Vikings @ 49ers!! NSS Preview

Vikings @ 49ers!!

Jimmy Garoppolo and Mike Shanahan went from facing each other in a Super Bowl to chasing one together. 49ers had a bye last week and are now playing the Minnesota Vikings in their home field. The Vikings survive the Saints thanks to a great performance by Drew Brees in stopping Taysom Hill, who was singlehandedly bringing the team back. So here we are.

Jimmy G 3,978 passing yards, 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions vs Kirk Cousins 3,603 passing yards, 26 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. I may sound like of a bit of hater but Cousins is overrated and at the end of the Jimmy G is overhype and both QBs should be grateful for their defense stepping up when it counts the most.

Dalvin Cook has been a monster for the Vikings with 1,135 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. . The Vikings were the 4th best rushing team in the regular season averaging 136 per game. Last week in the week vs the Saints they got exactly that number, more than likely the run will be a big factor for the 49ers this week. While the 49ers will be getting some key players back in the lineup that should help when it comes to containing the run.

Shanahan is the greatest offensive weapon that a team could ask for. He has a way to no matter how bad of game Jimmy G is having be able to turn it around giving easy looks to build his confidence for a big play. Say what you want to say but the 49ers earned their number 1 seed and now have a chance to show it.

Pick: 49ers.

I picked against the Vikings last week and I am doing it again this week.

Here is a video by Niner Cmccarverjr to get you pumped for the game 49ers game!!!

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