NSS lakers Report – 30 Wins, Kuzma Rumors, AD & LeBron Nonsense

Lakers’ NSS Report – 30 Wins, Kuzma Rumors, AD & LeBron Nonsense

                The Lakers’ 30-7 record has them at the top of the West, comfortably 4 games ahead of the Nuggets and after beating the Knicks.  Lakers’ home record is 15-4, while the Knicks away record is 10-27, so win 30 was almost guaranteed..  Lakers are on another 5 game winning streak, while the Kyle Kuzma trade rumors are gaining traction.  Let’s talk some Laker’s Nonsense.


                The Lakers’ are following their 4 game losing streak with a 6 game winning streak.  The best of the wins was against Luka and the Mavericks.  Other than the Lakers continue to beat up on all the weaker that are under 500.  Beating those teams under 500 is exactly what the Lakers need to keep doing, because it works.  We have seen teams led by LeBron’ worry more about making the playoffs and taking a comfortable seeding that beating good teams in the regular season.

                Remember when LeBron was back with Cavaliers and they got swept by the Raptors in the regular season.  And then come the playoffs and the Cavs may quick work of them, yea exactly, watch out Clippers.  The Lakers are playing the Knicks tonight for win 30.  If the Lakers continue this formula and are successful they will be able to manage their players (LeBron & AD) minutes a lot better without having to load manage (sit out games like the Kawhi and PG).

                The Lakers are already a dominant team and having home court advantage makes them even more dangerous.  While the real worry is the Clippers, that team is starting out to have many issues of their own and learning that Kawhi made not be able to save them every time.


                Lakers 4 game losing streak included the Pacers, Bucks, Nuggets and the Clippers.  Maybe it didn’t even matter because they kept the top spot in West.  The great thing about winning the games that you should (in other words beating up on the little teams) is that it gives you room error.  Call it “room for error” or “margin for error” or “how many losses can they take before hitting the panic button error”.

                Regardless, the Lakers loss to 4 teams with winning records and should all be making the playoffs in their conference.  No time to hit the panic button but just makes you wonder if the Lakers’ will be about to flip the switch, when they need to.

Kyle Kuzma Rumors & Packages

                Honestly, it’s weird seeing all this trade rumors out on Kuzma because “is Kuzma” and also because the Lakers are winning.  Kuzma seemed to be destined to be 3rd of the big 3 for the Lakers alongside Anthony Davis and LeBron James.  But, hey here we are and can’t say that it should be fully surprising.  The truth is that any team ran by LeBron will always seem to be into some type of trade or always making moves to improve. 

At the end of the day, Kuzma provides lots of upside offensively but still kind of the wild card in the Lakers team.  Hence why Kuzma is in the news, even after performing and his demeanor to bounce back from injuries. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope hasn’t been a bright spot for the Lakers, a better argument towards him.  Kuzma fit with the Lakers is also in question but to me it has to be deeper than that while consistency is an issue, once again KCP is out there. So.

But seriously why Kuzma? Is it the hair? Maybe is the fact he injury prone? Maybe the whole scene with the trainer and the conversation LeBron’s work ethic.  Maybe Kuzma is the one behind all this and feels like he won’t be able to shine in the shadow of LeBron and AD, which would make sense.  Kuzma could be looking at how good former Lakers are doing, especially Brandon Ingram blossoming with the Pelicans.  Kuzma could feel that he could be that type of player and just winning games may not be enough. 

Kuzma has been set as a bench player, knowing that he could be a starter in another team.  Lastly, Kuzma is the only other scorer consistently putting up 11.8 ppg, so why would the Lakers want to give up a scorer.  The price tag on Kuzma is pretty high and getting depth and playmaking could be a good return for the Lakers.

                The best package for Kuzma includes Bogdan Bogdanovic, who gives the Lakers a consistent shooter and play maker.  Also, Bogdan defends.  The Lakers are in win now mode, making every player not name LeBron or AD expendable.

                Replacing Kuzma shouldn’t be too hard, especially if the trade brings in Bogdan who takes on the scoring role and gives them an upgrade at SG position.  The real X-factor for the Lakers will be the potential opportunity for Kostas Antetokounmpo who has been tearing up the G-League with dunk highlights and more.  Kostas is also a fan favorite, being Giannis brother but also a young highlight machine who is already on a two way contract.  The movement for Kuzma may just be a matter of time.

Nonsense Conclusion

  • Anthony Davis (27.7 ppg) and LeBron James (24.9 ppg) lead the Lakers in scoring.  Kyle Kuzma who they are trying to trade is the only other player averaging in the double digits in scoring.
  • Davis leads the team in points, rebounds, steals and blocks
  • LeBron leads the team and the NBA in assist with 11 per game.
  • Alex Caruso is getting plenty of All Star votes only averaging 5.6 points per game.

As fun as it is watching the Lakers every week, because they have the most televised games, they really are showing to be a team of 2 extremes.  Either they are all rolling or the game is a no contest, regardless of the score, some games were not in doubt.  Or they are at the other extreme in which it seems like the only play they have is to feed Davis and then just go back to playing defense.  Lastly, also from watching them in close games is it just me or LeBron turnover statistics in the last 5 minutes of the game are going to become a thing?

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