyone wrong and they could maybe sneak into a wild card this year.

What do you think about the Seattle Seahawks??

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Nonsense Report: James to the Lakers, Free Agency and the fight for the East

Nonsense Report: James to the Lakers, Free Agency and the fight for the East

LeBron James is officially a Laker, now the battle between true Laker fans and bandwagon fans begins.  James’ will be joined by Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee and Lance Stephenson, to fill the roles of comic reliefs and unnecessary hype.  The Laker’s now have real winning expectations with a 7-2 Vegas odds.  Surprisingly, no word for Lavar Ball have been heard yet, which could mean they a “silence agreement” was reach as part of James’ contract.

Seriously, the Lakers are not a championship team just yet.  So let’s recall Magic self-expectation to bringing more than one start to LA, therefore Lakers are not done.  So the Lakers will reach out to DeMarcus Cousins and Kawhi Leonard and hope that it doesn’t turn out like the time Karl Malone and Gary Payton also met up at the Lakers.

Let’s talk some NonSense, James’ may not be in LA to replace Kobe Bryant, but the Lakers are bringing in James to replace Kobe.  James goal in LA is to completely maximize himself as more than a basketball player, such as movie star, entrepreneur, LBJ as a Brand Name.  But let’s not forget the main goal is still to reach Jordan and the Lakers can provide him a boost while fully benefitting (if James can produce rings).

The boost that the Lakers can be known as the “Kobe Treatment”.  Bring in players like Stephenson that have history with James and also toughness like they did with Ron Artest (MWP).  Breakdown your biggest competitors (Golden State) by stealing one of their rotational guys (McGee).  Most importantly, let teams forget Caldwell-Pope and Brook Lopez on the roster while keeping plenty young guys fighting for minutes.  Lastly, the Lakers are home to one of the biggest stages (markets) in sports, exposure for James, does not get any better.

Free Agency should be retitled to Money over Rings. Speaking of reaching a pay day, Chris Paul agreed to 4 year for 160 Million, that’s more than LeBron James, if you were wondering.  Carmelo Anthony opted in to his contract, because seriously nobody was going to pay him that money.  There has been a lot of moves in free agency with money being the major factor, to remind you that the NBA is still a business.

The campaign of “Unfinished Business” by Chris Paul and Paul George.  With both of this topics all we have is questions like — What “Unfinished Business” making people forget about the choking and disappointing season? As soon as James’ signed with the Lakers people are assuming that the Lakers will be bounce out by either Houston or OKC.  Have we forgotten how both of those teams suffer from the choking syndrome?

Lastly, can we talk about “The Curious Case of Enes Kanter”; did anybody notice how sad the news of Kanter, decision came and went.  Sad in this situation is define on how hard Kanter tried to get attention and how little he got.  Enes Kanter you have failed Free Agency.

The fight for the East will be the best and worst thing for the NBA next year.


Golden State Warriors Champs: The Morning After, So Where is LeBron Going?

Golden State Warriors Champs: The Morning After, So Where is LeBron Going?

                Klay Thompson celebrated winning a championship by googling himself.  “Swaggy P” became a national treasure.  Kevin Durant won finals MVP, Steph Curry won his 3rd NBA Championship.  Is a great day to be a Warriors fans.  So much champagne in Cleveland.  The brooms came out, everybody took pictures, everybody laughed, there was rejoice and is over.  Where is LeBron going?

I couldn’t have been the only person to receive more alerts/notifications regarding LeBron James and the Cleveland situation than the Warriors celebration.  The Warriors won the championship followed by LeBron James played with a broken hand after pushing (not JR nor Hill) a blackboard after game 1.  KD wins 2nd straight finals MVP – Tyron Lue intends to play for the Cavaliers next year (because honestly he didn’t do very much coaching).

It was a f*cking sweep, it was sloppy and dirty but still a sweep.  It had nothing to do with super teams it was just sloppy basketball, at least for the first 3 games.  I was one of many who did not watch game 4 and I don’t regret it (I binge watched “The Flash” #SorryNotSorry).  The (rigged) NBA did so much to build story lines that the big finale of the “Warriors Sweeping Away the Championship” just kind of fell short.  Blame it on all who had a descent amount of basketball knowledge and common sense to see that the Warriors were the clear champs.  Really, throughout the season, we just all hoped to see something different.

Warriors win championship gets crickets and maybe a high five.  So now let’s look at the odds of winning it next year Houston at number 2, to me, probably because they also factor in as the favorite for LeBron’s summer destination.  Boston at the four is the best line, which will hopefully no disappoint, of all them.  And for Atlanta Hawks fans you still got a chance, but the tanking role is more likely.

So where is LeBron going, after his broken hands heals? Because it seems like unless we are residents of the Bay Area and are attending the parade, that question is our number 1 concern.  Personally, I like New York, San Antonio and the Cleveland.  I don’t think that when it comes to LeBron “cap space” or money is a factor for a team, because most teams are willing to get rid of their kitchen sinks for him.

Note: I don’t think anybody would have blamed LeBron if he punched JR. Could even go down as self-defense.  He was defending his title chances as JR was trying to steal it from him.  Also, NBA 2K learned from their last years mistake and only put LeBron’ face on the cover, super smooth.

Lastly, is it weird thinking of Swaggy P as NBA championship and realized that Chris Paul may never get one?? Nonsense Right??