NSS NBA 2K20 My Player Journey, 1st 10 games (more or less). 1st impressions and nonsense.

NSS NBA 2K20 My Player Journey, 1st 10 games (more or less). 1st impressions and nonsense.

                 I made a shooting guard name Lucas who plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  I was trying to build a “James Harden”-like player, so I did some research and found out the “Archetype” for the build.  So to start stat padding and playing with my player I needed the Shot Creating/ 3Pt Shooting and off course 2k wouldn’t let me do that so I ended with a Shot creator / Playmaker (I think)  So I was like f*ck it, its NBA 2k I am going to stat pad and dominate either.  Worst case scenario, I’ll just lower the difficulty so I can still drop 30 and dominate even if my players has the same build Sasha Vujacic with the badges and skills of Good Hair and Missing all layups and shots.

Real quick, has anybody ever play NBA 2K and never updated their player or even try to play just kind of turn the ball over/ took bad shots, overall played bad every game? Would the player get waive? The end point of NBA 2k is for your player to eventually succeed and become the best through upgrades (earning and purchasing VC), but what if he doesn’t? What would happen?? Would the game still go through the motions or would it cause the game to crash or just force you to retirement.

                About 10 games in to the season and me and 2k are kind of jelling, so I just want it to talk you guys about it and maybe record a video, don’t know yet.  I kind of like this whole blogging concept.  So here are some impressions, likes/ dislikes and some nonsense playing NBA 2K20.

1st Impressions

(Ps my wife bought me a new Xbox console and NBA 2k20 and followed it up by telling (yelling, so everybody heard” her mom something like: he buys the game every year and is always the same game and nothing ever changes, just know it looks better and has new players, he likes playing basketball in high definition.)

                So that really fired me up with excitement and enthusiasm, so after waiting almost 36 hours for the game to download, I got to play.  Imagine my levels of excitement also this happen at Christmas, so it’s been like 2 almost 3 days and I finally get to open up (play NBA 2k20) my present. 

It was midnight and the volume is on 3, so I barely hear Idris Elba talk something and make the story line intense.  But I couldn’t just get into it, I get that “Che” was pulling for his buddy and standing up for him and even got him a trainer, who I think they end up hooking up, to help him.  Che was a warm hearted guy and who stands and does the right thing.  Till this point, I don’t understand why he was so angry and at the end it was like they high-5 and everything was fixed.

I get it that 2k focus on their story line, to keep the players involved and making it relevant to the world is also very important.  But at least to me, I just wasn’t involved, then again I like NBA 2k16 Living Da Dream.  NBA 2k is trying to do more than basketball and tell a story of struggles and success and I am sure that one day they’ll get it right.

The French (Zion Williamson??) character: French is Zion right? I thought he was still think he is and it gets super weird when playing the last game against both French and Zion.  That was trippy.  I couldn’t tell who had the ball, both were 2K cheat codes both never missed and dunked everything.  Maybe they created French instead of using Zion, because how bad it turned out for Dante Exum, probably didn’t want to jynx Zion, so hey there is French.  Lastly, how come we don’t talk about NBA 2k ruining careers through covers and MyPlayer story involvements?

Side note: I may have just uncovered the root of my dislike for Dante Exum.  He ruined 2K for me and then he try to ruin the Jazz.

The LeBron Scene? : Here is where I lost my shiiiit and not in a good way.  Check it, I get it Che (you/me/ the player) is the star of the game but at the same time 2k is trying to tell a realistic story that ends with LeBron talking to Che about the future.  I mean is great, but does LeBron treats every rookie like this (Ps let’s ask Patrick Beverly).  No no no, to me it just doesn’t make any sense, bring back Jackson Ellis, maybe he is in it and I just haven’t seen him.  Give LeBron a more important scene or roll that embraces and rewards the grind of “MyPlayer”. 

                So far in my story line, I barely getting shoe deals and deal with Gatorade which is cool because I need the VC for updates but nothing interesting has happen.  Except that some marketing girl said my clothes don’t look good enough when she seem like she shopped at Ross just like I did.

The VC theory

                The whole virtual currency concept, the goal of NBA 2k (and all games out there) is to make the player spend all their money on their game.  So you either pay for cool features and grind it out, either way 2k has your money and you (myself included) going to be lining up the next year to buy the new “updated” version.

                Overall as a customer but also having some experience in the business world, is all about making money.  Advertisement, marketing, selling products all is just part of making money.  I would love to see the revenue comparison between strict game sell and the crazy amount of VC sells.

Want Back

                What happen to pre-game interactions? The shoot around trash talk between the players? That was actually pretty funny.  Especially with the whole concept with Anthony Davis talking and then going and making Gumbo.  That was worth it.

Don’t Want Back

                Archetypes/Built limits.  Don’t get me wrong having a strict built creates for a realistic game but at the end of the day, is also a video game so there should be the option to create and all-around player.  Even if it makes it harder on the grind.  In theory the NBA itself is getting rid of archetypes especially with more players like Luka Doncic, Steph Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Giannis and so many more that are breaking and pushing the boundaries of what an NBA player can do.


                Maybe because I been playing for a while, but it NBA 2k20 just seems too easy at times, at least in terms of “MyPlayer”.  I don’t play very much else, I am all about the grind.


                MyPlayer Lucas, the Shooting Guard, can only have 1 defensive badge.  So in many ways he is like Harden.  I went with the Intimidator badge, it makes the shooter more likely to miss.

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