Houston, We have a problem


For the past couple of months the MLB has been conducting a very serious and deep investigation on the Houston Astros for accusations of sign stealings back in 2017, the year they won their first World Series. The people who were apparently involved the most were GM Jeff Lunhow, Manager A.J. Hinch, and former members of the Astros roster and now managers, Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran.

There has been many instances where other teams have complained about sign stealing by the Stros, as recently as this Postseason, opponents hear loud banging on trash cans, whistling from the dugout and even problems with lights that turn off or dim when certain pitches were thrown.

This doesnt stop there though, as investigators found out that Houston used a hidden camera to record the signs. They also found that they had been using scouts with binoculars and there are rumors of they possibly sending players to the weight room in-game to watch live replays of the signs.

After concluding, the MLB has already dished some very heavy punnishments to the Astros:

  • 1 year ban for both A.J, Hinch and Jeff Lunhow
  • 5 million dollar fine
  • No 1st or 2nd round draft picks for 2021 or 2022

Houston Astros owner, Jim Crane, quickly reacted by outright firing Lunhow and Hinch stating that: “Even though none of them condoned it [sign stealing] they didn’t do anything to stop it” and that they just needed to start over with a clean sleight. As for Cora, ESPN’s Jeff Passan decribes Cora’s potential future punnishment as “imminent” and “harsh”. As for new Mets manager Beltran, he won’t be punnished as the MLB didn’t punnish any players and he was a player at the time of Houston’s title season.

What do you think? Does this taint the Astros accomplishments?, Do you think the punnishments were fair? Let us know in the comments!! That was some Nonsense

2 thoughts on “Houston, We have a problem”

  1. All they got was a smacked on the wrist!! as shocking as it sounds, nobody really cares and i don’t think affects their accomplishments… they are losing some future picks but they not even talking championships.
    the punishments were to get fired and that’s it…
    they’ll probably write (or somebody else will write it for them) an apology letter and more than likely go and get a job with the Marlins or the Orioles..


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