Yankees Opening Day!! Nah, We Still On Corona(virus) Time, So… Safety Than Fun…

Yankees Opening Day!! Nah, We Still On Corona(virus) Time, So… Safety Than Fun…

                What should have been a day full of baseball parks new attractions and weird ballpark foods, it is actually another #quarantineandchill aka Staycation aka “somebody please find a cure because I miss sports and I don’t want to watch Grey’s Anatomy” day.  This time last year, I was watching the Yankees on Amazon Prime MLB Extra Innings Free Trial, it was a good day.  Today, it looks like some more Netflix, a couple laps around the house for the kids and maybe a tik tok video.  Let’s say that I miss sports and I want to watch the Yankees, so Let’s talk some Yankees Nonsense.

                Opening day may not be today for the Yankees, but it still a good day.  You must turn positives into negatives in all situations.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, the Yankees have plenty of injuries that take time to heal and with baseball being postpone means that they may be ready for the future start date whenever that will be.

                Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are the glaring injuries for the Yankees, but now they’ll have more time.  On the mount Luis Severino, is still missing plenty of time, but maybe depending when the season starts and if it will be ending late, he might make a late season appearance.  On the other side, Domingo German who is on suspension, he was probably one player that could have want it to the season to start, his suspension still based on the games played.

                As of right now the number 1 priority not just in sports but also in the world is the health and safety of the people.  With that in mind, we can wait for baseball and just keep hoping that everything gets resolved and people get better.  Sports and entertainment are important but so are the players, the fans and the everybody else in the world.

Thank you for reading, stay safe.

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