Just OBJ- Nonsense and Much Much Nonsense

Just OBJ- Nonsense and other Nonsense

Odell Beckham Jr. is wasting no time, actually he is taking advantage of the time that he has away from football. There is a possibility he may have too much time on his hands. While some players that aren’t playing in the upcoming weeks are back working on their crafts, partying hard but quietly and responsibly (no media or minimal attention), spending time with their families, rehabbing injuries and/or taking steroids that won’t show up by the start of the season, that’s not the OBJ way.

Recent OBJ Updates/ Breaking News

– Celebrates LSU’s Wins – Because OBJ always wins.

– Hands the players cash – Draws (unnecessary) attention/ investigation from LSU and the NCAA.

o Joe Burrow admitted to this.

– Smacks an officer in the butt – gets accused of simple battery resulting in a warrant for his arrest.

My favorite part of the whole situation is the released messaged by the Browns:

“We are aware of the incident and have been in touch with Odell and his representatives on the matter. They are cooperating with the proper authorities to appropriately address the situation,” a spokesperson for the team said.

Is like they know they have a problem child and just have a written memo already written with a finger over the sent button.

OBJ did what OBJ did and now the world gets to react to it. Simultaneously, OBJ will just kick back pay his fined and get it all dismissed after an apology letter, a donation to the police department and/or LSU University.

In theory it all works out can you imagine if the news kept going deeper and deeper about the Red Sox and Astros stealing signs. They already fired all the people involved that were known by the public. The question “how signs are stolen?” hasn’t been clearly answered.

Another important question, which personally I would like to know once the signs are stolen how that translates into the players hitting the ball. More specifically how come Jose Altuve seems to hit everything and how can anybody stop him. Or is it the new balls that the MLB is using and the conspiracy behind it is that “the new balls” are easier to hit. People want to see more hits in baseball once they get that now they start asking questions.

But hey, we are talking about OBJ and OBJ-esque things. We will now debate over OBJ.

Lastly, thank you OBJ for always being OBJ.

If you’re interested talking about Sports but not OBJ here are some fun topics:

– High rank Men’s College Team losing games – ranking doesn’t matter anymore

– Jazz have a 10 game winning streak

– The NFL playoffs are drawing higher ratings without the Patriots

– The Magic of Markelle Fultz

– The chaos of NBA All Star voting and how the NBA keeps failing at it

– NBA 2K19 being better than NBA 2k20

– All the Star Wars spin off – that other than a cash grab I don’t know why or who ask for them.

– Let’s talk some nonsense

Thank you for reading!! Join the Nonsense!!

Leave a comment!! What do you think about the whole OBJ situation? Or what are some other sports news and events that deserve more attention.

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