Lakers @ Mavs!! LeBron vs Luka Last Regular Season Game!!

Lakers @ Mavs!! LeBron vs Luka

Last Regular Season Game!!

            This is the last meeting between LeBron & Luka of what has been a great series between this 2 teams.  The Lakers at 30-7 lead the West, 7 games ahead of the Mavs 23-14, who sit in the 6th seed.  So the Lakers are putting on another winning streak, 6 this time, against the Mavs.  The previous 3 meetings could be summarized like this:

Game 1 – LeBron & Luka both had triple-doubles

Game 2 – Mavs ended Lakers 10 game winning streak

Game 3 – 9k Assist Milestone for LeBron reached

Game 4 – ?????????????? Going to be some Nonsense!!!

            The Lakers will more than likely be without Anthony Davis, due to the hard fall he took against the Knicks.  While the Mavs will be without Kristaps Porzingis for another game.  Both of the injuries put full focus on LeBron and Luka and what they can do for their teams.  The crazy thing about talking about Luka and LeBron is how their stats matchup in relation to their NBA experience (or age):

Stats & RankLeBron (35 Years Young)Luka (20 Years Old)
Points25.1 (11th)29.6 (3rd)
Rebounds7.8 (26th)9.7 (16th)
Assist10.8 (1st)9 (3rd)

            Most of ESPN comparison is to Luka and LeBron rookies and sophomore years and I don’t think they are right.  The real comparison or better story is the right now.  Both sides of the stories between the players is absolute greatness.  LeBron with the Lakers already on his 16th season working to bring a championship to the Lakers.  Luka a sophomore in the league breaking the boundaries and redefining everything for the Mavericks.

            The LeBron Legacy will end this decade and is up to players like Luka, Giannis, Trae Young and many more to start their take over.  That’s exciting who will close out the years to come and fully take over, is exciting is nonsense.

            More about the game, Seth Curry is underrated and is proving that he can shoot the 3 and create for others. It would be fun to see Curry and Danny Green go on a 3 point shoot-out.  JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard combined 12.7 rebounds for the Lakers, who the Mavs need to contain out of the paint.

            Lastly, all eyes will be on Kyle Kuzma.  Kuzma is the mist of trade rumors while averaging 12 Ppg, 3.6 Reb in 23.4 Minutes for the Lakers.  Possible trade include deals for Bogdan Bogdanovich, Marcus Morris, Robert Covington and some others not worth mentioning.  Kuzma has an opportunity to show what he can do with more touches to show the Lakers and other teams.

Pick: Lakers

Thank You for Reading! Who Do You Think Will Win?

Would you trade Kuzma? If so for who??

Check out the podcast video on youtube??

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