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New series: VideoGame scores

Reviewing Sports Videogames

What’s up NonSense fam? It has been a really long time since my last article here at NonSense Sports. The truth is that there was a lot of stuff that interfered with m activity on the site, my senior year and my focus on my grades to secure a spot in a university, the start of the ongoing pandemic, the transition int online classes and on top of that some personal struggles with anxiety and all that.

But I have come to the conclusion that I need to spend my time in something productive, and what better than to unload my mind here and give y’all some well deserved content as well. So without any further ado, here’s a new series I came up with called: Videogame Scores.

This series is all about giving a reviews to various different sports video games from all kinds of genres. We are gonna be taking a look at baskeball, baseball, wrestling, boxing/mma, fifa and many more.

The series will begin with what im most familiar with, NBA Games.

Every game will be judged on the following: graphics( relative to time ), overall presentation, game modes and bonus content, soundtrack and of course the gameplay. Each part will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10, which would make the perfect score a 50. I hope yall are as excited as I am. That was NonSense.

Fury Dominates Wilder

Tyson Fury dominates Deontay Wilder

I wanna clarify before anything that even though im not the biggest expert of the sport, nor boxing historian but I am a huge fan of the sport and i’ve followed it ever since I was a young kid watching the puertorican legends go against other legends and icons. I have seen a lot of youtube videos on boxing and its historic moments and i have learned as much as I have been able to. I am not exaggerating when I say this. I have NEVER seen a dominant champion get dominated the way Wilder was on saturday night.There is lot to talk about here. But first lets breakdown the fight.

The 7 Round Main Event was the biggest, was the biggest boxing event in since Mayweather vs Mcgregors and the biggest Heavyweight Boxing event in about 2 decades and it wasnt because of nothing. These are the two best heavyweights in the world facing eachother in their prime both with undefeated records at the time and coming off a historic first firght that ended in a draw. History bound to be made.

In Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand, the stage was set. The fight began with the showmanship from both WIlder and Fury. Tyson came in on a throne with a crown and a crown, Deontay came in with a mask and body armor almost like it was the Bronze Bomber in real life. The first round started really close there was only a 3 punch difference. Fury was moving as usual and Wilder was barely missing with his power punches but he was connecting with many of his bombs. Fury won the round with the end sequence in which he got a little combination. In the second round it was Deontay who took the round according to the tv scoreman.

But after the 3rd round it was as if someone flipped a switch in Deontay Wilder. He was a shadow of his former self in that fight ever since he got knocked down the first time. As a person who loves the psychological aspect of things and people, I saw a lot of things in his eyes, legitimate fear of not knowing what to do next, overanalyzing every little detail and yet at the same time it seemed like…nobody was there, like he wasnt there mentally. It was like that right until they threw in the towel. When that heppened, seemingly out of nowhere, he reuturned as if he realized that he could do no more. Now i will further analyze this in a YouTube video I plan on making because it has truly captivated me but I won’t leave you without giving credit to Tyson Fury.

What a magnificent gameplan. From being way heavier than Wilder to clinching to not allowing Wilder to get space. It’s crazy to me how he was able to move the way he usually moves and even with a new trainer. What a fighter. That Was NonSense!

Jones Defeats Reyes

Jon Jones defeats Dominick Reyes via UD

After a grueling 5 round war, the legend of the sport, the best light heavyweight of all time, Jon “Bones” Jones, retained his title against the best version of Dominick Reyes in what was a surprising unanimous decision.

The fight in the beginning was all Reyes, who was completely outstriking the champion. He even rocked Jones right at the start of the first round. Reyes would continue the onslaught in rounds two and three. I would be a liar if I said that I expected the fight to be as close as it was. I thought Jones was just gonna run through him but i was wrong. The only thing that didn’t help the challenger in the fight was the inexperience in the championship rounds as he had never went to a 4th or 5th round, while Jon has entered late rounds in 8 of his last 10 fights.

By the end of the 3rd round we could see Dominick Reyes start to slow down. He had moved so much in the previous rounds that it was impossible to keep the same page. Jones was able to dictate the pase into his more methodical style and could control both championship rounds,

In the end, Jones was able to edge out the unanimous decision, But there are lots of people who think that Reyes should’ve taken the title. In my personal opinion though, I saw Jones winning the fight with how he kept pushing forward and looking to engage and also take Reyes down towards the end, however. I do not think it should’ve been unanimous by any means. The fight was very close and Reyes to me did enough to win as well, in a fight that anybody could have won. It is what it is tho,

Now it’s a matter of what is next for the champion. He could very well face Reyes again, or take on the winner of Corey Anderson vs Jan Blachiowitz. But I personally think a move up to heavyweight is gonna be his next call. Who knows really.

What do you think? Who did you think won the fight? What is nexr for Jones? Either way, Until next time. That Was NonSense

Betts Traded to DODGErs

Mookie is goin Hollywood

I can’t believe this is a real trade got pulled off! Its simply not a trade you see every day. A Franchise star moving just days before spring training begins. But it is indeed happening. Let’s take you back.

It wasn’t that long ago that we first heard rumours of the Sox looking to move Mookie and his huge contract. There was a lot of noice but I figured that the one who was gonna be moved was JD Martinez. Few weeks go by and the Stros sign stealing scandal happens and we heard no news. And then what to me at the moment sealed the deal was when Betts signed a deal to avoid arbitration.

But a couple of days ago the news broke on a huge three team trade that would send the former AL MVP along with David Price to the Dodgers.

Full trade breakdown:

  • DODGERS Receive : Mookie Betts, David Price + cash from BOS
  • RED SOX Receive: Alex Verdugo, Brusdar Graterol
  • TWINS Receive: Kenta Maeda

For the Dodgers, I dont know how they did it, but they are even better than last year, with reigning NL MVP Chris Taylor, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Chris Taylor, and now Mookie to the lineup plus another great arm added to the rotation Next to Buehler and Kershaw it’s looking like one of the Dodgers best deals of all time and it might be the missing piece the Dodgers need to finally win the championship that has eluded them for so long.

Minnesota also walks away a winner. A team that last year showed a lot of improvement and looks like it could be a contender in the next couple of seasons and now adding a much needed arm might make them a team to look out for in the upcoming season.

Now for Boston, there’s not a lot of possitives here for the team, they just lost their star and piece for building the team for years to come. This could be because of the Sign stealing situation, maybe from the Red Sox as a sort of apology or punnisment perhaps. This is a very interesting theory that needs a post all to itself, but it’s crazy timing.

Either way I can’t wait to see how LAD does this season. What do you think? Do LA have enough to win it all? Let Us Know down below. That was NonSense.

Dear Kobe


Let me start by first saying this isn’t an easy article to write for either of us here at NonSense Sports. It has been tough for everyone who watched him, who loved him and who have identified with him at some point. But Kobe was never someone to stop when things got tough so we aren’t either, for Kobe.

Out of every loss and bad experience, there are two things that we can do, we can let it keep us down, or we can look at it in a good way and learn from it to be better. That is a philosophy Kobe lived by. I can’t hope to look at all the stories of Kobe practicing a missed shot for hours, trying to eliminate the possibility of him missing that shot ever again.

To me Kobe was a teacher, of many things. He always wanted us to learn something from him and his actions. His first lesson was in the draft, he taught us that even when people don’t give you a chance, you make your own chances and you prove doubters wrong with your actions, not just words. He taught us with Shaq, that even if you don’t perfectly agree with someone, you put all other things aside and help eachother if it means both are gonna succeed, professionalism.

He taught us that a man needs to recognize his mistakes and admit them as it makes you bigger when you admit when you’re wrong and try to fix your wrong doings. Kobe taught us how to appreciate those who support you through thick and thin, even if they are immidiately close to you or they support you from afar. He taught us that there’s no substitute to passion, dedication, love for your craft and hard work, and that no happiness is greater than that of when you reach your goal after giving it your all. He also taught us to try to be better every time we do something. After his career he took the new generation of NBA players and showed us to pass our knowledge and skills forward. Even in his last day he showed the world how to never envy others for surpassing you on something, instead respond with class and encourage others to keep going with what you started.

Even in death Kobe left us with more lessons. Life is short, live it to the max. When your time comes, your time comes no matter what you are doing. The Last Lesson, to appreciate every NBA Player, person, thing, place, any and everything, big, small, special, ordinary, bad or good cause you never know when that thing or person is going.

Kobe, you were a leader, a hard worker an inspiration, a hero, a legend. As a man who unfortunately didn’t appreciate you while you were playing until your career was in its twilight, I am a testament to how truly special you were and forever will be. Kobe, thank you for the memories, games, moments and motivation. I know you aren’t physically present but you will never pass away in our minds and hearts. Then again you didn’t pass too much. Even though it’s hard to comprehend why you left, I understand that you will keep teaching us how to be better from the big court up there. I promise you I will be living my dreams, living my life and ill do it while counting down an imaginary shot clock, pullin up from way down town and yelling KOBE.

May you Rest In Peace and in Power and may God Bless and protect your Family.

Dear Kobe, Thank You