NBA on the Way Back? Maybe? Baby Steps? Questions and Reactions?

NBA on the Way Back? Maybe? Baby Steps? Questions and Reactions?

                When and where will the 1st game will be play? With approximately 17 (more or less) games for some teams will the fans be there? Will some games be scrapped as unnecessary (Cavaliers and Hawks have 2 games left on the scheduled)? How does it affect players that were depending on game incentives for their bonuses?  The NBA is trying to make a comeback by stepping forward and re-opening training facilities.  With hope comes plenty of questions, so let’s talk some nonsense.

                Bringing sports back, not just the NBA, is a step towards normality.  Remember that the Rudy Gobert situation was a big wake up on the whole COVID-19 situation.  With a bringing sports is not just about the athletes but also about the rest of the employees that may have not been considered “essentials” will also rejoin the workforce.  Recently, the NBA and the players have been pillars throughout of the US both as a sport but also at standing outside of the sports world and into other fields. 

                Personally, I am extremely happy with the NBA attempting to return.  Also applaud the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) for being one of the 1st to take the step forward.  Even though they may not get a lot of recognition, they are still baby steps before the sports world is back up and running. 

So back to some NBA and more questions.

                May 1st is when Adam Silver have given himself a timeline on the future of the NBA season.  Chris Paul, President of the National Basketball Players Association, already said that the players will need 2-3 weeks before they even step on a court.  Which it makes sense and even then, as fans/public, actual quality basketball may take even longer to translate to the court.  And speaking of time to get ready, usually the NBA starts October 22 (mid-October) could this season be expanding in to the next? Or what will the ripple effect be for next season?  Maybe the answer lies in that the Championship winner and/or the teams that had deep playoff runs will just rest or have more a load management early into the season?

                So, when the NBA decides to set an official day, where do they start the season? Do they just pick it back up where it was at or do they make some adjustments shorting out the rest of the regular season?  Not so much in the Eastern Conference, but in the Western teams like Blazers, Pelicans, Kings and Spurs could argue that they are still in the playoff hunt.  Steve Kerr already admitted that he and his team are already acting as if the season was over, is he wrong for having that mentality? (Has he had the same mentality all season?)

                I like the idea of scrapping away some games and some teams.  For example, the Cavaliers have 17 games left, which include 2 games vs the Suns and the 2 vs Hawks, all 3 teams are scrapped of the playoff race, are those games necessary? Which leads to a revenue related question, if games are indeed deemed unnecessary, what about the revenue? The teams will play (regardless of fans) will create revenue, because even if there is no fans it doesn’t mean that ESPN or the NBA won’t look to make a profit either through ESPN+ memberships or individual teams subscriptions so they can view the games from their homes.

                My last questions are once that I am still trying to find my own understanding or reaction to them:

Bringing back sports is about the sport or is it about the entertainment factor revenue?

As sports do return, how many fans are expected to be at the events and how will they deal with the negative media?

If sports comeback and COVID-19 does not go away (or evolves), how much is at risk? And what if after it all gets started it all gets shut down again?

Thank you for reading!! What do you think about my questions and reactions? And what are some questions and reactions that you may have regarding the return of the NBA (and sports)??

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