Lakers @ Celtics!! Welcome Back Anthony Davis

Lakers @ Celtics!! Welcome Back Anthony Davis

               Anthony Davis will be available to play against the Celtics after missing the last 5 games.  The Lakers are 4-1 in the last 5, the surprising loss coming to Markelle Fultz and the Orlando Magic.  The Celtics are on a 3-game losing skid, 2 of those losses at home.  The Lakers are still leading the West in wins now been chase by the Clippers.  The Celtics are in mix of 5 teams that are within 2 games apart in the standings

               The Celtics are getting Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker back, so the Celtics should be ready to give it their all.  The Celtics will try to bounce back but everything seems to be against them, the 3-game losing streak and on top of the Walker’s record vs LeBron.  The Celtics are also dealing with trade rumors that involves Gordon Hayward and their need/ want for a rim protector.

               Getting back Davis will be the highlight for the Lakers who before going out was the leading scorer for the team averaging 27.1 Ppg.  The Lakers’ are in need of more wins against team with over 500 record.  The Celtics are slumped right now, and the Lakers’ could use them and kick them while they are down. Ps Walker is 0-28 vs LeBron.

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