Jones Defeats Reyes

Jon Jones defeats Dominick Reyes via UD

After a grueling 5 round war, the legend of the sport, the best light heavyweight of all time, Jon “Bones” Jones, retained his title against the best version of Dominick Reyes in what was a surprising unanimous decision.

The fight in the beginning was all Reyes, who was completely outstriking the champion. He even rocked Jones right at the start of the first round. Reyes would continue the onslaught in rounds two and three. I would be a liar if I said that I expected the fight to be as close as it was. I thought Jones was just gonna run through him but i was wrong. The only thing that didn’t help the challenger in the fight was the inexperience in the championship rounds as he had never went to a 4th or 5th round, while Jon has entered late rounds in 8 of his last 10 fights.

By the end of the 3rd round we could see Dominick Reyes start to slow down. He had moved so much in the previous rounds that it was impossible to keep the same page. Jones was able to dictate the pase into his more methodical style and could control both championship rounds,

In the end, Jones was able to edge out the unanimous decision, But there are lots of people who think that Reyes should’ve taken the title. In my personal opinion though, I saw Jones winning the fight with how he kept pushing forward and looking to engage and also take Reyes down towards the end, however. I do not think it should’ve been unanimous by any means. The fight was very close and Reyes to me did enough to win as well, in a fight that anybody could have won. It is what it is tho,

Now it’s a matter of what is next for the champion. He could very well face Reyes again, or take on the winner of Corey Anderson vs Jan Blachiowitz. But I personally think a move up to heavyweight is gonna be his next call. Who knows really.

What do you think? Who did you think won the fight? What is nexr for Jones? Either way, Until next time. That Was NonSense

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