NBA Report (Some) Training Facilities Are Opening Up!!

NBA Report (Some) Training Facilities Are Opening Up!!

                Training facilities are starting to open up to have workouts for their players.  The positive here is that is a step forward towards resuming the NBA season.  The opening up of the facilities while approve by the NBA also has to satisfy the rules by each city/state.  But is progress.

Teams and (tentative) time frames for reopening:

**Friday – May 8th being the target day that the NBA wants to open**

  • Hawks, Bucks – Planning for week starting on May 11th (or next week)
  • Suns – May 16th at the earliest
  • Lakers & Clippers – Through May 15th
  • Celtics, Rockets – May 18th at the earliest
  • Cavaliers – Opening up Friday as long as approve by NBA and State

Nets, Hornets, Bulls, Mavericks, Pistons, Pacers, Grizzlies, Heat, Knicks, Thunder, Sixers, Raptors, Jazz, Spurs, Wizards – Not opening/ not time frame/ later than NBA Target date

Some guidelines:

  • No more than four players would be permitted at a facility at once
  • No head or assistant coaches could participate
  • No group activities, practices or scrimmages
  • No public health clubs, fitness centers or gyms

While this is progress be aware that are still many teams that are not on board with opening up nor have a plan for a comeback.  Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr had already mentioned that the team is in off season mode already.

Mark Cuban, Mavericks’ owner, said “if we can’t test anyone, I don’t see how it happens” in an email to USA Today. 

Personally, the safety of the players, staff and fans should be the number 1 priority.  As much as I (or we) miss sports, I wouldn’t rush to start it all back up and then deal with a worse situation.  I am in support of all baby steps to get us closer to normality taking all the possible safety precautions.

Thank you for reading, what do you think about NBA making attempts to resume?

More Nonsense question:

  • Is it too soon?
  • When is the conversation on players with (monetary) incentives in their contracts going to start?
  • Will players will be force to play, if they don’t feel like they or their love ones are in unsafe environment?

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