Mcgregor Is Back!!!

Conor Mcgregor TKO’s Cerrone in 40 seconds!!!

OH…MY…GOODNESS. What a fight ladies and gentlemen. As many of you know last night was the first fight of Conor Mcgregor since fighting Khabib Nurmagamenov for the Lightweight title, and speculation was running high as to if Conor would fight again and how would he look if he returned. But as we all know Conor fights better with pressure and he gave us a really big statemment.

The fight began with an attempt to clinch up by Donald Cerrone that was met with some nasty shoulder strikes that immediaetely busted Cowboy’s nose and swelled up his left eye. Something i had never seen done before outside of just being clinched in the cage. After that Conor kicked Cerrone to the head, dropping him to the mat then proceeding to do some ground and pound to get the stoppage.

The ref gave Cerrone, a really tough fighter, all the breaks he could, but it was clear the fight was over. And just like that, in 40 seconds, Conor Mcgregor reminded us why he is the Notorious One, why he was and still is the king of the UFC. It’s very important i mention my respect for Donald Cerrone. He took the loss like the champ he is. All he said is he loves the sport and he’s gonna keep on fighting. It was really unique seing Conor being completely respectful through the build up, during and post fight to his opponent. That just speaks volumes on how beloved the UFC’s Cowboy is.

As for what is next for Conor, he left all options open with this win. He stated he felt good in this division and is gonna stay. He can truly fight anyone now. At the post fight presser, the man named a lot of fighters, he mentioned that a 3rd fight with Diaz was “always here”. He also commented on the poster that one Floyd Mayweather posted on IG. that read Mcgregor vs Mayweather 2, saying jokingly that “he forgot Conor Mcgregor promotions, so Manny {Pacquiao} can get it first, But that Floyd rematch happens eventually”.

As for other UFC fights that can happen next, There are a lot of intriguing opponents. He could take Justin Gaethje, who called him out after the fight saying that it was a bitch move to take the easy fight and to say his name. He could fight for gold taking recent new champion Kamaru Usman. He could have the winner of Khabib vs Ferguson. Or the Biggest Bad Ass of the UFC at the moment, “Gamebred” Jorge Masvidal.

Who do you think will face Mcgregor Next? Who do you wanna see? let us know in the comments !!! That was NonSense

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